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Chapter 260 - What Bad Luck!

Medical Master
     Chapter 260 What Bad Luck!

    “You said that my singing is not as good as Fang Qiu’s?”

    Xin Zheng stood on the stage. The disdain on his face was replaced by extreme anger instantly.

    It was the ultimate insult to him.

    Who was him?

    He was Xin Zheng, a singer, even though not particularly famous. He became a member of the entertainment circle, with his struggle step by step. He was recognized by countless fans, and singing skills were recognized in the field.

    His singing was not as good as Fang Qiu’s?

    Such words were an insult not only to his profession, but also to his character and strength.

    In one’s own turf, in his alma mater, instead of enjoying the imaginary pleasure of being praised by his junior brothers and sisters, he was depreciated by so many junior brothers.

    Xin Zheng used to be arrogant. How could he bear that?

    “Am I wrong?”

    The bad-tempered young student was still with a smile on his face, as if he were not in a quarrel, but chatting. He said to Xin Zheng, “It’s the fact that everyone knows. Let me put it this way. If your singing level is 1, then that of Fang Qiu should be 100. Am I understood now? If you still don’t understand, I can put it more simply. In a word, Fang Qiu sings a hundred times better than you!”

    Those words shocked all the students and the school leaders present.

    That malicious?

    Who would have thought such a kind young student, who looked easy to be bullied, would make such striking remarks? And his remarks were so vivid that they even made people feel pictorial.

    For a time, the students in the audience all couldn’t help but secretly thumb up for this young student.

    This was fucking art!

    A smile without saying a dirty word could irritate people completely.

    The school leaders revealed strange faces.

    This boy was indeed a talent!

    There might be a king of a talk show or a cross talk master in the School of Sports and Arts.

    But strangely, it seemed that Xin Zheng’s performance had made people disgusted, so, in this scolding war, neither the school leaders nor the students who were watching under the stage stood out at the first time to speak for Xin Zheng, instead, they were willing to be onlookers.


    Outraged, Xin Zheng directly reached out to point at the young student, saying, “Since you said that my singing is inferior to Fang Qiu’s, please go to him now, telling him I can compete with him at any time after the contest ends. I’ll let you know what high singing skills are and who is the real singer at that time!”

    Upon hearing that, the leaders under the stage immediately knitted their brows.

    However, there was still no one standing up to speak for Xin Zheng.

    At the leaders’ table, a middle-aged man sighed helplessly after seeing this, and said, “We spoiled these children. Taking few cultural class, they don’t know how to speak properly. How can this kid say such words on such an occasion? He’s too wayward.”

    “This boy seems to be a student of your class, and Xin Zheng was also taught by you, which means they’re fellow apprentices of each other.”

    Beside the middle-aged man, a teacher said.


    The middle-aged man replied with a bitter smile, “They’re indeed both my students.”

    “Now, it seems that if this kid’s going to develop in the entertainment circle as a singer, he may encounter considerable resistance. Moreover, although his singing is not as bad as what Xin Zheng said, it can only be regarded as ordinary. Umm, could you please help me persuade him to follow me in broadcasting and develop to be a host or a talk show actor?” said the teacher.

    “Let’s stick to the issue and don’t make nonsense.”

    The middle-aged man glared at the teacher.

    A group of teachers began to laugh in their sleeves.

    At this time, Xin Zheng had returned to the judging seat. The young student had also left.

    “How to deal with the situation now?”

    At the leaders’ table, the middle-aged man shook his head and said with a sigh, “Xin Zheng is too arrogant and rude. In this case, it’s inappropriate for him to win, so is for Fang Qiu.”

    The others all nodded with agreement.

    The leaders and teachers had wanted to let someone call the young student back to suppress this matter. As a result, before they did that, a fierce discussion had already been aroused among the onlookers around. Many people had run away excitedly, apparently to pass the news to others.

    In this case, even if the leaders and teachers intended to suppress the matter, they couldn’t.

    Helplessly, they could do nothing but look and sigh.


    Soon after, the news that Xin Zheng set a challenge to Fang Qiu in the Campus Singer Contest was spread throughout the entire campus, under the communication of students.

    Xin Zheng was going to challenge Fang Qiu?

    It should be admitted that Xin Zheng himself was very topical. He was a singer at least, wasn’t he? Fang Qiu was also very topical.

    Why would the two men bump into each other?

    It was exciting just to think about it.

    The battle between two famous people immediately became the object of the crazy discussion among all the students.

    “Xin Zheng wants to challenge Fang Qiu?”

    “Xin Zheng’s too shameless. A great singer challenges a freshman? Although they were not in the same school, Fang Qiu is still a junior brother of his.”

    “Yes, can it be that he wants to use Fang Qiu to hype himself?”

    “Hmph, I really think that Fang Qiu’s singing strength is more powerful than Xin Zheng’s.”

    “Yes, I think so, too. Fang Qiu sings really well.”

    “The challenge seems inevitable. Who do you think will win?”

    “I think Fang Qiu will win!”

    “I support Fang Qiu, too.”

    “I also think Fang Qiu will win. But after all, Xin Zheng is professional. From a professional point of view, Fang Qiu may not win.”

    “Yes. At least, Xin Zheng is a star who has a team with him. But Fang Qiu only has himself and he’s even not a student of the School of Sports and Arts.”

    “The competition mode is still unknown.”

