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Chapter 255 - Their Hero Was Back!

Medical Master
     Chapter 255 Their Hero Was Back!

    As the host said, it was a happy and joyful day.

    Without the speeches of the leaders, the popular programs gradually set the atmosphere of the party to a climax one after another.

    Until 9 pm, the party was full of climaxes and applause.

    After a skit, the host walked to the stage for the fourteenth time and said with a smile, “The next show should be expected by a lot of people.”

    Hearing that, everyone immediately became interested.

    “Let’s welcome Jiang Miaoyu who will sing ‘The Confession Balloon’!”


    All the boys offstage became excited at once.

    Finally, their talented and pretty dream lover would come to stage!

    And they had already heard Jiang Miaoyu sing. What was more, the song she would sing this time was the one that almost all the people could sing, which was very exciting.

    The most important thing was that Christmas was just over, so the song that Jiang Miaoyu would sing was just in line with the atmosphere.

    The LED screen on the stage began to play the MV of Confession Balloon while pink balloons all over the sky suddenly rose from both sides of the stage and floated in the air.

    What a fantastic scene.

    A figure came onto the stage.

    The audience shouted enthusiastically, excitedly, and wildly.

    Jiang Miaoyu bowed to the audience with a smile and started to sing, which brought everyone into the beauty of the music.

    “You say that it is difficult to chase you.”

    Jiang Miaoyu sang.

    “No. I’d love to chase you.”

    “You want me to give up.”

    Jiang Miaoyu sang.

    The boys offstage roared. “No!”

    “You give up? Hurry to come!”

    Jiang Miaoyu was amused by them, almost out of tune.

    The warm and nifty lyrics directly set the atmosphere to a climax which had become the biggest one so far.

    “Darling, don’t be wilful. Please look at me and say you do.”

    The boys offstage roared right after the last sentence. “Me too!!!”

    Then came wolf-like howls.

    Jiang Miaoyu bowed to the audience with a smile, said “thank you”, and turned around to step down the stage.

    The host entered on the stage.

    “Did Jiang Miaoyu sing well?” the host interacted with the audience for a while with the warm atmosphere and then said with a smile, “at this time, the New Year party today is drawing to a close.”

    Everyone offstage cheered. Although they felt that time passed too fast, they also knew clearly that it meant it was the time for the mystery guest to come to the stage.

    Just when the audience cheered, the host suddenly raised his hand and said, “Next, there are two wonderful programs and two mystery guests.”

    Hearing that, the whole audience was dumbfounded.

    “After the show of Jiang Miaoyu, there are still two programs?”

    “We all recognize Xin Zheng to perform the grand finale. After all, he is a star as well as our senior. Since our university has invited him with money, it’s not appropriate for him not to perform the finale.”

    “But besides Xin Zheng, who is another one? Could it be that there is another person who is more awesome than Jiang Miaoyu at the university? It’s not possible.”

    Not only the students but also the leaders and the teachers offstage were also very surprised.

    Those leaders who had already seen the program list were more confused.

    “I have never heard that there is another program next!”

    Even Xin Zheng, who had finished applying makeup to himself backstage and was about to go on stage in fashionable clothes, was also surprised.

    “Another program? Who is it? Could it be that the university also invited another person?”

    Xin Zheng had a lot of unspoken criticism as he frowned.

    “Another program? Who is it? Could it be that the university also invited another person?”

    Here, in Class Three, the three roommates of Fang Qiu looked at each other and found the same thing on each other’s faces.

    “No way?” said Sun Hao, “could it be that?”

    Zhu Benzheng shook his head and said, “It’s about the time.”

    “My God. Do you mean that the youngest is back?” Zhou Xiaotian exclaimed in surprise.

    Just then, on the stage.

    “Now, let’s welcome our first mystery guest.”

    Speaking of this, the host looked at all the people offstage with a smile as if he was enjoying the feeling of provoking others’ curiosity.

    Everyone offstage also looked up and stared at the host, waiting for the host to speak.

    For a time, the stadium fell silent.

    After a short silence, the host said, “Let’s welcome Fang Qiu who will perform the solo song ‘Dream it possible’!!!”


    At the sound of this, the whole audience was in an uproar.

    And then it immediately caused a great sensation!

    “Fang Qiu?! The mystery guest is Fang Qiu?! Fang Qiu is back???”

    At the same time, the whole audience became excited and inspired.

    “Fang Qiu has come back unexpectedly after being away for more than a month!”

    For a moment, the audience cheered wildly.

    No one had expected that Fang Qiu actually came back at the New Year party.

    Here, when Jiang Miaoyu, who just stepped off the stage, heard the name of Fang Qiu, she also paused first. She turned around to have a look at the stage in surprise and then couldn’t help smiling.

    “Fang Qiu?” Xin Zheng asked in surprise in the lounge backstage, “Who is he? He is so charismatic?”

    Although he graduated from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, he studied in the School of Sports and Arts. Although he had made some achievements in Chinese Medicine, he hadn’t paid much attention to Chinese Medicine for many years because he had entered the entertainment circle. That was why he did not know Fang Qiu at all.

    Chen Yinsheng sitting in the leader’s seat offstage looked calm.

    He also did not expect at the beginning that Fang Qiu, who had disappeared since a long time ago, actually came back. He just knew it after seeing the name of Fang Qiu and the programs were finalized.

    When the host shouted out the name of Fang Qiu, he felt that the surrounding cheers were like the situation of landslide and tsunami.

    At this point, he just understood how appealing Fang Qiu was!

