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Chapter 214 - Congratulations. It’s a Boy!

Medical Master
     Chapter 214 Congratulations. It’s a Boy!

    As he spoke, Li Wenbo was full of confidence.

    Because the 20 women were picked by him. He knew exactly how many of them were only a week or two pregnant, which meant it was impossible to judge by asking about periods and so on.

    In the live broadcast, the people didn’t think it was a big deal.

    Fang Qiu did feel the pulse of pregnancy first and he also said it out loud while feeling the pulse. Then he just confirmed it by inquiry. He did not inquire at the beginning and then said that he felt the pulse of pregnancy.

    The whole process proved that this guy had truly felt the pulse of pregnancy.

    However, although they all recognized the result that Fang Qiu judged, before the final result was notarized, no one knew whether Fang Qiu’s answer to the pulse diagnosis was right or not.

    So they all looked at the notary.

    “Please notarize,” Li Wenbo asked the notary.


    A short while later.

    “It is verified that the woman is really pregnant,” declared the notary.

    Most of the people were stunned by the result, especially those who didn’t believe in doctors of Chinese Medicine. After witnessing that Fang Qiu could actually feel the pulse of pregnancy, they were immediately dumbfounded.

    My God, he really did it!

    How is that possible?

    Even if it’s possible, normally, doctors of Chinese Medicine can’t do it at all without decades of experience.

    How did this guy do it?

    Not only them, but also the supporters of Chinese Medicine were all stunned.

    Different from the supporters of Western Medicine, these supporters of Chinese Medicine all thought that Fang Qiu looked a little bit like a doctor of Chinese Medicine after witnessing his feeling pulses and inquiries. However, it was not enough to just look like a doctor. Based on Fang Qiu’s current experience, it is impossible for him to feel the pulse of pregnancy.

    But now the fact happened before their eyes.

    Especially for such a woman who was so well-built and didn’t look like pregnant, Fang Qiu felt the pulse of pregnancy!

    This meant that he really felt the pulse of pregnancy!


    It seems that Fang Qiu is not good for nothing!

    For a time, in the live broadcast, the screen was full of cheers of the supporters of Chinese Medicine. They cheered for Chinese Medicine and sent their praise. Moreover, the surprised voice of the onlookers filled the studio.

    Here, those who had been watching the live broadcast and paying attention to the battle all let out a sigh of relief.

    “He is right!”

    In the girls’ dormitory of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, when Jiang Miaoyu, whose mood was always stable, heard that Fang Qiu felt the pulse of pregnancy correctly, she trembled with her fists clenched. While she was looking at the video, her eyes filled with joy and excitement.

    Although from the start, Jiang Miaoyu said that she would support Fang Qiu, they were just words.

    In fact, just like other people, in her heart she didn’t think that Fang Qiu could win, but even though she knew this, she still stubbornly chose to support Fang Qiu.

    Even if Fang Qiu lost, she would still be on his side.

    Perhaps because she thought that way.

    After hearing the notary declare the result and confirm that Fang Qiu felt the pulse correctly, Jiang Miaoyu was also dumbfounded!

    Fang Qiu has really felt the pulse of pregnancy!

    After that, she was extremely excited and joyful.

    “Keep up the good work!” Jiang Miaoyu said quietly as she cheered for Fang Qiu.

    Jiang Mengjie from Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine also felt the same.

    “I know that you are ready.”

    While Jiang Mengjie was watching the live broadcast, her mood did not swing too much. Instead, she smiled with understanding.

    She had been focusing her eyes on Fang Qiu from the beginning, even though Fang Qiu was wearing a mask and she could not see his face.

    In an apartment in Jiangjing, Qi Kaiwen ran upstairs, directly typing the password to open the door.

    He happened to see that Xu Miaolin was drinking tea while watching the live broadcast.


    Qi Kaiwen laughed. He directly ran to Xu Miaolin and sat down beside him, saying, “Junior, won’t you welcome me?”

    “No,” Xu Miaolin said as he curled his lips.

    “Junior, your student seems to be very awesome?” Qi Kaiwen said with a carefreesmile, “I’ve been watching it all the way.”

    In the office of Vice President on the office building.


    Sitting in front of the computer, Chen Yinsheng suddenly straightened up and stared at the live video on the computer monitor as he picked his eyebrows. He muttered in surprise, “This guy actually got it right again?”

    “I didn’t expect that he is this awesome.”

    “Did I blame him wrongly? It can’t be!”

    Not only the school leaders.

    At the same time, all the students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine who were watching the live broadcast also let out a sigh of relief.

    Looks like Fang Qiu has some talents.

    In the third meeting room on the 21st floor of Zhongfeng Building, Beijing.

    On the spot of the battle.


    With the declaration of the notary, Li Wenbo darkened his face and snorted coldly, saying, “You can be regarded as right this time, but there are 17 women left!”

    “The fourth lady, please!”

    Just after that, another woman was ushered into the meeting room.

    This woman was also well-built and tall, still wearing a mask.

    Because she was tall, her appearance immediately attracted the attention of the viewers in the live broadcast.

    They didn’t expect that the battle would be so eye-catching.

    It was just that they couldn’t see her face since she was wearing a mask.

    Here, Fang Qiu had already begun to feel her pulse.

    In a minute.

    “It’s not the pulse of pregnancy. You are not pregnant.”

    Fang Qiu stopped and said.

    There was no sign of the slippery pulse, even with the Absolute Touch. Therefore, she was not pregnant.

