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Chapter 234 - I Ask for Leave to Confess My Love!

Medical Master
     Chapter 234 I Ask for Leave to Confess My Love!

    “Just like that.”

    Fang Qiu shrugged his shoulders and said.


    Feng Xuexin shook his head. “I mean where did you learn this?”

    “I just know it.”

    Fang Qiu answered.

    He had no intention to share his study of the “Canon of Poison”.

    For one thing, the living environment for poison doctors at present days was too awful. It would be bad for him to share this. Second, he had burnt the “Canon of Poison”. There was no need to bring it up.


    Knowing Fang Qiu was being perfunctory, Feng Xuexin suddenly felt annoyed and remarked. “You are not honest!”

    Fang Qiu remained expressionless.

    “Uncle Xu!”

    Feng Xuexin turned to look at Xu Miaolin and asked, “Aren’t you surprised? Your apprentice has learned this after several days of study with you.”

    “What’s so surprising about that?”

    Xu Miaolin curled his lips and said, “Continue with other patients.”

    He went back to the consultation desk.

    “This guy is learning while having another master. Very dishonest. He would be kicked out in the past.”

    Feng Xuexin followed closely and suggested. “What about accepting me as your apprentice?”

    “See the next patient!” Ordered Xu Miaolin.

    After the brief interlude, Fang Qiu continued transcribing prescriptions for the rest of the day. He wouldn’t be able to pick up a pen the next day if he weren’t able to relieve the pain in his wrist with his internal Qi.

    At eight o’clock the next morning.

    After breakfast, Feng Xuexin opened the door.

    The scene outside the door frightened him right away.

    Outside the clinic was a large crowd of people.

    After a close look, he found those were the poisoned patients from yesterday.

    “What’s the matter?”

    Seeing these people, Feng Xuexin was immediately puzzled.

    “Doctor Feng, is the divine doctor who saved us yesterday still here?”

    A man in the lead leaned to peep into the clinic as he asked.

    “Yeah. Why?”

    Feng Xuexin frowned.

    In front of him, the group of people was all looking into the clinic. He wasn’t sure what they wanted.

    Are they here to make trouble with Fang Qiu?

    “Divine doctor! Divine doctor!”

    Suddenly, the man in the lead shouted out.

    Feng Xuexin was startled.

    He looked back and saw Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin came out of the backyard.

    Xu Miaolin asked aloud, “What’s happening?”

    However, the crowd ignored him completely.

    “Here you are, divine doctor!”

    The man in the lead ran to Fang Qiu and grabbed his hand, laughing and shouting excitedly.

    “What’s the matter with you?”

    Fang Qiu asked, looking at the smiling crowd outside the clinic.

    “We’re here to thank you.”

    The leader shook Fang Qiu’s hand with excitement and explained. “We are working on the building site outside. We are all outsiders, coming here with our entire family. You know we are not educated. We are used to the hard labor work and fond of eating wild vegetables. We didn’t expect to get food poisoning from the wild herbs. We might not be able to see today’s sun if we haven’t found you yesterday.”

    After, the leader turned around and shouted at the crowd, “Hurry! Bring it to the divine doctor!”

    Upon hearing that, the gathered crowd separated and a woman came out with a big flag with the character Magic Touch written in gold.

    To the right, there was a line of smaller words reading From 13 poisoned patients to the divine doctor.

    Fang Qiu understood everything seeing the flag.

    They were here to give him the banner.

    “Divine doctor! Thank you for saving us.”

    “Thank you!”

    “We would have been dead without you!”

    “Thank you a million.”

    The group of people came forward to thank Fang Qiu.

    Next to them, Feng Xuexin’s eyes turned red.

    He was not touched but jealous!

    After so many years of working in this medical clinic and seeing patients, he hadn’t got a banner. But Fang Qiu got one only a few days after his arrival.

    “Is there any damn justice in this?”


    Feng Xuexin looked at Fang Qiu with intense jealousy in his eyes.

    Xu Miaolin responded calmly with a smile.

    Under their gaze. “No need for thanks. No need.”

    Surrounded by the crowd, Fang Qiu kept nodding and smiling. He said, “I should thank you. This flag is too precious. How do I deserve this?”

    “What is precious? What can be more precious than lives?”

    “Exactly. Considering your medical skills, you definitely deserve this banner.”

    “We are ashamed to give you only a flag.”

    “This banner represents our heart. Although it is not valuable, please accept it.”

    Everyone opened their mouths.


    Fang Qiu reached to his trousers pocket and said, “I will accept the banner but I must pay for it since you are all workers and it is not easy to earn money.”

    This suggestion frightened the group.

    “Why do you pay?”

    “This is a piece of our heart. You just take it.”

    “How can we take your money? We made this banner. How can we spend your money? We are leaving!”

    Seeing Fang Qiu attempt to force the money back, they quickly waved and hurriedly ran out.

    Not long after, the group disappeared.

    Seeing this, Fang Qiu put on a wry smile.

    “What for?”

    Feng Xuexin’s voice came.

    Fang Qiu turned to look.

    “They are all gone. Quickly put the flag away! Isn’t it enough for you? Do you want to blind me with the brocade flag?” said Feng Xuexin in a jealous tone, pointing at the flag in Fang Qiu’s hand.

    Upon hearing that, Fang Qiu smiled wryly, ready to put the flag away.

