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Chapter 194 - Was This an Institution of Higher Learning?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 194 Was This an Institution of Higher Learning?!

    “Okay! Okay!”

    Everybody began to gather around, with great expectations in their eyes.

    Fang Qiu let one of the drivers lie on his stomach, and then began the treatment.

    He cured the driver without explanation.

    After a short massage, the driver felt no aches at his waist anymore.

    This shocked everyone.

    “Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!”

    “Fang Qiu deserves his present fame!”

    At this moment, the second driver stepped forward.

    Fang Qiu touched the driver’s back and found that the latter’s spine had curved. He immediately let the driver lie prone on the grass, and knelt down beside him, carefully touching his spine.

    After that, he turned to the students around and pointed his finger at the driver’s spine, saying, “I need ten people to touch this place, and tell me what’s the difference between the left side and the right side.”

    Hearing that, everyone put up their hands immediately.

    They intended to grab such a good opportunity!

    Fang Qiu selected ten people from the crowd at once.

    Those who were chosen were extremely excited. Those who wanted to be elected, but were not, were disappointed.

    They complained in their hearts, Why not me?!

    Fang Qiu revealed a smile at the disappointed students, “this is just the first chance. And there will be a lot of chances later, since there are so many patients.”

    These words made everyone happy again.

    The ten chosen students began to touch the driver’s spine.

    Finishing touching, all of them thought the left side was a little lower than the right side.

    Fang Qiu nodded, starting treating the driver, while explaining to everybody.

    All the students listened carefully, and many of them even took out pens and paper to make notes.

    In the office building of school leaders, Chen Yinsheng was about to go off work.

    All of a sudden, a panic cry sounded.

    “Bad news! Bad news!”

    Chen Yinsheng turned his head and saw a flustered man rushing into his office.

    “What happened?” Chen Yinsheng stopped what he was doing and asked with a frown, “Why is there bad news every day? Why?!”

    He was not happy, because he had been busy with so many matters every day these days.

    “Vice President, those taxi drivers came to Fang Qiu again. And this time, there are several hundred students watching over there!” the man said anxiously.

    “What?!” It was Fang Qiu again, and an angry fire immediately burnt in Chen Yinsheng’s heart. He asked in rage, “what was going on exactly? Why do those drivers come again? And what do those students want to do?”

    “Fang Qiu issued a post last night on the online campus forum. He said he was going to teach bonesetting in public. There had been only a few people supporting him. However, this morning, someone issued another post, saying that Shen Chun thought Fang Qiu’s strength was not worse than his. Therefore, a lot of students got interested,” the man replied.

    “Humph!” Chen Yinsheng snorted.

    Shen Chun!

    “Vice President, what shall we do now?” the man asked.

    Chen Yinsheng didn’t answer immediately, but sank into silence.

    He was struggling right now.

    On the one hand, he really wanted to do something for the students. He loved his students. He knew the strength of Fang Qiu. Now Fang Qiu was teaching the students bonesetting, which was a rare good opportunity for those students. He didn’t intend to disturb them.

    But on the other hand, he hated Fang Qiu from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t want Fang Qiu to do anything in the school.

    What should he do?

    Thinking for a long time, he clenched his teeth and said, “go to the dean’s office. Tell them to disperse the students and drivers hurriedly!”

    Students should study in the school. Teaching was not their duty! If he allowed Fang Qiu to teach, then was Fang Qiu a teacher or a student? And how would those teachers not as good as Fang Qiu have the face to teach in the school?

    Now that the Vice President had made the order, Han Xingmin, the leader of the dean’s office, rushed to the school meadow immediately with the guards.

    Han Xingmin was very angry.

    He had warned Fang Qiu once yesterday, and didn’t expect that Fang Qiu still dared to do this. Fang Qiu was ignoring authority, and ignoring him!

    This time, he must give a good lesson to this authority challenging student!

    Soon, a group of people came to the meadow in a rush.

    But at this time, there were three or four hundred people gathered on the sports ground. Han Xingmin and the guards were blocked outside. They could only see the surging heads but couldn’t see Fang Qiu who was in the middle of the crowd.

    So many gathered here, that some students who wanted to learn could see nothing at all. They could only keep trying with bitter smiles.

    At the center of the crowd, Fang Qiu was explaining, while treating. He had cured half of the drivers.

    However, at the moment when he was done with a driver, and was ready to treat the next one, an angry shout suddenly broke the silence.

    “What are you doing! Disperse!” Han Xingmin screamed.

