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Chapter 211 - Chinese Medicine Was Pseudoscience!

Medical Master
     Chapter 211 Chinese Medicine Was Pseudoscience!

    “Eat more, because you’ll never get a chance to eat again! You foodie!”

    “I think you suddenly become smart. It’s smart of you to take the last chance to have a good meal of roast duck, because no one will sale it to you anymore even if you want to eat it.”

    “Look at you! How annoying! How can you still have the heart to eat roast duck? Shame on you!”

    “I appreciate you who face the fucked-up life with the fukced up attitude!”

    Obviously, most people on the Weibo were natives in the capital.

    Therefore, they all thought that Fang Qiu was showing off in a disguised way.

    In this case, it was impossible that he was not ridiculed or scolded!

    However, at the moment when everyone was mocking him, he had left the Quanjude Roast Duck, and got on a taxi.

    “Go to the Tiananmen Square, please!”

    He opened his mouth as he got on the taxi.

    The Tiananmen Square was located in the center of the capital of China, and the south of the Palace Museum.

    What was the Tiananmen Square? It was China, as well as the national emblem!

    How could someone not go to Tiananmen Square after he came to the capital?

    For Fang Qiu, he perhaps only had one day here. So he must grasp this only chance firmly to see what he should see, and to do what he should do.

    Arriving at the Tiananmen Square, he got off the taxi.

    Looking at the magnificent building before him, the bustling crowd, the Monument of the People’s Heroes erected in the square, the chairman’s image hung on the wall, the Five-Starred Red Flag fluttering with the wind highly in the sky, and the wide moat before the wall, he got stunned.

    Suddenly, a strange feeling rose in his heart.

    He felt as if he was very small.

    Smaller than the world, the square, and the martyrs and forefathers!

    After a long time, with a “phew…”, he took a deep breath and walked towards the Monument to the People’s Heroes.

    This was the monument built by China to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs in modern history.

    Reaching the monument, he looked up.

    “Over the past three years, the people’s heroes who sacrificed in the People’s Liberation War and the People’s Revolution are immortal!”

    “Over the past thirty years, the people’s heroes who sacrificed in the People’s Liberation War and the People’s Revolution are immortal!”

    “Dating back to the year of 1840, from that moment on, in order to fight against internal and external enemies, and strive for national independence and people’s freedom and happiness, the people’s heroes who sacrificed in previous struggles are immortal”

    Looking at the three sentences on the stone monument, he was touched with slightly red eyes.

    Ignoring the crowded stream of people around, he straightened up, and made a salute to the monument!

    To all the predecessors. It was they who built China with their blood!

    Without them, there would be no China today!

    After the salute, he took out his phone, took a photo of the Monument to the People’s Heroes and posted it on his Weibo.

    This time, he didn’t edit the text, and posted the photo only. Nothing else.

    But even so, it still drew a lot of ridicule.

    “How? Do you think we won’t scold you after you show your patriotic feelings?”

    “You don’t deserve to stand in front of the Monument to the People’s Heroes!”

    “Are you patriotic? If you are, why do you intend to destroy Chinese Medicine, the treasures of our country, in person?”

    “You show patriotic feelings while doing unpatriotic things. What a shame!”

    “What a shrewd man!”

    Looking at the abuses, Fang Qiu shook his head with a bitter smile.

    Though there was a lot of abuse, surprisingly, this picture quickly went viral with thousands of likes, the highest number of likes of any of his posts.

    However, of course, the likes were for the Monument to the People’s Heroes, not Fang Qiu.

    Time had passed in a frenzy of anticipation.

    At one thirty in the afternoon, a thin young man in a grey suit and with glasses appeared in the third conference room on the 21st floor of the Zhongfeng Mansion.

    Taking a closer look, you would found that he had a thin face, a slim figure, and a buzzcut head, which made him look energetic.

    This thin man was Li Wenbo.

    In the conference room, everything had been ready.

    There were cameras on all four sides of the room, which meant what would happen here would be a live show.

    Since there was still some time to go, Li Wenbo opened the live telecast platform with his laptop while sitting down, and started the broadcast first.

    Then, he posted the link of the web on his Weibo.

    Soon, tens of thousands of people had gathered in the studio.

    And the numbers kept soaring.

    “Hello, everyone. I’m Li Wenbo.”

    Sitting in front of the computer, he made a few coughs, and introduced himself while watching himself in the screen. “I am now in the Zhongfeng Mansion. Everything about the feeling pulse challenge is done. And now I’m waiting for the boy of Chinese Medicine community named Fang Qiu to come.”

    “I believe, just like me, you also can’t wait to see Student Fang Qiu regret, huh?”

    While speaking, he took out two bottles of throat soothing drinks of different brands and a bottle of milk from his handbag, and put them in front of him.

    With no doubt, both the milk and the drinks were advertised by him.

    Obviously, video ads were different from those on Weibo.

    Besides, it was the day of challenge today. The challenge had attracted countless people’s attention, which was as popular as the hot TV program these days.

    That was also why numerous producers had found Li Wenbo to advertise their goods.

