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Chapter 239 - Here Came the Trouble-maker!

Medical Master
     Chapter 239 Here Came the Trouble-maker!

    “Uh, uh…”

    Xiang Yifei finally woke up.

    The moment he saw the police chief, his face turned as grey as dust immediately.

    “Xiang Yifei, have you thought of today?”

    Looking at the muddled Xiang Yifei who was slowly waking up from the coma, the police chief revealed a sneer.

    “Why? You used to be very arrogant, didn’t you?”

    “I’m the tiger who went down to level land and was insulted by dogs!”

    Xiang Yifei snorted and tried to turn his body.

    However, to his surprise, he found both his hands and feet were handcuffed.

    “You’d better confess.”

    Refusing to explain to Xiang Yifei, the police chief opened his mouth and asked, “What’s going on? Someone accused you of kidnapping, and he has plenty of evidence. Speak it out, as well as all the bad things you’ve done.”

    “I want my phone!”

    Xiang Yifei shouted, “I want to call my lawyer. I won’t say anything until I see him!”


    The police chief couldn’t help but laugh and replied, “You’ve watched so many TV series, so that you know you need the help of a lawyer, huh?”


    Xiang Yifei made a snort.

    “Well, you want to see your lawyer, right?”

    The police chief took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and handed it to Xiang Yifei, saying, “You can use mine.”

    Unexpectedly, Xiang Yifei indeed took the phone and dialed a phone number at once.

    His movement cheated everyone. Even the police chief thought he had a lawyer.

    Soon, the phone was connected.

    The police chief intended to listen carefully to what Xiang Yifei would say to find out if the latter really had a lawyer who would help him to fight a lawsuit. But at this moment, Xiang Yifei threw a glance at the police chief and suddenly shouted, “Master, I can’t give a reception to you. You have to revenge for me. The other side is an expert at the Puji Clinic!”


    Before Xiang Yifei finished speaking, the police chief had already been outraged. He stamped heavily and waved his hand quickly, slapping hard on the top of Xiang Yifei’s head. Then, he grabbed his mobile phone and hung it up directly.

    “Play tricks with me?”

    Full of anger, the police chief clapped Xiang Yifei’s head again, saying, “Tell you the truth. I’ve been thinking about arresting you for a long time. You son of a bitch are good at hiding yourself, aren’t you? But I finally got the chance to arrest you today!”

    “Don’t you think nobody can beat you?”

    “Why? You met a tough one today?”

    The police chief kept mocking and swearing.

    In his eyes, Xiang Yifei was totally a piece of shit, a good-for-nothing that harmed common people.


    In the face of the scorn of the police chief, Xiang Yifei snorted and said nothing.

    Xiang Yifei knew that his life had been ruined.

    As a martial arts practitioner, although at the lowest level, he could still clearly feel that Fang Qiu had broken his meridians and muscles directly, therefore, it was impossible for him to continue practicing martial arts all his life.

    Though angry and sad, he was even more shocked.

    He was shocked that Fang Qiu could be so powerful at such a young age.

    He had never seen and heard of such a super expert under twenty years old!

    “Choosing to be silent?”

    The police chief sneered and said, “The tough things are waiting for you in the police office!”

    Then, he immediately asked his fellows to handcuff all the people in the factory and take them away.

    At the same time, on a high-speed train heading toward the town, an eagle-browed, tiger-eyed, and grey-haired old man was looking at the phone in his hand, with which he had answered a call just now. He then narrowed his eyes, emitting a gloomy, cold message at once.

    “An expert?”


    Squinting, the old man said in a cold voice, “How dare you bully my disciple?! You’re looking for death!”


    The next early morning, the clinic opened for business.

    Xu Miaolin was relieved now because his old friend had made a phone call the other night, telling him that the matter had been settled.

    But, while answering the phone, Xu Miaolin also learned from his old friend that Xiang Yifei’s thirty or forty underlings had all been crippled.

    Not only Xu Miaolin, but even that old friend was also shocked. He kept asking if Xu Miaolin knew any expert.

    Xu Miaolin could only say no.

    As a result, he was despised by the other side.

    Of course, this was confined to only Xu Miaolin and his old friend.

    After the phone call, Xu Miaolin just said that the crisis was over, without asking or saying anything more.

    After a night of medication treatment, Feng Xuexin’s trauma had also been recovered a lot.

    They started the consultation immediately.

    Xu Miaolin sat down before the consultation desk, Feng Xuexin sat beside him to copy the prescriptions, and Fang Qiu stood in front of the medicine cabinet, ready to fill the prescriptions at any time.

    For some reason, though the clinic was open, very few people came here.

    The clinic was opened at 8 o’clock, but no one came until 9 o’clock.

    It seemed that everyone was worried and feared, after the event yesterday was spread out.

    After all, it was not a good thing to provoke Xiang Yifei.

    Although Xiang Yifei got caught, people dared not go too close to the clinic before the official result was issued, for fear of being implicated.

    In the clinic, having nothing to do, the three all felt boring.

    After another half an hour, it was 9:30.

    Here finally came someone.

    Hearing the footsteps, Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin immediately smiled with joy, ready to meet the patient.

    However, Fang Qiu couldn’t help frowning.

    He fixed his eyes and found the coming person was a grey-haired old man.

    The old man was dressed in a black uniform of martial arts practitioners. His face was smooth without beards. His shoulder-length hair was neatly combed back and fixed with a black silk hairpin.

