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Chapter 200 - Crazy Abuses!

Medical Master
     Chapter 200 Crazy Abuses!

    “You such a little kid. You’re still learning the basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine. Why did you stand out to accept the challenge?”

    “Kid, your mother wants you to come home for dinner!”

    “Where are the masters? Please show up! Or, our Chinese Medicine will be a shame because of this guy!”

    “It doesn’t matter if you lose your own face. But it does if you lose the face of the Chinese Medicine!”

    “Freshmen can’t be regarded as Chinese Medicine doctors. You’re just exposed to this field, but dare to brag that you’re a Chinese Medicine doctor. Who do you think you are?”

    The Chinese Medical industry became extremely angry.

    They were afraid!

    Afraid that Fang Qiu would make Chinese Medicine shameful.

    And now it looked like it would absolutely be shameful!

    What did a freshman know?

    Even the masters were not confident in feeling the pregnancy pulse. Was Fang Qiu?

    Obviously no!

    In the eyes of these people, Fang Qiu was just running around.

    But running around didn’t matter. What mattered was if he ran around, the whole Chinese Medicine industry would be shameful. How could he bear such a result?

    At the same time, the Western Medical industry and those who supported it even ridiculed more arrogantly.

    “Haha. A freshman. So funny!”

    “I thought he would be a master. But it turned out that he’s a young arrogant boy. Are all the people in the field of Chinese Medicine the same as him?”

    “I think what Li Wenbo says is true. The Chinese Medicine has reduced. Even a freshman dares to stand out to cheat others.”

    “I think that these Chinese Medicine people have been driven crazy, so they ask a freshman to take the challenge. If he loses, they can excuse that as a student, he is not a real doctor of Chinese Medicine, an apprentice at most. If he wins, they can turn around to mock our Western Medicine, saying that we can’t even win an apprentice.”

    “But can he win?”

    “He’s just like a pawn, chosen to be the target, isn’t he?”

    “Where are all the people who call themselves masters of Chinese Medicine? They don’t even have the courage to stand out and fight.”

    “The era of Chinese Medicine is over!”

    Various comments were issued following the first blog of the alt account named “Who do you think you are”.

    Abuse, shock, anger, ridicule…

    Reading these comments, Fang Qiu felt helpless and wronged.

    It was not him!

    He had also been following the matter lately, wondering whose mysterious alt account this would be. Would it be highly-skilled doctor who lived out of the world, or a more skilled greater master?

    He had even planned if the person was really a greater master, he must go to watch the game in person, and then ask for his help to heal the old man.

    But he never expected that.

    This mysterious alt account was his!

    All of these was like a sudden earthquake, confusing him.


    He took a deep breath.

    He could continue to do nothing anymore.

    The netizens were really sharp.

    Their words almost made him distrust the world, almost fall in to despair.

    He couldn’t endure to be the target of these netizens.

    As he was about to turn off his phone, the mysterious alt account issued a new message.

    Frowning, he hurriedly opened his Weibo.

    He wanted to see who was pretending to be him, and what his purpose was.

    Opening the Weibo, he found that the alt account had posted a new blog.

    “Though I’m young, I can defeat two of you. You’re not my match! @Li Wenbo.”

    Seeing this blog, his face got immediately gloomy, and he became speechless.

    But at his time, he suddenly remembered what Xu Miaolin said to him.

    Good news?

    Arrange a fight for him?

    He hurried to look at Xu Miaolin.

    But then, he found that Xu Miaolin just put down his phone, and raised his head to look at Fang Qiu with a grin, showing his white teeth.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu understood completely.

    All this was done by Xu Miaolin.

    That alt account was registered by him, and the identification information was also made by him.

    This was the fight Xu Miaolin arranged for him!

    He was forcing him to death!

    Fang Qiu stared at Xu Miaolin, incredibly asking, “Don’t tell me the feeling pulse challenge is the good news you want to tell me.”

    “Yes, it is. So, exciting?”

    Xu Miaolin replied with a smile.

    “Mr. Xu, you are trying to kill me!”

    Fang Qiu was speechless.

    Extremely speechless.

    “How come? This is the new education method I’ve found. I’ll try it on you first.”

    In the face of the bitter resentment of Fang Qiu, Xu Miaolin looked calm.


    Fang Qiu stretched out a hand unconsciously, and put it on his forehead, “I’ve seen many sons who take advantage of their father, but never seen a teacher who do that to his student.”

    “I’m the first.”

    Xu Miaolin replied.

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu became completely speechless.

    Why did he meet such a teacher? He began to regret!

    However, he knew that he was unable to change it.

    Although he didn’t know how Xu Miaolin could authenticate the account without his details, once it was authenticated, it meant the account was his officially.

    He couldn’t deny it.

    Deny? Who would believe?


    Making a secret bitter sigh, Fang Qiu uttered, “I haven’t learned the pregnancy pulse. How can I defeat Li Wenbo?”

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    Xu Miaolin smiled calmly and said, “I’ll take you to the hospital tomorrow morning and teach you then.”


    Fang Qiu frowned and asked, “Why do you believe in me so much?”

    “It’s not about believing in you.”

    Xu Miaolin chuckled, “Anyway, it’s not me who’ll lose.”

    His words made Fang Qiu completely speechless.