    At the same time, the guards followed him quickly ran forward and formed a path through the crowd, letting the leader of the dean’s office walk in.

    Fang Qiu stared at the approaching Han Xingmin coldly.

    “What are you going to say this time?” As Han Xingmin crossed the crowd, Fang Qiu stood up and asked with a sneer.

    At the moment Han Xingmin crossed the crowd, Fang Qiu stood up and asked with a sneer, before Han Xingmin uttered.

    “Humph!” Han Xingmin snorted and said, “Fang Qiu, I warned you yesterday. How dare you break the school rules again?!”

    “Break the school rules?” Fang Qiu turned to the students and asked curiously, “have I violated the school rules?”

    All the people around shook their heads.

    Public teaching was a good thing. How would it violate the school rules?

    The students were also very confused. Fang Qiu was doing a good thing. Why would the director of the dean’s office come here to blame him?

    “Don’t ask the others! You listen!” Han Xingmin looked at Fang Qiu coldly, “there is a clear rule in the school that students are not allowed to gather illegally. How dare you say that there is no violation of the school rules?”

    Gather illegally?

    “What an accusation!” Fang Qiu sneered and stared at Han Xingmin, asking, “gather illegally? Please tell it clear to me which law demonstrates this is illegal. Otherwise, I’ll sue you for libel!”

    Han Xingmin was irritated. Fang Qiu’s words were like a fishbone lodged in Han Xingmin’s throat.

    And the most importantly, Fang Qiu not only refuted him, but also had a strong case against him. The illegal assembly was just a charge he made up.

    Filled with anger, Han Xingmin’s face suddenly became extremely dark.

    “Don’t talk nonsense to me!”

    Throwing a glance at Fang Qiu, he immediately turned his head to look over the hundreds of students, and uttered with disdain, “go back to your dormitories. Those staying here will have points deducted!”

    Hearing those words, the students around began to frown.

    They didn’t want to have their points deducted.

    This was a big threat to them.

    It was not easy for them to get into the university. Once they got a low score, they wouldn’t be offered a scholarship, and it would even influence their chances of entering graduate school. And if they failed a course, they had to retake it.

    They couldn’t afford to pay such a price.

    Yet they wanted to stay here. After all, Fang Qiu’s public teaching was perhaps only this one. Moreover, the public teaching didn’t violate any rules. How dare Han Xingmin drive them away?

    That said, they dare not say a word. With angry faces, they prepared to leave.

    Helplessly, the students hesitated for a moment and dispersed.

    Seeing this scene, Fang Qiu got outraged immediately.

    To treat patients was not allowed, neither was to study?!

    “Is this still an institution of higher learning?”

    Looking at Han Xingmin, he angrily asked, “students are not allowed to communicate with each other! No skills are allowed to be taught! Obviously, we’re learning from each other, but you said this is an illegal assembly. Do you still deserve to be a leader of this school?”

    “This is the damned break time! I have paid the tuition fees! Why don’t I have the right to give free activities in the school?”

    “The sports ground is yours, but every student who comes here has paid tuition fees. How can you restrict their personal freedom? They can do what they want to do! It’s none of your business!”

    “Apart from bullying students, what else have you leaders done? Do you deserve to stay in this school?”

    These expletives were sonorous and forceful.

    Han Xingmin was stunned. How could a freshman dare to speak with him like that, as if an adult was educating a kid?

    It seemed their roles had been reversed.

    He had planned to take this opportunity to teach Fang Qiu a lesson. But to his surprise, he was being educated by Fang Qiu.

    It made him feel uncomfortable, even embarrassed.

    So many students were watching.

    Where could he put his face now?

    Before he replied to Fang Qiu’s expletives, the students who were ready to go, stopped in their footsteps and turned around.

    “Yeah, I paid the tuition fees! How can you limit my freedom?”

    “Even if the law can’t limit my freedom, how dare you?”

    “We paid the tuition fees. We are here to learn. Why do you stop us from learning?”

    “It’s free activity time now. We can be wherever we like. And it’s off-work time now. You’re just an ordinary person. How dare you order us?”

    “Answer us!”

    “Answer! How dare you?”

    “Give us your reasons, or we won’t go.”

    “Yes. We won’t go.”

    “Everybody, stay here together. If he dares to deduct our points, let’s make a demonstration.”

    “I’m not going, either.”

    The angry words flew.

    The students who had dispersed gathered back again.

    However, the center of attention this time was no longer Fang Qiu, but Han Xingmin.