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Chapter 220 - Chinese Medicine Won!

Medical Master
     Chapter 220 Chinese Medicine Won!

    “No one would have listened or believed if I said it before.”

    Looking at the camera, Fang Qiu said solemnly, “But I think now it is time for me to say something. Not a lot. Just four points.”

    After the audience heard that, their confusion grew.

    What exactly was Fang Qiu going to say?

    Four points?

    He looked serious.

    Amidst the doubt of the public, Fang Qiu began, “First of all, for all those who don’t believe in Chinese Medicine, I hope you can stop calling traditional Chinese Medicine a pseudoscience.

    “First, you don’t know Chinese Medicine.

    “Remember, after years of study, you are merely a layman when it comes to science. You know very little about science and you’ve probably already forgotten all the knowledge you gained in physics, chemistry, and biology during your high school years. On what grounds do you think you have the right to define Chinese Medicine? Based on the limited science you know? And on what grounds do you label Chinese Medicine a pseudoscience?

    “I know some of you would argue.

    “However, before you say anything, become a good traditional Chinese Medicine doctor first and then a good scientist. Then bring out evidence and convince me.

    “But before that, I’m here telling you in broad daylight that right here right now I have proved that the pulse diagnosis of Chinese Medicine is effective!

    “Today, traditional Chinese Medicine won!

    “Hence, before you could produce any solid evidence, don’t blindly believe that Chinese Medicine is a pseudoscience. Don’t blindly refuse to have faith in Chinese Medicine.

    “Blindly believing and blindly disbelieving, in my opinion, are both superstitious acts!”

    His words instantly attracted the resonance of countless members in the Chinese Medicine field.

    Well said!

    Countless Chinese Medicine practitioners silently applauded Fang Qiu.


    What Fang Qiu said was so true.

    Those who slandered Chinese Medicine should at least gain some knowledge about it before opening their mouths.

    Without any knowledge about Chinese Medicine, on what grounds do you defame it?

    Not just Chinese Medicine.

    When you casually named Chinese Medicine as a pseudoscience, you knew nothing about science.

    With no knowledge about Chinese Medicine or science, who were you to speak nonsense?

    Don’t you insult science!

    On the other side.

    All those who didn’t believe in Chinese Medicine or opposed it became silent.

    They knew Fang Qiu was right.

    They really listened without knowing much about Chinese Medicine.

    They couldn’t argue with that.

    They were wrong.


    Fang Qiu continued, “I hope you don’t lose faith in our Chinese nation!”

    “You must remember that we are Chinese, and our ancestors left us the most precious thing, be it Chinese medical skills or culture.

    “The entry-level doctors cure diseases, while the intermediate ones cure people and the supreme ones cure the country. Those who learn Confucianism cultivate their moral characters, manage their households, and rule their country . Those who learn Buddhism free themselves from attachments after being enlightened. Those who learn martial arts strengthen their muscles and bones!

    “These are the best paths left by the ancient sages, based on thousands of years of historical knowledge. With such precious inheritance, I don’t understand why we should forget our ancestors?

    “I am proud of being Chinese. I am proud of being in the Chinese Medicine field!”

    Fang Qiu spoke the last two sentences with great eloquence.

    On the screen of the broadcast room, countless thumbs appeared in an instant.

    Very well said!

    I am proud of being Chinese!

    Gifts were sent like crazy.


    We were Chinese. We were not inferior to any other nation!

    “The third!”

    Fang Qiu continued, “I’m Chinese and I’m just a student. A student from the college of traditional Chinese Medicine.”

    “Many people asked me why I chose traditional Chinese Medicine because I could have gone to some famous universities with my academic achievements. Now I answer you. I am studying traditional Chinese Medicine because it is unique to us Chinese. It is the heritage of our ancestors.

    “Countless fads have ended well before five thousand years, but traditional Chinese Medicine is living on.

    “Because there are hundreds of millions of people in this world who love traditional Chinese Medicine, and protect this inheritance of our ancestors.

    “I’m just one of them.

    “I hope for the revival of Chinese Medicine as well as the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

    “I came to this contest for various reasons. However, since I am already here, I must do my share to build everyone’s confidence in traditional Chinese Medicine.

    “The rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and traditional Chinese Medicine lies not in me but in all of us.

    “May we strive together!”

    His words were soul-shaking.

    Many of those who watched the broadcast live couldn’t help applauding in front of the screen.

    Very well said!

    It was not just about Chinese Medicine, but also about the nation.

    This was national justice!

    “The last point!”

    Fang Qiu changed his tone and turned to look at Li Wenbo, whose face was ghostly pale. He remarked in a sarcastic way, “One million. How wealthy you are!

    “How much free time you must have to put so much money at stake.

    “If you’re free, you’d better do something more meaningful!

    “If you have money to gamble, why not donate it to someone in urgent need?


    “This million should have been mine already!”

    Fang Qiu pointed at the money and asked without waiting for Li Wenbo’s answer before continuing, “I won’t take the money, but I’d like to trouble Mr. Li Wenbo to donate the one million to the welfare home in need and do some good to society.”

    After he said that, everyone was shocked.

