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Chapter 248 - The First Examination, Herb Distinguishing!

Medical Master
     Chapter 248 The First Examination, Herb Distinguishing!

    “Fang Qiu?”

    Just as everyone was praising Fang Qiu, a young man in the crowd pouted and said, “Humph, he’s only a freshman and his strength is just so so. You’ve never seen him before. How dare you praise him so high?”

    Hearing that, everyone turned their heads at once.

    They found the speaker was a young man in his twenties.

    At this time, the young man’s face was full of disdain and arrogance.

    “Fang Qiu has won great glory for Chinese Medicine. What right do you have to belittle him?”

    “Yes, why didn’t you take Li Wenbo’s challenge?”

    “Fang Qiu is nobody, then who are you?”

    “Now, everyone in China knows Fang Qiu, but who knows you?”

    “Speak without thinking, and pretend without choosing the right moment!”

    Everyone began to refute.


    Becoming a public enemy in an instant, the young man snorted and said, “It’s just the pulse of pregnancy. Why boast such a simple thing? If there is a chance, I must go to challenge Fang Qiu to show you what real strength is!”

    Everyone began to sneer at his words.

    This guy was so arrogant.

    To be arrogant needed capital, didn’t it?

    But the young man had been talking without doing anything.

    Moreover, was Fang Qiu somebody he could doubt? Members of the Chinese Medicine community had already approved Fang Qiu, so had even western medical physicians. For what reason could he doubt Fang Qiu?

    Standing alone at the wall and listening to the quarrel in the courtyard, Fang Qiu revealed a cool smile and kept waiting for the first assessment of the Physician’s Qualification Certificate.

    Fang Qiu learned early from Xu Miaolin that there were three examinations of the Physician’s Qualification Certificate.

    The first one was herb distinguishing, the second one the four diagnostic methods, and the third one the prescription.

    These three exams were exactly what Fang Qiu studied in this month.

    It seemed that Xu Miaolin arranged it deliberately.

    However, after careful consideration, it was not a deliberate arrangement. After all, these three skills were the most basic things that Chinese Medicine physicians must master.

    They didn’t wait for a very long time.

    At 9 a.m.


    A series of footsteps came.

    Everyone in the courtyard immediately became silent.

    Looking at the direction of the sound, they saw a middle-aged man coming from the backyard with a stack of data in his hand.

    “Are all of you here to take part in the examination of Physician’s Qualification Certificate?” the middle-aged man asked.

    The crowd nodded.

    “Well, I’m going to call the roll now. Take a step back if your name is called. And those who are not called come to my back please.”

    Then, the middle-aged man began to call the roll at once.

    As everyone knew, the purpose of the roll call was to verify the personal information of those who had signed up for the test and to isolate those who had not signed up or who were not qualified at the same time.

    The middle-aged man called the roll very quickly.

    He called more than ten people’s names in a little while.

    The others, including Fang Qiu, all walked to the middle-aged man and stood behind him.

    The remaining ten or so people began to look at each other.

    At this time, the middle-aged man who called the roll spoke.

    “Though signed up, you’re all not qualified. Some of you just started to study Chinese Medicine last month, and come here to take the Physician’s Qualification Examination this month. Are you here for fun? Are you aiming at getting a certificate and then killing the patients?!”

    “How dare you have the nerve to take the exam without even knowing the basic conditions? Get out of here!”

    While speaking, the middle-aged man made a severe stare at the dozen people.

    Then, he turned to the fifty others behind him, “Come in with me.”

    Finishing his words, he took the crowd to go deep into the courtyard.

    Those hundreds of people arrived at the inner courtyard, led by the middle-aged man.

    “The rooms in front of you are the examination rooms, and these are the invigilators of your first exam,” the middle-aged man said, after glancing at the fifty people.

    Then, he started to divide them into groups.

    After a short while, he announced, “Candidates enter the rooms now.”

    Hearing that, the invigilator of each examination room opened the doors one after another.

    Candidates also entered one by one.

    Fang Qiu was assigned to the No. 1 examination room.

    Entering the examination room, he discovered that this room was extremely big.

    In the room, the independent examination desks and chairs were placed in a circle, and in the center of which, there were rows of long tables with piles of herbs on them.

    Standing at the long table, the invigilator said, “Find your own place to sit down.”

    The fifty students all seated at the same time.

    “Now, I’ll announce the rules of this test.”

    The invigilator cleared his throat with a cough and said, “In this exam, each of you will come here to draw a test paper, and then get the herbs according to the list on the test paper.”

    “Remember, when you get a kind of herb, don’t take it all. If you do that, how can the next ones continue the exam? This test is not testing your skill to weigh herbs, but to distinguish them. So, just take a few of any kind of herb. Do you understand?”

    Upon hearing that, the crowd nodded their understanding.

    “The exam will last thirty minutes.”

    “Now, start to draw your test paper!”

    “Who’ll go first?” asked the invigilator.

    As the voice just faded away, that extremely arrogant young man rose at once, stepped forward, and drew one out of fifty different papers.

    Then, the others also stepped forward to draw their papers.

    After that, many of them began to frown with a dignified face.

    Because a lot of the herbs in the test paper were not commonly used.

