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Chapter 199 - That Alt Account Was Fang Qiu?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 199 That Alt Account Was Fang Qiu?!

    “Here’s the thing.”

    Fang Qiu explained with a smile, “I like to go to the library to read books. After a long time, I became familiar with Mr. Xu. After knowing her for a while, I found that she was a little unusual.”

    “Later, Mo Yiqi was found to be terminally ill, and we’ve all donated money for her, haven’t we?”

    “In those days when I went to borrow some books about illness, I talked with the librarian about it. Then, the librarian said that Mr. Xu had asked for leave. Then when she came back, Mo Yiqi also came back to school with his disease being cured. I asked Mr. Xu. It was indeed her.”

    “That’s it.”

    Fang Qiu stopped here.

    “The youngest, my youngest!”

    Hearing Fang Qiu’s words, Zhou Xiaotian immediately stared at Fang Qiu with dissatisfaction and complained, “Since you know his identity, why not introduce us to him as disciples. You’re afraid that we surpass you, aren’t you? Am I right?”

    Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng nodded with agreement.

    Fang Qiu didn’t bother to explain. He reached out and pulled out a book list from the shelf, handing it to the three people, “Read the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor 100 times, and the other books 20 times.”

    “This is the entry requirement to be a disciple.”

    The three took the book list and had a look.

    They all got startled.

    Then, they went straight to sleep.

    There were so many books, and they couldn’t finish reading them in the four years in college.

    No wonder the youngest always spent his time on reading books, never losing a second.

    Fang Qiu became speechless, and then asked, “How was your Apprentice Plan?”


    Sun Hao smiled sadly.

    “We’re born poor!”

    Zhou Xiaotian directly pulled up the quilt and covered his head, as if he had no face to see Fang Qiu.

    “Although the attitude of the manager to us has changed a lot to us, we’re still not accepted, and have to continue to work for him.”

    Zhu Benzheng said with a wry smile.

    “Bitter before sweet.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and went to the bed.

    Lying on the bed, he planned to practice his mental power for a while. But suddenly he thought that it was Sunday today, and there was going to be the consultation meeting this evening.

    “To go or not?”

    He wondered for a short while, shook his, and decided, “Forget about it.”

    There had been too much going on lately.

    He also had a lot to deal with, especially the school leaders.

    As for Wulin, he could continue to study it after all the things were resolved.


    It was Thursday again in a suburban manor in Jiangjing City.

    Thousands of people gathered here.

    At a glance, the number of people present turned out to be even larger than last time.

    Among them, a lot of people came because they were attracted by the fame of the nameless masked person. They wanted to see if he was really that powerful as the legend.

    At 8:00 p.m., the audience entered.

    The ring was surrounded by many people, but no one was on it.

    Everyone was waiting.

    “Why hasn’t the Senior John Doe come yet?”

    “The appointed time has come. Will it be that the Senior John Doe was in a bad mood, and doesn’t want to come?”

    People began to discuss.

    Many people remembered that Fang Qiu had left a sentence last time: it depended on his mood.

    Now, everyone was praying that the Senior John Doe had a good mood.

    Otherwise, their waiting would be in vain.

    An hour passed, and the nameless masked man didn’t show up.

    Two hours passed, and he still didn’t show up.

    At 10:30 at night.

    Everyone in the manor was very disappointed.

    They had been sitting there for hours, doing nothing else.

    As a result, the Senior John Doe still didn’t come.

    “Alas, it seems that the Senior John Doe won’t come.”

    “Hey. Do you think if the five people who were picked by the Senior John Doe at the consultation meeting last time can be promoted?”

    “I’ve heard that the fatty has already lost 20 kilos and will drop to 180 in no time.”

    “I want to see if that fatty can be promoted, and if the Senior John Doe is really so powerful.”

    “Since the Senior John Doe doesn’t come, we have to wait and see the result.”

    Amid the discussion, everyone left.

    This night was wasted.

    Fortunately, since the meeting didn’t begin, they didn’t have to pay for the ticket, and had the opportunity to gain a free deal from Elder Yi.

    Deep inside the manor.

    “Still not?”

    Elder Yi asked his men.


    The men responded.

    Elder Yi revealed a bitter smile and sighed, “I didn’t expect the Senior John Doe to value justice and minimize money so much. I don’t know what his real identity is and how old he is.”

    As for the unknown masked man, Elder Yi was also very curious.

    “I don’t know if he will come the next week. An old friend of mine will arrive next week. He is a second-level Martial Superior. I don’t know if he can match Senior John Doe, and even defeat him.”

    On Friday, after school in the afternoon, Fang Qiu didn’t hurry to have dinner in the canteen, but came to the library according to the agreement.

    In the reading room, Xu Miaolin was sitting in front of a computer, counting the books that had been lend out in a week.

    “Mr. Xu.”

    Fang Qiu walked into the reading room, and called.


    Xu Miaolin looked back at Fang Qiu and replied, “Wait a minute. I’ll finish it right here.”

    Several minutes passed.

    Xu Miaolin stood up after he was done with his work, and then looked at Fang Qiu with a smile.

    “You’re very concerned about the Feeling Pulse Challenge, aren’t you?”

    Her smile was vaguely revealing something else that was unclear.

    “I’m just curious,” said Fang Qiu with a smile. “Is it really that difficult to diagnose pregnancy by feeling pulse? I haven’t learned it before, so I just wanted to ask.”

    “Yes, it is hard.”

    Xu Miaolin replied, “But not that hard.”

    “What does that mean?”

    Fang Qiu got surprised.

