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Chapter 215 - A Young Hero!

Medical Master
     In the live broadcast, the bullet screen was filled with praise”.

    The onlookers between Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine all felt that Fang Qiu’s skill was very awesome, so everyone spoke sincerely.

    On the spot, Li Wenbo was also dumbfounded.

    As he heard the notary’s declaration and saw the calm expression on Fang Qiu’s face, his eyes twitched and a flicker of worry ran through his heart.

    From the beginning, he had 100% confidence that he would win because deep down he did not believe that doctors of Chinese Medicine could feel the pulse of pregnancy and he believed that Chinese Medicine was pseudoscience!

    The reason why he firmly believed this was not some newly found view. Instead, he started from a small doubt and then verified all aspects of it.

    After the countless searches for evidence, he finally believed that Chinese Medicine was pseudoscience.

    But today, one guy had dealt him a head-on blow!

    He guessed that. He absolutely guessed that!

    Thinking of his questioning of Chinese Medicine all the way, Li Wenbo’s worries in his heart disappeared immediately.

    Science. He believed in science.

    He believed in what he had always believed.

    Chinese Medicine is pseudoscience!

    “Next, please!”

    He shouted at once after he strengthened his belief again.

    The next moment, the sixth woman was ushered into the meeting room.

    Under the notary’s gaze and the attention of all the viewers who were watching the live broadcast, Fang Qiu continued to feel the pulse.

    In a minute.

    “It’s not the pulse of pregnancy. You are not pregnant.”

    Fang Qiu said out the conclusion of the pulse diagnosis.

    “It is verified that this lady is not pregnant.”

    The notary also declared the result after the notarization.

    Six in a row!

    All the answers are right!

    This made the doctors of Chinese Medicine and their supporters more confident with Fang Qiu.

    Those who didn’t recognize Fang Qiu as a doctor of Chinese Medicine originally and those who even swore on the Internet that Fang Qiu had an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities also began to face up to Fang Qiu.

    He doesn’t seem as bad as expected.

    And he is surprisingly awesome!

    Looks like he is not an idiot?

    It seems that because he has abilities, so he is brave enough to do this.

    They all couldn’t help sticking up for Fang Qiu in the live broadcast.

    “Next, please.”

    Li Wenbo’s voice was heard again without any expression on his face.

    The seventh woman appeared.

    She was still wearing a mask.

    Before the table, Fang Qiu observed this woman. He found that she was of medium height with a little fat belly.

    He started feeling her pulse.


    While feeling the pulse, Fang Qiu was vaguely aware that the woman had the slight pulse of pregnancy, but it was difficult to feel it out.

    A thought came into his mind.

    He immediately used Absolute Touch.

    As he used Absolute Touch, he immediately felt that there was a subtle slippery pulse within the woman’s pulse, but it was not obvious.

    But that’s enough!

    Judging from all aspects of factors, the slippery pulse is the pulse of pregnancy!


    After feeling her pulse, Fang Qiu immediately said to the woman in front of him, “It’s the pulse of pregnancy. You are pregnant for less than a month. Get some rest.”

    Hearing another pulse of pregnancy, all the people held their breath attentively, including Li Wenbo.

    Don’t get this right!

    He prayed in the heart.

    As soon as he finished praying, the notary began to notarize immediately.

    “It is verified that the woman is really pregnant, and she is only two weeks pregnant.”

    With the notary’s declaration, Li Wenbo’s face suddenly became extremely cold.

    This has been the seventh woman!

    This guy actually hasn’t got anyone wrong so far!

    From the aspect of the accuracy rate, the current accuracy rate is now close to 30% and the remaining 70% still haven’t been checked.

    If it goes on like this.

    It will be hard to say whether I can win or lose.

    Li Wenbo was a little worried now.

    “Could it be that doctors of Chinese Medicine really can feel the pulse of pregnancy?”

    “Can doctors of Chinese Medicine really diagnose pregnancy?”

    Because Fang Qiu performed so well in front of him, Li Wenbo started to be a little skeptical. He even started to be a little skeptical about his view of science that he had so strongly believed.

    Compared to his shock, many doctors of Chinese Medicine and their supporters were even more shocked.

