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Chapter 221 - Hot Discussion across the Interne

Medical Master
     Chapter 221 Hot Discussion across the Internet

    But could a freshman be this brilliant?

    “Could Chinese Medicine be this awesome?”

    Except for those who had been following the war from the start, the rest who hadn’t been paying attention became very excited after clicking on the topic #ChineseMedicineWin# and learning about the situation.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine was a treasure of China.

    It was the Chinese people’s pride.

    The thing handed down by our ancestors had finally been proven good.

    How could they be not excited?

    In addition, one of the most important things that the people were excited about was that this challenge had clearly proven Chinese Medicine’s usefulness

    Not like before that when you said one good thing about Chinese Medicine, others came to stop you calling Chinese Medicine a pseudoscience.

    If anyone called Chinese Medicine a pseudoscience again, I would slap your face with Fang Qiu’s victory!

    A random freshman of Chinese Medicine had defeated Li Wenbo. Wasn’t this enough to show the mysterious power of Chinese Medicine?

    A student was already so brilliant.

    What level would a reputed doctor be at?

    Every Chinese Medicine practitioner knew that Chinese Medicine in ancient times was the only comprehensive medical system. Chinese Medicine had nurtured countless generations of Chinese.

    But even so, with the development of society, science, and technology, traditional Chinese Medicine had been forced to step down from its sacred position because of various doubts.

    Little by little, Chinese Medicine fell into the cloud of pseudoscience.

    All these years, Chinese Medicine had been bullied.

    So today was worth celebrating!

    The topic of this Chinese Medicine victory grew hotter and hotter online.

    Among them, a lot of neutral onlookers became Fang Qiu’s fans after watching the replay.

    “Idol, send me a photo!”

    “Why don’t you show your face? You won! Please reveal your face! A portrait picture, please!”

    “I want to be your apprentice!”

    “Apprentice +1.”

    “Idol, have a baby with me.”


    All sorts of simple and straightforward comments flooded Fang Qiu’s Weibo account.

    Many people developed an interest in Chinese Medicine after Fang Qiu’s win in this challenge.

    “Lord Fang Qiu, I’m in my final year of high school. I wanted to study Western Medicine but after watching your clip, I decided to apply for University of Chinese Medicine next year.”

    “Same here! I’ll apply for Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine and become Lord Fang Qiu’s fellow school mate!”

    “Don’t you fight with me! I’m Lord Fang Qiu’s No. 1 fellow school sister!”

    The younger generation of students expressed their confidence in traditional Chinese Medicine and their admiration for Fang Qiu.

    Obviously, Fang Qiu’s Weibo became more and more popular under the hot discussion among his fans and young students. The number of his followers grew at a shocking speed.


    Supporters of Western Medicine were stunned.

    All these years, they had treated Chinese Medicine as the doormat and bullied it with or without a reason. They came online to defame Chinese Medicine whenever they were angry or mad at their family.

    Because traditional Chinese Medicine never refuted or resisted, they assumed that Chinese Medicine was a pseudoscience.

    If it weren’t a pseudoscience, why didn’t it put on any resistance all these years?

    But now.

    Chinese Medicine had won.

    Their minds went blank.

    It was like a powerless man suddenly became a martial arts master, beating everyone up brutally.

    They were beaten so hard that they couldn’t say a single word.

    The facts were in front of them.


    Chinese Medicine was ready to rise after so many years of suppression.

    The Internet was buzzing.


    At the same time.

    Domestic media was also informed of this news very quickly. Some of them followed this event from the beginning of the challenge and immediately reported with details on their website and Weibo account upon Fang Qiu’s victory.

    Of course.

    The media used the same phrase to attract attention: “pregnancy pulse challenge”.

    Chinese Medicine won!

    Probably to cater to the taste of their readers, the media did not report the recording of the challenge but transformed the video into text in their online report.

    Various media covered the challenge from different angles.

    The same thing was that all of them gave much of their attention to Fang Qiu, a freshman in Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.

    “Fang Qiu!”

    “A freshman who was enrolled at the Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine three months ago. He won the championship of a knowledge competition and performed well on his studies. Meanwhile, he proposed the “Apprentice Plan” for Chinese Medicine schools across China. A rare genius in Chinese Medicine.”

    “During his study, Fang Qiu has always been at the top of the list and is an iconic figure in Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.”

    “It is said that before the challenge, Fang Qiu had only learned to feel the pulse for four days, two spent on the pregnancy pulse.”

    “We can say that Fang Qiu is not only a rare talent but also a rare genius in Chinese Medicine.”

    The media quickly spread the news across the whole country, reaching more people in a larger scope with the news of the challenge between Chinese and Western Medicine.

    More people learned the name Fang Qiu as well as the victory of traditional Chinese Medicine.

    “A student won the challenge of pregnancy pulse?”

    “Haha. This world is really crazy. Imagine a university student this brilliant!”

    “Challenge… What’s the point? It’s better to see a few more patients.”

    “These days Western Medicine is so expensive, but I heard Chinese Medicine is very toxic. I don’t know which I should go for when I fall ill. Anyways, it strains the spirit and hurts the wallet to see a doctor!”

    “Chinese Medicine is Chinese Medicine, our native Chinese medical system!”

    ” Both Chinese and Western Medicine have their own advantages. Share and learn from each other.”

    “In fact, the protagonist of this challenge was neither Chinese Medicine nor Western Medicine. It was this freshman, Fang Qiu.”

    “Yeah. Heroes come from the younger generation indeed!”

    All of a sudden, there was a heated discussion all over the country.

    Supporters of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, as well as neutral onlookers and those without the slightest interest in this challenge, all praised Fang Qiu highly after learning about the whole situation.

    In Jiangjing.

    Jiangjing TV station.

    “Chen, come in for a moment.”

    From the director’s office came an urgent call.

    A capable looking woman in her late twenties, wearing a business suit and a staff card as well as a press pass immediately got up and walked into the office.

    “Chief, how can I help?”

    The woman, fair and fine, looked at the middle-aged man in a suit with gray hair behind the desk.

    This man was none other than the director of Jiangjing TV Station.

    “Yeah.The director nodded and asked excitedly, “Chen, are you following the challenge between Chinese and Western Medicine that is making a big noise on the Internet today?”


    Chen nodded and answered quickly, “I am preparing to get an exclusive interview.”

    “That’s exactly what I’m thinking.”

    The director continued with a smile, “This is a huge deal across the country. Fang Qiu, the man of this event, is a student of our city, Jiangjing. We must hurry and snatch Fang Qiu’s first interview!”

    “Should I go to Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine right away to wait for him?” Chen asked.


    The director nodded and added with some concerns, “The press is hungry now, ready to take all the first-hand information alone. At this point, you must be the first one to get the information. Making use of the heat of this event, our Jiangjing TV Station can have some good exposure to the national audience and lay a solid foundation for our future development.”


    Chen nodded.

    “That’s good.”

    The director immediately ordered, “Set out now and interview Fang Qiu as soon as he returns. Get an exclusive interview with him!”


    Chen nodded confidently and turned to leave.

    In the capital, when the Internet and real life were both filled with hot discussions, our protagonist Fang Qiu under the limelight walked out of Quanjude.

    Not knowing if he would ever have an opportunity to return, Fang Qiu had another roasted Peking duck.

    After a feast, he bought another grilled duck, sliced for takeaway, before rushing to the south station to take his reserved ticket for the high-speed train back to Jiangjing.