    Eagle-browed, tiger-eyed, and with hollow cheeks, he gave people a sense of coldness at first glance.

    “Please sit down, grandpa.”

    Seeing the old man walking towards the consultation desk, Xu Miaolin stood up and greeted him with a smile.


    However, the old man snorted suddenly, glanced at the three people in the clinic and asked, “Who hurt my disciple last night?”

    After he said that, Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin got stunned immediately.

    As they were stunned, the old man began to study them and Fang Qiu.

    After observation, he found the three were all ordinary people. They didn’t have any experts’ aura at all.

    There was no need to talk about Feng Xuexin.

    Although his injury had been recovered a lot, he was still with a bloody nose and a swollen face.

    He must be the one who was tied up. The old man had made full research.

    So, Feng Xuexin was excluded.

    Looking at Fang Qiu, the old man shook his head without hesitation.

    How could such a young man be an expert?

    Fang Qiu was also excluded.

    Finally, the old man’s eyes fell on Xu Miaolin.

    Xu Miaolin’s age and temperament were comparatively right.

    Feeling confused, Xu Miaolin intended to stand up and ask.

    “What’s the matter?”

    But just then, behind the medicine counter, Fang Qiu suddenly asked.


    Stunned, the old man turned around, looked at Fang Qiu in surprise and asked, “It was you who hurt my disciple?”

    “Who’s your disciple?” asked Fang Qiu.


    The old man snorted and answered, “My disciple is Xiang Yifei!”

    After beating the young, the old came to the door!

    Fang Qiu’s eyes narrowed with a sneer. “There is only one sentence for him. The wage of sin is death.”

    “Sure enough, it’s you!”

    The old man sneered and replied, “Unfortunately, I obey only one rule during so many years in the society, that is, fists can decide everything. There is no righteousness or injustice!”

    “It’s really like father like son.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and continued, “Are you sure you want to start a fight?”


    The old man nodded.

    Looking at the old and the young diametrically opposed to each other, Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin were both dumbfounded.

    What were the two doing?

    How come they couldn’t understand what the two were saying?

    Fang Qiu replied calmly, “Since then, let’s go out to solve it. Don’t damage things here.”

    “What if I want to solve it here?” the old man said meaningfully.

    “You can try that!”

    Fang Qiu’s face darkened.

    Hearing that, the old man also stared at Fang Qiu intensively. A cool aura slowly diffused out from his body, very gloomy.

    However, Fang Qiu was not afraid of him at all.

    He continued to look at the old man indifferently.


    After staring at Fang Qiu for a while, the old man suddenly laughed and said, “Okay, let’s go out!”

    It was not a compromise.

    He noticed that this young guy seemed to have some confidence.

    Because the young man could be so calm under his pressure.

    Whoever could do that must be a real expert.

    Or a bold man who knew no martial arts.

    Putting that aside, the old man was also reluctant to make the thing big.

    After all, his disciple had just been sent into the police station by an expert. Moreover, now in Wulin, there were many people who wanted to kill him because of his style of action and evil deeds.

    Once this thing got bigger and attracted all kinds of experts in Wulin, he would die.


    Fang Qiu stepped out of the medicine cabinet and reached out to invite the old man to go out first.

    Of course, Fang Qiu did that not to show respect, but to ensure that the old man walked out of the clinic with his own eyes. He must be behind the old man.

    He was afraid that the old man would beat Xu Miaolin and Feng Xuexin if he went out of the clinic first.


    With a sneer, the old man waved his sleeve and immediately stepped out of the clinic.

    “Fang Qiu.”

    At the same time, Xu Miaolin shouted, “Be careful.”

    He finally found something wrong. There was going to be a fight.

    “No worry.”

    Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

    Apparently, Xu Miaolin had perceived that the old man came with evil intent.

    However, Feng Xuexin to the side and with a bloody nose and a swollen face sensed nothing wrong.

    Seeing Fang Qiu going out to talk with the old man, he immediately stood up and said to Fang Qiu, “Xiao Fang, you must remember to respect the old and love the young. Don’t hurt him. You know?”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

    Looking back, he said to Feng Xuexin, “Don’t worry. As long as he loves the young, I will certainly respect the old.”

    In front of him, the old man got stunned for a moment, and the cold smile on his face became more obvious.

    “Uncle Xu, who’s this old man? Why he came here?” Feng Xuexin asked in the clinic.

    “To find us trouble,” Xu Miaolin replied with a sigh.

    “Of course, I know he’s here to find us trouble. He asked who hurt his disciple as soon as he entered the door. What else can he be, if he’s not a trouble-maker?”

    Feng Xuexin curled his lips, adding, “I mean, the old man is so old, and his hair is almost white. How dare he come to find trouble? What does he do? He looks like a carpenter, and he’s in good health.”

    Xu Miaolin rolled his eyes at Feng Xuexin severely.

    He didn’t know what to say about this guy.

    Was he insensitive or mentally sick?

    How come Feng Xuexin didn’t know that he was beaten by the old man’s disciple yesterday?

    “Oh no, I’m still a little worried.”

    Feng Xuexin frowned tightly and said, “Fang Qiu seemed to be very powerful when he came to rescue me. What if he injured the old man?”

    “Uncle Xu, why don’t we go out and have a see?”

    Xu Miaolin refused Feng Xuexin’s suggestion completely.

    He sat down again, replying, “Don’t go. Who knows what trouble you’re going to bring to Fang Qiu if you go out!”