    Thinking of the study atmosphere at the university during the one and a half months when Fang Qiu was away and the fact that he was directed against Fang Qiu, Chen Yinsheng couldn’t help sighing silently.

    The cheers resounded through the sky like the landslide and the tsunami.

    On the stage, the host stepped down the stage.

    A layer of fog quickly rose from the stage and covered the entire stage.


    At this time, a crispy sound was heard.

    Three spotlights beamed down on the center of the stage from the left, middle, and right angles.

    Under the bright lights, they could clearly see that a dark figure slowly rose up, standing in the thick fog.

    The left light went out, the right light went out, and the middle light went out.

    On the big screen behind the stage, the light flashed and then a gorgeous light effect flashed out.

    At the same time, the figure moved slowly forward in the thick fog.

    The fog on the stage quickly dispersed with his pace.

    Having walked in front of the stage, Fang Qiu finally showed his face.

    “Hello, I’m Fang Qiu.”

    He made a bow to the audience while smiling at all the people offstage and introducing himself.

    “Clap, clap, clap…”

    The applause burst out.

    In the storm of applause, someone started to shout. “Fang Qiu!”

    “Fang Qiu!!! Fang Qiu!!!” Almost everyone was cheering and shouting wildly.

    That resounding cries lasted.

    Who was Fang Qiu? He was the one who proposed the Apprentice Plan and benefited all the students at the university! He was the one who led UJCM to win the Knowledge Competition of Freshmen! He was the one who won the battle of the pulse of pregnancy, which made everyone have confidence in Chinese Medicine!

    Although the battle had ended one and a half months ago and the heat of the battle of the pulse of pregnancy had faded gradually, Fang Qiu was still the hero of the whole university and the hero in the students’ hearts. He was the hero in the Chinese Medicine industry! Their hero had finally come back!

    “Damn it, I couldn’t help it,” looking at Fang Qiu on the stage, Sun Hao said with red eyes, “Fu*k. When the youngest came on the stage, he was so handsome that I’m going to cry.”

    “I was sprayed with dry ice.” Zhou Xiaotian laughed excitedly, his eyes red with tears.

    “Good. The youngest unexpectedly came back without telling us. What kind of friend is he? He is not loyal to us!”

    Zhu Benzheng was also excited, his eyes red with tears.

    Just after that, the three of them looked at each other and clapped hands with each other while laughing wantonly.

    On the stage, the accompaniment sounded.

    Fang Qiu was wearing a smile.

    At the sound of the accompaniment, the resounding cries ceased.

    Everyone wanted to quietly hear Fang Qiu sing because it was a real enjoyment.

    “Go straight along with this crazy world.”

    Fang Qiu started to sing.

    That familiar, beautiful voice which was like the sound of an instrument let the whole audience jolt their bodies.

    He totally conquered the whole audience!

    For a time, applause and cheers burst out.

    “His singing skills are quite awesome?”

    At the same time, Xin Zheng’s face darkened slightly as he heard Fang Qiu’s singing backstage.

    On the stage, Fang Qiu continued singing.

    With his melodious and graceful singing, he brought all the audience into the conception of the song.

    “Let the sunshine reflect the wet pupils and the rainbow that I want most in my heart. Take me to the sky where you are in because you are my dream, my dream.”

    Everyone was reveling in the song.

    They felt the persistence to dreams and the impulse surged from the bottom of their hearts. They felt that they finally saw the hope after experiencing countless failures seemingly.

    It was a feeling that made a soul tremble.

    Having finished a part, Fang Qiu stood comfortably on the stage.

    No one was looking at him offstage because all the people were moving with the music, touched by the struggle for the dream.

    “I will chase. I will reach. I will fly until I’m breaking, until I’m breaking…”

    However, the next moment when Fang Qiu sang again, the lyrics became English.

    Hearing that, all the people were dumbfounded.

    “The pronunciation is so standard!”

    Here, the students of the School of Foreign Languages were shocked when they heard the English pronunciation of Fang Qiu.

    It was their first time to hear such standard English pronunciation from a student of another school.

    For a time, it caused a great sensation among the audience.

    It was the first time for everyone present to hear Fang Qiu singing an English song.

    It was difficult to learn English. But Fang Qiu not only had good pronunciation but also could sing an English song so well, which made everyone cheer loudly.

    Hearing the cheers from the audience, Xin Zheng, who had been waiting for coming to stage in the lounge backstage, immediately could not help frowning.

    “I’m the one who will perform the grand finale! How can the song sung by this junior called Fang Qiu be so popular? In this case, how can I perform my grand finale? If I’m not popular enough, won’t I look worse in comparison?”

    “Humph!” Thinking of this, Xin Zheng snorted coldly.

    He said inwardly, “I’m the key person today, not you!”

    On the stage, when it came to the third part, Fang Qiu switched to Chinese again and sang the whole song completely.

    Cheers went on and on, especially when Fang Qiu finished singing, the cheers offstage even reached the peak. Applause burst out and resounded through the sky once again.

    “Thank you.”

    On the stage, Fang Qiu thanked the audience, about to bow and step off the stage.

    Unexpectedly, before he could bow, a shout broke out.

    “One more!”

    “Sing another song!”


    Fang Qiu was surprised.

    But when he was in surprise, all the audience shouted a single sentence.

    “Encore!!! Encore!!!”

    The passion of the audience was incredibly strong. It seemed that they didn’t allow Fang Qiu to step off as if Fang Qiu was the key person of the party and Xin Zheng had been forgotten.

    Even the host was shocked.

    He also did not expect that the sound was actually so loud.

    “And the next is Xin Zheng’s program. What should I do?”