    The notary began to notarize at once.

    “It is verified that this lady is not pregnant.”

    The notary declared the result and Fang Qiu was right again!

    This had been the fourth one.

    All his answers were right!

    “Next, please!”

    Li Wenbo seemed to be a little anxious. Just after the notary declared the result of the fourth woman, he immediately began to sweat.

    He was very eager to see Fang Qiu get one wrong.

    As he said it, the fifth woman came in.

    The woman was of medium stature, neither fat nor thin. They also couldn’t tell if she was pregnant.

    Fang Qiu knew that she was picked by Li Wenbo personally. Li Wenbo wouldn’t let him see a woman who was obviously pregnant. Although there were those who looked pregnant, they were just to confuse him.

    But he didn’t care because he would judge strictly by the types of pulse instead of his eyes!

    “Sit down, please,” said Fang Qiu as he reached out to beckon the woman.

    When the woman stretched out her right hand and showed her wrist, he started to feel her pulse directly.


    When feeling her pulse, Fang Qiu gently picked his eyebrows and then suddenly laughed.

    This made others puzzled.

    Li Wenbo stared coldly at Fang Qiu.

    “I don’t need to inquire this time.”

    After feeling the pulse, Fang Qiu said directly with a smile, “It’s the pulse of pregnancy. Congratulations on your pregnancy. If I’m right, it should be a boy.”


    The pregnant woman asked in surprise.


    Fang Qiu nodded and confirmed.

    Oh, my God!

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    What’s going on here?

    He cannot only judge that she is pregnant but also can tell that it is a boy?

    Seeing the woman’s reaction, it looks like she’s really pregnant.”

    He can’t be this awesome?

    The viewers in the live broadcast were all stunned. So was Li Wenbo who was sitting on the spot.

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu could actually do this.

    He can even tell the sex of the fetus by the pulse diagnosis?

    Why is Chinese Medicine, the pseudoscience, so awesome?

    While he was suspecting, Li Wenbo hurriedly looked at the notary.

    “Please notarize.”

    All the viewers in the live broadcast also looked at the notary, waiting for the result to be declared.

    A short while later.

    “It is verified that the woman is indeed pregnant, but the gender of the fetus can not be confirmed,” declared the notary.

    As the result came out, all the people who were watching the live broadcast became excited immediately.

    “Oh, my God! He is right again!!!”

    “How is that possible?”

    “Is this a fraud? He can actually tell the gender of the fetus by the pulse diagnosis?”

    All the supporters of Western Medicine were shocked.

    In their eyes, all of it was so fake. It was completely impossible.

    Are they in collusion?

    But Li Wenbo is such a rigid anti-Chinese Medicine person, how could he collude with Fang Qiu?

    Compared with the supporters of Western Medicine, the supporters of Chinese Medicine were all excited!

    “Right again?”

    “He actually got it right again?”

    “Did he guess it this time?”

    “No. Last time when Fang Qiu felt the pulse of pregnancy, he may judge by inquiries. But this time, he didn’t inquire anything and directly felt the pulse of pregnancy. Moreover, he could tell the gender of the fetus. What does this mean? This means that doctors of Chinese Medicine really can feel the pulse of pregnancy!”

    “Good. This guy seems to have some real talents.”

    They really didn’t expect that Fang Qiu could actually do this.

    It was so shocking and so surprising.

    What a pleasant surprise!


    “Right again! He is right again!”

    At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, in the girls’ dormitory, Jiang Miaoyu, who was sitting beside her roommates, was very excited.

    Her roommates were also very excited.

    After all, Fang Qiu was also a student of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine as well as their friend. They were happy to see that Fang Qiu answered correctly.


    In the boys’ dormitory.

    “My God. He felt it again.”

    Zhou Xiaotian stared in surprise at Fang Qiu who was inside the video and said, “The youngest is too fu*king awesome. He has been continuously answering correctly.”

    “Haha, the youngest deserves to be the youngest. He is really something!”

    Sun Hao burst out laughing after his intial shock.

    “Sure enough, the youngest has lived up to our expectations.”

    Zhu Benzheng nodded his head with a pleased look on his face and then said excitedly, “You are right. He is really something!”


    In the office of Vice President.


    Seeing that Fang Qiu answered correctly in succession, Chen Yinsheng was surprised first. Then he felt at ease finally.

    “Could it be that this guy is going to win?”

    “No, that’s impossible!”

    “But his teacher is Xu Miaolin. Perhaps…”

    “But he’s only a freshman.”

    Chen Yinsheng kept mumbling and changing his expression.


    In the hospital, both Shen Chun and Su Mudong were surprised.

    They knew very well that Fang Qiu was very good at bonesetting, but they had never thought of Fang Qiu’s amazing ability in pulse diagnosis.

    In the whole hospital, the most shocked person was undoubtedly Cao Ze.

    He witnessed Fang Qiu’s rise from when he entered the hospital as a freshman and each step to his current position.

    He had never been able to fully accept Fang Qiu’s amazing ability in bonesetting. And now, he found that Fang Qiu’s ability in pulse diagnosis was also so awesome.

    For a while, Cao Ze was glad and yet depressed.

    He was glad because Fang Qiu represented doctors of Chinese Medicine and he had been answering everything correctly. Even if his following answers were all wrong, the doctors of Chinese Medicine wouldn’t lose face. But he was depressed because Fang Qiu left the hospital much too fast.