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Chapter 263 - Victory!

Medical Master
     Chapter 263 Victory!

    “A Flowing Stream”?

    Upon hearing the name of Fang Qiu’s song, the audience immediately frowned.

    Why would Fang Qiu choose a folk song?

    “Isn’t that awful?”

    Xin Zheng picked a pop song, which is widely liked and could show off his super high pitch. But Fang Qiu chose this “A Flowing Stream”. How could he compete with Xin Zheng?

    Under the stage, everyone began to worry.

    Some of them could already foresee Fang Qiu’s defeat.

    Although “A Flowing Stream” was quite well known, how many university students would listen to this these days?

    “Sigh… Fang Qiu must know that he has little chance of winning so he picked this random song.”

    “‘A Flowing Stream’… What kind of song is this?”

    “I’ve never heard of it.”

    “I guess Fang Qiu didn’t expect Xin Zheng to be this good.”

    “What’s the matter even if he lost this one? Fang Qiu’s skills are undeniable. It’s a pity though.”

    Just when everyone thought Fang Qiu would lose.

    In the crowd, Sister Li suddenly widened her eyes as she heard Fang Qiu announce his song.

    “Sister Li, what’s wrong?”

    Song Yaqi asked curiously.

    “Is he going to use that version?”

    Looking at Fang Qiu on the stage in disbelief, Sister Li said, “Does he have what it takes?” …

    “You mean… That version?”

    Something seemed to have come to Song Yaqi’s mind. A mysterious look suddenly climbed on her face.

    On the stage, without prelude, Fang Qiu began singing under everyone’s eyes.


    “The moon comes out, shining brightly.

    “Shining brightly.

    “Thinking about my love in the mountains.

    “The breeze blows uphill.

    “Blows uphill.

    “My love, o my love.

    “Can you hear me

    “Calling your name.”

    There was no accompaniment.

    Fang Qiu sang in the hall as if standing on top of the grand canyon. His voice was clear and penetrating yet very steady like water without any ripple.

    As he sang, the audience was stunned. Some of them actually didn’t want to hear it at first.

    After all, an old song like this was hard for the new generation to appreciate.

    However, the rhythm, beats, and Fang Qiu’s bright singing attracted everyone’s attention. They began to listen carefully.

    Very soon, one part finished.

    Then, the accompaniment finally kicked in.

    The accompaniment was very simple, not like those pop songs.

    Yet, such simple accompaniment was very soothing and pleasant.

    Embellished by the accompaniment, Fang Qiu’s singing sounded even better.

    The song actually had a very unique charm, brand new and refreshing.

    However, although it felt new, there was no passion in it compared to Xin Zheng’s performance.

    “It sounded high-pitched but not passionate at all.”

    “Yeah. Fang Qiu’s voice is beautiful as always but this song is no good for a competition.”

    “How can he compete without passion?”

    “Right. Xin Zheng was the first one and he was so full of passion, boiling everyone’s blood. Now it’s Fang Qiu’s turn and he’s singing such a plain song. We can’t accept this.”

    Under the stage, the audience frowned to Fang Qiu’s singing.

    They felt even more positive that Fang Qiu would lose this one. They knew Fang Qiu was capable but this song he had chosen was the problem.

    In the crowd.

    “It’s changed a bit but Fang Qiu’s losing if it’s all he’s got.”

    Sister Li commented with a frown, “It sounds like he has indeed chosen that version. But he started too high. Even the original singer might not be able to do it well at this key. He’s only a student.”

    “I don’t think so.”

    Said Song Yaqi.

    Despite her words, her face changed.

    Without a doubt, she also felt that Fang Qiu had started way too high to finish it.

    But at this time, the song reached its climax.


    Fang Qiu continued with his penetrating voice.

    In the beginning, the pitch stayed the same.

    Then, they began to notice that Fang Qiu’s key was actually gradually rising. It was getting higher and higher and all the way up.

    They turned from their initial suspicion to being surprised, to staring, to becoming frozen on the spot.


    Just like the previous song by Xin Zheng, the sound was dragged very long without a flaw.

    Different from the shock caused by Xin Zheng’s cooperation with the stage, Fang Qiu gave them a feeling of car racing.

    He started at 30 mph, then 40 mph, and then 50 mph.

    Then it stayed on 50 mph.

    Till in the middle of it, the speed rose dramatically all of a sudden.

    It increased from 50 mph to 80, 90, and 100 mph in no time and the number was still growing.

    In terms of velocity, Xin Zheng’s high pitch had already reached 100 mph beyond any average man’s ability.

    And Fang Qiu?

    His high pitch reached the same level in a very short time.

    After a few seconds, it went up again!

    110 mph.

    120 mph.

    It was like sitting in a supercar. They could feel the cold wind stroking their faces.

