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Chapter 203 - Accept My Challenge? You’ll Regret!

Medical Master
     Chapter 203 Accept My Challenge? You’ll Regret!

    “Till now…”

    Qi Kaiwen groaned for a moment and added, “We can only fully support Fang Qiu. Let’s find someone to teach him during this period of time. With his talent, I believe we still have a glimmer of hope.”


    Chen Yinsheng snorted and asked, “Is there no other ways? You can’t even solve a problem for the school!”

    At this moment, the leaders began to look at each other, without a word.

    “There is absolutely no way to support him!”

    Seeing no one was going to speak, Chen Yinsheng shouted angrily and added, “I tend to fire him. But since we can’t, then immediately issue a notice to the school and the whole Internet that Fang Qiu’s act has nothing to do with the school. It’s his personal action.”

    “Tell these people our school is focused on educating people. We don’t support his act, and don’t encourage it!”

    Chen Yinsheng stopped here.

    This was the best solution he could think of.

    The other leaders began to nod.

    Till now, this was the only thing they could do.

    “Since nobody opposes, it’s a done deal. After the meeting, the network department has to make a statement immediately.”

    Chen Yinsheng ordered.


    The leaders of the network department nodded at once.

    Though not perfect, since there was a solution, it meant this matter was over.

    That was all they could do.

    As for what people in the Internet would say, they couldn’t control it and didn’t want to pay attention to it.

    “What’s the result of the provincial sports meeting?”

    Chen Yinsheng turned his head to Liang Yongxiang, the Director of the School of Sports and Arts.


    Liang Yongxiang sighed softly, answering, “I still suggest that we let Fang Qiu take part in the sports meeting. He will definitely bring honor to our school, even the best honor.”

    “Don’t mention Fang Qiu before me!”

    Chen Yinsheng got furious, screaming, “Why he’s everywhere! Can you stop mentioning him? Is there anyone else who can replace him?”

    The other leaders began to look at Liang Yongxiang speechlessly.

    “How dare you stir up the hornet’s nest?”

    “No one.”

    Qi Kaiwen shook his head and made a sigh, “Fang Qiu is too excellent.”

    The others became more speechless.

    “Damn it!”

    A more ruthless one! He was not only stirring up the hornet’s best. He was adding fuel to the fire!


    Chen Yinsheng snorted with disdain.

    “Break up!”

    With no other words, he stood up and left directly.

    The other leaders followed to disperse.

    The leaders of the network department who had received Chen Yinsheng’s order immediately returned to the office, about to issue a notice.

    10 minutes later, the official website and official Weibo of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine both issued a notice at the same time.

    They announced that Fang Qiu’s accepting challenge had nothing to do with University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. It was Fang Qiu’s individual affair, and its consequence had nothing to do with the school too!

    The announcement soon attracted the attention of many people.

    “Interesting. It becomes an internecine struggle.”

    “Haha, where have the leaders of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine been these days. They show up now to dissociate themselves from Fang Qiu, which is so unrighteous.”

    “Fortunately, I didn’t enter the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. It has no responsibility.”

    “The school leaders also feel vexed about such a stupid student, don’t they? Haha.”

    “I don’t care about Fang Qiu or the feeling pulse challenge matter. I care about the mysterious man only. Miss Admin, please tell me if there is indeed a mysterious man in your school, and if yes, who he is.”

    “Yes, disclose the identity of the mysterious man!”

    “Is the mysterious man a man or a woman?”

    “Is the mysterious man handsome?”

    “Can I meet the mysterious man in your school?”

    “I want to go to your school to find the mysterious man. Miss Admin, how about picking me up?”

    At that time, many kinds of comments were posted.

    As a result, most people had been taken to focus on the mysterious man.

    However, anyway, as the incident spread, “A Freshman Named Fang Qiu” quickly hit the 20th spot on the Hot Search List.

    At the same time, “The Mysterious Man in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine” was also on the list, ranking the 53rd.

    Although not as popular as the feeling pulse challenge matter, it had attracted great attention as well.

    But at this time, in a quiet community in the capital, Li Wenbo opened his computer and logged into the Weibo after work. He immediately received numerous private messages.

    Seeming to have been used to it, he didn’t read the private messages, but directly found the account named “Who do you think you are” in his following list. He then clicked in.

    After a glance, he laughed.

    The reason why he was so anxious to find the account was that he was a little afraid that the person hid behind this mysterious alt account was a very strong expert of Chinese Medicine.

    But he didn’t expect the person was a freshman.

    The worry in his heart instantly dispersed, and he couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

    A freshman didn’t deserve his attention.


    Looking at Fang Qiu’s information, he smiled and whispered, “Well done, boy.”

    In his opinion, he was sure to win both face and money.

    How could he not be happy?

    “However, I can’t let those experienced doctors of Chinese Medicine say that I, as the big, bully the small.”

    Thinking with a frown for a moment, Li Wenbo immediately reposted Fang Qiu’s blog, replying, “The student is both young and bold. But I’d like to advise you to take back what you said. I will not stump a kid. But if you don’t take my advice, I will let you know the Chinese Medicine you are learning is a pseudoscience! @Who do you think you are.”

