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Chapter 190 - Punish Fang Qiu Severely!

Medical Master
     “Others are their own relatives.”

    Xu Miaolin let out a long sigh and said, “in order to find some ways to cure diseases, many poison-trial doctors tested and stocked poison almost every day. When they couldn’t find participants, they would test poison on themselves! Some crazy doctors even tested on their own relatives.”

    “I don’t deny the ability of poison-trial doctors nor their good intentions, but they were crazy. Even though they did this to cure diseases, in the end, they went too far.”

    “Even if their original intention was to do good, ultimately they killed someone in order to save another one. Isn’t it the same as murder?”

    “In those years, the reason why orthodox doctors of Chinese Medicine pushed poison-trial doctors aside was not that people didn’t understand the benefits of the existence of poison-trial doctors but these doctors were just too crazy. Once someone did harm to others, the consequences would become uncontrollable.”

    After saying that, Xu Miaolin turned his head to look at Zhang Xinming’s dormitory.

    “However, judging from the poison in your food, Zhang Xinming, who is the only person with the ability to create this kind of poison, is a rare genius because he can use poison to detox another poison.”

    “You will have to study this poison well. Only you, Zhang Xinming, and I know about this matter. Don’t tell anyone else.If you do, it will be difficult for you to stay in the Chinese Medicine industry.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    He finally understood all the stories he’d heard over the years.

    He also understood that what Xu Miaolin wanted him to do was not to become a poison-trial doctor but to study the Canon of Poison.

    Zhang Xinming has been studying it for his whole life. Since he poisoned someone, he has come to harm others instead of helping them. And yet he is one of few who understands the toxicology and medical science that were contained in the Canon of Poison.

    What Fang Qiu needed to learn was only the necessary knowledge.

    If there is a disease that it is difficult to cure, perhaps I can use this unorthodox method of poison.

    Xu Miaolin kept silent all the way as if he didn’t understand Zhang Xinming’s words.

    They separated at the school gate.

    Fang Qiu returned to the dormitory.

    He immediately sat down at the desk and took out the Canon of Poison to read.

    Then he found thousands of recorded poisons. Each chilled him to the bone when he read them.

    The margins of the book, were full of notes.

    These poisons could cure diseases and save lives, but also could kill people.

    What a terrifying Canon of Poison. He finally knew that the worries of the people in the Chinese Medicine industry were not unreasonable.

    If this Canon of Poison is released into the world, bad people would use it to harm people!

    He dared not think of the terrifying consequences.

    So I can’t let others get the Canon of Poison.

    After reading the Canon of Poison several times and memorizing all the contents , Fang Qiu took it to the toilet and burned it. He watched it turn to ash.

    Then he let out a sigh of relief.

    From now on, the treasure of the poison-trial doctors would only exisd in Fang Qiu’s mind.

    Nothing happened that night.

    The next day was Saturday.

    As per the agreement, Fang Qiu got up as early as last time, bought two sets of breakfast, and then got into Xu Miaolin’s car in front of the first bus stop outside the university.

    They came again to the shantytown.

    Xu Miaolin handed out some small snacks to the children, gave some flour products to the elderly people who had no family, and then went to the free clinic.

    Xu Miaolin taught Fang Qiu how to feel a pulse and recognize a pulse.

    Because Fang Qiu had come last time and helped the children set their bones, they all knew that Fang Qiu was a physician of bone setting. Thus, they showed more respect for Fang Qiu.

    On the other side of town.

    At 8 am.

    Zhang Xinming walked out of the teacher’s dormitory with a bag and went directly to the police station to confess his crime.

    Soon after.

    The news that Zhang Xinming had voluntarily turned himself in was heard by the top leadership of the university.

    “What?” In the office of Vice President, Chen Yinsheng looked in shock at a grassroots leader standing in front of his desk and cried out, “Zhang Xinming has turned himself in?”

    “Yes!” The grassroots leader said as he frowned tightly, “just now in the office, I received a phone call from the police station. They asked us to cooperate with the investigation. Although Zhang Xinming has turned himself in, the whole story still needs to be reviewed, including the cases of corruption and poisoning students. They both need to be recorded.”

    “What the hell is going on?”

    Chen Yinsheng suddenly looked extremely grave and asked angrily, “why did Zhang Xinming turn himself in? Doesn’t he know how much loss of honor he will bring to the university?”

    “I also don’t know why,”

    the grassroots leader said gloomily. “However, I heard that Fang Qiu and the librarian went to Zhang Xinming together yesterday.”

    “Fang Qiu!”

    Chen Yinsheng narrowed his eyes and wondered: could it be that Fang Qiu has already known it was Zhang Xinming who poisoned him?

    “If so, the one who handed out these leaflets is also Fang Qiu?”

    Chen Yinsheng took a deep breath, knocking the desk rhythmically and thinking carefully.

    “No, he is just an ordinary student. Even though he studies well, he has no history of these kinds of acts. He couldn’t have done it!”

    “The person who did this couldn’t be a student.”

    “Since it’s not a student, it could only be one of those school leaders who are unhappy with Zhang Xinming!”

