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Chapter 208 - Block His Way!

Medical Master
     Chapter 208 Block His Way!

    “I didn’t say that.”

    Xu Miaolin glanced at Fang Qiu calmly and said, “What I meant is you might be famous afterwards. By then, wherever you go, there are always people chasing you. In that case, you won’t be able to eat well or to live in peace.”

    “What you said makes sense.”

    A thought came to Fang Qiu’s mind. He suddenly said, “What about wearing a mask when I go there. Anyway, the online video is not so clear. Even if it’s a live broadcast, people also can’t see what I look like.”

    “It’s up to you.”

    Xu Miaolin chuckled.


    At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine…

    “Du du du…”

    In the office of Vice President, the phone ring incessantly lingered on.

    For three days in a row, Chen Yinsheng received numerous phone calls from the leaders in the Chinese Medicine industry and some other leaders.

    Without any doubt, these telephone calls were requesting that he must find some ways to stop Fang Qiu.

    These telephone calls made Chen Yinsheng very agitated.

    He also wanted to stop Fang Qiu.

    But what could he do to stop Fang Qiu?

    “It’s not appropriate to expel Fang Qiu from the university.”

    “But if I don’t expel him, Fang Qiu is the student of my university. The leaders in the Chinese Medicine industry all came to him and Fang Qiu has already accepted the challenge.”

    Although in the university, Chen Yinsheng has enough rights to manage Fang Qiu.

    “The place of the battle is in Beijing.”

    “The place out of the university is outside my jurisdiction. How can I stop Fang Qiu?”

    “And the most important thing is Fang Qiu has already asked for leave ahead of time. His leave application has already been reported and it has been approved. Students’ asking for leave is the matter of the class teacher. I can’t take charge of it!”

    “No way!”

    In the office, Chen Yinsheng stood up immediately.

    “I have to stop Fang Qiu!”

    “I have to find some ways.”

    “But what can I do?”

    After three days of thinking, Chen Yinsheng suddenly found that the notice he issued before was indeed a little unreasonable. “Before Fang Qiu is expelled, he is a member of the university. If we exclude Fang Qiu, people will have different views on our university and will certainly think that our university is irresponsible.”

    “Although the notice has been issued.”

    “As long as Fang Qiu doesn’t go for the battle.”

    “Every problem can be solved.”

    “The most important thing is if Fang Qiu is not as good as others, it’s just his personal thing and he can only lose his own face. But if he participates in the battle and loses, this is not only about Fang Qiu but about University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and the Chinese Medicine industry.”

    So, anyway, he must find a way to stop Fang Qiu.

    “If there’s no way… then I can only force him not to go!”

    As he narrowed his eyes, Chen Yinsheng immediately picked up the phone on the desk and called Liang Yongxiang, the Director of the School of Sports and Arts.

    “Vice President Chen?”

    The telephone was connected. The voice of Liang Yongxiang was heard.

    “What’s wrong with your School of Sports and Arts?”

    Chen Yinsheng roundly criticized. “The university has given you so many resources to let you participate in the Provincial University Games, but you just brought back only a bronze medal?”

    “Vice President Chen, don’t I have no choice?”

    Liang Yongxiang smiled wryly and said with innocence, “You didn’t allow Fang Qiu to take part in the games and our sports special students were not in the mood. What’s more, the strength of other universities was strong. It’s good enough to get a bronze medal.”

    “What? Are you blaming me?”

    Chen Yinsheng shouted angrily.

    “How dare I to blame you? It’s all my fault. I didn’t teach students well.”

    Liang Yongxiang said wryly.

    “All right.”

    Chen Yinsheng snorted coldly and said, “Now, go and prepare a group of robust and strong students for me immediately.”

    “Ah, what for?”

    Liang Yongxiang was stunned for a moment.

    “Robust and strong students?”

    “What does Chen Yinsheng want to do?”

    “Is he going to punish them? He is unapt to do so.”

    “Could it be that he wants to fight with them?”

    “You don’t have to worry about that. You just have people ready for me. Ask them to be on call and follow my orders.”

    After that, Chen Yinsheng hung up the phone directly.

    The next day, it was Monday.

    Because Xu Miaolin did not arrange the study, Fang Qiu spent the whole day reading books in the dormitory.

    Although the battle was coming, Fang Qiu didn’t look nervous at all but as calm as usual.

    “Well, the youngest, why aren’t you anxious at all?”

    After class, Sun Hao, Zhou Xiaotian, and Zhu Benzheng directly stood around behind Fang Qiu, looking at him strangely.

    In their eyes, since the battle which had attracted a lot of attention was coming, Fang Qiu should be very excited and very nervous.

    It was like the college entrance examination.

    But Fang Qiu looked unusually calm and didn’t look nervous at all, which made the three of them strange.

    “The youngest, we are friends. You don’t need to hide your nervousness from us. Anyway, others can not see.” said Zhou Xiaotian.

    “Yes, don’t let the pressure exhaust you. Or we can go running with you. Isn’t it said that exercising is the best way to relax?”

    Zhu Benzheng was also a little worried.

    Hearing the concerned words of the three of them, Fang Qiu immediately gave them a look. He turned his head to look at the three of them and asked, “Where do you see my nervousness? Where do you see my pressure?”

    The three of them were dumbfounded.

    “It’s the eve of the battle, how could you not be nervous?” said Sun Hao.

    “That’s strange. I’m really not nervous.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile and continued to read books.

    Seeing this, the three of them were dumbfounded together.

    “Not nervous?”

    “You are really not nervous?”

