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Chapter 205 - The Mysterious Man Who Shocked the Entire Wulin!

Medical Master
     Chapter 205 The Mysterious Man Who Shocked the Entire Wulin!

    In the Internet, Fang Qiu’s blog attracted the attention of countless people at once.

    “The fool made sounds again!”

    “Who do you think you are? Now, not only the Chinese Medicine industry, even your own school denies you. How dare you have face to come out?”

    “What a fool! Really arrogant! I’m waiting to see you regret.”

    “He left such defiant words. Interesting. Wait for you to regret.”

    “Haha, the college students now are really courageous! Haha… But why do I want to laugh so much?”

    “Please don’t mention Chinese Medicine with you, because you don’t deserve it.”

    “Such a fool! What does he want? He’s the typical person who never turns back unless knocking into the wall, isn’t he?”

    “I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see you regret and be robbed with ability to speak.”

    “No matter how it turns out, now you’re famous.”

    “I like to support such a fool as you!”

    “Do you take advertisements?”

    “Alas. Why do you young people like to come along for the ride? To be web celebrities?”

    “Little doctor of Chinese Medicine, I’m optimistic about you. After the challenge, if you want to learn Western Medicine, come to me at any time. I’ll help you register for examination!”

    “Don’t do that! This kind of person don’t deserve to learn Western Medicine. What if he continues to bring shame to Western Medicine?”

    Within a few minutes, Fang Qiu’s Weibo had attracted tens of thousands of comments.

    Among them, some were abuses, some ridicules, and some were neutral.

    None of them was a support to Fang Qiu. Even if there was occasionally one, it also contained abuse. After all, everyone was afraid.

    In this time point, to support Fang Qiu was to be against thousands of trolls.

    To support Fang Qiu publicly was to look for death.

    Everyone could see the result that Fang Qiu was bound to lose.

    However, as some onlookers joined the crowd, the abuses were gradually evolved into ridicules.

    It seemed that Fang Qiu was just a joke.

    Some people even started to write jokes about Fang Qiu.

    “Yes, you have a head, but unfortunately, you have a Fang Qiu head, which means you’re a fool.”

    “Who do you think you are? I’m a freshman.”

    Such jokes were countless.

    With so many onlookers who held the heart to join the fun, Fang Qiu got more and more popular, completely beyond Li Wenbo who stirred the challenge up.


    “Good boy, you’re like me.”

    Just arriving home, Xu Miaolin immediately logged into his own Weibo. After seeing the latest post Fang Qiu issued, he couldn’t help laughing out.

    That was what he wanted.

    “Is Chinese Medicine a pseudoscience?”


    Xu Miaolin squinted. A cold light quietly flashed over his eyes.

    “Even if I don’t do it myself, I will let you regret!”

    After Fang Qiu retracted his phone, he felt relaxed a lot.

    Although he knew that there must have been another scolding war on Weibo, he didn’t care about it and didn’t bother to pay attention to it.

    Anyway, the challenge had been settled.

    He now didn’t have to pay attention to anything.

    The only thing he had to focus on was to try his best to learn pulse-feeling and to learn to feel pregnancy pulse.

    Then. Do it!

    Do it firmly!

    He arrived at his dormitory.

    But, as he pushed the door open, he got startled.

    Glancing around, he found the dormitory exceptionally clean.

    It was not commonly clean, but surprisingly clean, because he found that all the computers in the dormitory were gone.

    Even the Internet cables had been unplugged.

    He had been used to the crowded dormitory. But now, it was empty.

    Fang Qiu even produced a kind of unrealistic feeling. He asked his three roommates in astonishment.

    “What happened?”

    “Where are the computers?”



    “The youngest.”

    Zhu Benzheng looked at Fang Qiu very seriously and replied, “We all know about your challenge with Li Wenbo. So, we decided to make the room for you. The others don’t believe in you, but we do. We will never let anyone disturb you before the challenge.”


    Sun Hao nodded.

    “If it we are rich enough, we will have gone to live in a hotel.”

    Zhou Xiaotian also echoed.

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu understood, and was touched more or less.

    “It’s so kind of all of you!”

    “Actually, you don’t have to do this.”

    With a sigh, he added, “You three don’t have enough money to live in the hotel, but you can chip in to let me live in the hotel. Then, even you can’t disturb me.”

    The three got speechless.

    They were to be courteous. But how could Fang Qiu take it seriously?


    Sun Hao put his hand on the shoulder of Fang Qiu, saying, “You know our hearts now. Thought the gift doesn’t value much, friendship does. We don’t expect you to repay. But remember, you are a member of the dormitory 501. The Chinese Medicine community doesn’t admit you, but we do! The school doesn’t admit you, but we do! Now that you choose to fight, you have to work hard to save the face of our dormitory 501.”

    “Don’t forget, you’re our youngest, the best of dormitory 501. We’ll support you forever.”

    Zhou Xiaotian said seriously, which was extremely rare.

