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Chapter 202 - Fang Qiu Was Going to Be Fired?

Medical Master
     “Analyzed. The video is true.”

    “Checked, images were not edited as well.”

    With the emergence of the famous video and photo producers on Weibo, the whole network got boiled.

    “Ture? Really?”

    “Haha, those who suspected, do you feel regretful after knowing the truth? I know that Chinese martial arts are not ordinary!”

    “So, the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is really wonderful!”

    “In my opinion, it should be called University of Monsters.”

    “Where are the students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine? Come out to prove these videos and photos.”

    “I still suspect that these videos and the pictures are fake.”

    At once, many people on Weibo were looking for the students from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine in order to prove whether these videos, pictures and texts were real or not.

    As a result, after a long time, there were still no students of the university standing out.

    A long period of time later, someone replied.

    “The students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine dare not to stand out because of your abuses. At this time, who dares to admit that he’s a student from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?”

    As this reply went viral, everyone on Weibo got depressed.

    Nobody had expected that the students would be scared so much by their crazy act on the online campus forum.


    Netizens could only continue to guess the truth of the mysterious man’s videos and photos.

    In the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, it was true that the students didn’t want to stand out, and dared not to.

    The news that Fang Qiu accepted the challenge spread throughout the whole school in the first time, which shocked all the teachers and students.

    Even the teachers who were ready to accept the challenge became dumbfounded.

    Who could think the person who openly accepted the challenge on Weibo was actually at school and living beside them?

    Although Fang Qiu’s foundation was solid, it was almost impossible for him to win the feeling pulse challenge. Not to mention the teachers, even the students were not optimistic about Fang Qiu.

    They thought that Fang Qiu overrated himself too much, and that he had gotten conceited after he won the champion in the quiz.

    Of course, to be honest, it was not that they were not willing to support Fang Qiu. After all, they were schoolmates. In their hearts, they were more or less partial to Fang Qiu. But Fang Qiu’s act this time was over their heads.

    If it were up to any of the great teachers in the school, they would be definitely support him or her.

    However, the person who accepted the challenge was Fang Qiu!

    In the school, all the students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine remained silent.

    However, outside the school, the students from other Universities of Chinese Medicine had showed up to join the chorus of those who denounced Fang Qiu.

    “I’ve heard of Fang Qiu before. I thought he’s a genius, but to my surprise, he’s a fool.”

    “I’m also a freshman who was thoroughly familiar with the studies. Fang Qiu is too arrogant. How dares he to accept the challenge with only little knowledge.”

    “Yes. It is very good for freshmen to master the basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine. How can they master the skill of pulse-feeling?”

    “Our school also participated in the quiz. The performance of Fang Qiu was indeed very good. At the beginning, I thought he would become the new future star of Chinese Medicine. But now, it looks he’s simply a fool!”

    “I’m now embarrassed to admit that my school also took part in the quiz.”

    When the students of each school were targeting at Fang Qiu, Han Yuxuan, who had been defeated by Fang Qiu several times before, couldn’t help sighing after he heard the news, “I’m wrong to regard you as one of opponents!”

    “Alas… Why would I find such a stupid opponent for myself?”

    “The champion of the quiz?”

    “Fang Qiu, you’re just so so!”


    In the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, after closing the forum, the staff from the network department of the school immediately reported the abnormal situation to Chen Yinsheng.


    A frightened and angry roar sounded throughout the office building of school leaders.

    Sitting on the swivel chair behind the desk, Chen Yinsheng looked anxious. His eyes also bloodshot and his breath heavy.

    “Fang Qiu! Damn it!”

    Chen Yinsheng calmed down, beginning to shout.

    The feeling pulse challenge, as well as Zhang Xinming’s affair had disturbed him very much lately.

    To deal with both the teachers and the students, he even had no heart to deal with Fang Qiu.

    But now, hearing the report of the network department, he got exasperated.

    He had never expected the one who accepted the challenge was Fang Qiu!

    It was like a nightmare.

    When he heard the name of Fang Qiu, he couldn’t help but become panic.

    He thought Fang Qiu would be the lucky star of the school, but now, it turned out he was a damned disaster!

    As long as someone mentioned Fang Qiu, there must be something bad happening!

    Though he had already put Fang Qiu into the jinx class, he was unable to predict Fang Qiu would bring such a big trouble.

    The entire Internet was boiled out of Fang Qiu.

    And the netizens had all come to the school forum.

    It was over!

    The University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was completely over!

    It had stirred up the public anger in the Chinese Medicine industry!


    After a long time, Chen Yinsheng raised his head, and looked at the person who stood before the desk and didn’t utter, ordering, “Go to inform all the school leaders to attend a meeting. Those who were above associate Director, including the associate Directors, all have to attend!”

    Since Chen Yinsheng was so angry, how dared the staff to delay time? He ran out of the office immediately to inform all the leaders.

    As the staff left, Chen Yinsheng immediately stood up.

