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Chapter 224 - Cancelling All the Punishments!

Medical Master
     Chapter 224 Cancelling All the Punishments!


    The staff member nodded and turned to leave.

    “Fang Qiu.”

    In the office, Chen Yinsheng squinted.

    It was time for him to end things with Fang Qiu now.

    He knew that, as things continued this way, he, the Vice President, wouldn’t be able to suppress Fang Qiu anymore.

    He had thought that Fang Qiu would ruin the fame of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and bring him big troubles. But now, Fang Qiu had become the sign of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    All of this indicated that things were unpredictable!


    Twenty minutes later, the Directors of all schools came to the meeting room of the school leaders’ office building.

    Unlike before, everyone looked relaxed this time.

    Because Fang Qiu had won.

    As members of the school, they also felt proud.

    Especially Qi Kaiwen.


    Soon after, Chen Yinsheng arrived.

    The moment he entered the meeting room, he took a glance at Qi Kaiwen, who was in a good mood, and went to his own seat directly without a word. Sitting down, he uttered, “Let’s begin.”

    Everyone sat up straight at once.

    “First of all.”

    Chen Yinsheng glanced at the crowd and continued, “I’d like to mention the Apprentice Plan Development System. It has been going for some time. Although it hasn’t been that long, according to the feedback I received, the effect of the system is quite good.”

    He had been talking about the Apprentice Plan Development System for ten minutes.

    Then, he stopped.

    There was a sudden hush in the meeting room.

    No one spoke.

    Chen Yinsheng frowned.

    At this time, a voice sounded.

    “Vice President Chen, I don’t know whether I should say this or not.”

    Following the voice, everybody saw Lin Minfu, the Director of School of Marxism, University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, standing up.

    Dressed in a Chinese suit, he was pleasing to the eye and clean, and he looked like the perfect scholar and gentleman.

    “Director Lin, go ahead please.”

    Chen Yinsheng replied, with his eyes full of encouragement and expectation.

    “Vice President Chen, I personally think that we should cancel the punishments and restrictions you have imposed on Fang Qiu,” Lin Minfu said directly.

    His words shocked the Directors of other schools immediately.

    Everyone knew that Chen Yinsheng hated Fang Qiu.

    Although Fang Qiu had defeated Li Wenbo, it was inappropriate to mention Fang Qiu at this time.

    Not far from Lin Minfu, Qi Kaiwen’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. He secretly gave a thumbs up for Director Lin Minfu.

    In fact, this was probably the purpose of this meeting organized by Chen Yinsheng.

    But, he couldn’t say it directly because of his previous stance. If he did that, didn’t it indicate that he was against himself?

    So, he affirmed the Apprentice Plan Development System at the very beginning, aiming to reveal his attitude implicitly.

    Qi Kaiwen could, of course, understand him.

    But he couldn’t be the one who disclosed this.

    He had already talked against Chen Yinsheng for the sake of Fang Qiu before. If he stood out again to propose to lift the restrictions on Fang Qiu, it would inevitably mean that he was showing off. Therefore, he couldn’t say it out loud.

    In this case that both Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen couldn’t be the one, some other one was needed to take the initiative.

    The Director of the School of Marxism was shrewd.

    He quickly figured out the meaning of Chen Yinsheng and said it out without any hesitance.

    As everybody knew, Lin Minfu had nothing to do with Fang Qiu. They even didn’t know each other.


    Indeed, hearing Lin Minfu’s proposal, Chen Yinsheng pondered a little, and then turned to glance at the crowd, asking, “What do you think of this suggestion?”

    No one spoke.

    Everyone was silent.

    We wanted to know what you thought about it!

    “Since no one intends to issue an opinion, let’s vote by a show of hands.”

    Chen Yinsheng rolled his eyes and said, “Raise your hand, if you agree to lift the punishments and restrictions on Fang Qiu.”

    Chen Yinsheng, himself, wouldn’t raise his hand of course.

    But, just as his voice faded away, the Directors in the room all raised their hands.

    Almost 80 percent of them had raised their hands.


    Chen Yinsheng breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, not all of them raised hands, or he would have been embarrassed.

    “Since everybody thinks so, then, just cancel the previous punishments, as well as the demerit.”

    Hearing that, everyone got relieved.

    “Vice President Chen.”

    Su Mudong opened his mouth and asked, “Since the punishments and demerit have been revoked, can the hospital matter be canceled as well, and let Fang Qiu back to the hospital?”


    Before Chen Yinsheng replied, Lin Minfu uttered first, “We can’t let Fang Qiu return to the hospital to work at this time.”

    “What do you mean by that?”

    Su Mudong was puzzled.

    So were the other Directors and even Chen Yinsheng.

    “The Physician’s Qualification Certificate!”

    Lin Minfu shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Fang Qiu doesn’t have this certificate yet, even a certificate of the assistant physician.”

    “There was no one paying attention to him. But now, he is looked at by everyone. If his identity in the hospital was restored, there will be complaints. And it will even become the key point that Western Medicine will use to get revenge against our Chinese Medicine. ”

    “So, we can’t restore his identity as an assistant physician now. Director Su, you have to do a packet of information in the hospital as well, to change Fang Qiu’s identity to assistant physician apprentice who practiced in the hospital under the personal guidance of the famous doctors in orthopedics.”

    Everyone began to nod.

