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Chapter 256 - What a Magic Song!

Medical Master
     Chapter 256 What a Magic Song!

    As soon as Fang Qiu finished singing, Xin Zheng, who left the lounge immediately and went to the entrance to the stage, preparing to enter on the stage, heard the deafening sound of “encore” and suddenly became extremely embarrassed. Especially that many staff around him were looking at him, which made him feel even more embarrassed.

    “I am the key person in this New Year party today! Those cheers should have been given to me!”

    However, before he even got on the stage, Fang Qiu on the stage had stolen his limelight, which annoyed him a lot.

    His face also became faintly grave.

    On the stage, the host did not dare to make a decision at all, so he immediately ran to the front of the stage and looked at Chen Yinsheng as well as other school leaders with inquiry in his eyes.

    After all, these sudden cheers were really beyond everyone’s expectation.

    Seeing that the cheers were irreversible, Chen Yinsheng immediately nodded his head in agreement while receiving the host’s signal for help.

    Seeing this, the host was secretly relieved.

    He put on a professional smile, holding the microphone. Then he beckoned everyone to be quiet while walking to Fang Qiu and said with a smile, “Fang Qiu, since you are so popular and they like you so much, can you sing another song for everybody?”

    “All right.”

    Fang Qiu could only nod.

    To be honest, the cheers on the scene were also beyond his imagination and even frightened him a little.

    He knew very well that in this case, if he just stepped down, the scene may be out of control.

    So just when the host asked him, he could only nod his head.

    Hearing Fang Qiu’s answer, the sound of “encore” immediately turned into cheers.

    As the audience cheered, the host turned off the microphone and asked, “Which song do you want to sing? I’ll ask the staff backstage to make the preparation.”

    “I’m going to sing ‘Young For You’ from Gala, but please shorten the prelude because it’s too long,” Fang Qiu thought for a moment and said.

    The host hurriedly went to negotiate with the relevant staff.

    The staff found the accompaniment very soon and shortened it.

    “OK,” facing all the audience, the host said with a smile, “now, let’s welcome Fang Qiu who will sing ‘Young For You’.”

    “An English song?”

    At the sound of this, in addition to the students of the School of Foreign Language, the students from the other schools were all dumbfounded, but then, they cheered one after another.

    “Although we don’t understand English, since Fang Qiu wants to sing an English song, let him. Anyway, the music has no geographic boundaries! Moreover, just now, Fang Qiu sang English very well! The most important thing is that he will sing. It doesn’t matter what he will sing!”

    A short while later, under the spotlights, the stage and the screen behind Fang Qiu changed instantly. The scene rotated, which made people feel that Fang Qiu was standing at the center of a black hole.

    It looked extremely shocking.

    As the prelude started, Fang Qiu followed the beat enjoyably, walking on the stage and beating time.

    “Sunday’s coming. I wanna drive my car to your apartment with a present like a star. Forecaster said the weather may be rainy hard…”

    After reaching the rhythmical point, Fang Qiu began to sing.

    But as soon as he sang, the whole audience suddenly became quiet.

    All the students looked at Fang Qiu in confusion.

    “What… what song is it?”

    “My God. What did I hear? Who can tell me what I heard?”

    “Seems that I have heard monkey banana?”

    “What pronunciation is it? How magic!”

    “Why does he sound like a donkey?”

    For a time, everyone was dumbfounded.

    The students of the School of Foreign Languages had more wonderful expressions.

    “We have just praised the standard pronunciation of Fang Qiu, but now, why does he sound like this?”

    “Looks like Fang Qiu initially wanted to surprise us, but it turned out to be a shock.”

    “This song reminds me of my youth, of the dilly-dally handsome boy who always liked pulling a prank in my class.”

    “The pronunciation is so f*cking magic…”

    “I feel brainwashed. It’s like monkeys are yelling in my head.”

    “Haha, I think listening to this song can slim my face because it makes me laugh.”

    “Why do I feel that he is like an excited husky?”

    The more they listened to, the more magic they felt.

    A lot of people couldn’t help laughing.

    “Although his pronunciation is a little strange, the melody sounds very good.”

    “I told you that I have been brainwashed.”

    “It sounds so magic.”

    “So strange. Why do I have the impulse to dance?”

    “I want to set myself free.”

    “Come on. Let’s have fun since there’s plenty of time.”

    “Cheer up, cheer up.”

    Inexplicably, Fang Qiu’s magic accent as well as the strange, but very pleasant melody influenced countless people soon. Some of them even stood up and jumped happily together with the people around them.

    With the passage of time, more and more people got up and started to set themselves free. Some were acting funny and some were spoofing. All the people set themselves free against the music. They laughed happily and didn’t care about others’ views.

    For a time, the stadium became a sea of joy.

    Although they didn’t understand, the song sounded good and it was magic!

    Having seen the joy of the audience, Fang Qiu also smiled on the stage, completely setting himself free.

    Then he changed the language.

    “Love your thoughtless thoughts. Just as the shutter clicked, we passed the blue sky and white clouds as well as the seasons. The shaking scene was at GALA.”