    “Come on.”

    Zhu Benzheng said with a smile.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll take you with me even if I die.”

    Fang Qiu answered smilingly.

    Though moved, he put it deep in his heart, refusing to reveal it.

    Then, he immediately came to the desk to study carefully, recalling all kinds of pulse in his brain.


    In a village on the outskirts of a city of China, a shirtless man in his 30s, carrying two buckets of water in his bare hands, approached the door of a detached brick house.

    This big man held solid muscles. There were thick calluses on his fists, which told that he was a Kung Fu practitioner.

    Back in the room, he threw the firewood on the high pile, wiped his sweat and walked towards the computer desk.

    “Nothing new?”

    After browsing the Wulin online forum, he made a pout out of being boring, and then logged into the Weibo.

    Looking at the Hot Search List, he was startled.


    He got stunned first, and then muttered with a frown, “Mysterious man?”

    He seemed to have recalled something.

    Therefore, he clicked on this Hot Search title immediately.

    After that, his eyes widened at once.

    “Amazing! Is this person also a martial arts practitioner?”

    He felt surprised.

    He didn’t think much, and immediately transferred the mysterious man’s video on Weibo to the Wulin online forum.

    With this act, the quiet Wulin online forum got boiled immediately.

    As more and more people watched the video, and as they spread it by word, the discussion on the forum became fiercer and fiercer. Many people who saw the video for the first time were shocked.

    “How is that possible?”

    “So powerful! Is he a martial arts practitioner?”

    “Is there an expert of this level in Wulin?”

    “What terrifying strength! It’s so many people’s dream to fly over the eaves and run on the walls.”

    “What kind of strength does it take to do that?”

    “If I’m right, the guy who challenged in the ring is just an ordinary martial arts practitioner. This mystery man is 100 times more powerful than he is.”

    “Mysterious man?”

    “With this level strength, he must be a seventh level Martial Superior at least, right?”

    In just a few minutes, the first video of the mysterious man had attracted the attention of countless people in the Wulin online forum.

    At that moment, the hot debate was everywhere.

    And at the same time, after posting the first video, the big man continued to look for on the Weibo. Soon later, he found another one recording the process where the mysterious man flew up to the seventh floor to save people in a fire.

    Seeing it, the big man was completely dumbfounded.

    Although he was a martial arts practitioner, he had never seen a person who could rise from the ground directly to the height of the sixth floor.

    If a floor was three meters high, it was 18 meters high in total.

    Moreover, seen from the video, the height of a floor was not only three meters, but even four meters.

    The mysterious man had borrowed power in the mid-air.

    But even so, it was beyond the ability of average people.

    The big man was shocked completely.

    Without hesitation, he immediately posted this video on the Wulin online forum again.

    With the heat of the first video, the second video attracted numerous people around as it appeared.

    “Damn it. This can’t be true, can it?”

    “If there is indeed such a man, it’s so wonderful!”

    “He’s dreadfully strong!”

    “Judging from his size and movements, the mysterious man must be young.”

    “But, how can there be such a powerful young expert?”

    “Where is the origin of these videos?”

    “They have already been hot on Weibo. I just saw them on Weibo, but I didn’t expect them to be already posted here.”

    “With such kind of strength, he’s surely an existence of the top!”

    “Who is he? Dare he announce his identity?”

    “Are you silly? If he’s willing to reveal his identity, why would he wrap himself up so tightly?”


    These two videos caused an unprecedentedly fierce discussion on the Wulin online forum.

    At the same time, the members of the regional branches of the Wulin online forum began to post the videos of the mysterious man on their own regional forums.

    Jiangjing was no exception.

    “Is he a citizen of our Jiangjing?”

    “Is the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine so awesome?”

    “Incredibly, we Jiangjing has such a powerful man.”

    “He’s so strong!”

    “Unexpectedly, a Kung Fu expert of this level has hidden himself in a school.”

    “Since he’s in Jiangjing, it is easy to find him. When I have time, I must go to University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine to have a fight with him.”


    “Haha, it doesn’t have to be a deadly fight. I also prepare to go to University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. Let’s think a way to find out this mysterious man. Even if we can’t defeat him, we can ask for his advice.”

    “Let’s go to the UJCM in a group!”

    “I’m in!”

    “Don’t dream anymore. How can such an expert be found by you easily? Besides, he obviously doesn’t want to expose his identity. Even if you find him out, dare you disclose it?”

    “With the strength, this mysterious man is invincible throughout Jiangjing!”

    “I heard that all the experts hate the others to investigate them. Those who intend to go to the UJCM, be careful.”


    It was in a suburban manor.

    “A mysterious man in our Jiangjing?”

    What happened on the Wulin online forum was spread to Elder Yi the first time.

    As a leading authority of the Jiangjing Wulin, he immediately let people to find all the videos of the mysterious man.

    After he watched them carefully once, he was shocked as well.

    “Will this mysterious man be Senior John Doe?”