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Chapter 243 - Seeing Each Other When There Were Two Flowers in Fang Qiu’s Dantian

Medical Master
     Chapter 243 Seeing Each Other When There Were Two Flowers in Fang Qiu’s Dantian


    Leaving the teahouse, Fang Qiu went out of town without any pause.


    Located in the southwest of Daze County, the Yunmeng Mountain was a desolate wilderness of no human habitation.

    It was very deep.

    Its terrain was so steep that, usually, no one would enter it. Occasionally, there would be some people entering it, but they would only stay and stroll about on the peak of the first hill, daring not to go deep.

    “Our Huaxia is really vast and with abundant resources. The mountains that haven’t been developed are countless. The so-called mountain group contains not only those famous ones.”


    Arriving at the foot of Yunmeng Mountain, Fang Qiu couldn’t help exclaiming at the continuous mountains that greeted him.


    Then, he turned his eyes to look around. And after making sure that no one was around, he moved his feet and sprouted out, turning into a shadow to search quickly in the mountains.


    Half an hour later, Fang Qiu stopped at the peak of the second hill.

    During the period of half an hour, he had searched nearly everywhere of the Yunmeng Mountain Range, almost tramping over mountains to go to another town.

    But even so, he still found no trace of the old master.

    “Can it be that the old master has already left?”

    Fang Qiu’s face clouded, and his disappointment couldn’t be concealed anymore.

    He just wanted to see the old master.

    To see if he was in good health.

    But why?

    Why couldn’t he?

    “Where are you, old master?”

    Fang Qiu looked up with a long sigh.

    Then, he looked around for a moment, and finally fixed his gaze on a steep rock cliff.

    The cliff was up to 100 meters.

    Mountain vines covered it all over. With a glance, many caves could be seen.

    Some of them were about half a meter in diameter, some about a meter, and some even about two meters.

    The vines curtained the entrance to the caves.


    At a glance, it was easy to conclude that the caves were natural, not man-made.

    Fang Qiu wondered. “Will old master go into the mountains?”


    Generally speaking, a cave on a cliff was very likely to lead directly to the interior of the mountain, similar to a karst cave.



    Without hesitation, Fang Qiu immediately moved his body and flew straight towards the cliff.

    It was his last hope. If he still couldn’t find the old master there, it would mean that the old master had really left here.


    After searching four caves, Fang Qiu flew to the fifth cave, and suddenly stopped at its entrance.

    With a sniff, he seemed to smell something.


    Then, he closed his eyes, beginning to sense carefully at once.


    After that, great joy instantly climbed on Fang Qiu’s face.

    “The Earth Treasure!”

    He sensed the message of Earth Treasure, a very pure message of the energy of heaven and earth, which smelled very comfortable and attractive.


    Without hesitation, Fang Qiu immediately stretched out his hand to pull open the mountain vines before the cave.

    He then looked in.

    “The Green Lotus of Heart!”

    What greeted Fang Qiu was a lotus throne.

    And the lotus throne was empty with no lotus seeds.


    He clearly remembered that, according to the Scroll of Heaven and Earth Treasures, the Green Lotus of Heart grew in wet rocks. Its roots could penetrate the rocks to absorb the spirit inside. And it took a hundred years for a Green Lotus of Heart to grow up.

    The green lotus had no flowers, but only seeds.

    A green lotus was composed of three parts, the lotus throne, the lotus root, and the lotus seed.

    Among the three, only the lotus seed had the effect of as an Earth Treasure. It could make people calm down, condense Qi, protect bodies, and dredge the channels.

    Once you met it, you could take its lotus seeds to eat. Leave its root and throne, and, after a hundred years, there would be lotus seeds again.

    It was ranked 56th among the Earth Treasures in the Scroll of Heaven and Earth Treasures.


    The lotus seeds of this Green Lotus of Heart before Fang Qiu had already been picked, but the residual message on the lotus throne had still not dispersed, which meant that the seeds were just picked.

    The old master!

    Fang Qiu got surprised.

    He knew it must be the old master.

    Since the Green Lotus of Heart had the effect of protecting body, it was certainly good for the old master’s health.

    “Yes, the old master must be somewhere nearby!”

    Then, he turned around and kept searching.


    But after searching for a long time, he still could find nothing.

    “It’s impossible. The old master is certainly in the vicinity, but why can’t I find him?”

    “Can it be…”

    Fang Qiu thought for a moment.


    Refusing to admit it, but he understood that the old master was deliberately hiding himself. Otherwise, it was impossible that he couldn’t find the old master!


    In this world, the only one who could stand before Fang Qiu, but let Fang Qiu unable to find him was the old master.


    Unless, a man as strong as the old master appeared in Daze County.

    But if this man was not the old master, why would he hide from Fang Qiu deliberately?


    Figuring it out, Fang Qiu immediately released all his Qi power, and then looked up to shout at the sky. “I’m here. Please show up!”

    The shout echoed in the sky, spreading all over the mountains.

    However, no one answered.


    Anxious, Fang Qiu shouted again. “I’m now studying medicine. I’ll definitely cure your hidden disease. Don’t worry! Please show up.”

    Still no answer.

    Fang Qiu’s eyes reddened.

    While looking around, he fell to his knees with a bump.

    “Master, I miss you.”

    “Please show up to see me!”


    His voice resounded through the whole mountains, which startled countless birds to fly.


    Suddenly, a faint sigh slowly came as the wind blew.


