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Chapter 217 - I Have Only Learned It for Four Days!

Medical Master
     Chapter 217 I Have Only Learned It for Four Days!

    “Awesome!” In Xu Miaolin’s home, Qi Kaiwen, watching the live broadcast, said to Xu Miaolin as he nodded with satisfaction, “Junior, your student not only proved for our doctors of Chinese Medicine in the battle but also took this opportunity to publicize the medical ethics of our doctors of Chinese Medicine. Good. Very good!”

    “What’s good?” Xu Miaolin curled his lips and said calmly, “he is still far from good!”

    Qi Kaiwen was dumbfounded.

    He turned to look at Xu Miaolin and found that Xu Miaolin was lost in deep thought as if he were thinking of a bad idea.

    At the battle site, hearing Fang Qiu’s answer, Li Wenbo immediately sighed in disappointment.

    What a good excuse it looked like, but Fang Qiu didn’t fall for it. And it was used by this guy to glorify himself and doctors of Chinese Medicine.

    “It has been the eleventh one! Alas…”

    “Next, please,” said Fang Qiu.

    The twelfth lady was ushered in.

    After feeling her pulse, Fang Qiu said with a smile, “It’s the pulse of pregnancy. Congratulations, you are pregnant.”

    “But…” he added seriously, “your pulse condition is a bit weak and so is your physique. You have to take care to prevent miscarriage. You’d better go to a hospital of Chinese Medicine in the city or province and see a good doctor of Chinese Medicine for recuperation.”

    “Ah?” Just after he finished speaking and before the notary notarized, the woman asked anxiously, “Doctor, how can I prevent miscarriage? Will the baby be all right?”

    “About this…” Fang Qiu hesitated for a moment and then said, “Sorry, I haven’t got the Physician’s Qualification Certificate for the time being. I can’t tell you about the matter of preventing miscarriage. You’d better find a good doctor of Chinese Medicine and take care of yourself according to the doctor’s instructions.”

    Xu Miaolin did not teach him how to prevent miscarriage.

    He had read a lot about it, but he was not in a position to tell her.

    Hearing that he didn’t have a Physician’s Qualification Certificate and couldn’t tell her, the woman nodded in disappointment.

    Seeing this scene, the notary was so speechless.

    I haven’t notarized. How did this woman expose herself? In this way, doesn’t it show that I’m redundant?

    However, having said that, she still needed to notarize.

    She took the lady aside.

    After the verification, she declared the result. “The woman is confirmed to be pregnant.”

    Perhaps because they had known the result in advance, they didn’t feel surprised. More people focused their attention on the fact that Fang Qiu had no Physician’s Qualification Certificate.

    He doesn’t have a Physician’s Qualification Certificate?

    Watching the live broadcast, the neutral people and the supporters of Western Medicine just remembered.

    Yes. Fang Qiu is still a student. He is a freshman! A freshman could feel the pulse of pregnancy, which shows how awesome doctors of Chinese Medicine are.

    The supporters of Western Medicine were dumbfounded.

    They came to slap Fang Qiu in the face, but now, Fang Qiu didn’t give them any chance. He not only answered correctly twelve times in a row but also showed how awesome a doctor of Chinese Medicine could be. He even took the opportunity to satirize the doctors of Western Medicine.

    It was hard for them to accept it.

    But a fact was a fact, which had happened right in front of their eyes. They couldn’t argue with it at all.

    If even a student can be so awesome, how awesome can those famous old doctors of Chinese Medicine be? Is Chinese Medicine really pseudoscience?

    For a while, the supporters of Western Medicine couldn’t help vacillating on their thoughts in the heart.

    Here, however, Li Wenbo’s eyes lit up.

    Yes! The Physician’s Qualification Certificate! Fang Qiu is still a student and has no Physician’s Qualification Certificate. I can use this.

    A thought came to his mind.