    Fang Qiu began to sing in Chinese.

    Although his Chinese pronunciation was much better than his English pronunciation, it was still magic. The feeling of joy was still beating crazily like a flame.

    Listening to the Chinese song, all the audience offstage became happier.

    Happy hours were always short. Before everyone had enough fun, Fang Qiu had finished singing.

    As Fang Qiu finished the last line of the lyrics, with the end of the accompaniment, the audience all stopped setting themselves free.

    They smiled happily and applauded!

    The applause burst out and didn’t stop!

    This time, Fang Qiu didn’t dare to speak again. He directly made a bow to the audience and then stepped down hurriedly.

    The host, who had been standing offstage, also didn’t dare to hesitate, so he rushed to the stage hastily.

    “Fang Qiu can’t get any encore any more. If so, it will be too late. Besides, if Fang Qiu is asked to perform again, won’t Xin Zheng be more embarrassed offstage? Which guest of the grand finale can’t come to stage all the time?”

    “The leaders offstage are also tired. I’d better announce the following finale hurriedly. When the party is over, the leaders can go home to rest.”

    However, as soon as Fang Qiu left, the warm applause from the whole audience suddenly subsided.

    Before the host spoke, the audience shouted again.

    “Encore. Encore!”

    All the voices gathered together.

    Although it was not as shocking as it was before, it still became the main tone among the audience.

    “OK. OK,” as the audience shouted, the host beckoned them to be quiet and said, “Fang Qiu has just come back. He has been tired after taking a coach all day. Please let him have a rest.”

    Speaking of this, the host immediately raised his voice and added, “Now, let’s welcome the pride of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, the most mystery guest of this New Year party, Xin Zheng!”

    After that, the host turned around to take a look.

    But after calling for a long time, he didn’t see Xin Zheng at all.

    On the stage, the host was extremely embarrassed.

    “What happened? Where is he? Why doesn’t he come to the stage?”

    Just then, the host suddenly heard a sound from the earphones that he had been wearing.

    “Warm up first. Xin Zheng wants to change the song on the spot. Now, we are discussing it backstage. You must hold on.”

    Hearing the director’s words backstage, the host was surprised.

    “Changing songs at a party on the spot is a big no-no!”

    Usually, the programs were rehearsed in advance before being finalized. Everything about the programs was prepared in advance, such as the accompaniment of the song, the scene, the stage effect and so on.

    Moreover, it took a long time to finalize them.

    The reason why Fang Qiu could sing two songs in succession was that he was so popular and he didn’t have time to prepare. As long as he performed on the stage, it didn’t matter whether the stage effect was good or not.

    But Xin Zheng was different. He was a singer and was very strict with modeling, the accuracy of the accompaniment as well as the gorgeousness of the stage, which brought a great problem to the staff if he changed the song on the spot.

    But the staff had no choice because Xin Zheng was a singer. No matter how difficult it was, they had to listen to him.

    The staff agreed to change the song after the discussion.

    In the exclusive lounge, Xin Zheng was waiting.

    He also had no choice but to change the song on the spot.

    Xin Zheng didn’t expect that another mystery guest named Fang Qiu suddenly appeared at the party. Moreover, Fang Qiu caused such a sensation and got so many cheers from the audience.

    In Xin Zheng’s view, this party was held on his territory.

    “I’m a super star. How can I lose to a student on my own territory? I can’t let it happen by any means. I’m the key person today. I have to win him, otherwise, I will lose my face!”

    Therefore, before coming to the stage, Xin Zheng suggested changing the initial song into another passionate song.

    On the stage, the host stalled for time while warming up according to the director’s request backstage by using the identity of Xin Zheng.

    Simply speaking, he just kept telling people how good Xin Zheng’s song was, how many awards he had won, how many people loved him, and how many followers his Weibo had and so on.

    Of course, the host did not say these too straightforwardly but flattered him indirectly.

    The atmosphere among the audience gradually became warm.


    Three minutes later, after hearing that Xin Zheng was ready to come to the stage, the host immediately stopped flattering him and said, “Since I have said so much and I know everyone is looking forward to seeing him, then I will not waste your time. Let us welcome the honor of our university—Xin Zheng, with warm applause and cheers!”

    The applause offstage was very warm, but obviously, it was not as warm as that when Fang Qiu came to the stage.

    Especially that a few minutes later, many people offstage were still immersed in the magic song that Fang Qiu had just sung.

    Finally, Xin Zheng came on the stage.

    Looking at all the audience, Xin Zheng was wearing a smile.

    He also felt that the atmosphere was completely not as warm as that when Fang Qiu was on the stage.

    Although he was a little disappointed in the heart, after all, he had many years of stage experience. After taking a deep breath, he immediately adjusted his mentality and said, “I rarely come back to the university. Since I’m standing on the stage, I would like to sing a song—Against War for you. Wish everyone makes academic progress. The roc will soar highly with the wind to the sky thousands of kilometers high!” Xin Zheng said these sentences very bravely.

    “I must earn back the face that I lost to Fang Qiu!”