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Chapter 249

Medical Master
     Chapter 249 If You Failed to Pass This Exam, Don’t Bother to Take the Next One!

    After ten people had gathered, another middle-aged man came over slowly.

    “You ten candidates, follow me to the inner court for the second exam.”

    Shouting at the ten people, he turned away immediately.

    Therefore, the ten people immediately took steps to follow the middle-aged man. They bypassed the rooms of the first examination, keeping going deep into the yard.

    “Is this still a yard?”

    “Jesus, why are there so many courtyards?”

    “Oh god. These yards are like a maze. Will we be trapped here and unable to get out?”

    A few people began to whisper.

    Fang Qiu was also surprised.

    If there were not so many houses in it, he would have thought that it was built according to the imperial garden of the ancient dynasty. So far, he had entered the third courtyard. Although each courtyard was small, the total area of the three together would cover a large ground.

    Although it looked run-down, with such a large piece of land in the downtown, the Examination Association of Chinese Medical Physicians must also be rich in resources!

    Soon after, led by the middle-aged man, the ten people came to the third yard.

    In the courtyard stood several middle-aged examiners in suits.

    “These are the first group who is going to take the second test?” asked one of the middle-aged examiners as he stepped forward.


    The middle-aged man nodded and replied, “There you go.”

    The middle-aged examiner nodded, and then turned to Fang Qiu and the other candidates, saying, “This is the examiner of this second exam, and I am the invigilator. Since you’re the first group to come here, you naturally belong to the No. 1 exam room.

    “Now, follow me into the room.”

    Then, the middle-aged examiner turned his head and took the crowd to the first room among the row of bungalows in the innermost part of the yard.

    Entering the room, Fang Qiu took a glance over.

    This examination room was very similar to that of the college entrance examination.

    There were ten test tables arranged in two rows. The distance between two tables was very long.

    Looking carefully, he found there was a tablet computer on every test table.

    “Sit down,” the middle-aged examiner shouted.

    After the ten people all sat down, he continued, “First of all, I’ll tell you about the rules of this test.”

    “There is a tablet computer on each of your test tables. When the test starts, you can turn on the computers and play the video on it. In the video, there are doctor’s inquiries for ten patients. What you need to do is to write down on the answer sheet the symptoms of each patient, the analysis of their diseases, and the reasons for the prescriptions.

    “The exam will last ninety minutes!

    “In addition, I need to emphasize that the test papers will be graded right after the end of the examination. Only those who pass this examination are qualified to take the third examination in the afternoon! If you fail to pass the test of four diagnostic methods, never to mention prescription!

    “So, do you all understand?”

    The middle-aged examiner looked at everyone.

    The ten people nodded at once.

    This test was a crucial one, also a difficult one.

    But everyone was clear that since they were the top ten who handed in in the first exam, barring accidents, it meant that they were also the most outstanding ten people in the Physician’s Qualification Examination.

    Putting aside the first examination, the result of this examination would rank them.

    After all, they were all excellent ones, and they all had arrogance in their hearts inevitably.

    Especially that arrogant young man. He raised his head high, glancing disdainfully at the people around him.

    For a time, the idea of comparing with each other inevitably struck everyone’s mind.

    They all wanted to know who was the first one to hand in the paper and who could finish this exam fast and accurately!

    The rise of comparison let everybody expect the examination to begin more and more.

    With a glance, only Fang Qiu, who sat at the last exam table in the front row, looked calm.

    “Jingling, jingling…”

    A moment later, the bell rang.

    “The exam begins.”

    With the middle-aged examiner’s command, in front of everyone, the tablet computers were turned on at the same time.

    Everyone began to put on their headphones right now and clicked to play the video.

    Because the video was used as a test, it was so clear that all the details on the patients could be seen clearly.

    The video began.

    The first to appear was a woman in her sixties.

    As soon as the woman appeared, Fang Qiu immediately focused all his attention on her.

    Looking carefully, he found the woman’s face was dark with no expression. Her lips were a little red without lipstick. And she looked a little dull and tricky.

    She didn’t intend to talk, even after she arrived at the consultation table.

    It was her husband who introduced her illness.

    The next was the doctor’s inquiries.

    Fang Qiu listened very carefully.

    The others even made record earnestly while listening. When it was too late to record, they would pause the video directly and continue it after finishing recording.

    In the whole exam room, only Fang Qiu was staring at the video, without taking any notes.

    Seeing the doctor writing the prescription, he watched more closely.

    In the video, the woman put out her tongue impatiently.

    Fang Qiu immediately saw that her tongue was red with ecchymosis, and the coating on her tongue was thin and yellow.

    Then, the doctor began to feel her pulse.

    After that, the doctor wrote down on the paper under the lens: taut pulses, slightly quicker.

    Then, he wrote the prescription.

    “Semen trichosanthis, 15 grams; lily, 20 grams; dried rehmannia root, 12 grams; radix bupleuri, 15 grams; white peony root, 15 grams; radix curcumae, 10 grams; salvia miltrorrhiza, 12 grams; pseudo-ginseng, 10 grams. A dose one day. A dose could be boiled twice. Mix the decocting liquid of the two times and warm-take it twice a day.”

    So far, the process of seeing the first patient was over.

    After that, Fang Qiu immediately hit pause.

    The picture stopped on the prescription.

    Then, he grabbed the pen and quickly wrote down the patient’s symptoms on the test paper, as well as the analysis and detailed explanation of the patient’s condition.