    Li Wenbo smiled at Fang Qiu and asked directly, “Fang Qiu, since you are so good at pulse diagnosis, you must have seen many patients.”

    Fang Qiu glanced at Li Wenbo and directly guessed his mind. “Do you mean that I see patients illegally?”

    “If so, I will disappoint you. I have only studied pulse diagnosis for four days and for the pulse of pregnancy, I have only studied for two days. When I was learning, I did not see patients but just felt pulses and studied. The one who prescribed medicine was not me. I just finished learning and came here. I didn’t have time to see patients. What’s more, without the Physician’s Qualification Certificate, even if I have time, I also wouldn’t dare to see patients!”

    At the sound of Fang Qiu’s words, all the people watching the live broadcast were shocked.

    “My! He actually has only learned for two days? Is he kidding? I wouldn’t believe that he could learn so well within two days!”

    “After learning for two days only, you dare to accept the challenge. Aren’t you playing too cool?”

    “Is it true?”

    “Is it so easy to learn Chinese Medicine?”

    “Isn’t it said that it’s very difficult to feel the pulse of pregnancy? How could he participate in the battle after learning for two days only?”

    The neutral people were all discussing it.

    Here, the supporters of Western Medicine were all dumbfounded.

    “How is that possible? I have checked it. If a doctor of Chinese Medicine wants to feel the pulse of pregnancy, he should be very experienced. For a guy who has just learned for two days, how could he feel the pulse of pregnancy?”

    “Fang Qiu is such a fake. If you said that you have been studying it from childhood, I would believe it. But you said you only learned it for two days? If you really could learn it in two days, why do we need doctors of Western Medicine? Everyone can learn Chinese Medicine quickly.”

    “Yes, is Chinese Medicine that simple?”

    “Ordinary people can’t even learn how to feel the pulse within two days, let alone the pulse of pregnancy. Fang Qiu must have told lies.”

    “I doubt if he’s really a freshman.”

    Compared to the supporters of Western Medicine and neutral people, in the Chinese Medicine side, only half of the people were shocked by what Fang Qiu said.

    “This guy really has only learned it for two days? It’s impossible! How could he feel the pulse of pregnancy within two days?”

    “Yes, he not only felt the pulse of pregnancy but also felt a woman who was only two weeks pregnant. How is this possible?”

    “Even an experienced famous doctor dares not to say that he can feel the pulse of pregnancy of a woman who is only two weeks pregnant. How can he, a freshman, feel it since he has only learned it for two days?”

    “I don’t know if this guy is bold or reckless. He dared to participate in the battle after learning for two days only. But there’s no denying that the abilities he has shown.”

    Countless people were shocked.

    In the meantime, the students from the eight universities who used to take part in the Knowledge Competition of Freshmen together with Fang Qiu were all convinced after hearing Fang Qiu’s words.

    Thinking carefully, when we took part in the Knowledge Competition of Freshmen, Fang Qiu really didn’t feel pulses and we didn’t hear that Fang Qiu had any ability in pulse diagnosis. Now it seems that what Fang Qiu said may be true. He has only studied it for four days!

    He could learn it so well within four days. How could the students of the eight universities not be convinced? Especially Han Yuxuan. Before, he had always been against Fang Qiu and thought that he was superior to Fang Qiu, but after losing to Fang Qiu again and again, he gradually understood that Fang Qiu’s strength was far beyond his expectations.

    Now, hearing that Fang Qiu could master the pulse of pregnancy to this extent after learning for only four days, Han Yuxuan, who originally wanted to find another opportunity to compete with Fang Qiu, was convinced this time. He was totally convinced.

    In the University of Jingbei Chinese Medicine, Jiang Mengjie, who was watching the live broadcast in the dormitory, could not help smiling while looking at Fang Qiu on the screen.

    “Fang, you really didn’t exert all your strength in the college entrance examination!”

    “Two days?” In Xu Miaolin’s home, Qi Kaiwen looked at him in shock and asked, “Junior, is what Fang Qiu said true?”


