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Chapter 218 - Shall We Take a Break?

Medical Master
     Chapter 218 Shall We Take a Break?

    The pulse diagnosis continued.

    As Li Wenbo filled with worry, Fang Qiu continued to feel pulses calmly.

    The thirteenth woman wasn’t pregnant.

    The fourteenth woman wasn’t pregnant.

    Two women were not pregnant in succession, which made Li Wenbo let out a sigh of relief.

    He was trying to find a way. What he most needed was the time. As long as Fang Qiu won’t finish it in a short time, I will be able to find a way to prevent him from winning!

    The fifteenth woman came over.

    After feeling her pulse, Fang Qiu glanced at Li Wenbo first and then said to the woman in front of him, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

    At the sound of this, Li Wenbo shivered and suddenly broke out in a cold sweat all over his body, which made the clothes on his back soaked. He looked very nervous.

    Here, the notary notarized.

    Fang Qiu’s diagnosis result was correct again.

    It has been the seventh woman. If he finds another pregnant woman, he will win!

    Thinking of this, Li Wenbo’s heart couldn’t help racing and he startedsweating profusely.

    “Let’s… let’s take a break,” Li Wenbo said with a pronounced stutter as he looked at Fang Qiu, “there are five people left. You’re not in a hurry, are you?”

    Fang Qiu turned to have a look.

    Now, Li Wenbo was not as arrogant as before.

    There was an imploring look in his eyes.

    One more pregnant woman would end the battle.

    Li Wenbo thought he was not a wimp, but he didn’t want to lose. He really didn’t want to lose!

    He had thought of a method.

    Now, the only way to smooth things over was to take a break and then he would talk to Fang Qiu privately.

    As for what he was going to talk about, that would be making peace!

    Money is not a problem. I will give whatever Fang Qiu wants to him. As long as I can save my face, as long as I won’t lose so badly in front of 1.5 million people, everything can be negotiated.

    “I don’t need to take a break,” Fang Qiu gently shook his head and said after hearing Li Wenbo’s words, “I told you before that our doctors of Chinese Medicine were not so weak.”

    He saw through Li Wenbo.

    He knew that Li Wenbo would admit defeat and want to solve this matter privately.

    However, you can’t bully doctors of Chinese Medicine casually. Make peace? No way!

    Since you dared to openly and wantonly suspect our treasure that has been developed for 5,000 years in China, you have to to accept the consequences. Aren’t you tough? Now, you’re dispirited? Do you want to run away? Can you run away?

    In the live broadcast, all the people who were watching it also saw the embarrassment from these two short sentences in Li Wenbo’s expression.

    For a time, all those who supported Western Medicine and shouted that Chinese Medicine was pseudoscience were all silent.

    No one spoke anymore because they knew that they were about to lose.

    Even if Fang Qiu diagnosed all the last five women wrongly, they couldn’t doubt Chinese Medicine anymore. At least, Fang Qiu had diagnosed correctly fifteen times in succession.

    As they thought about how they used to swear at doctors of Chinese Medicine and said that Chinese Medicine was pseudoscience, they felt very embarrassed.

    But all those who supported Chinese Medicine felt well, very well!

    In their eyes, Fang Qiu’s performance had spoken up a lot for them.

    Before the battle, weren’t doctors of Western Medicine very arrogant? Wasn’t Li Wenbo very arrogant? Didn’t they say that there were no talented people in the Chinese Medicine industry? How about now? Keep being arrogant? Why can’t you be arrogant? Aren’t you dumbfounded? Isn’t it a slap in the face?

    There are only 20 people in total. Now 15 people have been diagnosed and the diagnosis results are 100% correct. Have you ever seen such a brilliant doctor of Chinese Medicine? You have never seen that before, have you? There’s one right in front of you!

    Moreover, he is only an apprentice in our Chinese Medicine industry and just a student! Are you convinced? You have no choice but to be convinced!

    Of course, they had forgotten when they hadn’t accepted Fang Qiu previously, how they swore at Fang Qiu and strongly requested that Fang Qiu should not be considered as a doctor of Chinese Medicine.

    After rejecting the suggestion of a halftime, Fang Qiu shouted, “Next, please!”

    The sixteenth woman walked into the meeting room and she was not pregnant.

    The seventeenth woman walked into the meeting room.

    “It’s the pulse of pregnancy. Congratulations, you are pregnant.”

    At the sound of Fang Qiu’s words, Li Wenbo slumped into the chair weakly as if he had lost his parents.

    It had been the eighth pregnant woman…

    Fang Qiu had achieved the 80% accuracy rate that he had agreed with Fang Qiu.

    The battle didn’t need to continue because Fang Qiu had already won.

    At this moment, Li Wenbo was so upset that he wanted to cry.

    He issued the challenge openly and wantonly to attract public attention and enhance his own fame so that he could earn more money and gain more people’s respect.