    Others might not know, but as the doctors of Chinese Medicine and amateurs of Chinese Medicine, they knew very well that usually doctors could diagnose pregnancy by feeling pulses only for those who had been pregnant for more than a month,.

    For those who hadn’t been pregnant for more than a month, doctors could hardly feel the pulse of pregnancy.

    And Fang Qiu actually said that she had only been pregnant for less than a month.

    How did he feel it out?

    This was completely beyond everyone’s expectation.

    Obviously, if it was anyone else, he would get it wrong.

    But Fang Qiu actually got it right!

    Could it be that this guy is really a wizard in Chinese Medicine and he really has impressive attainments in the pulse diagnosis in Chinese Medicine?

    He is a young hero?

    For a while, they were delighted but also found it hard to accept it.


    “This, this…”

    In Xu Miaolin’s home, Qi Kaiwen, watching the live broadcast, opened his eyes widely in surprise. He pointed to Fang Qiu in the live broadcast on the computer screen and asked Xu Miaolin in extreme surprise, “How did you teach him? For the woman who is only two weeks pregnant, even some experienced old doctors of Chinese Medicine couldn’t feel it, let alone an ordinary people. How did this guy do that?”

    “I didn’t teach him to that level.”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu with calm eyes on the screen and said, “This guy’s touch is more than awesome. You also know that the most important thing of feeling the pulse of pregnancy is the touch.”

    “I see.”

    Qi Kaiwen nodded with understanding and said, “I was wondering why you picked him up. It turns out that he is a piece of precious jade.”

    “It’s called a piece of unprocessed jade. Where were you educated?”

    Xu Miaolin gave Qi Kaiwen a look and said angrily.

    “Yes. How good the jade is is based on who carves it.”

    Qi Kaiwen laughed.


    In the office of Vice President, Chen Yinsheng was so surprised by what Fang Qiu had done that he stood up immediately. He showed a complicated expression on his face like he felt funny yet annoyed.

    He was the Vice President of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    In the field of Chinese Medicine, although his strength was not very strong, he still knew a lot about it.

    Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become the Vice President.

    She is only two weeks pregnant and Fang Qiu actually can feel the pulse of pregnancy.

    It’s just a miracle!

    This scene made him begin to have confidence in Fang Qiu somehow.

    The boy can even feel this out. Perhaps he really can win.

    For a time, Chen Yinsheng actually became a little expectant.

    His expectations were complicated.

    On the one hand, he hated Fang Qiu. On the other hand, he also hoped that Fang Qiu could win.


    On the site of the battle, Li Wenbo was still in a daze.

    He hadn’t recovered from the shock.

    All of a sudden.

    “Next, please!” Fang Qiu’s voice rang out, jolting Li Wenbo.

    He looked around hastily.

    Having been aware of his gaffe, Li Wenbo sat straight up and said to the eighth lady walking over, “Sit down, please.”

    Obviously, Li Wenbo was acting this way on purpose to hide his nervousness.

    Before, he had never said “sit down” to any woman.

    Now he did.

    Because he was really, really nervous.

    Fang Qiu could tell that a woman was two weeks pregnant by her pulse. Such ability really frightened him.

    He was getting more and more worried and also more and more skeptical about himself.

    Now he didn’t care about fame and wealth. What he cared was that it was very likely for him to become a person who would be ridiculed by everyone!

    He definitely didn’t want to see that.

    After the eighth lady sat down, Fang Qiu continued to feel her pulse.

    “It’s the slippery pulse.”

    While feeling the pulse, Fang Qiu nodded and said, “But this is not necessarily the pulse of pregnancy.”

    All the people were dumbfounded.

    How is this reversed compared to before?

    Didn’t Fang Qiu say that the pulse of pregnancy must be the slippery pulse just now?

    Why is he saying that the slippery pulse is not necessarily the pulse of pregnancy now?

    Li Wenbo also picked his brows.

    He stared at Fang Qiu dreadfully.

    He wanted to see exactly how Fang Qiu would come to a conclusion.

    But they didn’t know that Fang Qiu was confused!

    Under the gaze of all the people, Fang Qiu slowly loosened his hand from her pulse and asked the woman in front of him, “Is your period normal? Have you had sex recently?”

