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Chapter 250 - Full Marks!

Medical Master
     Chapter 250 Full Marks!

    The invigilator was angry.

    In the field of Chinese Medicine, their duty was to benefit society and save people.

    They should show 100% enthusiasm and assume 200% responsibility no matter toward the herbs, prescriptions, or patients.

    Because medicine could save people, as well as kill people.

    Every Chinese Medicine physician must take full responsibility for the safety of his patients.

    And before that, everyone who liked Chinese Medicine, learned it, and wanted to be a Chinese Medicine practitioner should follow the ethics of Chinese Medicine, maintain absolute enthusiasm for Chinese Medicine, and work hard to bear the title of a Chinese Medicine physician.

    Without a doubt, the Physician’s Qualification Certificate was the result of efforts.

    However, the guy in front of him showed no respect toward his own efforts, as well as the title of Chinese Medicine physician at all.

    In such a serious examination room, he handed in his paper after 40 minutes since the exam began.

    This made the invigilator very unhappy.

    However, the examination was a personal matter. Fang Qiu chose to hand in his paper in advance, and the invigilator had no right to say anything.

    “Hey, young man, there are still fifty minutes to go before the end of the exam. Why not use this period to check your answers carefully?” the invigilator looked at Fang Qiu and asked.

    “I’ve finished checking,” replied Fang Qiu.

    “This test is related to whether you can go to the next round. Only when you go to the next round can you have the chance to get the Physician’s Qualification Certificate. Are you still sure to hand in the test paper?”

    The invigilator continued to ask without giving up. He even gave Fang Qiu an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

    “Yes, I’m sure.”

    Fang Qiu nodded coolly.

    He was indeed done with it.


    With a sigh, the invigilator approached Fang Qiu and took the test paper from Fang Qiu’s hand.

    In the heart, he felt very disappointed.

    “Why the people who study Chinese Medicine nowadays are all like this. They are all ignorant and eager to make progress. How can they have the ability to treat patients and become a good Chinese Medicine physician in the future?”

    With a deep gaze on Fang Qiu, the invigilator began to bow his head to browse Fang Qiu’s test paper while complaining secretly.

    As a result, he immediately saw Fang Qiu’s delicate writing all over the test paper.

    The whole paper was filled up without blanks.

    The invigilator was stunned.

    He thought his eyes were blurred, so he reached out to rub his eyes and looked at Fang Qiu’s test paper again.

    Suddenly, he became shocked!

    As an invigilator, he had made great achievements in Chinese Medicine. Moreover, he knew the correct answer to one of the ten questions.

    Looking at that question, he found that Fang Qiu’s analysis was completely correct without a bit of deviation.

    And the key was that Fang Qiu’s answer about the diagnosis part was also very detailed. He observed and wrote down every movement, expression and even subtle facial expression of the patient.

    The invigilator was completely shocked at the moment.

    He raised his head to look at Fang Qiu. An unexplainable trace of shock flashed in his eyes.

    “You, sit down first.”

    Suppressing his shock, the invigilator opened his mouth and said, “Wait till the exam ends.”


    Fang Qiu nodded yes, returned to his seat, and sat down.

    Then, he closed his eyes.

    It seemed that he was sitting in repose with his eyes closed, but actually, he began to practice secretly.

    To improve his Chinese Medicine skill was a major event, so was to enhance his own strength. He didn’t forget that the old master asked him to form two flowers in his Dantian.

    Ever since the day the old master refused to see him, he would close his eyes to cultivate whenever he had time.

    Although the promotion of strength relied on actual combats, it was not a bad thing to improve his realm before he really started the actual combat training.

    As Fang Qiu sat down, the others all lowered their heads to do the questions again.

    After reading Fang Qiu’s test paper carefully, the invigilator walked to the door of the examination room and shouted to the outside. Then, the middle-aged examiner immediately came over with a file.

    To avoid cheating by the invigilator and the marking teacher, the middle-aged examiner directly sealed Fang Qiu’s name on the test paper with wax while taking over the test paper from the invigilator, and then put it into the file, taking it to the marking teacher to grade.

    In a bungalow on the side in the third courtyard of the Examination Association of Chinese Medical Physicians, eight teachers were sitting at a desk respectively, drinking tea and chatting.

    They were the marking teachers of this examination.


    Suddenly, a series of footsteps came.

    A fat examiner came in from outside the door and handed the file to the desk of the first marking teacher.

    “So early?”

    The first marking teacher was still drinking tea. The moment he saw the test paper, he got stunned immediately, asking, “Someone indeed handed in his paper so early?”

    “Hurry to grade it. Time is loose now. Grade it in advance and save time for the future.”

    The fat examiner left those words and then turned away.

    “Hey, someone really handed in so early?!”

    The teacher took the paper out of the file, glanced at it, and then began to mark it immediately.

    “His answer to the first question is good. And there is no omission about the four diagnostic methods. Full marks.”

    “The second question is also with full marks.”

    “His answer to the third one is quite detailed without errors.”