    Such a good plan!

    At the same time, Fang Qiu really regretted. Why he found such a master to himself?

    Although he was well-known, what he did was indeed harmful!

    Arranging a fight for his student?

    It seemed that he had more rights than the guardians.

    Secretly sighing, Fang Qiu found that Xu Miaolin took out his phone from his trouser pocket, and quickly typed again.

    “Mr. Xu, are you going to issue another blog?”

    Fang Qiu hurried stepped forward to him.


    Xu Miaolin answered, not looking at Fang Qiu at all.

    “What’s the content?”

    Fang Qiu hurriedly inquired, with a nervous face.

    “Nothing big.”

    Xu Miaolin laughed, retracted the phone and said, “I scold a person back. How can I forgive someone who dares to scold my disciple?”


    Fang Qiu took out his phone hurriedly, and logged into his Weibo.

    He saw a message that scolded “Who do you think you are” sharply.

    “@Who do you think you are. Who do you think you are? Just a freshman. How can you take the challenge on behalf of the Chinese Medicine? Such an arrogant fool! It doesn’t matter you overreach yourself, but why dare you stand out to bring shame to the Chinese Medicine? Do you feel sorry for your parents? Do they raise you up to let you be arrogant and insult the Chinese Medicine?”

    Seeing this blog, Fang Qiu’s face suddenly got gloomy again.

    Those words were so sharp.

    Continuing to browse, he found that Xu Miaolin reposted the message and replied, “Your words are so rude, which also fails to live up to me.”

    After Fang Qiu read it, his face changed.

    Xu Miaolin’s implication was that you said I should be sorry to my parents, I said your act of swearing failed to live up to your parents, so I was your parents.

    The thing was going to be too bad.

    It would provoke public anger.

    Indeed, when the netizens found that Fang Qiu was so arrogant, their anger got an outlet.

    Thousands of people clicked into Fang Qiu’s Weibo and began to swear.

    “You are so young! Why don’t you go home and get your milk?”

    “Oh my God. No artificial intelligence can match you, such a natural fool!”

    “I don’t like to strike people, so what I strike is not a person, like you!”

    “Silly and arrogant! I feel disgusting to see you on Weibo!”

    “Don’t show off without brains.”

    “Were you beaten by a monkey when born? And this blow has destroyed half of your face and the whole brain.”

    “The most annoying thing is the fools like you. You’re born to be beaten!”

    “Have you used dichlorvos as cola, which harmed your cheap brain?”

    “I refuse to despise you with my toes. You made me do it.”

    “Why do I smell scum on you?”

    “A pig partner influences more than a tiger enemy.”

    “Damn it. The whole Chinese Medicine industry was harmed by you.”

    “I’m very suspicious if a hammer stands on your skull. I wonder why the expo didn’t have you to be exhibited?”

    “Why there is a fool in the Chinese Medicine industry?”

    “Little guy, do your family know you’re so arrogant?”


    A lot of crazy abuses overwhelmed the account which was authenticated to be Fang Qiu’s like a tidal wave instantly.

    Most of them were Internet trolls and practitioners of Chinese Medicine.

    What was a troll?

    The dark forces of the Internet.

    Those who provoked them would be sworn to depression.

    People in the Chinese Medical industry were also anxious.

    In their eyes, Fang Qiu was so stupid to post the blog on Weibo. Moreover, how can a student be qualified to take the challenge against Western Medicine on behalf of Chinese Medicine?

    In today’s society, Chinese Medicine was in decline.

    So, everyone was easy to be irritated by such an arrogant student.

    If he lost, wasn’t it worse for the declining Chinese Medicine?

    Not just the predecessors of Chinese Medicine.

    Even many apprentices and students in TCM colleges all scolded Fang Qiu.

    “The most important thing for a person is to have self-knowledge. As a student, it’s arrogant for you to fight against Western Medicine.”

    “Do you know how many people are going to die because of your act?”

    “If you lose, do you know how many Chinese Medicine practitioners will lose their jobs?”

    “Chinese Medicine has a history of 5,000 years. Even the state is protecting it. How dare you, such a student of Chinese Medicine, to spoil it? What the hell are you thinking about!?”

    The abuse lasted for a long time.

    The number of comments on the first post of “Who do you think you are” exploded in a matter of minutes, reaching 50,000 in an instant.

    And the number was still growing fiercely.

    At the same time, watching the constant invectives, Fang Qiu looked at Xu Miaolin helplessly, but found Xu Miaolin looked cool, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with him.

    “What’s so good about these comments?”

    Xu Miaolin came over and patted Fang Qiu on his shoulder, “Let’s go to have a meal on my treat, to calm your nerves.”

    What was the use of eating?!

    “How about I treat you, and you solve this matter?”

    Fang Qiu thought.


    It was a done deal.

    What else could he do?

    Nothing. That account was still under Xu Miaolin’s control.

    He couldn’t blame him. He had to respect his teacher.

    In addition, he felt Xu Miaolin wouldn’t have done such an aimless thing.

    If he really failed, what would Xu Miaolin and he get?

    He became somewhat expected to see how Xu Miaolin would arrange this fight. Could he really make him fully grasp the pregnancy pulse in a short time?

    Volume 3 An Internet Chinese Medicine Celebrity