    In front of the screen, the people watching the live broadcast were completely stunned.

    A large number of them, in fact, were drawn by this one million cash.

    The vast majority among them, up to 99 percent, had never seen so much money.

    To be honest, when Fang Qiu won the million, these people were all very jealous inside, fantasizing that they won this sum of money themselves.

    They were dreaming of how they would spend the million if they got it.

    But now.

    Fang Qiu had donated the money.

    He donated it all?!

    He just treated money like dirt?!

    Were there still people who didn’t like money in modern society?

    In shock.

    In deep shock.

    All of them lost their minds, as if they had heard the impossible.

    After a long time, the shock finally disappeared.

    Everyone’s mind changed.

    Now there was admiration!

    True admiration!

    Although he was only a freshman, what did his young age matter?

    At such a young age, he was so skilled in medicine and so mature.

    Let alone his peers, even those in their sixties, seventies, or eighties might not have such a noble character.

    Leaving everything else aside, he donated one million just like that. How many people in this world were able to do it?

    Most couldn’t.

    But Fang Qiu did it.


    Honestly, if he took this one million, no one could make any complaint. He earned it.

    But he just donated it all.

    Wasn’t that admirable?

    After a brief silence, everyone spontaneously applauded for Fang Qiu, though he could not see it.

    In the studio.

    After saying that, Fang Qiu gave a salute to the live camera and added, “The matter has come to an end. I’ve done what I wanted to do and I’ve said what I intended to say. Bye, everybody.”

    As he finished, he stepped out of the meeting room.

    He left a dazed crowd behind.

    He’s too quick!

    He walked away just like that?!

    Stay longer!

    We want you to say more!


    Walking out of the Zhongfeng Mansion, Fang Qiu looked up at the blue sky, so rare for the capital, and heaved a long sigh of relief.

    “I won,” Fang Qiu smiled.

    He had never felt this good before.

    He was confident yet worried before coming.

    Now he won.

    He submitted a satisfactory answer.

    Smiling, Fang Qiu took out his mobile.

    Then he logged on Weibo.

    And he posted, “I won!”

    He put the phone away and took his leave.

    There were only two words with an exclamation mark on Weibo.

    In an instant, it caused a great sensation.

    Without a doubt, as soon as Fang Qiu left the studio, most of the audience immediately logged onto Weibo to announce Fang Qiu’s grand victory.

    Of course.

    Only a small number of them actually followed Fang Qiu on Weibo.

    Because before this war, Fang Qiu was merely a target for them to make fun of.

    However, as the result of the challenge was announced, all those who had watched the live broadcast immediately flooded Fang Qiu’s Weibo.

    Especially when they saw those two simple words, their excitement and emotion were at once mobilized.

    “Great lord!”

    “Touch the lord up close.”

    “Lord Fang Qiu, pardon me. I shouldn’t have questioned you. It was all my fault before. From today you are my idol. I promise there will be no more negative comments on you.”

    “Whoever dares to defame my idol will be beaten to death!”

    “Idol, have a baby with me.”

    “I thought he was a fool but he was actually a hidden lord. Simply incredible. Brilliant!”

    “Student Fang Qiu is not too shabby at all. I have a young daughter at the right age for marriage. Do you have a girlfriend yet? If not, we shall have a private chat.”

    “Idol, I’ve shot you a private message. Let’s talk about life.”

    “Haha. Who said Chinese Medicine was inferior to the others? Lord Fang Qiu came and Chinese Medicine practitioners immediately held their heads high.”

    “Where are those western doctors now? And those who had no faith in traditional Chinese Medicine? Where are they?”

    “Are you too afraid to come out?”

    Numerous people commented and reposted Fang Qiu’s Weibo post.

    After a quick glance.

    The comments were rather amusing.

    They were like a bunch of joke makers.

    In the meantime.

    The number of Fang Qiu’s followers on Weibo soared from 10,000 to 500,000.

    Li Wenbo left the studio in a panic at the end of the live broadcast.

    The official result came out.

    Just a few minutes later…

    The whole internet was on fire!

    Chinese Medicine won?

    No one had faith in Chinese Medicine, but it won.

    How was that possible?

    Fang Qiu!

    A mere nobody—a freshman in a university who had learned to feel the pulse of pregnancy for only two days defeated Li Wenbo, a rather well known western medicine doctor.

    That sort of thing was like the national football team winning the World Cup.


    As the matter unfolded, the topic quickly hit the top ten most popular searches on Weibo.


    This topic followed closely.

    With no doubt, as these two entries hit the popular search board, more and more people saw this event. Those who had already known about the challenge but had not watched the live broadcast were shocked.

    They did not expect that Fang Qiu could defeat Li Wenbo.

    Some of them didn’t pay attention to the challenge and had no idea who Fang Qiu was. They saw the topic #ChineseMedicineWin# and clicked on it out of curiosity.

    Those who clicked on it were all surprised!

    Not because Chinese Medicine defeated Western Medicine. Not because a Chinese Medicine practitioner felt the pregnancy pulse. But because of Fang Qiu, an unknown freshman, crushed Li Wenbo brutally in 20 bouts.