    After that, he thought for a while again, and reposted his post, adding, “At the same time, I will tell all those who are studying Chinese Medicine with the result of this challenge that give up Chinese Medicine as soon as possible. As for Student Fang, you’re still young. You can take the college entrance examination again, and welcome to abandon the darkness and choose Western Medicine.”

    “In addition, I admire student Fang’s courage. If you still insist on going this way, I can only accept the challenge. I will contact you on the appointed day.”

    He tweeted three times in a row.

    Li Wenbo made his speech perfect with no flaws.

    He first expressed his regret clearly for the freshman identity of Fang Qiu. Then he confirmed Fang Qiu’s identity to be a doctor of Chinese Medicine. He also advised Fang Qiu with the tone of a teacher guiding his student.

    Finally, without giving Fang Qiu any chance, he simply declared his consent to Fang Qiu’s challenge.

    Therefore, it not only let him avoid being accused of bullying small, but also put himself on the right side, where he had to educate Fang Qiu as a mentor.

    It should be admitted that his mastery of words was quite amazing.

    As the three pieces of blogs appeared, those who supported Western Medicine, but were afraid that the Chinese Medicine industry blamed that Li Wenbo bullied the younger ones, no longer worried.

    Instead, they all put themselves on the side of justice. They kept leaving messages and comments on Li Wenbo’s and Fang Qiu’s Weibo, persuading Fang Qiu and Chinese Medicine industry to be good.

    But, in the eyes of those who supported Chinese Medicine, Li Wenbo’s three pieces of blogs and the comments made by those who supported Chinese Medicine were all nonsense.

    How dared a person who stirred up the trouble have the face to put him on the side of justice?

    Shame on him!

    Looking at the comments, those who supported Chinese Medicine got furious immediately.

    “Abandon the darkness? The Chinese Medicine is the bright side!”

    “Fang Qiu is just a student. He didn’t learn Chinese Medicine completely. He can’t represent Chinese Medicine at all. We can’t control him to not attend this challenge. But the result can’t represent Chinese Medicine.”

    “Do you think you can be justified with bullying small with a few high-sounding words? Are you specially exploiting loopholes against Chinese Medicine?”

    “It means nothing to win a student. Why don’t you go to challenge a famous doctor of Chinese Medicine?”

    “As an owner of an account with V, that’s all you got?”

    “We Chinese Medicine industry does not recognize Fang Qiu to be one of us. The challenge between you and him has nothing to do with Chinese Medicine!”


    At once, all sorts of objections emerged.

    They not only denied the identity of Fang Qiu, but also taunted Li Wenbo from all aspects. There were even sharp abuses.

    However, all these meant nothing to Li Wenbo.

    He didn’t even bother to pay attention.

    Even if he saw some abusive words, he remained indifferent throughout.

    Anyway, the challenge was settled.

    What he needed to do was to wait for the appointed day, and then made a heavy blow to the Chinese Medicine, at the same time, making his popularity rise again.

    As for public opinion, he never cared.

    Anyway, it wouldn’t harm him. Instead, the fiercer the public opinion was, the more benefits he could get.

    After a moment, receiving no reply from Fang Qiu, Li Wenbo couldn’t hold his excitement and sent a private message to “Who do you think you are”, for fear that Fang Qiu would go back on his word, “When are you available?”

    Three minutes later, he received a reply.

    “Any time on the fourth day. You can decide the specific time and place. I will be punctual to the challenge, and make you regret!”

    Seeing the reply, Li Wenbo became angry.

    “Such a rude kid! I’ll give you a good lesson!”

    His anger welled up.

    He immediately took a screenshot of the private message, and then posted it on his Weibo.

    He added, “I can’t wait to be regretful! A fight is going to held on the next Tuesday in the capital! Location: announce tomorrow. Hurry to book the ticket. If you don’t have enough money, I’ll give you. Never leave without seeing each other! @Who do you think you are.”

    After that, Li Wenbo directly shut down his computer with anger, not browsing the comments.

    Then, he took out his phone to contact his friends to collect the volunteer pregnant women.

    On the Weibo, as Li Wenbo’s post went viral, all the onlookers were shocked and then excited.

    “Damn it. I thought it was just a verbal fight. But it’s going to be real now.”

    “Now there’s a good show to watch.”

    “There are still a few days left. The student won’t back out, will he?”

    “Sit and watch.”

    “Damn it. Fang Qiu is such a fool!”

    “No matter what the outcome is, we won’t admit it.”

    “Yes, Fang Qiu are unqualified to stand for Chinese Medicine.”

    “Your challenge has nothing to with Chinese Medicine. Don’t mention Chinese Medicine.”


    In Jiangjing, when the Weibo was still being boiled, Fang Qiu came to a hot pot restaurant outside the school led by Xu Miaolin.

    The account “Who do you think you are” was still under Xu Miaolin’s control, so Fang Qiu had no idea about what happened on Weibo.

    In the restaurant, Xu Miaolin suddenly handed over his phone to Fang Qiu while eating, and said, “Look, the challenge is settled now.”