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Chapter 261 - You Sing the Best, So What?

Medical Master
     Chapter 261 You Sing the Best, So What?

    At four o’clock in the afternoon.

    In the auditorium of the School of Sports and Arts.

    The Campus Singer Contest was over, but people in the auditorium didn’t leave. Instead, more and more people were gathering to fill the auditorium.

    On the stage, the judging table of the competition had been removed. Xin Zheng was sitting alone in the center of the stage, waiting for Fang Qiu with his closed.

    There was still a lot of discussion under the stage. Hearing the noises of discussion, the angry Xin Zheng felt as if the whole auditorium was full of buzzing flies. He was unhappy about it, but he could do nothing to stop it.

    “Do you think if Fang Qiu will come?”

    “This challenge is a little unfair. A great singer challenges a student by singing. If this matter spreads out, Senior Brother Xin Zheng will lose face, won’t he?”

    “I won’t be surprised, no matter Fang Qiu comes or not. If he comes, it will prove that Fang Qiu is a man of integrity. If he doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, this contest has been a struggle to bully the small by the big from the very beginning. If Fang Qiu doesn’t come, he can not only avoid Xin Zheng, but also save Xin Zheng’s face. What a win-win situation!”

    “The Campus Singer Contest ended at 3:30. Xin Zheng has been waiting for half an hour. Fang Qiu won’t come, will he?”

    Everyone in the audience was discussing while glancing at Xin Zheng who was on the stage.

    Without a doubt, everyone was eager to see the competition.

    After all, they both sang well. Regardless of the competition, it was rare to hear both of them singing.

    Furthermore, Xin Zheng and Fang Qiu were both the most influential figures in the school, and they had attracted the attention of many people. Therefore, inevitably, there would be busybodies who hoped that they two could have a real battle.

    “Here comes Fang Qiu.”

    A cry came from the crowd, attracting everyone’s attention in an instant.

    Everyone turned to look.

    They found Fang Qiu was walking over together with Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian.

    “He really comes!”

    “A good show will begin soon.”

    Everyone was very excited.

    “Clap, clap, clap…”

    Some people started applauding spontaneously.

    As a result, the other audience immediately followed to clap along with the applause. In a short moment, the whole auditorium was filled with thunderous applause.

    At the same time.

    “Fang Qiu! Fang Qiu!”

    Someone took the lead to cry out.

    And immediately, a neat and huge shouting prevailed the entire auditorium.

    Hearing that, Zhu Benzheng and the other two, who were walking beside Fang Qiu, were shocked. Then, they straightened their chests, raised their heads, and strode forward like superstars, looking domineering.

    At the same time, they regretted not wearing sunglasses!

    Xin Zheng had been closing his eyes on the stage. Hearing the whole audience shouting Fang Qiu’s name, he opened his eyes quickly. His face turned gloomy immediately, because Fang Qiu’s appearance ignited the atmosphere in an instant.

    Judging from the current situation, Xin Zheng had lost the game before it started.

    But it was inevitable.

    Fang Qiu was so popular.

    Among the loud cries of everyone, Fang Qiu went straight to the stage, while Zhu Benzheng and the other two found a place to stand up and watch.

    “Senior Brother.”

    On the stage, Fang Qiu greeted with a smile.

    “Junior Brother Fang Qiu.”

    Xin Zheng stood up and looked at Fang Qiu with a smile, saying, “I didn’t expect you to be courageous.”

    “Thank you for your compliment, Senior Brother.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head gently and said, “Before the competition starts, I have a question to ask you, Senior Brother.”

    “What’s it?”

    Xin Zheng answered calmly.

    “Why do you want to compete with me?”

    Asked Fang Qiu.

    “Of course, to win you.”

    Xin Zheng answered.

    “So, what benefit can you get if you win me?”

    Fang Qiu asked again.

    “It can shut up those who talk big. Since they don’t know what is singing and what is professionalism, I’ll teach them how to respect teachers and seniors, and tell them what is professionalism, on behalf of their teachers!

    Xin Zheng replied powerfully.

    “A man sings well, so what?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head gently with a smile, and then turned to Xin Zheng very solemnly, saying, “Fine, you’re the world’s best singer, Senior Brother. But so what?”

    Hearing that, Xin Zheng got stunned.

    So did all the onlookers in the audience.

    The next moment, everyone just realized.

    “Oh my, what an eloquent talker!”

    “His words are like a cone piercing in heart!”

    “A debate before the competition?”

    “This language blow is amazingly powerful!”

    “Yeah, so what?”

    “This is a school. You’re a singer, and everyone knows that you sing well. But so what? Can a good singer be rude and domineering? Can a good singer bully his junior brothers?”

    “Can a good singer be supercilious?”

    All the students present began to talk crazily at once.

    In the crowd.

    “Oh my god, the youngest is indeed the scolding king. His words are too harsh!”

    Zhu Benzheng sighed.

    “I didn’t read him wrong.”

    Zhou Xiaotian echoed with nods, “The youngest is indeed the most insidious of the four of us!”

    “I have only one question now.”

    Sun Hao opened his mouth and said.

    “What’s it?”

    Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng were puzzled.

    “Is Xin Zheng now very eager to say ‘You hurt my heart, man!’ to the youngest?”

    Sun Hao replied.

    Then, he, himself, couldn’t help laughing out.

