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Chapter 195 - Being Screwed, a Serious Warning!

Medical Master
     The situation frightened Han Xingmin very much.

    The guards beside him immediately stepped forward to block the students, for fear that this matter could get out of hand.

    “You…” Gritting his teeth and looking at the students gathered up again, Han Xingmin knew that the more he said, the angrier they would become. He pointed his finger at Fang Qiu, and then at the large group of students, “good! I’ll see how long you can hold up. Just wait for your punishments!” He cast a vicious look at Fang Qiu. After that, he turned away in a hurry, not daring to stay.



    “Great, let’s go on!”

    As soon as Han Xingmin left, the students began to cheer.

    In their opinion, it was a good thing to get rid of a school leader. Have the leaders who used to suppress them always been as powerless as they were today?


    Fang Qiu smiled and kept teaching.

    It was not until seven o’clock in the evening that he had treated all the patients and explained all the cases.

    He didn’t let the students practice, because, firstly, it was not the right timing now; secondly, he was afraid that they would cause problems.

    After all, he was responsible for the drivers.

    “Okay, let’s stop here today.”

    He expressed his gratitude to the drivers, saw them off, and then turned to the students. “Thank you for coming to my open class. Thank you very much!”

    Then he made a bow.

    Everyone began to applaud.

    “Scholar-lord Fang Qiu.”

    At the moment the applause stopped, someone suddenly asked aloud in the crowd, “When will your next open class be?”

    “Please wait for my notice.”

    Fang Qiu answered with a smile. He hadn’t thought about it yet. This one was just a spontaneous event. After few more words, everyone dispersed.

    After everyone left, Fang Qiu took the last minutes to eat dinner at the students’ canteen, and then returned to the dormitory.

    In the evening, the online campus forum was filled with plenty of messages.

    Many people sighed on the forum that they had learned a lot from the open class of Fang Qiu.

    Some students even said that although the quality of Fang Qiu’s class was as good as that of their own teachers.

    Of course, Han Xingmin’s appearance was mentioned. It immediately drew a storm of criticism.

    “The leader of the dean’s office is too disconnected from reality. When we have no heart to learn, they force us to do it; when we want to learn, they stop us from it!”

    “This was the first time I met a school leader who stopped students from learning. Han Xingmin was such a freak.”

    “Alas, these school leaders are all the same. They don’t even know what is right and what is wrong. So stupid!”

    More students were still excited when they talked about how they drove Han Xingmin away.

    Mainly, people talked about how they also witnessed Fang Qiu’s skill in bonesetting. It was indeed excellent! The enthusiasm about the open class had lasted until the Monday morning.

    On the way to class, there were still many students talking about Fang Qiu’s public teaching.

    But at this time, an unexpected notice was quietly posted on the school bulletin board. There was one on almost every bulletin board.

    As soon as this notice appeared, the entire school was overwhelmed!

    Almost every student in the school was dumbfounded.

    Those who had taken the open class of Fang Qiu grew surprised and angry, so did those who hadn’t taken it.

    Because this notice was completely unreasonable.

    It was almost a violation of human rights!


    Recently, a freshman in the School of Chinese Medicine named Fang Qiu practiced during an illegal assembly at school and brought many people from outside the school into the campus. This behavior seriously violated the rules and regulations of school and had a bad influence on the students.

    In order to educate this student, to warn the other students, and to maintain the safety and stability of the campus, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Regulations on Punishments of Students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, the school leaders decided that Fang Qiu should have a written inspection and get a demerit along with a serious warning!

    The dean’s office.

    November 7, 20XX.”

    Fang Qiu got a serious warning?!

    Almost all the students were startled.

    “How come?”

    “The school leaders value Fang Qiu very much, don’t they? Why would they punish him?”

    “How can public teaching be regarded as an illegal assembly?”

    “The school is a mess!”

    “More than a mess, it’s overreacting! What a bully!”

    “A student who just brought honor to the school was warned and got a demerit, and the school even made it known to all the students. Such a big mistaske!”

    “Yes. It’s only been a week since Fang Qiu became the champion of the quiz.”

    “Can it be that Fang Qiu has done something else wrong which hasn’t been announced?”

    For a while, the whole UJCM student body had been talking about this matter without paying attention to their actual studies.

    Many people grew curious.

    The school should treat Fang Qiu, who won the quiz, like a prized student, shouldn’t it? Why, then, was he being punished instead?

    What had happened exactly, that had plunged this talented person into such a situation?

    It couldn’t be an open class, could it?

    At this moment, Fang Qiu, was reading in the classroom. Concentrating, he didn’t know what was happening outside.

    Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian had gone to the Yaowang Mountain early in the morning. They ran at their fastest speed and reached the classroom one second before the class began.

    As usual, everyone was careful in the class. No one went to see Fang Qiu. It seemed that none of them knew his punishment.

    During the break, Zhou Xiaotian went out. However, not long after, he hurriedly ran back inside.

    “Bad news! Bad news! …” Cries of panic came from his mouth, which attracted the eyes of all his classmates.

    Even Fang Qiu who had been reading couldn’t help raising his head.