    At this time. “Don’t put away.” Xu Miaolin stepped forward and said, “this banner is sent by the patient with good intentions from their heart. You cured them yesterday but you can’t be sure that they won’t come to see the doctor tomorrow or the day after or they won’t get sick in the future.”

    “I cannot.”

    Fang Qiu replied.

    “That’s right.” Xu Miaolin nodded and said, “you don’t need to put away this banner. Instead, look for a place to hang it. If it is really put away, these patients will feel bad for not seeing it. If you really want, put away after our departure.”


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    Then he began to look for a place in the clinic to hang the flag.

    A moment later, Fang Qiu directly hung the banner on the wall of the clinic at the most eye-catching spot, just to annoy Feng Xuexin.

    Looking at the banner, Feng Xuexin, very much annoyed, groaned with attitude. “Humph!”

    Looking at this banner, he couldn’t help feeling annoyed and jealous.

    However, he couldn’t put it away.

    After all, Xu Miaolin ordered this.

    He could only look at it with anger.

    After hanging the banner, Xu Miaolin began receiving patients and Fang Qiu sat next to him to transcribe prescriptions.

    A whole morning passed.

    Upon hearing about the divine doctor, people from the small town all came to the clinic and crowded at the entrance.

    Everyone was here to see a doctor, for their illnesses from minor to severe.

    Most importantly, they found out that they didn’t need to pay to see the doctor other than some small fee for their medicine.

    This benefit quickly spread out.

    More and more people came.

    Xu Miaolin couldn’t take a moment of break and Fang Qiu was happily busy with the transcription.

    After a day of practice yesterday, Fang Qiu rarely encountered any doubt. When he did feel confused, he could quickly think through. The transcription went very fast.

    Over there, seeing the clinic busier than ever, Feng Xuexin felt delighted.

    After all, he wasn’t the one seeing patients. All he needed to do was to get medicines. From this point of view, he wasn’t losing money but gaining two free workers. If someone was losing there, it would be Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin.

    However, Xu Miaolin’s speed of seeing patients and Fang Qiu’s speed of transcription were too fast.

    Looking at the prescriptions one after another, Feng Xuexin couldn’t help remarking. “Holy crap. I’m working my ass off.”

    For the next few days, Fang Qiu had continued transcribing prescriptions.

    The number of patients coming to the clinic grew increasingly day by day as the news of the free service and the divine doctor spread.

    For the same reason, the number of prescriptions Fang Qiu transcripted per day increased from 30 to 50 to 100.

    The more prescriptions he transcribed, the more significant the progress he made.

    Four days passed.

    Originally Xu Miaolin planned to let Fang Qiu transcribe prescriptions for a whole week. However, due to the large number of patients, Fang Qiu was pretty much done after four days.

    During the days of transcribing, Fang Qiu had mastered almost all the primary conditions.

    On the fourth night, after supper, the three sat in the courtyard drinking tea.

    “Young man, you are learning too fast.”

    Looking at Fang Qiu, Xu Miaolin couldn’t help remarking secretly in his heart.

    These few days, he watched Fang Qiu’s each and every progress.

    This speed of his progress was more shocking than his own in the past.

    Xu Miaolin couldn’t help feeling astonished.

    However, Xu Miaolin didn’t praise Fang Qiu.

    Because he knew how much pressure was on Fang Qiu’s shoulders. He needed to achieve something almost impossible in a limited time.

    Xu Miaolin rarely gave Fang Qiu any compliments. He wanted Fang Qiu to keep the momentum up and keep learning.

    Xu Miaolin asked, “Are you almost done with the transcription?”

    Fang Qiu nodded. “Almost there.”


    Xu Miaolin responded, “Based on your current situation, you won’t be able to learn much if you continue transcribing.”

    “So from tomorrow you work on the medicine and let Junior Feng transcript prescriptions.”

    Fang Qiu immediately nodded. “Okay.”

    After all, getting the medicine was a combination of memorizing prescriptions and recognizing ingredients. Fang Qiu could learn a ton from measuring the dose.

    Over here, hearing their conversation, Feng Xuexin was lost for a second and then said shyly, “Tomorrow I need to ask for leave.”

    Xu Miaolin was surprised. “Ask for leave?”

    Actually, the clinic belonged to Feng Xuexin. He could open and close as he wished without the need of asking for leave. Since he brought it up himself, he had taken Xu Miaolin seriously and treated him as one of his own.

    “Yeah.” Feng Xuexin nodded and explained. “Tomorrow I’m going to confess my love.”

    Upon hearing that, Fang Qiu and Xu Miaolin burst into a laugh.

    After practicing the song for so many days, he was finally ready to take action.

    Fang Qiu asked with a smile, “Is there anything I can help you with?”


    Feng Xuexin looked at Fang Qiu and quickly shook his head. “It would be better if you don’t go. I’ve got everything arranged. I can do it on my own.”

    “Why do you want to go?”

    “To steal my show?”

    “Screw you!”

    “Singing again?” asked Fang Qiu.

    Feng Xuexin nodded with a grin. “Yeah.”

    “Which song?” Xu Miaolin asked, “Sing a bit for us first.”

    Last time he changed his song after being teased about his English. He didn’t pay attention to his new song. He was simply curious.

    “I am afraid you will get pregnant from my song. I decide to not sing.”

    Feng Xuexin laughed before running to the room.

    Over here, Xu Miaolin and Fang Qiu exchanged a smile.

    Early the next morning, Feng Xuexin left in fine clothes.