    “My god, even if you are not nervous, don’t you look too calm?”

    The three of them asked in turns.

    “Or what?”

    Fang Qiu teased. “Do I have to buy a knife and take it with me?”

    Hearing that, the three of them looked at each other and nodded quietly.

    They were sure that Fang Qiu was really not nervous.

    Thinking carefully, however, except when Jiang Miaoyu got foot injury, they really never saw Fang Qiu nervous.

    “It seems that only a girl can make the youngest nervous and it’s a beautiful girl!”

    The three of them looked at Fang Qiu with their eyes full of admiration.

    “The youngest has such a good mentality. If I had such a mentality like during the college entrance examination, I’m afraid that the three of you wouldn’t see me.”

    Zhu Benzheng sighed with emotions.

    “What do you mean? Tell me clearly.”

    Sun Hao narrowed his eyes and said with a snicker, “We show respect for you because you are the oldest. How dare you dislike us?”

    “The oldest, you are wrong. What you said hurt us. If you don’t show some sincerity, how can we forgive you?”

    Zhou Xiaotian smirked and pounced on Zhu Benzheng.

    The three of them romped around.

    Fang Qiu shook his head and chuckled, continuing to read books.


    In a trice, it was Tuesday, the big day!

    Like before, Fang Qiu got up at 3 am for cultivation and returned to the dormitory at 5 am. After washing up and eating breakfast, he just began to arrange belongings.

    At 6:30 am, his three roommates hadn’t woken up. Fang Qiu did not wake up the three of them after arranging belongings. He quietly left the dormitory.

    When Fang Qiu came downstairs, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

    When he came back from breakfast, there were only few people in the university.

    But in a trice, in front of the dormitory building, a large group of people blocked his way.

    At a glance, he found they were all members of the school sports team and many of them were members of the track team. Each of them was big, tall, and strong.

    If it weren’t for Fang Qiu’s knowing these people, he would think these people were here for a gang war.

    “What are you doing?”

    Seeing the road in front of him was totally blocked, Fang Qiu asked as he frowned.

    “What are we doing?”

    The leader snorted coldly and said angrily, “To be honest, we are here to block your way specially. You are too selfish. You can discredit yourself. Why do you get our university involved? In the name of our university, you accepted the challenge. Do you think no one can punish you?”

    “Even if I have accepted the challenge, it is related to our School of Chinese Medicine. Is there anything to do with your School of Sports and Arts?”

    Fang Qiu said in a cold voice. “Get out of the way!”

    “No way.”

    The leader snorted coldly and said, “If you have the ability, you can fly out. I don’t believe that you can still step out of the university today since we are here.”

    “Who asked you to come?” asked Fang Qiu as he frowned.

    “We are voluntary.”

    As he spoke, the leader glanced around at the other students.

    “Yes, we are voluntary.”

    “You are not allowed to step out of the university today!”

    “You are not allowed to disgrace the university!”

    They all echoed.

    In the meantime, in front of the flower platform which was dozens of meters away from the boys’ dormitory, Chen Yinsheng and Liang Yongxiang stood together, watching from a distance.

    “For this kind of thing, I can’t take up the matter myself, so I can only ask the students to do this.”

    While looking at the situation in front of the boys’ dormitory, Chen Yinsheng sighed and said, “There are a group of boys there, Fang Qiu can’t escape even if he grows a pair of wings.”


    Liang Yongxiang nodded and said, “If he goes this time, our university’s reputation will be ruined. As leaders, if we show up to stop him, we will certainly suffer from public criticism. Now it seems that only this way can work.”


    Chen Yinsheng sneered and said, “I don’t believe that Fang Qiu can step out of the university today.”

    “Don’t worry. I have confirmed with the students that they do not need to attend the classes today. They only need to block Fang Qiu in the dormitory and not let him go out.”

    Liang Yongxiang said.


    Chen Yinsheng nodded.

    But as soon as he nodded, something happened there.

    Before the dormitory, when the high-spirited students were blocking Fang Qiu’s way, Fang Qiu helplessly turned around first and was about to return to the dormitory.

    But as soon as he turned around, he suddenly stopped his footstep as if he had seen something amazing. He suddenly turned his head, pointed at the distance, and shouted, “The mysterious man!”

    At the moment when he shouted, the students, who were blocking the way in front of him, immediately looked together in the direction Fang Qiu was pointing.

    “Where?” “Where?”

    Just at this moment, Fang Qiu moved his body and directly rushed into the crowd very deftly. After pushing and hustling them, he rushed out of the crowd suddenly and ran quickly toward the university gate.

    Just at this moment, they came to sense.

    “Fu*k!” “We have been fooled.”

    “Chase him!”

    “Hurry up!”

    For a time, all of them started running about madly and chasing Fang Qiu angrily.

    All of them were in a frenzy.

    Their momentum looked very powerful.

    But, they couldn’t catch up with Fang Qiu.

    Even the team leader of the track team couldn’t run faster than Fang Qiu, how could they run faster than him even if they exerted all their strength?

    As a result, the distance between them got farther and farther as they chased.

    In the distance, Chen Yinsheng and Liang Yongxiang were dumbfounded while seeing this.

    “What, what’s going on here?”

    Pointing to the back of Fang Qiu, Chen Yinsheng was surprised and anxious.

    “Why is he running so fast?”

    Liang Yongxiang was dumbfounded directly.

    He just heard before that Fang Qiu was good at running. This time, he finally saw it.

    This kind of speed was far more than awesome. It was abnormally fast. The students of the School of Sports and Arts couldn’t compete with him at all!