    However, Li Wenbo didn’t choose all of them. What he chose were those that needed no verbal advertisements. They only needed to be implanted in the live broadcast image.

    But even so, Li Wenbo had received one more million yuan as advertising fees, which was equal to his wager.

    For Li Wenbo, this was the first time he had found that to make money was so easy.

    He worked overtime day and night, and earned only ten thousand yuan a month. It would take him nine years to save so much money, even if he didn’t spend a penny.

    But now, he just received a few advertising sponsorships, and earned more than one million easily!

    When he thought of the piles of banknotes pouring into his pocket like water, he would feel from the bottom of his heart that this fight against Chinese Medicine was the most correct thing he had done in his life.

    Defeat pseudoscience with science!

    Fang Qiu would arrive soon. At that time, after he defeated Fang Qiu, and insulted the Chinese Medicine, his fame would rise a lot.

    In the future, he would own both fame and fortune!

    “Well, let me introduce the live broadcast for you first.”

    Seeing more and more people gathering in the studio, nearly one hundred thousand people, Li Wenbo suddenly had an idea, and opened his mouth hurriedly. “First of all, I have to thank the First Live Platform which has offered sponsorship for our live. The First Live Platform is a first-class platform led by the all directions 3D live trend. In this platform, besides the game lives, entertainment lives, there are also large sports events lives, as well as big live events.”

    Obviously, this was an advertisement.

    In order to invite Li Wenbo to use their platform, the Douke Live Platform had also spent a lot of money. And even the whole live broadcast site was arranged by them.

    “As you can see, there is a live stream toggle button at the top of our page. By toggling the live stream, you can clearly see everything happening on the scene in detail.”

    After reading the ad, Li Wenbo continued saying calmly, “There are totally twelve cameras in the conference room where the challenge will be held. During the entire process of live, the twelve cameras will be fixed. And there is a movable main camera as well, so you can watch today’s live through different camera angles.”


    Li Wenbo looked at the time and said with a smile, “There is still some time before the game starts. And Student Xiao Fang hasn’t shown up yet. Since everyone is so enthusiastic, let me give some comments on the so-called Chinese Medicine.”

    Those words stirred numerous barrages immediately on the screen.

    Some were to urge, and some to curse.

    Li Wenbo didn’t care about them, but continued, “We’re all Chinese people. I also think that Chinese Medicine is the Chinese treasure with 5,000 years. But how many people have thought that Chinese Medicine emerged 5,000 years ago? And after the 5,000 years of heritage, who dares to say that it has become more and more powerful? Who dares to say that it has not regressed?”

    “Even the masters of Chinese Medicine today dare not say so.”

    “Why dare they not? Because in the 5,000 years of inheritance, many skills of Chinese Medicine have been lost. Chinese Medicine now is just broken knowledge.”

    Speaking of this, Li Wenbo made a sneer. Seeing the live getting more and more popular, he added, “Let me do a metaphor. 5,000 years ago, the casting technique and Chinese Medicine are the most advanced technologies of our China. But how about 5,000 years later? The casting technique has already been updated. If you still use the casting technique of 5,000 years ago, you will be regarded as a fool. Then, how about the Chinese Medicine which had no progress, but has gone backwards?”

    “To compare it to modern science is like hitting a brick with an egg!”

    “Chinese Medicine has been questioned and denied since ancient times. I’m not the first one.”

    “For example, the top ten celebrities in history who fought against Chinese Medicine most fiercely.”

    “The first one was Guo Moruo!”

    “Guo Moruo would rather die than consult Chinese Medicine, because he felt sorry for his education if he does so. He had once said absolutely that he didn’t hate Chinese Medicine, only he wouldn’t bother the Chinese Medicine doctors until the day of his death!”

    “The second one was Yan Fu.”

    “He said that Chinese Medicine lacked practical observation and logical reasoning, and thought it was like feng shui and astrology.”

    “The third one was Liang Shuming.”

    “He said that Chinese Medicine was a personal skill. Ten Chinese Medicine doctors had ten different prescriptions which could vary greatly. Because the diseases they treated and the drugs they used were not based on objective criteria.”

    Speaking in one breath for a long time, he took a long breath, saying, “As these predecessors said, I think Chinese Medicine is inherited from a witch doctor. It is never a kind of science. Those fake doctors have had tries till today, so it happens to cure several diseases.”

    “If it will bring side effects, nobody knows!”

    “Because Chinese Medicine never mentions the side effect. Does it really have no side effect?”

    “Of course not, because it’s pseudoscience and there’s no drug test.”

    At 1:50, he stopped and drank a lot of water.

    “Ten minutes to go.”

    Looking at the time again, he said, “I don’t know if Student Xiao Fang dares to come. It’s boring to wait here. Since I have finished what I want to say anyway, let’s issue a piece of weibo to summon Student Xiao Fang.”

    Then, he logged into his Weibo from his phone.

    “@Who do you think you are. Student Xiao Fang, is that you dare not to come? The time is approaching, and why haven’t I seen you yet?”

    He issued this weibo.

    After a short time, the prompt sound of Weibo rang.

    Li Wenbo, who was doing live telecast, picked up his phone and opened his Weibo in front of all the audience.