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Chapter 262 - A Shocking High-pitched Voice!

Medical Master
     Chapter 262 A Shocking High-pitched Voice!

    This was the first time Xin Zheng sang a song so hard ever since he entered the entertainment circle.

    Nobody knew if it was the last time.

    The strength he burst out today was not one hundred percent, but one hundred and twenty percent!

    On the stage, Xin Zheng sang the song at the top of his voice. Seeming to see his future, he was completely immersed in a kind of self-emotion, and had forgotten the audience already.

    Entering the second section, Xin Zheng who had been cried for a while straightened his body slowly, looking lonely, pitiful and sad.

    He kept on singing.

    He kept singing lowly in his heart-striking voice, as if he was telling his pain.

    “Sing a song~ ~”

    Arriving at the climax, he bent down and then raised up like breaking chains. A soaring high-pitched voice burst out from his throat immediately.

    This high-pitched voice shocked all the audience.

    His voice in this section was even higher than that of the previous section!

    Everyone was staring at Xin Zhen.

    They thought the terrible high notes would end, but, at this time, Xin Zheng took a fierce breath and sang in a heart-tearing way again.

    “Sing a song~ ~”

    It was even higher than before this time.

    Everyone was shocked.

    Some of them were almost suffocating out of nervousness.

    Because Xin Zheng’s voice was really so high that it aroused people’s excitement.

    But at this time.


    The lights on the stage went out before the Xin Zheng’s singing was over.

    Then, the lamps lit up again, illuminating Xin Zheng standing in the middle of the stage.

    At this time, his second high-pitched voice just faded away.

    However, Xin Zheng had no intention to stop but opened his mouth again.

    “Sing a song~ ~”

    A much higher voice than the previous two burst out like the volcano. Along with the flashing golden lights around the stage, it struck everyone’s heart instantly.

    Everyone was shocked by the scene.

    On the stage, Xin Zheng held his head back to sing, even revealing the blue veins on his neck.

    Everyone in the audience all opened their eyes wide out of shock. They got dumbfounded.

    “So strong!”


    “Senior brother Xin Zheng’s voice can reach so high unexpectedly?”

    “Oh my God, senior brother Xin Zheng is really strong. He deserves to be a singer!”

    For a time, most people couldn’t help marveling in their hearts.

    In the crowd, the students from the music class of the School of Sports and Arts were even more shocked.

    “This, this…”

    Hearing Xin Zheng’s horrible high-pitched voice, a music student felt so dry in his mouth that he couldn’t even speak.

    “I’m afraid the pitch has reached B4, hasn’t it?”

    A student sighed.

    “Not just that. There was an octave span in his high pitch which almost reached the B5 level. If someone runs out of tune in such a high-pitched voice, it will become a wail like ghosts and a howl like wolves. However, Senior Brother Xin Zheng finished the B5 of high quality. His resonance was faultless without overexertion. And the continuous pitch was steady and long, without a little sense of lack of breath. It was really amazing.”

    Said a music student.

    “That’s right.”

    A student said with a nod, “We always like to talk about the high-pitched voice. And whether it is a true voice or falsetto, the hardest part about the high-pitched voice is stability, continuity, and change. A simple cry is not a high-pitched voice. The really high-pitched voices have a line, and can be firmly controlled by singers. With no doubt, Senior Brother Xin Zheng is such a singer!”

    The surrounding students of music class of the School of Sports and Arts nodded in agreement.

    They never thought the strength of Xin Zheng would be strong to such a degree.

    Perhaps, not many people in the entire entertainment circle could make a voice as high as his.

    It was awesome!

    “Oh my God! Senior Brother Xin Zheng’s high-pitched voice is awesome! I decided not to blacken his name anymore.”

    “I have to say, the high notes are pretty impressive.”

    “Unfortunately, he looks a little ugly while singing.”

    “That voice is indeed amazing!”

    “As a singer with such a singing ability, Xin Zheng shouldn’t be blackened.”

    “I heard that the B5 in high pitch is the highest note in the ‘Qinghai-Tibet Plateau’. Xin Zheng unexpectedly dragged such a high note for such a long time and performed so stably, which was terrifying.”


    Everyone’s eyes on Xin Zheng had changed.

    It was a sign of respect.

    Respect for the strong.

    With no doubt, Xin Zheng did it. He changed the way people thought about him through a song.

    At this moment, no one dared to say that Xin Zheng sang not as well as Fang Qiu.

    The song ended soon.

    Standing on the stage, Xin Zheng straightened his chest and closed his eyes.

    There was a deafening silence in the audience.

    A few seconds later.

    “Clap, clap, clap…”

    Thunderous applause suddenly overwhelmed the auditorium.

    Shocked, everyone was clapping vigorously.

    The applause lasted for a long time.

    “That’s amazing.”

    “That’s the best treble I’ve ever seen!”

    “I haven’t been so shocked for a long time.”

    “No wonder people who like music are willing to pay to see the scene. This is completely different from what you see on TV. This high-pitched singing is so horrifying!”

    Along with the warm applause, everyone couldn’t help sighing at the same time.