    “Something bad happened!” Zhou Xiaotian ran to Fang Qiu and the other two gaspingly and angrily.

    “Come on. What happened?” Sun Hao asked hurriedly.

    “The, the youngest got screwed!” Zhou Xiaotian looked at Fang Qiu with an anxious face. “I just heard from the students outside that the youngest was warned and got a demerit. Then I ran to the bulletin board and found that the dean’s office has issued the formal papers.”

    Upon hearing this, all the students were dumbfounded.

    “Why?” asked Zhu Benzheng, who frowned, stood up at once, and threw a look at Fang Qiu.

    “Because of an illegal assembly.” Zhou Xiaotian answered.

    After all, they were classmates, so many of them knew about Fang Qiu’s public teaching.

    But public teaching was not an illegal gathering, was it?

    For a moment, everyone turned to look at Fang Qiu.

    “The youngest,” Zhu Benzheng asked Fang Qiu frowningly, “did you do something else that crossed the line?”

    “No,” Fang Qiu answered. And then he left for the bulletin board, followed by Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian.

    The other students in the class also followed.

    In front of the bulletin board, Fang Qiu stood, reading the notice word for word, looking serious.

    Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian looked at him worriedly.

    After he finished reading the notice, Fang Qiu smiled and said, “I’m fine. It’s just a demerit, not a dismissal.”

    “Fang Qiu, what really happened? Have you gotten in trouble with the school leaders?” the classmates asked with concern.

    To be in the same class as Fang Qiu was an asset for them. It allowed them to show off to other students, and they were also proud of being in this class. However, no one could imagine that such an outstanding student would be warned by the school and get a demerit!

    They felt a deep pity for Fang Qiu.

    “Yes. Why did you get a demerit? You just won the championship in the quiz last week, which helped our school win first place. How can you be punished so soon after?”

    “What happened exactly?

    Everyone got confused.

    “I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.” Fang Qiu made a smile to the students, and then turned to leave. His eyes grew colder.

    Chen Yinsheng! He gritted his teeth and inwardly shouted with all his heart.

    He didn’t expect that Chen Yinsheng would do such a thing.

    How could he push a student this way?

    Did he deserve to be an administrator of the school?

    He was too cruel!

    The other students might not be aware of Fang Qiu’s mood right now, but Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao, and Zhu Benzheng could. They were certain that Fang Qiu was in a bad mood.

    As the three gathered, Zhu Benzheng suddenly narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “the youngest said yesterday that the public teaching was special and he didn’t want us to get involved, right?”

    “I remember.”

    “No wonder he didn’t allow us to go and refused to teach us,” Sun Hao said and nodded immediately.

    “Since the notice has been public now, it can’t be changed. We seem to be unable to help, but we can’t ignore it,” Zhou Xiaotian said.

    “Then, what can we do?” Zhu Benzheng asked with a frown.

    “Umm… ” Sun Hao pursed his lips and replied, “we really can’t do anything to change the result. But we can calm the youngest’s mood and make him happier.”

    Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian nodded immediately.

    “How about this?” Sun Hao continued, “let’s take the youngest out to dinner.”

    Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian looked at each other and nodded in unison again.

    “I’ll talk to him.” Sun Hao immediately got up and walked to Fang Qiu. “The youngest. Let’s go out to dinner. Our treat.” Sun Hao uttered with a smile.

    “Why? For fear that I’m sad?” Fang Qiu asked with a smile.

    “Of course not. You took us to eat the seafood last time, so it’s our turn to pay. We’re nice, huh?” Sun Hao grinned and replied.

    “Yes, you are. But it’s not the weekend today. It’s inconvenient to go out. Let’s eat at the students’ canteen,” Fang Qiu suggested.

    ” Sun Hao nodded immediately and said, “sounds good.”

    Fang Qiu also nodded.

    At another corner in the campus, during the break, after Jiang Miaoyu heard the news that Fang Qiu was being severely punished, she went to the bulletin board at once.

    When she saw the notice, she suddenly grew panic and worried.

    She hurried to call Fang Qiu.

    “You…” Getting through, she was urgent to say something. But the words were stuck in her throat, because she was afraid of scaring Fang Qiu.

    “What’s up?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “I saw the notice on the bulletin board. You… are you all right?” Jiang Miaoyu replied softly.

    “Yes, I’m okay,” Fang Qiu answered with a smile, “I’m not that fragile.”

    “Thank god.” Jiang Miaoyu nodded and continued, “how about having dinner together? On my treat.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu made a bitter smile. “It seems that I will get a lot of free meals in the coming days.” Then, he explained: “my roommates have already booked me in advance. Let’s have dinner together on another day, on my treat.”

    “Are you sure you are fine?” Jiang Miaoyu repeated.

    “Don’t worry.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    “All right, I’ll hang up then.” Jiang Miaoyu sighed with relief and her panic subsided. After saying goodbye, she hung up the phone.

    In the classroom, when Fang Qiu was about to turn off his phone to start class, his fingers suddenly started to tremble.

    “Since they did this to me, it seems that the school leaders have a plan for me.” Thinking of this, he immediately made a phone call to Shen Chun.