    The others around laughed too.

    Hearing the laughter under the stage, Xin Zheng became even angrier on the stage.

    “Don’t discuss these with me. Today, just let me know how strong you are as a junior!”

    The cheers began again.

    Xin Zheng looked cold.

    He’d rather the others consider him arrogant. He was not stupid.

    As a singer, what he represented was not himself alone, but his whole team.

    So, he had asked his team to make preparations.

    Recently, the video of Fang Qiu’s singing was spread on Weibo, and many people thought Fang Qiu was a good singer.

    In Xin Zheng’s opinion, Fang Qiu had already become a celebrity.

    Fortunately, only the video of Fang Qiu’s singing on the New Year’s party was spread out. Perhaps, because Fang Qiu sang so well that people didn’t pay much attention to Xin Zheng. So, they didn’t record his singing.

    This, however, helped him a great deal unconsciously.

    If his video was spread out, it would be a real disgrace.

    And now, since Fang Qiu became greatly popular on Weibo because of singing, Xin Zheng could just take the opportunity to reach a superior position and attract more attention.

    For stars, attention was the most important.

    “Senior Brother, I’ll ask you one last question.”

    Looking at Xin Zheng, Fang Qiu asked, “Have you ever thought about what if you lose the competition?”


    Xin Zheng made a sneer and replied, “You seem pretty confident, Junior Brother Fang Qiu. But I’m also very confident about myself. Do you think I’ll lose?”

    “I don’t think so.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile.

    “Cut the crap.”

    Xin Zheng uttered, “Let’s start!”

    “Since you insisted, Senior Brother, let’s begin.”

    Fang Qiu opened his mouth and asked, “What’s the rule?”

    “I’ll sing first!”

    Not modest, Xin Zheng said directly, “You come too late. Go to tell the staff what song you’re going to sing.”


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    At this time, a disturbance took place under the stage.

    Another large crowd of people flooded into the auditorium which had been crowded.

    With a close look, the coming people were a large group of women headed by Jiang Miaoyu.

    When the girls arrived, the boys in the auditorium immediately retreated to give way to the beauties. They hoped that these beauties would stand by their side.

    Walking in the forefront, Jiang Miaoyu saw Zhu Benzheng and the other two soon, and then moved toward them immediately.

    Soon later, all the girls fitted in perfectly.

    And the whole scene became more lively.

    “Campus Belle Jiang, why do you take so many people here?”

    Sun Hao asked.

    “To cheer up.”

    Jiang Miaoyu answered with a smile.

    “Is this cheering?”

    Peering at some girls in the distance, Zhou Xiaotian said, “I see several crazy fans of Xin Zheng’s.”

    “They’re here to cheer for Xin Zheng. I didn’t say they’re here for Fang Qiu.”

    … Jiang Miaoyu nodded frankly and said, “It’s enough that Fang Qiu has me to cheer up for him. Senior Brother Xin Zheng is a big star. He needs dignity even if he loses. If no one supports him here, who knows whether he will hold a grudge and look for opportunities to target Fang Qiu in the future?”

    Hearing that, Zhu Benzheng and the other immediately thumbed up.

    With admiration, they had to admit that women were indeed thoughtful.

    At this time, the battle began.

    All the equipment was on.

    Xin Zheng stood on the stage to prepare. The audience was all excited.

    Those several fangirls of Xin Zheng following Jiang Miaoyu here began to cheer up crazily.

    As a result, as their cheers were heard, those who stood around them immediately stepped back.

    The whole auditorium was silent.

    Only they were shouting loudly.

    For a time, the scene turned weird extremely, which embarrassed Xin Zheng on the stage.

    Everything was ready soon.

    “The song is named ‘Myself’.”

    Holding the microphone in his hand, Xin Zheng looked at those fangirls who cheered for him and said, “For both you and myself.”

    As his voice faded away, the prelude sounded.

    The high-pitched accompaniment resounded through the auditorium.

    Then, the melody turned down suddenly and became very quiet.

    “The first;

    To keep hope alive;

    Every morning the sun rises;

    Don’t worry about it;

    The pity in my hand;


    A low and somewhat hoarse singing came from Xin Zheng’s mouth.

    His voice gave people a faint sense of sentimentality, as if it was the exclusive property of sentimental songs.

    “The second;


    Turning his body, Xin Zheng diverted his eyes from his fangirls. Looking down at the ground, he sang while taking steps, which gave people a very lonely feeling.

    At the moment, Xin Zheng was very devoted to singing.

    Seeing that thin, lonely figure, the audience was immersed in the atmosphere created by Xin Zheng.

    “He’s indeed a singer.”

    “Yes. He sings sincerely, totally different from the previous performance.”

    “I’m a little touched.”

    Many people began to exclaim.

    Xin Zheng was indeed professional. His singing and performance on the stage were both fascinating.

    The moment everyone was sighing, Xin Zheng, who kept taking lonely pace, suddenly raised his head and stared above. After a few seconds of silence, he began to sing once again.

    Not the low and lonely voice again.

    He made a high-pitched sound that shocked everyone!

    “Sing a song~”

    Step by step, Xin Zheng repeated the same lyric in a frantic and heart-tearing way. Every time he repeated, his voice would be higher, and his singing would be more heart-tearing.

    Like a long ladder, it reached the sky immediately!

    For a time, everyone present was shocked!