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Chapter 228 - Being Hit Twice in One Day! I Didn’t Want to Live!

Medical Master
     Chapter 228 Being Hit Twice in One Day! I Didn’t Want to Live!

    “Do you have anything to say now?” Xu Miaolin turned to Feng Xuexin with a smile after Fang Qiu took the lead in answering the two consecutive questions.

    “I, you…”

    Feng Xuexin’s face turned red out of embarrassment. He pondered for a while and opened his mouth, “Humph! You got a nerd!”

    Then, he turned his head aside and arrogantly continued, “To study medicine is not to recite books.”

    “But, you grasp the most basic medical books worse than him,” Xu Miaolin taunted.

    “Uh, this…”

    Feng Xuexin’s stumbled over his words again.

    “I’m going to cook for you!”

    After thinking for a moment, he turned around angrily and ran to the backyard of the clinic.

    Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin smiled at each other.

    But Feng Xuexin, ran back unexpectedly. Throwing a glance at Xu Miaolin, he then ran to Fang Qiu immediately, staring at him and asking, “How long did it take you to recite those books?”

    Fang Qiu raised two fingers.

    “Two years?” Feng Xuexin asked with excitement.

    Fang Qiu shook his head.

    “Two months?”

    “Two weeks,” answered Fang Qiu.

    “What?” He looked at Fang Qiu as if Fang Qiu were a monster, and said incredulously, “How can that be possible? How can you even read so many books in two weeks? To say nothing of reciting them!”

    “Yes, two weeks,” Fang Qiu answered firmly.

    Feng Xuexin turned his head to Xu Miaolin.

    Xu Miaolin nodded.

    Feng Xuexin turned around dejectedly, as if he were struck by lightning.

    “I’ll continue to cook.”

    He muttered while walking to the backyard effortlessly, “No meat tonight, all vegetables.”

    Fang Qiu quickly turned to Xu Miaolin and asked, “Mr. Xu, is this blow a little too much for him?”

    Xu Miaolin replied with a laugh, “Don’t worry. He’s not that sensitive. He will be back on his feet again. What’s more, a small blow to his ego is good for him.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    It was six o ‘clock in the evening.

    The clinic was closed.

    Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin walked to the backyard.

    It was quite large.

    It was divided into four parts, one of which was used as a vineyard, one planted with vegetables, one with wild vegetables, and one with herbs.

    In the middle of the four fields was a large space, with a stone table, four stone stools, and a recliner beside it.

    “Dinner’s ready.”

    From the main building came the voice of Feng Xuexin.

    Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin entered the main building, after putting their luggage in the room on the right side of the backyard.

    Just as they stepped in, they were stunned.

    Oh boy, the four dishes on the table were all green vegetables.

    “Wang Zai, you’ve really made all the dishes with only vegetables?” Xu Miaolin sat down, looked at the vegetables on the table speechlessly, and asked.

    “Uncle Xu.”

    Feng Xuexin replied with a grin, “We all major in Chinese Medicine. As doctors of Chinese Medicine, we should know that eating more vegetables is good for your health.”

    Xu Miaolin had a bite and said angrily, “But you can’t put so much salt in it. Salt hurts.”

    It was too salty.

    Seeing that, Fang Qiu dared not to pick up his chopsticks.

    “What’s wrong with the salty taste? I prefer it,” Feng Xuexin said roguishly.


    Xu Miaolin replied in a loud voice and then began to eat.

    So did Fang Qiu.

    “I think I was cheated this afternoon.”

    After a while, Feng Xuexin suddenly said to Fang Qiu, “Why did I choose to compete with you in reciting books? Talent is necessary to study medicine. Everybody can recite books. But they can’t be doctors after reciting several books. So, I think I have to compete with you again, but this time with real skills!”

    Fang Qiu let out a sigh.

    He had thought Feng Xue would give up fighting with him after the competition. He never expected there would be a second one after the first one.

    He was afraid this competition thing wouldn’t be over any time soon.

    “Okay.” Before Fang Qiu opened his mouth, Xu Miaolin went on, “If you can say that sentence again after a week, I will regard you as the winner!”


    Feng Xuexin looked at Xu Miaolin with surprise and said, “If I win, will you accept me as a disciple?”

    Xu Miaolin stretched out his hand and pointed at the vegetables on the table, replying, “Accept you as my disciple, and let you cook vegetables for me every day, so that you can kill me with salt?”

    Feng Xuexin made a grin, immediately stood up and ran to the kitchen on the left side of the yard. After a moment, he returned with many large dishes of fish and meat.

    “Are you satisfied now?”

    Placing the big dishes on the table, he laughed triumphantly. “Haha, I already made them. Did you expect that?”

    “Then, let’s see the result in a week,” Xu Miaolin answered and began to eat the meat.

    After a happy dinner, Feng Xuexin found two chairs for Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin. The three began to lie in the yard, looking at the shiny stars.

    It was November at this time, and it was getting cool.

    “How about I sing a song for you?”

    Lying for a long time without saying anything, Feng Xuexin suddenly jumped up and said, “It’s to welcome you.”