    “As a student of Chinese Medicine, you should understand that there are four possible diagnostic methods in Chinese Medicine. They are inspection, olfaction, interrogation, and palpation of the pulses. But in clinical practice, Chinese Medicine emphasizes the cooperation of the four methods.”

    “There will be some changes in women’s bodies when they’re pregnant. And such changes will be reflected in the pulse.”

    “I once came across a case of a young unmarried woman who said that she was prone to fatigue and drowsiness in recent days, and sometimes she was afraid of coldness with low fever. When I examined her pulse, I found that she had a typical ‘smooth pulse’. I thought she was pregnant, and the result was that I was right.”

    “Smooth pulse is an indication of abundant qi and blood. But this is not absolute. When one is full of both healthy factor and pathogenic factor, and the two kinds of factors fiercely struggle with each other, he will have smooth pulse, such as patients with much phlegm, and patients with much fever.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu gently nodded.

    However, this only showed the meticulous nature of Chinese Medicine. It required extremely careful judgment when examining the pulse.

    So, Xu Miaolin said that to diagnose pregnancy by feeling pulse was difficult, but not that difficult.


    Xu Miaolin suddenly laughed again and said, “Actually, I called you here today to tell you a piece of good news.”


    Fang Qiu asked.

    Good news?

    Now that he had been targeted by the school, what was the good news?

    Could it be that he was allowed to go back to the hospital?

    Or that Chen Yinsheng had compromised?

    Xu Miaolin grinned, “I arranged a fight for you.”


    Fang Qiu got surprised.

    A fight?

    Did Xu Miaolin know that he was a martial arts practitioner?

    No way!

    Besides, could it be good news?

    It sounded improper from a highly-skilled doctor’s mouth.

    “With whom?”

    Fang Qiu asked speechlessly.


    Xu Miaolin smiled eerily.

    At this moment.

    “We seem to have met somewhere…”

    Fang Qiu’s phone suddenly rang.

    “You answer the phone first.”

    Xu Miaolin uttered.

    Fang Qiu nodded and took out his phone, finding it was from Zhou Xiaotian. So, he immediately got it through.

    “Xiao Tian.”

    As Fang Qiu just opened his mouth.

    An immediate yell of excitement came from the other side of the phone.

    “Great! The youngest!”

    Zhou Xiaotian shouted, “You’re my idol!!! I didn’t expect you to be so powerful! You made an appointment of fight and didn’t tell us!”

    “What appointment?”

    Fang Qiu asked inexplicably.

    Beside him, Xu Miaolin grinned.

    “Don’t pretend anymore!”

    Zhou Xiaotian smiled and said, “The information has been published, so don’t pretend! Don’t worry. As brothers, we all absolutely support you! Just fight with that idiot and beat him to death!”

    “What happened exactly?”

    Fang Qiu was puzzled.

    Zhou Xiaotian was in a fog without rhyme or reason.

    So was Xu Miaolin.


    With whom?

    A sudden sensation came over him.

    Fang Qiu immediately turned to Xu Miaolin, and saw that weird smile on his face. He suddenly felt a trace of coldness in his heart, and a bad hunch emerged.

    “What happened? The Weibo had announced the authentication information. The alt account which accepted Li Wenbo’s challenge, named ‘Who do you think you are’, is not you? Don’t pretend. You’ve been hidden deep!”

    Zhou Xiaotian’s voice came from the other side of the phone.


    Fang Qiu was shocked.

    He didn’t accept the challenge!

    He didn’t even know what a pregnancy pulse felt like. He didn’t learn it. How could that be him?

    “Well, I’ll hang up!”

    Fang Qiu quickly hung up the phone, and logged in Weibo with his mobile phone.

    Indeed, the mysterious alt account named “Who do you think you are” had been verified, with a letter V hanging at the end of its ID.

    After seeing the identification information, he got completely dumbfounded.

    In the column of identification information, it was written: Fang Qiu, a freshman of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, who won the first place in the quiz for freshmen of nine Universities of Chinese Medicine!

    “Oh my God!!!”

    It was true!

    He began to read the comments below subconsciously.

    After that, he got confused.

    There were no good words to him. Everyone was cursing him. If he was not the protagonist, he would curse too.

    “What? A freshman?”

    “Are you fucking kidding me?”

    “I thought it was some kind of big shot, but it turned out to be a kid who didn’t even have grown up.”

    “This was too unexpected! Even those old doctors dare not come out, why dare you, a student? To seek for shame?”

    “As far as I can remember, Chinese Medicine is only learned in universities. As a freshman, you didn’t learn anything, and how dare you stand out and accept the challenge?”

    “This kid possesses enthusiasm, but he seems stupid!”

    “Do you think to win the first prize in a quiz is pretty great? How dare you accept the challenge?”

    “Oh gosh! He’s just a student! A freshman! He will be a shame for the Chinese Medicine.”

    On the Weibo, countless people had left comments.

    Most of them were very surprised.

    No one had expected the mysterious owner of the alt account to be a freshman!

    Everyone knew that.

    Li Wenbo was a famous physician in the Western Medicine.

    In addition, from the day he published the announcement of challenge, no one dared to stand out to accept. Considering its heat, all the doctors of Chinese Medicine should know about it.

    Among them, the great men were silent.

    “Why would you, a freshman, stand out?”

    Not to mention those masters who lived out of the world, even the top physicians of the major Chinese Medicine hospitals in the capital which was the nearest to Li Wenbo didn’t make a sound. How could it be Fang Qiu’s turn?

    Not just the onlookers, even those who had always believed in Chinese Medicine, as well as the Chinese Medicine community, were disappointed and angry.