    He made over a million yuan just by advertising, let alone other channels. But, this one million yuan near him no longer belonged to him but to Fang Qiu.

    All the benefits that he got by hard work would be handed to Fang Qiu.

    How could he accept such a thing?

    What was more important was that as soon as the result was declared, his reputation would be destroyed.

    It would almost be impossible for him to come back in the future.

    But things had happened, what else could he do? Unless… this battle ended without any result!

    I have to stop Fang Qiu. Anyway, I cannot be a stepping-stone for Fang Qiu as well as Chinese Medicine. Since Fang Qiu was not willing to take a break, I can only think of another way. What else can I do?

    A blackout that can stop the live broadcast! As long as the viewers who are watching the live broadcast don’t see the final result, everything can be changed!

    Thinking of it, “Wait a minute,” when Fang Qiu was going to call the next person, Li Wenbo hurriedly shouted and said to Fang Qiu, “excuse me, I want to go to the toilet.”

    Fang Qiu stared at Li Wenbo for a long time. Then he smiled and said, “Don’t hurry. Our doctors of Chinese Medicine feel pulses very fast. It only takes a minute to feel a pulse. Now there are three people left, so it will be very fast.”

    Li Wenbo didn’t listen to Fang Qiu at all.

    He was going to stand up directly.

    “As the party who issued the challenge, if you are not on the scene, how to witness the results?”

    While speaking, Fang Qiu moved his internal Qi.

    A huge power quietly surged out from his body and converged toward Li Wenbo from all directions. It pressed so heavily on Li Wenbo that he even couldn’t move at all.

    It was just directed against him!

    Fang Qiu had seen through him. Judging from Li Wenbo’s look, he was not going to the toilet but to make trouble!

    Now, when Li Wenbo was ready to get up, he suddenly felt that a kind of terrifying pressure completely wrapped himself. It felt like there were a mountain over his head and he couldn’t move at all.

    At this moment, Li Wenbo was horrified.

    He looked at Fang Qiu in horror.

    But here, Fang Qiu looked like a normal person acting as if nothing had happened.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll finish as soon as possible,” he said to Li Wenbo.

    Fang Qiu directly called out. “Next, please!”

    In the eyes of the people watching the live broadcast, it was clear that Li Wenbo had been persuaded by Fang Qiu, to not go to the toilet. He wanted to wait for the result, so he just didn’t move.

    Under this terrifying pressure, the only thing that he could do was to watch the notary declare the result and to lose to Fang Qiu in front of 1.5 million people.

    A short while later, the eighteenth woman came in.

    Fang Qiu felt her pulse.

    She is pregnant!

    With the diagnosis result given by Fang Qiu and the result declared by the notary, Li Wenbo’s face instantly became extremely grave.

    It had been the ninth one among the ten pregnant women.

    He had no other thoughts at this time. He only hoped that Fang Qiu would answer incorrectly once!

    If Fang Qiu only answered incorrectly once, he could at least say something.

    “Next, please!” Fang Qiu called out as if he were helping Li Wenbo who wanted to go to the toilet badly.

    The nineteenth woman came in.

    Fang Qiu immediately felt her pulse.

    “It’s the pulse of pregnancy. Congratulations, you are pregnant.”

    Then the notary started to notarize.

    “It is verified that the woman is really pregnant.”

    As the result was declared, Li Wenbo’s face instantly became pale.

    I’m screwed. Fang Qiu has found all the ten pregnant women. What else can I say?

    At the same time, all the people watching the live broadcast knew that the big picture had been decided. Among a total of 20 people, he has answered correctly 19 times in a row. Now, there is only one left. According to Fang Qiu’s strength, he can also answer it correctly. Even if his answer is wrong, he will definitely win since he has answered correctly 19 times among 20 times. ictory has been confirmed.

    For a moment, all those who supported Chinese Medicine were ready to cheer.

    Taking a closer look, in the bullet screen and comment section on the screen, people found all the same words—long live Fang Qiu and long live Chinese Medicine and so on.

    These words had begun the moment when the eighteenth woman came in and it had been going on until now.

    There wasn’t any other word in the live broadcast.

    And the number of viewers in the live broadcast, at the moment, had increased to 2 million, which was beyond everyone’s expectation.

    And the number of people watching the live online was constantly growing.

    Every second, someone entering the live broadcast.

    All of them stared at the screen, waiting for the last woman.

    Although they had already known the result of the battle, they were still waiting to see whether Fang Qiu could be a dark horse to draw a satisfactory period for the battle.

    “Next, please,” Fang Qiu calmly said.

    Over there, being called, a woman, who had been waiting for a long time in another room, opened the door of the meeting room and walked in.

    Just like before, she walked to the table directly and sat down opposite to Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

    Then he began to feel her pulse.