    “Sing a song?”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Feng Xuexin surprisingly, asking, “When did you take interest in singing?”


    Feng Xuexin’s face suddenly flushed. He said, “In fact, I prepared this song to show my love to a girl. Since you’re here, I’d like to sing before you first and see your comments. But, remember to keep it secret.”

    “You boy, you’re finally enlightened.”

    Xu Miaolin laughed out loud, adding, “You should have found a wife.”

    Fang Qiu made a smile too.

    “Come on, sing it,” Xu Miaolin said.

    “I’ll get my guitar first.”

    While speaking, Feng Xuexin ran to his room quickly, walked to Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin with a guitar, sat down on a stone stool beside the stone table, and began to play and sing.

    “No matter how bitter life is, I am still happy…”

    He opened his mouth.

    And incredibly, the song was “Dear Girl” from Song Xiaofeng.

    Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin couldn’t help but grow shocked. However, none of them made a sound to interrupt, because Feng Xuexin looked so intense while singing.

    “My dear girl, please listen to me.

    “I used to be a handsome boy in the past.

    “However, the years are ruthless, and I was hurt.

    “My heart is always the most beautiful…”

    The lyrics made Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin speechless.

    Was this song… suitable to express love?

    Soon it was finished.

    “What do you think of it?” Feng Xuexin asked impatiently.

    However, both Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin were stunned and didn’t know what to say.

    Was he stupid?

    Why would someone express his love with this song?

    This guy read the title alone, ignoring the lyrics, didn’t he?

    Considering Xu Miaolin had no intent to speak, Fang Qiu took a breath and said, “Wang Zai!”

    “Stop! Call me Xuexin! Or Xiaoxin!” Feng Xuexin said with disgust.

    “Fine, Xiaoxin.”

    Fang Qiu asked, “Can you tell me why you chose this song?”

    “It’s easy to sing!” Feng Xuexin answered directly.

    “Oh hell no!” Xu Miaolin couldn’t hold back his anger anymore, yelling, “If your father were alive, he would kill you.”

    Feng Xuexin was stunned.

    He had no idea what he had done wrong.

    Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin exchanged a glance and shook their heads at the same time. Then, they stood up and went to their room.

    “Hey, don’t go.” Feng Xuexin immediately ran after them and asked, “I’m a good singer, right?”

    Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin grew speechless.

    Reaching the door, Xu Miaolin stopped, looked at Fang Qiu, and then said, “I’ve thought about it. Can you go to blow him out of the water in order to keep the Feng family’s bloodline great?”

    He knew that Fang Qiu sang well.

    “Is that wise?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “It’ll be worse if he thinks he’s a good singer and then sings the song to someone to express his love.”

    Xu Miaolin said, “You’re going to help him now. Go ahead, do your best. I won’t blame you.”


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “What’re you two talking about behind my back? Are you shocked by my singing? Are you?” Feng Xuexin’ asked.

    Fang Qiu turned around and walked to Feng Xuexin with no expression.

    He snatched the guitar out of Feng Xuexin’s hand and started playing and singing.

    “I can go to see the stars with you. There’s no need to say more. I want to be with you…”

    Fang Qiu sang a song named “I Can”.

    Feng Xuexin was stunned.

    Because it sounded so damn good.

    Moreover, the lyrics were so beautiful.

    For a moment, Feng Xuexin was thoroughly immersed in Fang Qiu’s perfect voice.

    Finishing the song, Fang Qiu put the guitar on the stone table, threw a glimpse at the stunned Feng Xuexin, and high fived Xu Miaolin.

    Then, the two entered the room one after the other.

    After a moment, Feng Xuexin came back to his senses.

    Seeing that the two had already entered the room, he immediately yelled with a gloomy face, “Damn! Shit.”

    Feng Xuexin shouted to Fang Qiu’s room loudly, “Fang Qiu, since you sing so well, why not become a singer? And why did you come here to crush me? Did you have to do it? Is it interesting to you?”

    After the words, he flung himself down on a stone stool.

    With a bitter face, he hugged his chest and complained extremely miserably, “I was beaten twice today! Twice! Like a rent mule! I don’t want to live!”

    But suddenly, his face changed back to normal.


    “I haven’t expressed my love for the girl yet. How can I die?”

    “Yeah, right!”

    Nodding his head gently, Feng Xuexin glanced at Fang Qiu’s room and said, “No, I have to change my song, and it will be better than yours!”

    The next morning, Feng Xuexin got up early, brushed his teeth and began to cook as usual, as if he had completely forgotten what had happened yesterday.

    After breakfast, he opened the clinic, ready to accept patients.

    “Uncle Xu said that he came here for Fang Qiu this time. He aims at giving Fang Qiu a chance to practice.”

    Then, he made a grin, “The patients whose illness will be used to teach won’t be charged. I only accept those who come here to buy medicines or whose illness can’t be used to teach.”

    Feng Xuexin nodded while speaking to himself, “I’d like to see if Fang Qiu is really that powerful. How could Uncle Xu refuse to accept me as a disciple but accept him?”