    Conclusion: Long-term anger hurt the heart and liver easily. Depression turning into anger damaged Yin. Because of that, heat gathered in the chest, resulting in choking sensation in chest and insomnia. Blood stasis obstructed meridians, resulting in pain in chest rib.

    The treatment was to clear away the heart-fire and dredged liver to relieve melancholy.

    Then, Fang Qiu continued.

    The last question of the first big question: Why did the doctor write this prescription for this patient?

    Without a doubt, in the case of understanding the disease and the prescription, Fang Qiu kept writing without pause.

    The semen trichosanthis in the prescription relieved chest stiffness to dissipate mass. Lily and dried rehmannia root cleared away the heart-fire and relieved melancholy. Radix bupleuri and white peony root dredged liver to relieve melancholy. Radix curcumae, pseudo-ginseng, and salivae miltiorrhiza improved blood circulation and dispersed stasis. After the heart-fire was cleared, the melancholy was relived and the stasis was dispersed, all symptoms would disappear…

    Before the other nine people in the exam room finished watching the process of the first patient, Fang Qiu had begun to see the second.

    Beside Fang Qiu, the arrogant young man, who also chose the last seat, unconsciously shot a glance at Fang Qiu.

    Seeing Fang Qiu watching the second case, he couldn’t help shaking his head immediately with a sneer.

    In fact, after Fang Qiu took the lead in the first exam, he regarded Fang Qiu as an enemy in his heart.

    Not an opponent, but an enemy.

    Because, in his eyes, Fang Qiu couldn’t match him at all.

    Therefore, he refused to regard Fang Qiu as an opponent. But Fang Qiu did surpass him in the first exam, which made him very angry.

    He was looking forward to an opportunity to defeat Fang Qiu.

    That was why he paid attention to Fang Qiu from time to time during the exam.

    “That’s all your strength?”

    At the same time, the young man smiled contemptuously.

    Not just him, everyone in this room, even including the middle-aged examiner, knew that the less one wrote, the faster one went.

    However, the less one wrote, the more one missed.

    So, in his point of view, Fang Qiu was just so so.

    However, Fang Qiu, who devoted himself to the exam, was totally unaware of the malice and contempt coming from his side.

    He was still calm and put all his energy into the exam.

    The second patient was a woman of about thirty.

    Observing carefully, Fang Qiu noticed that the woman covered herself completely, even including her face.

    Since she dressed this way, Fang Qiu immediately guessed that the woman either had a problem on her face or was suffering from an infectious disease or a skin disease.

    Sure enough, after the doctor began to diagnose, the woman took off her mask, revealing a face that was not ugly but was covered in red prickly heat.

    With a closer look, Fang Qiu found not only her face but also the skin of both her hands and arms was reddish and itchy.

    Most importantly, this woman had some restlessness. Under the doctor’s diagnosis, Fang Qiu noticed that her tongue was red, coating thin and yellow, and her pulse heavy, weak, and quick.

    After the diagnosis, the doctor began to write the prescription.

    After watching the video, Fang Qiu was confident in his heart.

    This woman was suffering from the skin with fire stagnation.

    Fang Qiu immediately hit pause, continuing to quickly fill the paper.

    He was as fast as he did in the first case.

    Then, the third, the fourth, and the fifth.

    Fang Qiu still kept the same speed, even faster and faster.

    During this period, the other people in the room also noticed Fang Qiu’s horrible speed of answering questions. They all turned surprised.

    While being surprised, they were doubtful more.

    “This guy was also so fast in the first exam. He’s not doing the paper, but fooling around, isn’t he?”

    “What the hell is he doing? He watches the video even without pause?”

    “There came a person who’s good at showing off! But unfortunately, it is doomed that he’ll fail, and will be a joke instead.”

    Everyone was secretly whispering.

    In their eyes, it was simply impossible to do the paper with Fang Qiu’s speed.

    When they were watching the video, they should not only pay attention to the details of the patients, but also to the information given by the doctor while he was diagnosing. What was more, they had to make analyses of the prescriptions, which meant they had to make it clear why the doctor wrote the prescriptions.

    Because there were so many things to consider, they were given 90 minutes in this exam.

    However, according to Fang Qiu’s speed, he would finish the exam in half an hour.

    Could it be possible?

    To the others, obviously no!

    However, while everybody was secretly despising, ridiculing, and sneering at Fang Qiu, he kept the same speed and continued to watch the video to answer the questions.

    The sixth and the seventh.

    All the way to the tenth.

    Fang Qiu dealt with all the cases by watching the video first and then answering the questions.

    After finishing the last case, he immediately closed his eyes and quickly went through all the pictures of the ten cases in his mind to check his answers he had written on the test paper from the beginning.

    After checking once, he found no mistake.

    All the questions were answered correctly without any deviation.

    Fang Qiu took off the earphones confidently and then stood up.

    “Mr. Examiner, I want to hand in my paper,” Fang Qiu said to the middle-aged examiner, holding the answer paper in his hand.

    Hearing that, all the people in the examination room immediately raised their heads and looked at Fang Qiu with a little shock on their faces.

    At this time, except for him, the person who did the questions fastest in the examination room had just finished the analysis of the fourth case.

    In addition, only forty minutes had passed, which was even less than half of the total length of the exam.

    How could Fang Qiu finish so quickly?

    Thinking of that, everybody was surer that Fang Qiu was unable to solve the problems and his answers were written at will.

    Not just candidates, even the middle-aged examiner couldn’t help but get surprised, after hearing Fang Qiu’s words that he wanted to hand in his paper.

    “Uh… a man to make up the number again?”

    Looking at Fang Qiu with an angry face, the middle-aged examiner began to mutter secretly.