    When the marking teacher graded the third question, he got somewhat surprised.

    Normally, it was easy to find mistakes in such tests. After all, there was no unified answer. Generally speaking, few people could answer them perfectly with no mistakes.

    But the person who answered this test paper did it.

    Although only the first three questions, it was still very good.

    “The fourth question, full marks.”

    “The fifth question.”


    Along with the progress of grading, the marking teacher’s face also changed.

    When he graded the eighth problem, his face was covered with shock completely.

    “Full marks. Still full marks!”

    “Which student did it? His answer is too accurate!”

    The marking teacher tried to see the name on the paper but found it was sealed. With a deep breath, he continued to grade.

    The ninth question, full marks.

    The tenth question, still full marks!

    “What a talented man!”

    After grading all the questions, the marking teacher couldn’t help staring at the test paper, and remarked with a shocking face, “There will be a skilled doctor here.”

    His words puzzled all the other teachers in the room.

    “What’s going on?”

    “Don’t tell me that the test paper answered within forty minutes doesn’t fail!”

    “How can someone be a skilled doctor after taking just an examination?”

    “How come? The answers in the test paper are very good?”

    Everyone began to speak and ask.

    “Full marks!”

    The marking teacher turned his head to throw a glance at everyone, and said with a bitter smile, “The answers to all the ten questions on the test paper are correct with no omission. I intended to find a mistake to deduct his marks, but failed.”

    Upon hearing that, the other teachers all got surprised.

    “All the ten questions are correct?”

    “No way!”

    “How can it be possible? Hand in a paper of full marks after forty minutes since the exam began?”

    “Are you cheating us? We see it in person that this test paper was brought here after forty minutes since the beginning of the exam. Normally, those who spend only forty minutes answering the papers are all ignorant and incompetent. How can such a person gain full marks?”

    For a time, all the teachers were shaking their heads questioningly.

    “If you don’t believe me, just see the paper in person.”

    The marking teacher revealed a bitter smile.

    Upon hearing that, the other teachers immediately gathered.

    After reading it carefully, they found this paper was really of full marks!

    For a time, all the teachers here were dumbfounded.

    Before they could sigh with emotion, another marking teacher immediately laughed bitterly after reading the test paper. He said, “To be honest, the first person who handed in the paper in the first exam I was in charge of also passed the exam with full marks.”

    Those words immediately aroused everyone’s curiosity.

    “Really? The same person?”

    “How about finding the test paper out to have a look?”

    “If the two papers are really of one person, it is really amazing.”

    “Before all the papers were sent to us to mark, the candidates’ names had already been sealed up. How can we know if they are of the same person?”

    “Stupid. We’ll know just by comparing the handwriting of the two papers.”

    “Good idea!”

    At everyone’s instigation, the marking teacher of the first exam quickly found the first hand-in paper and compared its handwriting with the first hand-in paper in the second exam.

    As a result, everyone was shocked after that.

    Because the handwriting of the two papers was exactly the same.

    Even the name of the same herb was written exactly the same on both papers.

    Obviously, they were of the same person!

    “It’s really the same person!”

    “Unexpectedly, there lives a highly skilled doctor here.”

    “Although the exam is not too difficult, it’s enough to prove his ability by performing so well. It seems that there is going to be a new rising star in our Chinese Medicine community.”


    In the exam room, the exam was still going on.

    Fang Qiu, who had been practicing with his eyes closed, had no idea that, the moment in the marking room, there was quite a commotion because of his two test papers.

    Time flew.

    Half an hour passed in the twinkling of an eye.

    The examination time had come to the seventieth minute.

    “I’d like to hand in my paper.”

    Finally, a full thirty minutes later, someone’s voice sounded.

    Everyone began to look at the direction of the voice.

    This time, the speaking person was that arrogant young man who had been an enemy to everybody and verbally despised Fang Qiu before the first examination.

    Maybe because the timing was proper this time, the invigilator didn’t inquire and persuade, but directly came over and took the paper.

    After that, the young man glanced at the others with a proud and arrogant face. When his eyes were about to fall on Fang Qiu, he ignored Fang Qiu directly and selectively.

    Then, the papers were handed in one after another.

    The ninetieth minute seemed to be the bottom line for everyone. They were trying to hand in their papers before the time was up.

    When all the ten people had handed in their papers, there were five minutes left before the end of the exam.

    Under the invigilator’s instruction, all of them stayed in the examination room to wait for the result.

    Because this exam was different from the first one. This exam would grade the papers after the exam, and then announced the result on the spot. Those who didn’t pass the exam were not qualified to take the next examination.

    The reason was simple.

    The next exam was prescribing, and this one was the four diagnostic methods.

    If someone even couldn’t pass the exam of four diagnostic methods, how could he prescribe?

    In the marking room, each teacher was grading a test paper.

    Because the papers were handed in and sent to the marking room at different times, although each teacher was responsible for a paper, it was still somewhat slow.

    Five minutes later, it was just the end of the second exam, and all the papers were finally finished grading.

    The invigilator took a transcript and returned to the examination room.