    Xu Miaolin nodded.

    “Only two days? He is more awesome than you!”

    Qi Kaiwen was dumbfounded because Xu Miaolin had been extremely awesome in his eyes. It had been a long time since such an awesome guy appeared in the Chinese Medicine industry! But he didn’t expect that Fang Qiu was even more awesome than Xu Miaolin!

    “Even if he is more awesome than me, so what?” Xu Miaolin curled his lips and said, “even so, he was taught by me!”

    “My God!” Qi Kaiwen opened his eyes widely in shock and sighed with emotions. “It is true that an awesome teacher has an awesome student. Judging from the current situation, my students will be unable to catch up with yours in the future. Alas… Fate conspire against me. I’m destined to be bullied for my whole life.”

    In the office of Vice President.

    “Sure enough!”

    As for Fang Qiu’s learning the pulse of pregnancy for only two days, Chen Yinsheng was also very shocked.

    He thought that Fang Qiu had been learning to feel pulses his entire life.

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu had only studied it for two days.

    “If so, did this boy did intentionally make trouble? sHe has only learned it for two days before the battle. Wasn’t he taking a risk? But… judging from the current situation, the risk has disappeared.”

    Chen Yinsheng was stunned.

    For a moment, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    On the spot of the battle, Li Wenbo stared at Fang Qiu and said, “How is it possible to learn the pulse diagnosis of Chinese Medicine so easily? Since you have only learned it for four days in total and learned the pulse of pregnancy for only two days, how is it possible for you to learn so well? You are lying!”

    “Ha ha…”

    Fang Qiu laughed suddenly. He asked while laughing, “What do you mean by saying this? Have you admitted the authenticity of the pulse diagnosis in Chinese Medicine? Have you admitted that Chinese Medicine is not pseudoscience?”

    At the sound of this, Li Wenbo’s face darkened.

    Although he didn’t express it clearly, from what he said, he had admitted the truth about Chinese Medicine.

    He was here to deal a blow to doctors of Chinese Medicine and to question them, but now, under the great pressure given by Fang Qiu, he admitted the truth of Chinese Medicine.

    Isn’t this a slap to my own face?

    For a time, Li Wenbo was speechless.

    He knew that he had said something wrong, so he dared not to say anything more.

    In the live broadcast, all the people who were watching it could not help laughing.

    The current Fang Qiu in their eyes was no longer a stupid freshman but a doctor of Chinese Medicine who had extraordinary abilities.

    In addition to this serious and formal identity, in everybody’s eyes, Fang Qiu also had a sharp tongue! He was a guy who took every chance to diss people to death!

    See, he has made Li Wenbo speechless. It is obviously a slap to his face.

    Watching the bullet screen that was crazily rolling in the live broadcast, Li Wenbo gnashed his teeth.

    This time, he failed to catch Fang Qiu again.

    He was anxious!

    Time passed quickly. More than 1.5 million people were watching the live broadcast.

    I, as an influencer on Weibo, have been dissed like this the entire time. Isn’t it a little unreasonable? The most important thing is the battle! Fang Qiu has found six pregnant women by pulse diagnosis. With two more women, it will be more than 80 % and he will win!

    These women were brought by Li Wenbo, so he certainly knew that ten of the twenty were pregnant indeed and the other ten were not.

    Before the battle, he had already announced the rule. As long as the diagnosis result given by Fang Qiu could be 80% correct among the pregnant women, which meant he could find eight women of the ten, he would win.

    Now, he only needs to find the remaining two pregnant women. According to his current rate, it is likely that he will win.

    Now, Li Wenbo was very worried because he was the one who issued the challenge and also took the initiative to say that he would slap Fang Qiu in the face. He had also been questioning Chinese Medicine for several years. Now, he, who used to be full of confidence, really couldn’t afford to be slapped in the face before more than 1.5 million people.

    No. Something must be done. I can never let Fang Qiu win!