    He couldn’t help but clench his fist and he smacked it on the desk.

    He was angry!


    “Fang Qiu, do you want to throw the whole University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine into trouble without considering the result?”

    An angry roar burst out from Chen Yinsheng’s throat.

    He knew this matter must be made by Fang Qiu to act against him.

    He didn’t allow Fang Qiu to practice medicine, to open a public class, and all Fang Qiu’s rewards and scholarships were removed, so Fang Qiu did this to revenge him and the school!

    The key thing was that.

    The Weibo identification information had mentioned specially that Fang Qiu was a student of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    “Fang Qiu, you’re malicious!”

    “What do you want?”

    At this moment, Chen Yinsheng suddenly regretted.

    He regretted forcing Fang Qiu so much.

    Maybe, if he were nicer to Fang Qiu, Fang Qiu wouldn’t have done such a thing.

    However, at this moment, it was impossible to stop.

    Therefore, Chen Yinsheng’s hate toward Fang Qiu was growing multiple times.

    “Wait! You’ll suffer what you deserve!”

    Chen Yinsheng gave a hard punch and roared with a gloomy face, “I’ll change my name, if you suffer nothing!”

    Half an hour later, all the leaders of each school and department who had gone home from work went back to the school again.

    In the conference room of the office building of school leaders, everyone sat down neatly, waiting for Chen Yinsheng.

    Since the matter had spread out online, almost half of the leaders had known it. During the minutes they were waiting Chen Yinsheng, they all looked serious.

    Most of them were Chinese Medicine practitioners with real ability and knowledge.

    In their eyes, it was impossible for Fang Qiu to win this challenge.

    A freshman diagnosed pregnancy by feeling pulse. Was that possible?


    Not to mention a freshman, even themselves were not completely confident.

    The other half people who knew nothing about this matter kept looking around.

    The severe expression of the people around them made them confused. They wondered what happened to make the atmosphere so dignified.

    A little later, Chen Yinsheng came.

    Two staff members followed him.

    As soon as he stepped into the conference room, the two staff members immediately ran to the projector.

    Holding that extremely gloomy face, Chen Yinsheng directly sat down in the main chair, and stared at the screen tightly.

    Everyone began to turn to the screen as well.

    At this time, under the control of two engineers, the login page of Weibo was immediately displayed on the screen. After logging into the Weibo, they immediately searched the account named “Who do you think you are” and clicked into its homepage.

    Having received the instructions of Chen Yinsheng in advance, the engineers specially showed the identification information of this account to all the leaders, as well as all the speeches that Fang Qiu posted.

    In the next moment, “Hiss…”

    Everyone gasped.

    They continued to browse those comments. There were nearly 100,000 comments, tens of thousands of repost. But all of them were abuses, no good words at all.

    Among them, there were some which even scolded the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    Looking at everything in front, all the leaders changed their faces.

    Those leaders who didn’t know the truth were all dumbfounded now.

    “Tell me. How to deal with it?”

    Finishing browsing, Chen Yinsheng asked.

    In the conference room, everyone got silent. None of them knew what to do.

    Even the Vice President didn’t know, let alone them.

    No one expected that Fang Qiu, as a freshman, was so bold. He even dared to arrange competition with others on Weibo!

    Even Qi Kaiwen was stunned.

    How could he expect Fang Qiu to be so confident? How dared he have the nerve to compete with others after learning for only a few months.

    Of course, including Qi Kaiwen, no one in the room believed that Fang Qiu would win.


    Chen Yinsheng shouted.

    He summoned everyone to the meeting to figure out a solution. If no one spoke, what was the meaning of having a meeting?

    “I have a proposal.”

    An associate Director opened his mouth, “Fire him!”

    At the same time, everyone got frozen.

    The associate Director added, “As long as the student named Fang Qiu is expelled, then this matter is his own business and has nothing to do with our school.”

    Many leaders nodded with agreement.

    They didn’t want a student to ruin the honor of the school.

    To fire him was the best way.

    In the next moment, before Chen Yinsheng uttered, Qi Kaiwen immediately stood up and said firmly, “We can’t!”

    At this time, everyone turned to look at Qi Kaiwen altogether.

    They were thinking that Fang Qiu was a student of the School of Chinese Medicine and his performance was also very good. As the Director, Qi Kaiwen obviously would protect him.

    But it was not the right timing!

    Fang Qiu’s act was going to bring shame to the UJCM!

    “This is not feasible!”

    Glancing over the leaders, Qi Kaiwen uttered justly, “If we fire Fang Qiu at this point of time, we’ll be the target of the society. Everyone will think that we’re eager to dissociate ourselves from Fang Qiu. Then, what will the students think about us? What will the members of the Chinese Medicine industry think about us? And what will the other schools think about us?”

    Hearing that, everyone thought that Qi Kaiwen was right.

    But if to fire Fang Qiu was improper, what else could they do?

    “Then, you tell me. What should we do?”

    Chen Yinsheng began to stare at Qi Kaiwen, asking coldly.