    “Not normal.”

    The woman shook her head and replied, “I had sex half a month ago. This month’s period hasn’t come yet.”

    Fang Qiu picked his brows.

    If an ordinary person heard what she said, he would think that she was pregnant.

    But when Fang Qiu heard it, he didn’t think so because her period was not normal.

    “Did you have a period before having sex last time?” asked Fang Qiu.

    “Yes,” the woman replied.

    “It’s not the pulse of pregnancy.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu gently nodded and said, “When I felt your pulse, I felt a very obvious slippery pulse. If you are only two weeks pregnant, the slippery pulse won’t be so obvious, so you are not pregnant. Moreover, you may have your period in two days. The slippery pulse is the omen before a period. In recent days, you should pay attention to your diet and keep warm.”



    In Xu Miaolin’s home, Qi Kaiwen, watching the live broadcast, couldn’t help giving Fang Qiu a thumbs-up.

    Hearing Fang Qiu’s words, he knew that Fang Qiu wouldn’t get it wrong in this round.

    Fang Qiu will definitely answer it correctly in the eighth round.

    “Junior, it seems that you are very good to my nephew. You have been teaching him very carefully. Good. Good,” Qi Kaiwen grinned.

    “Seeing him is awesome, so you’ve come to develop a connection with him?”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Qi Kaiwen contemptuously and said, “Let me tell you. Fang Qiu has nothing to do with you. This boy wanted to be apprenticed to me but I did not dare accept him. Now I’m just like the other teachers. I charge him for tuition fees.”

    “Junior, are you treating me as a stranger by saying that?”

    Qi Kaiwen didn’t have any flush on his face at all. Instead, he said seriously, “Why do you say that I have nothing to do with Fang Qiu? Even if you really didn’t accept him to be your apprentice, am I not your senior brother? This relationship won’t change in a lifetime.”

    “What’s more, I’m still the Director of this School of Chinese Medicine. Fang Qiu is also my student. How can I have nothing to do with him?”

    Hearing that, Xu Miaolin gave him a look in disdain.

    “This boy can grasp the skill of feeling the pulse of pregnancy so fast. He is really something.”

    Regardless of Xu Miaolin’s contempt for him, Qi Kaiwen stared at Fang Qiu on the live broadcast with sparkling eyes. He looked very excited and expectant.

    As the Director, although Qi Kaiwen’s strength was not as good as Xu Miaolin’s, his strength was not bad.

    He knew very clearly and deeply about the fact that the pulse of pregnancy must be the slippery pulse but the slippery pulse was not necessarily the pulse of pregnancy.

    It was because of this that he felt that Fang Qiu was unusual.

    However, compared with Qi Kaiwen, other supporters of Chinese Medicine could not help being nervous.

    They didn’t know much about the knowledge of Chinese Medicine.

    Although they knew that the pulse of pregnancy was the slippery pulse, they didn’t know at all how to judge whether the slippery pulse was the pulse of pregnancy or not.

    People were just like that.

    About the thing that they didn’t know, when they got the answer from others, they would doubt it first and almost wouldn’t recognize it.

    At this moment, the supporters of Chinese Medicine were very worried.

    They were afraid that Fang Qiu would get something wrong.

    Since they had witnessed Fang Qiu grow from not being recognized by anyone to being great, they naturally didn’t want to see him get anything wrong. They all hoped that Fang Qiu could win all the way until the end to vindicate Chinese Medicine!

    He has come this far. He can’t be wrong.

    For a time, all of them had their hearts in their mouths.

    Because they didn’t know it, they dared not to question Fang Qiu’s words.

    And also because they didn’t know it, they dared not to question Fang Qiu’s answer.

    While everyone was nervously waiting for the final result, Fang Qiu shouted to the notary, “Please notarize.”

    The notarization began.

    No one dared to blink.

    A short while later, the notarization ended.

    “It is verified that,” the notary declared, “this lady is not pregnant.”

    At the sound of this, it immediately caused a stir in the studio.

    All those who supported Chinese Medicine cheered. On the screen of the live broadcast, it was full of praise and thumbs.