    Shocked and overjoyed, Fang Qiu immediately looked around.

    But after a long time, he still couldn’t see anybody.

    “Get up.”

    The familiar voice came from the void. “Don’t worry about me.”


    Puzzled, Fang Qiu hurriedly asked, “Why you refuse to show up? Why you can’t see me? Is there anything I don’t know? You can tell me. I’ve been cultivating all the time, and I can help you now.”


    A sigh came from the wind. “You can’t help me now. You can stable the Guru Realm with two years, which does surprise me. But it is not enough.”

    “You are now in the reversal process of internal Qi, and there is no flower in your Dantian.”

    “When there are two flowers in your Dantian, I’ll come to you.”

    Two flowers in my Dantian?

    Fang Qiu heard that for the first time, so he immediately asked, “How can I get promoted?”

    “Through actual combats!”

    The voice came from the wind again. “Endless actual combats will maintain the body, the spirit, and the Qi.”

    Fang Qiu kept those words in mind silently.

    He felt long ago that he was really lacking in actual combat experience.

    That was why he chose to attend the consultation meeting.

    Now, it seemed not enough!

    Since the old master said so, he must train himself with actual combat after returning back, more actual combats!


    Holding an idea in his mind, Fang Qiu immediately said, “About a year and a half later, it will be the May 5th in the lunar calendar, the Medicine King’s Day. I will try my best to become a highly-skilled doctor before it. And I’ll ask many highly-skilled doctors to treat you. How can I contact you at that time?”

    “After there are two flowers in your Dantian, I’ll visit you in person…”

    From the wind came a fading voice.


    After a moment, it dissipated completely.

    “Master? Master???”

    Fang Qiu hurriedly got up, and then opened his mouth to shout while seeking around crazily.

    But, he couldn’t find the old master at all.


    Fang Qiu stopped his footsteps, kneeling down to the ground with a bump again.

    “Knock, knock, knock…”

    Knocking several heads in the direction of the disappearing sound, he shouted. “Rest assured. I will form two flowers in my Dantian as soon as possible.”


    After that, he turned around to leave determinedly.

    He knew that if the old master didn’t want to see him, then he would never see the old man anyway.

    If his goal before today was to become a highly-skilled doctor in one and a half years, then, from today on, he had to not only spend one and a half years becoming a highly-skilled doctor, but also forming two flowers in his Dantian.


    Returning to the Daze County, he took the bus back to Linquan directly.

    Then, he took the high-speed train back to the town clinic.

    Another day passed.

    It was nine o’clock in the evening when he returned to the clinic.


    After dinner, the three of them regrouped in the backyard.

    Xu Miaolin sat at the stone table and soaked a pot of black tea.

    “How’s your business going?”

    While pouring a cup of tea and handing it to Fang Qiu, Xu Miaolin opened his mouth and asked.


    Fang Qiu heaved a deep sigh and looked at Xu Miaolin, saying firmly, “Mr. Xu, let’s continue the road of studying medicine.”


    Xu Miaolin nodded. He could see today’s Fang Qiu was somewhat different from before.

    “Hey, why you went to Zhongzhou suddenly? Look at you. Your face tells that your business is not going well. Can it be that you went to see an online friend and was frightened by her?”

    Asked Feng Xuexin with a grin.

    Speechless, Fang Qiu ignored him.




    In the next few days, Xu Miaolin was surprised to find that Fang Qiu showed more diligence and earnestness than before, almost twice as hard as before.

    In such a hard situation, the gifted Fang Qiu made progress rapidly.

    Seeing that, Feng Xuexin began to secretly scold him as abnormal every day!


    Also in the three days, everything in the small town was settled.

    All the underground forces were caught, and an old fugitive wanted for a long time was also caught. Feng Xuexin, who sent the fugitives to the police station, of course, received praise.

    After the evil forces were all swept away, all the people in the town applauded for joy.

    They could finally live a stable and peaceful life.

    A message came from somewhere, maybe the police station, said that those evil forces were all removed by a person alone.

    Dozens of people couldn’t stand up after being beaten by one person.

    This kind of thing, as amazing as it sounded, was hard to believe.

    It could only be used as a conversation resource after dinner, but it became more and more of a myth later on.


    Three days later, Fang Qiu’s learning of filling the prescription also ended.

    In front of the medicine cabinet in the clinic.


    Xu Miaolin looked at Xu Miaolin with satisfaction, saying, “You’re already familiar with filling the prescription. As for the cultivation, processing, and cognition of herbal medicine, you can directly go to the keeper of Yaowang Mountain to learn them after we return to the school.”


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    He knew that Xu Miaolin was doing him good.

    Although Xu Miaolin was proficient in general medicine, as for the herbal medicine, there was no doubt that the keeper of Yaowang Mountain owned a deeper understanding.

    Therefore, Xu Miaolin didn’t plan to teach Fang Qiu about the herbal medicine, for fear that what he taught Fang Qiu would conflict with the understanding of the keeper of Yaowang Mountain.

    “From tomorrow on, you can’t go out anymore. You should practice medicine independently in the clinic. You should complete all the procedures by yourself from the four diagnostic methods, writing the prescription, to filling the prescription. I’ll look at your prescription right next to you at most, ignoring everything else.”

    Xu Miaolin said, “Since you haven’t got the Physician’s Qualification Certificate, I’ll read your prescriptions and sign them, which indicates our responsibility for the patients who come here.”


    Upon hearing that, Fang Qiu immediately replied with a nod. “Okay.”