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Chapter 258 - Chen Cong’s Breakthrough!

Medical Master
     Chapter 258 Chen Cong’s Breakthrough!

    “Why suddenly ask that?”

    Sun Hao curled his lips, asking back, “Don’t try to change the topic. Just tell us how should we punish you for not informing us in advance that you’re going back.”

    “Yes, you can’t change the topic.”

    Zhou Xiaotian echoed with a firm face.

    Beside him, Zhu Benzheng was smirking, saying nothing.

    “I was not changing the topic.”

    Fang Qiu revealed a bitter smile and explained, “I’m serious. I have something to tell you.”


    The three were stunned.

    “Answer me first. How’s your Apprentice Plan?”

    Fang Qiu asked again.

    “Not bad.”

    Sun Hao raised his head high and smiled proudly.

    “We are now not what we used to be.”

    Zhou Xiaotian also said proudly, “What’s the old saying? After the bitter comes the sweet, right?”

    “Don’t listen to them.”

    Zhu Benzheng opened his mouth and said, “We’re still serving as handymen in the Yaowang Mountain. But due to the persistence of these months, the keeper’s impression on us has changed a lot. He has begun to teach us some things deliberately, while we’re helping out doing odds and ends.”


    Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

    “And you, what’s the thing you’re going to tell us?”

    Sun Hao asked.

    The three all looked at Fang Qiu curiously.

    “I’ll follow you to the Yaowang Mountain to study from tomorrow on.”

    Fang Qiu answered smilingly.


    Sun Hao was stunned.

    “Youngest, you’re too domineering. You can’t sanction us in return just because we’re going to punish you, can you?”

    Zhou Xiaotian replied with a bitter face, “At the worst, we’ll give up punishing you, okay? We have spent a long time to get the approval of the keeper of Yaowang Mountain, and it is not easy. He hasn’t formally acknowledged us as his disciples yet, and you’re going to grab him from us at this time. Are you ashamed?”

    “Youngest, you’ve already acknowledged Xu Miaolin as your disciple, haven’t you?”

    Zhu Benzheng looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.

    In their eyes, Fang Qiu was a remarkable man.

    Even Xu Miaolin agreed to accept him as a disciple, let alone the other teachers.

    Once Fang Qiu went to the Yaowang Mountain and was chosen by the keeper, then their efforts before would be in vain.

    Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian were both anxious at the moment, and Zhu Benzheng surprised.

    “You’re all wrong.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head, explaining, “I’m not going to the Yaowang Mountain to rob your master, but to learn something about herbs to make up for my knowledge of them.”

    Upon hearing that, the three understood.

    Zhou Xiaotian and Sun Hao were both relieved.

    “That’s good!”

    Zhu Benzheng laughed and said, “Tomorrow is Saturday, and we’re all available. Let’s go to Yaowang Mountain to study together.”

    While the four were chatting, the online campus forum was once again ignited because of Fang Qiu.

    It turned out that someone recorded the video of Fang Qiu singing at the New Year’s party and put it directly on the forum.

    It immediately attracted everyone to watch.

    Although everyone in the school had experienced and enjoyed Fang Qiu’s live singing, everyone still wanted to hear more.

    So, as soon as it appeared, everyone began to click on it immediately to enjoy it.

    It should be the own business of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    But the online campus forum was disclosed in the Feeling Pulse Challenge event. As a result, there would often be migrants wandering around the forums.

    Therefore, not long after Fang Qiu’s video of singing at the New Year’s party was posted on the forum, it was immediately reposted on Weibo by a busybody.

    The person who reposted the video mentioned not only Who do you think you are, but also all kinds of famous bloggers on Weibo, as well as the major domestic music companies, famous singers, famous managers, and so on.

    Soon after, the video aroused a heated discussion on Weibo.

    Especially Fang Qiu’s fans and those who had been following his Weibo. They all went crazy when they saw the video.

    The video was hyped and reposted crazily.

    Because Fang Qiu’s singing was really too wonderful. In such an atmosphere compare, he was not worse than those great stars at all.

    A lot of people had seen Fang Qiu’s singing video last time. They thought it was pretty good, and so were Fang Qiu’s singing skills. Of course, some of them doubted that Fang Qiu didn’t sing by himself, but lip-synched.

    Now, the appearance of the video shocked everyone.

    Because they finally believed that it was not lip-synching nor the so-called packing sensationalization, but that Fang Qiu’s singing was too wonderful.

    Of course, the main reason was that Fang Qiu had disappeared for a month and a half.

    During this period of time, numerous people were looking for his news, especially his fans on Weibo.

    However, after searching for a month and a half, they found no news at all.

    It seemed that Fang Qiu had completely disappeared, which made his fans very speechless.

    Now, however, after a long month and a half of waiting, Fang Qiu, who had disappeared for a long time, finally showed up, announcing his comeback in such a charming way.

    For a while, his fans were all excited.

    The video spread very quickly.

    After a short period of 30 minutes, it was on the trending list. Though it was not in the top 10, the 17th was also a fantastic ranking.

    Moreover, with the spread of the video, the search index was still rising.