    “Senior Brother Xin Zheng is so strong. What can Fang Qiu do to win him?”

    “I’m afraid that Fang Qiu is going to lose.”

    “Yes, nobody else can make such a high-pitched voice again. It’s impossible for Fang Qiu to win.”

    “Will Fang Qiu really lose?”

    “Don’t be worried. Fang Qiu hasn’t performed yet. Moreover, even if he loses, so what? Xin Zheng is a famous singer who set singing as his profession, while Fang Qiu is just a university student in school, a freshman. What’s the shame of his losing?”

    “Though I support Fang Qiu, I have to say that Xin Zheng sings really well.”

    The thought of Fang Qiu made everyone hesitate.

    “Why is this guy so strong?”

    Zhou Xiaotian gaped at Xin Zheng who was on the stage and said, “Is he going to yell the youngest to death with this high voice?”


    The face of Zhu Benzheng also turned immediately.

    “Do you think… if the youngest can win?”

    Sun Hao asked.

    The three looked at each other, becoming worried about Fang Qiu.

    They had been a hundred percent confident about Fang Qiu’s strength. After all, Fang Qiu had never lost in singing. And Fang Qiu had won Xin Zheng once in the New Year’s party. Fang Qiu wouldn’t lose this time.

    Therefore, they had never paid attention to Xin Zheng. In their opinion, Xin Zheng was just a star.

    But now, seeing his performance, the three were shaken.

    Because, Xin Zheng was really strong!

    Dreadfully strong!

    At this time, the three all regretted asking Fang Qiu to accept the challenge.

    If they hadn’t let Fang Qiu take the challenge, such a thing might not have happened.

    But, the game had begun.

    It was Fang Qiu’s turn next. If he gave up, he would be laughed at by others.

    With no other choices, the three could only smile bitterly, praying for Fang Qiu to make a good performance.

    Jiang Miaoyu, who stood beside the three men, was also worried.

    At first, she also thought that Fang Qiu would definitely win.

    But she wasn’t that sure now.

    “Fang Qiu, come on!”

    She stared at the stage, and kept praying for Fang Qiu while waiting for his appearance.

    At the same time, in the crowd, two women, standing at the edge of the wall, were also talking to each other.

    With a closer look, one of these two women was Song Yaqi, the hottest female singer nowadays, and the other one was Sister Li, her manager.

    Nobody knew when they got in.

    And no one recognized them, because there were too many people and Song Yaqi was wearing a mask.

    “This man sings so well.”

    After watching Xin Zheng’s performance, Song Yaqi sighed with shock.

    “Very impressive indeed.”

    Sister Li nodded and said, “I’ve brought so many people, but have never seen anyone who can sing high notes to this degree. His strength has already exceeded the middle level, not far from the top circle.”

    “Top circle?”

    Stunned, Song Yaqi asked, “Are there such grades among singers?”

    “Of course yes.”

    Sister Li replied with a smile, “You’ll get to know these things gradually. I’ll tell you more about them carefully, when you’re available.”


    Song Yaqi nodded yes.

    “Luckily, our trip today is really not in vain. Although we haven’t discussed yet, as far as the situation is concerned, we have an additional choice, and I prefer this one.”

    While speaking, Sister Li pointed at Xin Zheng who was going to leave the stage, and said, “Or, let’s invite him.”

    “Sister Li?”

    Song Yaqi was puzzled.

    “I don’t believe you can’t see that Fang Qiu has only a small chance to win. How can he, a student without professional training, defeat this man called Xin Zheng?”

    Said Sister Li.

    “Not necessarily so.”

    Song Yaqi replied, “Let’s continue to watch.”

    “Okay, let’s look.”

    Sister Li nodded with a smile.


    On the stage, after enjoying thunderous applause and cries from all directions, Xin Zheng just turned away from the stage.

    At this time, everyone present began to look forward to Fang Qiu.

    Would Fang Qiu be stimulated or really lose to Xin Zheng when Xin Zheng performed so well?

    Looking at the shocking audience beside the stage, Xin Zheng was very complacent. The vanity he had been expecting was finally met.

    Seeing Fang Qiu walking to the stage, Xin Zheng revealed a confident smile.

    He believed that Fang Qiu would absolutely lose to him this time!

    Because he had taken out almost all his strength. As a singer, it would be shameful if he using all his strength to compete with an ordinary freshman spread out. But Xin Zheng didn’t care about it. Everything would be up to him, as long as he defeated Fang Qiu.

    Everything that the winner said was right!

    Finishing discussed the accompaniment with the staff, Fang Qiu slowly stepped on the stage, in the eyes of all people.


    Seeing Fang Qiu moving slowly, Xin Zheng thought with satisfaction in his heart. “You feel the pressure, huh? I’ll see how you’re going to do to win me!”

    Everyone in the audience was looking at Fang Qiu with high expectations.

    “Hello, everyone.”

    Arriving at the center of the stage, Fang Qiu made a smile to all the people under the stage and said, “Because it is temporary, no stage effect is prepared. Please make do with it.”

    Hearing that, everyone began to nod.

    “‘A Flowing Stream’ for all of you.”