    “That’s right.”

    “Yes, Fang Qiu just won. If Western Medicine catches such a point, there will be big trouble, and the things may get more serious.”

    “We’ve got to get this over with.”

    “Well, we can’t restore Fang Qiu’s identity in the hospital right now.”

    The Directors all nodded in agreement.

    “I have a proposal.”

    While everyone was talking about it, Qi Kaiwen suddenly said, “Since we can’t restore Fang Qiu’s identity as a physician, let’s not stop him if he wants to give a public lecture.”

    Then, he took a look at Chen Yinsheng.

    “Let’s vote by a show of hands!”

    Chen Yinsheng opened his mouth.

    Without dissent, the proposal was agreed upon.

    Shortly after the meeting, the school issued a notice on its website, canceling Fang Qiu’s punishments of demerit and stern warning.

    Although the notice was issued, it was placed in a quiet corner, because the school refused to attract too much attention. If one was not careful, they could hardly find it on the official website of the school.

    As a result, many people were unaware of the notice’s existence.

    However, as the Director of School of Chinese Medicine, Qi Kaiwen called Liu Feifei after the meeting, and letting her tell the news to Fang Qiu.

    In the teaching building.

    The first class was over.

    Fang Qiu, who had been on the podium for the time of taking a whole class, bowed to his classmates and said, “Thank you.”

    All the students inside and outside burst out in applause immediately.

    Although the purpose of everyone being here was mainly to see Fang Qiu, after the class, they all found that Fang Qiu’s lecture was extremely beneficial. They had all gained a lot of profit.

    In the applause, Fang Qiu walked down the podium. He intended to go to another classroom to take the second class but was surprised to find that the classroom and the corridor were both filled with people. Under such a circumstance, even a fly couldn’t fly out, let alone human beings,.

    Without other choices, the monitor could only call the teacher.

    He explained the situation to the teacher of the next class and asked the teacher to come to this classroom.

    “Oh no. This is not the way.”

    Seeing the scene, Zhou Xiaotian lowered his head and said with a depressed face, “If it goes on like this, we can’t get out either. What if they block us in here for a whole day? We’re gonna starve to death!”

    Sun Hao nodded in agreement solemnly.

    “What can we do?” Zhu Benzheng said with a bitter smile.

    “I have an idea.”

    Sun Hao grinned and said, “We can let the youngest escape from here first, and then we take an opportunity to slip out.”

    “That sounds good.”

    Zhou Xiaotian’s eyes lit up.

    Unable to go out, Fang Qiu returned to his seat helplessly. Hearing the three’s conversation, he sighed.

    What a terrible idea!

    10 minutes later, the teacher of the second class came, under the monitor’s protection.

    Seeing the grand occasion with so many people surrounding the classroom, the teacher was startled. With all his energy, he barely squeezed into the classroom.

    The teacher’s name was Zheng Xuecheng.

    He was an old professor, about to retire.

    After entering the classroom, he said nothing but began to prepare his teaching content.

    After a while, the bell rang.

    The class began.

    Unlike Zhou Ren, Zheng Xuecheng didn’t hold the idea to let Fang Qiu give a lecture on the podium, although the students were very eager to listen to another Fang Qiu lecture.

    As the teacher, Professor Zheng, knew what the students were thinking about.

    However, he didn’t compromise. Instead, he gave two consecutive lectures without stopping. When lecturing, he completely ignored the eyes of all the people around him, as if he were living in his own world.

    After the two classes, he, without a drink of water, finally stopped.

    Looking at all the people in the classroom, he said frankly, “I know, you didn’t want to listen to me during these two classes.”

    In the classroom, the students were stunned.

    They whispered, “You know?”

    “I also know that you didn’t keep what I said in mind.”

    Zheng Xuecheng continued, “So, for you, what I said in these two classes is just nonsense.”

    Everyone chuckled.

    Since you knew that, why didn’t you stop?


    Zheng Xuecheng suddenly looked very solemn. “The content of these two classes is not important for you. What matters is that I use my own body to show the law. Even if none of you was willing to listen to me, I still finished my class. Moreover, I had fun!

    “I do this not to tell you that I don’t care about how much you can learn from me, but to teach you by example that you should stick to your own duty at any time, don’t be influenced by any external factors.”

    While speaking, Zheng Xuecheng looked at all the students here with expectation in his eyes. He added, “I hope that after you graduate and become doctors, you can stick to your original intention and be a good doctor.”

    “That’s all for today.”

    “Well, thank you!”

    Fang Qiu felt enlightened.

    Just as Mr. Zheng said, the content of the lecture was not important, and what mattered in this class was giving the lecture itself.

    What a good teacher!

    He clapped his hands at once.

    Influenced by him, all the students burst out thunderous applause.

    “Thanks, everyone!”

    Finally, Professor Zheng said, “I hope you can learn more from Fang Qiu, so as to win glory and add luster to Chinese Medicine in the future. The revival of Chinese Medicine depends on you! Come on!”

    “Come on!”

    Everyone began to shout in unison.

    An unprecedented surge of confidence rose in their hearts.

    Fang Qiu stood up and took the initiative to squeeze out from the crowded classroom hard, opening the way for Mr. Zheng Xuecheng.

    Just as he managed to squeeze out and saw off Mr. Zheng, his phone started ringing.

    He took it out and found it was from Xu Miaolin.