    Chen Yinsheng’s eyes narrowed into slits again.

    “Even if the one who handed out leaflets was not Fang Qiu, the one who pushed Zhang Xinming to turn himself in for the poisoning was absolutely Fang Qiu!”

    At the thought of Fang Qiu’s calling to inquire about the result several times, Chen Yinsheng immediately couldn’t help being furious and his face twitched.

    You called me even though you knew the result beforehand!

    Were you toying with me?

    Chen Yinsheng immediately gave an order.

    “Inform all the associate directors and all the leaders of the university. We will have a meeting at 12 o’clock at noon!”


    The grass-roots leader nodded and turned to leave.

    At 12 pm.

    All the senior leaders of the university came to the meeting room of the office building.

    After everyone arrived,

    Chen Yinsheng walked into the meeting room.

    “At this meeting, I have two things to announce.”

    Walking to the chairman’s seat of the conference table, Chen Yinsheng did not sit down. Instead, he glared at all the leaders present with an angryface and said, “first, I believe you already know the news. Zhang Xinming, the Vice President of the School of Chinese Medicine went to the police station to turn himself in this morning.”

    Upon hearing that, those leaders who had already heard the news all frowned knowingly.

    Those who hadn’t received any news were shocked.

    “Turned himself in?”

    “How could Zhang Xinming turn himself in?”

    “Why did he turn himself in before the university started its own investigation?”

    The leaders all talked to each other.

    “Everybody.” Chen Yinsheng suppressed the noise and said, “Zhang Xinming has two charges he confessed to. The first one is corruption and bribery, and the second one is an attempt to poison a student!”

    All the leaders were stunned.


    Poison a student?

    I can’t believe this!

    “Is Zhang Xinming crazy? How could he dare to poison a student?”

    “Who did he poison? Is the student all right?”

    “There is no incident of a student being poisoned at the university recently, is there?”

    Everybody looked at Chen Yinsheng confusedly. Because the university suppressed information about the poisoning incident completely, the ones who knew this matter were only Chen Yinsheng and a few grassroots leaders. All the other leaders didn’t know.

    “It’s Fang Qiu.”

    Under the gaze of puzzled eyes, Chen Yinsheng said, “during the Knowledge Competition for Freshmen, Fang Qiu got food poisoning. Later, we found out that this was done by Zhang Xinming. Initially, I planned to suppress the incident. Anyway, Fang Qiu was not harmed.”

    “Once this poisoning incident is made public, it will have a very bad impact on the university.”

    Chen Yinsheng’s face darkened and he said, “and it’s all because of Fang Qiu! He went to Zhang Xinming yesterday and Zhang Xinming went to turn himself in early this morning. The poisoning incident, which did not need to be mentioned, was confessed by him. Obviously, it was all because of Fang Qiu!”

    “So, the source of all the trouble was Fang Qiu.”

    “As a student, he totally disregarded the reputation of the university and pushed the university into the public eye for his own selfish interests. Such a student must be severely punished!!!” .

    Chen Yinsheng said angrily, “that’s the second thing. From today on, the university will rescind all the awards as well as honors previously given to Fang Qiu and refuse to allow him to participate in any major school activities. “In addition…”

    Chen Yinsheng turned his eyes and looked at Su Mudong, the President of the First Affiliated Hospital, who was sitting in the leadership seat, saying, “dismiss Fang Qiu’s position as the physician of Orthopedics Department and fire him!”

    “I object!”

    Qi Kaiwen, who looked very grave, stood up immediately and said as he looked at Chen Yinsheng angrily, “I’m afraid that this will not damage the university’s honor but your honor! In this poisoning incident, Fang Qiu is a victim. As a victim, it’s right for him to go to the poisoner. Our university should have helped him find the poisoner rather than provide safe harbor for Zhang Xinming!”

    “What’s more, Fang Qiu is clearly a victim, but now, he has to be punished and be hurt again. Is there any justice here?”

    “What’s more! Even though Fang Qiu got food poisoning, he got first place in the knowledge competition, which won honor for the university. How can you punish him so severely now?”

    Other leaders all nodded.

    Recently, the reason why our university has become famous was all because of Fang Qiu. First, it was Fang Qiu who proposed the apprentice plan. Next, it was Fang Qiu who performed perfectly in the knowledge competition.

    These two incidents directly pushed University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine to the top.

    But now.

    Fang Qiu, who has been a victim, will be severely punished by the university.

    This… is really a little unreasonable!

    Everyone looked at Chen Yinsheng.

    All of them hoped that Chen Yinsheng could take back what he said just now.

    But Chen Yinsheng snorted coldly and said, “what the university needs are security and unity, not this recalcitrant student. If it weren’t for the fact that he has done something for the university, I would fire him because of this incident. It’s good enough to keep him at the university.”

    Chen Yinsheng glanced at Qi Kaiwen coldly. Seeing that Qi Kaiwen was going to reply, Chen Yinsheng immediately announced, “his matter has been settled. I am issuing the notice in this meeting, not discussing it with you!”

    “So much for today!”