    It was a little hard to distinguish them.

    Too lazy to fight, Fang Qiu was the last one to get the paper.

    By the time he stepped forward, there was only one test paper left.

    Holding it, he read it carefully on the way back.

    He found that the test paper began with a list of herbs. And under the list, there were some requests asking the candidates to write the nature, taste, belonging and efficiencies of these herbs.

    The last question required the candidates to write down at least three prescriptions using the herbs in the list.

    Finishing reading the paper, Fang Qiu nodded silently.

    Although the Physician’s Qualification Examination felt not as serious as the college entrance examination, it was just a feeling. For an examination of 50 candidates, one invigilator was enough, because the test papers of the 50 people were completely different; it was impossible to cheat.

    That was to say, except for the slightly better atmosphere, the Physician’s Qualification Examination was even more rigorous than the college entrance examination.

    The fifty people who got the papers went back to their seats.

    A moment later, the test bell rang.

    “Jingling, jingling…”

    “Examination begins!” announced the invigilator.

    Except for Fang Qiu, all the people stood up at the same time, ran towards the long table in the middle of the classroom, and began to select the herbs according to the list on their test papers.

    Some were fast, and some were slow.

    However, Fang Qiu was still sitting.

    He was not going to grab the herbs first.

    Were those people stupid?

    Anyway, the herbs were there and could be taken at any time.

    Although the table that put the herbs was very long, it must be a crowded picture when 49 people fought for the herbs altogether.

    Instead of wasting his time to be crowded, Fang Qiu would rather finish the questions on the test paper while everyone else was fighting for the herbs, and then go to take the herbs until the others were done with it and it was no longer crowded.

    As time went by, a lot of the crowd around the herb table had dispersed.

    It was not as crowded as it was at the beginning.

    Many of them had returned to their seats and started to solve the questions after finishing selecting the herbs. But there were still some who hadn’t even finished choosing the herbs.

    Several of them even stood awkwardly around the herb table, and secretly peeped at other people’s papers, trying to find the herb they didn’t know on the test paper, and then following the others’ choices.

    As a result, after finding for a long while, they discovered that the herbs on each test paper were quite different with little repetition.

    This depressed those who did not know the herbs.

    Eight minutes later, while some people were still selecting the herbs, Fang Qiu walked to the herb table with his test paper, beginning to choose the herbs as well.

    Two minutes later, after he got all the herbs listed on his test paper, he went directly to the invigilator who had been standing to the side and said, “I want to hand in my paper.”

    Hearing that, the invigilator was stunned.

    So were the other 49 candidates.

    “Hand in?”

    “Did this guy give up?”

    “There are still many people trapped in the herb selection. And only ten minutes have passed. There are still 20 minutes to go. How come he give up so early?”

    “He must be unable to solve the questions, so he chose to give up.”

    Everyone began to guess.

    In their eyes, it was impossible to finish the test in ten minutes.

    “Hand in?”

    The stunned invigilator threw a glance at Fang Qiu and reached out to take his test paper. The moment the invigilator was about to throw the paper to the table, out of the corner of his eye, he found that Fang Qiu had answered all the questions unexpectedly.

    Surprisingly, the invigilator immediately took a careful look at Fang Qiu’s paper.

    As a result, he discovered that all the questions on the paper were answered, and, after a rough browse, he even didn’t find any wrong answers.

    At this moment, the invigilator was completely shocked.

    Daring not to think more, he immediately took a look at the name on the paper.

    Fang Qiu!

    Seeing the name, he shivered all over.

    “Is this man the Fang Qiu who took the Feeling Pulse Challenge?”

    Staring at Fang Qiu for a while, he shook his head and thought in his heart, “No. Fang Qiu should be in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. And he’s only a freshman, not qualified to take the Physician’s Qualification Examination. Even if he is, he should take it in Jiangjing. How come he comes to Nanjiang?”

    “However, according to the situation of this examination, this Fang Qiu is not certainly worse than that Fang Qiu.”

    While the invigilator was immersed in his thought, the other candidates saw clearly the invigilator’s shock.

    Suddenly, everyone couldn’t help wondering.

    “Did he really finish it?”

    “Come on, is this guy that excellent?”

    “He took advantage of the rules. I should answer the questions first as well. It was crowded when I chose the herbs, which made me waste a lot of time.”


    The invigilator looked at Fang Qiu and said, “You can go out now and wait for another nine people outside to take the second examination together.”


    Fang Qiu nodded and then turned away.

    For most of this month, by following Xu Miaolin to write prescriptions and fill prescriptions, he had memorized numerous herbs. Therefore, such questions were just pieces of cake for him.

    In the exam room, when the arrogant young man saw Fang Qiu handing in his test paper and leaving, his face suddenly turned gloomy, as if he had been hit by something.

    He started writing hard, finished the paper quickly, and then handed it in.

    At the same time, some people also went out from the other exam rooms in succession. And when they saw Fang Qiu who sat outside the rooms, they all couldn’t help but turn stunned.

    They thought they must be the fastest.

    But they didn’t expect there was a faster one.

    Soon after, there were already ten people finishing the first examination.

    And the second one also began.