    “If Xin Zheng invited some professional people to help him in order to win, I’m afraid that Fang Qiu would lose. After all, Fang Qiu is just a student, while Xin Zheng had already been in the entertainment circle for years. We can ignore the comments of those experts, but what Xin Zheng wants is just the result, isn’t it?”

    For a time, people around the school were talking about the challenge between Xin Zheng and Fang Qiu.

    Some people were very confident that Fang Qiu would win, while some others worried about him very much. Because from all aspects of analysis, they felt that Xin Zheng had a better chance of winning.

    However, Fang Qiu, who knew nothing about it, was still working in the Yaowang Mountain now.

    “Fang Qiu. Is Fang Qiu here?”

    In the Yaowang Mountain, when the four men were working hard, a gasping cry suddenly came.

    Fang Qiu suspended his work and stood up.

    Seeing Fang Qiu at the same time, the crying man rushed over at once.

    The crying man was the young student who had quarreled with Xin Zheng just now.

    “Slow down. Don’t stamp on the medicines!”

    Fang Qiu warned hurriedly.

    Hearing that, the young student immediately slowed down, and came over step by step while carefully watching the road.

    “What do you want me for?”

    Fang Qiu asked, after the young student came close to him.

    “Fang Qiu.”

    The young student revealed a grin, answering, ” I asked a lot of people before I knew you were here. It really took me a long time.”


    Fang Qiu was stunned.

    This guy is a total wild card.

    Instead of answering Fang Qiu’s question, he acted as if he had known Fang Qiu very well.

    “Oh, nothing important.”

    While speaking, the young student suddenly took out a piece of paper and a pen from his trouser pocket, handed it to Fang Qiu and said, “Could you please sign your name for me? Thanks.”

    Fang Qiu got speechless.

    He took over the pen and paper, and signed his name at once.

    However, while Fang Qiu was signing, the young student took out his cell phone and came to Fang Qiu’s side, intending to take photos with Fang Qiu.

    “What are you doing?”

    All of a sudden, Sun Hao ran over to block in front of Fang Qiu directly, saying, “The signature is free, but it’s a hundred yuan to take a photo.”

    “Oh, never mind.”

    The young student retracted his phone immediately without hesitation.

    Fang Qiu finished his signature at this time.

    “You’ve been looking for me so long and running so fast just to get my autograph?”

    Fang Qiu asked as he handed the signature to the young student.

    “Of course not.”

    Taking over the signature, the young student took out a piece of paper again from his trouser pocket, handed it to Fang Qiu and said at the same time, “Sign again, and I’ll tell you.”

    Fang Qiu suddenly froze.

    Zhu Benzheng and the other two were also dumbfounded.

    Was there something wrong with this guy?!

    However, a signature was an easy thing. Without thinking twice, Fang Qiu immediately signed again. While passing the signature over, he specifically said that there wouldn’t be the third time.

    “Tell me now what’s in your mind.”

    Fang Qiu uttered.


    The young student nodded, saying casually, “Xin Zheng wants to challenge you.”


    Fang Qiu was stunned.

    “Today in the Campus Singer Competition, he kept scolding the students on the stage like gunpowder. A student couldn’t bear that and had a quarrel with him. The student said Xin Zheng’s singing is not as good as yours, which irritated Xin Zheng. As a result, Xin Zheng set a challenge to you on the spot, and specially asked me to inform you that he’s waiting for your coming to him at any time after the campus singer competition.”

    “That’s it.”

    After finishing the story in one breath, the young student turned around immediately. Walking three meters away, he finally turned his head back and smiled at the four, saying, “Sorry, the person who quarreled against Xin Zheng was me. Hey hey.”

    Then, he ran away at once.

    Hearing that, Zhu Benzheng and the other two got completely speechless.

    What a slippery boy!

    He not only felt calm about the trouble he made, but also used it to get profit. He’s really… shameless!

    “Why I can be involved in everything? What bad luck!”

    Fang Qiu said speechlessly.

    “Youngest, just accept it.”

    Zhou Xiaotian shook his head with a gentle sigh, “Although you are not in Jianghu, there are legends about you. Why these things happen to you, but not me?”

    “You can go to compete with Xin Zheng on behalf of me,” said Fang Qiu at once.

    “Hey hey.”

    … Zhou Xiaotian replied with a grin, “I’ll go every day and every night, if you can give me your voice.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head with a bitter smile, turning more speechless.

    “Youngest, it’s no small matter. I’m afraid it has been spread all over the school now.”

    Zhu Benzheng looked at Fang Qiu seriously and said, “You should think about what to do now.”

    “Do you think if it’s proper for me not to take the challenge?” asked Fang Qiu.

    The three shook their heads at the same time.

    “Don’t be afraid of challenge.”

    Sun Hao said with a serious face, “There is no such a tradition in our dormitory 501. Moreover, since you’re the quarrel king of our dormitory, even the whole school, how can you be afraid of challenge?”

    Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng nodded in agreement.


    Fang Qiu sighed bitterly.

    With a short hesitation, he finally said, “Since the other side has come to me to lose face, then I can only accept it!”

    Without other choices, named, he could only take the challenge.

    It was not his character to retreat in the face of difficulties!

    “Don’t worry.”

    Sun Hao laughed out loud. Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng looked at each other, saying, “As brothers, we’ll definitely boost you in the challenge!”