    It felt awesome.

    In a blink, everyone in the room was soaked.

    This high pitch made everyone hot and sweaty.

    Some of them began to gasp loudly.

    Several of them with a weaker heart had to lean towards the wall nearby, their face flushed, panting while listening.

    At this moment, everyone in the room was stupefied.

    They were stunned, and speechless!

    On the stage, Fang Qiu continued singing.

    Without any stage effect, he sang alone in the ring, completely relaxed.

    A moment later, the song was over.

    There was a dead silence.

    Everyone stared at Fang Qiu as if looking at a monster.

    A long period of time later.


    The first applause broke out.

    Then, the audience thundered.

    Everyone clapped like crazy.

    The enthusiasm of the applause exceeded that for Xin Zheng by far.

    “Clap, clap…”

    The passionate applause went on.

    No one could stop.

    Because Fang Qiu’s performance was shockingly good, creating a very strong sense of contrast.

    In the beginning, everyone thought Fang Qiu had picked a wrong song. When Fang Qiu first started singing, they still thought the song was too plain after Xin Zheng showing his great strength and terrifying high pitch. It would be impossible for Fang Qiu to defeat the tough with softness.

    To everyone’s surprise, they were all wrong.

    Fang Qiu never had the intention to defeat the tough with softness. He was determined to meet force with force.

    “You are strong. I don’t let you be strong but I’ll be stronger.”

    Without a doubt, Fang Qiu’s high pitch stunned everyone.

    If Xin Zheng’s high pitch penetrated through the sky, Fang Qiu’s cut across time and space.

    His voice came from the past, from afar. It came all the way to you, to your heart, and then walked into a distance.

    It was not just the audience.

    On the side of the stage, the confident Xin Zheng’s facial expression changed suddenly upon hearing Fang Qiu’s high pitch.

    “Impossible. Impossible.”

    Until Fang Qiu finished, he locked his eyes on him, shaking his head in disbelief. “He’s not an ordinary student. Impossible. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe it.”

    Under the stage, in the crowd…

    “This… Did he sing this?”

    Staring at Fang Qiu on the stage, Sister Li was completely stupefied.

    She was right.

    Fang Qiu chose this version of the song.

    But she didn’t expect Fang Qiu to complete the whole song and his performance was way beyond her expectation. She couldn’t believe it.

    By her side.

    “So strong!”

    Song Yaqi remarked, with shock in her eyes.

    “I’m having goosebumps all over and so sweaty. I can still feel the heat!” “Which key did he reach?”

    Asked Sister Li, very much stunned.


    Song Yaqi answered, “He made it all the way up to D6. Xin Zheng was only at B5. It was an utter rout.”

    She knew Fang Qiu would win.

    But Song Yaqi didn’t expect Fang Qiu to be this good.

    This was simply amazing!

    “Fang Qiu!”

    “Fang Qiu! Fang Qiu!”

    In the hall, the audience began to shout.

    All of them, including Xin Zheng’s mindless fans, were screaming.

    At that time, the shouts were deafening.


    At a corner of the crowd, Sun Hao shouted excitedly.

    “Victory! Victory! The youngest is the best! Yeah!”

    Zhou Xiaotian jumped up and down excitedly.


    Zhu Benzheng laughed out loud and commented, “The PK king! The youngest is indeed the PK king. Whoever competes with him will suffer miserably.”

    There was no doubt.

    The trio were very thrilled.

    At the same time, they felt rather sentimental.

    Because they had come to realize that they could never see through Fang Qiu though they were like brothers living in the same dormitory.

    It didn’t matter that they couldn’t see through him. They were still brothers.

    On the stage, listening to the cheers and shouts, Xin Zheng closed his eyes in pain.

    He knew he lost it.

    Fang Qiu won.

    But he couldn’t accept the result.

    For this competition, he had revealed all he had. Still, he was no match for Fang Qiu. His confidence was crushed.

    A singer lost to a student in a singing competition. It was like a sharpshooter lost his life to an ordinary man in a duel. It was hard to believe.

    “Thank you.”

    On the stage, Fang Qiu bowed to all the audience before stepping down.

    “Wait a minute.”

    But at this time, a voice came suddenly.

    Fang Qiu stopped.

    Everyone on the scene was surprised.

    They turned to look.

    They saw a woman wearing a mask and ordinary clothes walking onto the stage.

    “Do you remember me?”

    On the stage, the girl asked Fang Qiu. Under numerous confused eyes, she removed her mask and revealed a gorgeous face.


    Fang Qiu was shocked to see her.

    He remembered how she played her guitar and sang outside the train station.

    Fang Qiu knew it was her though her face was covered by a baseball hat at that time.

    “Song Yaqi?”

    At that time, a shocking cry broke out in the hall.