    Unfortunately, everyone couldn’t see the face of Fang Qiu clearly, because the person who recorded the video was far away from the stage, and the whole stage was made up of large LED screens, as well as the smoke effect, even though the sound and picture in the video were both very clear.

    Someone even took continuous screenshots of the video and then zoomed in with the drawing software.

    But, Fang Qiu’s face still couldn’t be seen clearly, and only the outline could be seen.

    In a particularly spacious presidential suite of Sheraton Hotel in the capital city, a famous Huaxia female singer was sitting on the bed and browsing Weibo on her tablet, after a shower.

    “Fang Qiu?”

    She noticed Fang Qiu’s singing video suddenly, and, with full of curiosity, she clicked the video on to watch.


    Surprised at the singing in the video, she muttered, “It’s the voice of that young man who borrowed my guitar to sing in the railway station at that time!”

    “It turns out he’s Fang Qiu!”

    Suddenly, the girl smiled.

    At this time, a female staff member came from the living room.

    “I heard you’re listening to a live song. Are you looking for guest singers for the Jiangjing tour?”

    With a clear-cut short hairstyle, the female staff member looked very shrewd and capable.

    “Sister Li.”

    The girl smiled and asked, “How about him?”

    She passed the tablet to Sister Li while speaking.

    She must get the approval of Sister Li first even if to simply invite a guest singer, after all, Sister Li was her manager. In the eyes of managers, all the actions of stars were related to money.

    “My Miss Song Yaqi, he’s just an ordinary person.”

    After watching the video, Sister Li put the tablet on the bed and said with a smile, “It’s not good to invite an ordinary person to be the guest singer, isn’t it?”

    “Plus, he’s a little boy and you’re a little girl. And for now, you don’t need that kind of hype. If you go your own way, you’re likely to lose popularity.”

    After a few words of analysis, she added, “However, he sings very well and has the potential to be a singer.”

    “Sister Li, you’re finally wrong.”

    With a sweet smile, Song Yaqi grabbed the tablet and said, “He’s no an ordinary person. Do you still remember the most popular live event on Weibo a month and a half ago?”

    “The Chinese Medicine doctor?” asked Sister Li.


    Song Yaqi nodded and said, “He’s Fang Qiu, the young man who defeated the Western Medicine as a Chinese Medicine doctor in the Feeling Pulse Challenge and then donated the one-million-yuan prize to the welfare home!”


    Sister Li raised her intonation, and asked in surprise, “It’s him?”

    “It can’t be wrong.”

    Song Yaqi said firmly with a nod.

    “I didn’t expect him to sing so well besides his skill in medicine.”

    Sister Li nodded her head, thought for a while, and then said, “Since it’s him, that’s a different story. You’ve just become popular, and it’s time to increase attention. Judging from the number of reposts and the popularity of his video on Weibo, inviting him to be a guest singer should be of great help to your exposure.”

    “You agreed?”

    Song Yaqi asked wittily.


    Sister Li nodded and said, “Leave it on me. I’ll get in touch with him.”

    In University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    At three o’clock in the morning.

    Fang Qiu got up to cultivate.

    Although away from here for a month and a half, he was still familiar with the road and the woods.

    But not long after he left the dormitory, he suddenly stopped his steps.

    In the same place, he saw Chen Cong practicing again.

    Observing from afar, Fang Qiu found that Chen Cong was finally about to break through after two months’ working hard every day.

    Though Chen Cong was still not a martial arts practitioner yet, he would be one soon.

    Suddenly, an idea occurred to Fang Qiu. He immediately sprouted out and rushed directly to Chen Cong.

    Fang Qiu was not worried that Chen Cong would recognize him, because he had been keeping the habit of dressing as the mysterious man to cultivate in the morning.


    When Chen Cong was practicing with great sweat, Fang Qiu appeared in front of him quietly like a gust of wind.


    Seeing Fang Qiu, Chen Cong immediately stopped his movements, and then made a hold fist salute to Fang Qiu at once.

    “Let’s fight!”

    Without any useless greetings, Fang Qiu launched an attack directly after leaving a short sentence.

    Chen Cong knew in his heart that this mysterious senior was to give him guidance. Without hesitation, he immediately began an intense fight with the mysterious man.

    Fang Qiu used only his internal force, refusing to use internal Qi at all.

    His every move would deliberately use the internal force to guide Chen Cong to understand the internal force.

    Soon after, Chen Cong realized.

    He became more and more excited. From his fists, his internal force burst out vaguely.

    With his purpose achieved, Fang Qiu stopped his offensive immediately and flew away without a sound.

    “Thanks, Senior!”

    Chen Cong was so excited that he had broken through to be a martial arts practitioner successfully. With no other words, he kept expressing his thanks loudly to Fang Qiu who had gone away.

    At eight o’clock in the morning.

    After breakfast, Fang Qiu came to the Yaowang Mountain together with the three of his roommates.

    Seeing the keeper was busy working, the four quickly ran over.

    “Teacher, this is our roommate. He wants to follow us to study from you together. Okay?”

    Zhu Benzheng introduced Fang Qiu, and tried to get the keeper’s permission at the same time.

    “Do your work first.”

    The keeper replied directly, without even a look at Fang Qiu.