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Chapter 264 - A Good Opportunity!

Medical Master
     Chapter 264 A Good Opportunity!

    “Song Yaqi?”

    Along with a cry of surprise, all the people in the audience immediately put their eyes on the face of the woman opposite to Fang Qiu on the stage.

    Taking a closer look, they found the face was cool and beautiful with a unique temperament that always attracted others’ attention.

    She was indeed Song Yaqi!

    At this moment, all the people in the auditorium suddenly couldn’t help but exclaim.

    A sensation!

    An unprecedented sensation!

    Who was Song Yaqi?

    She was the most popular Huaxia female singer nowadays. Although she had made her first public appearance only a few months ago, her unique and charming temperament, fascinating voice, as well as her lovely personality helped her crazily sweep all the major charts from the beginning of her debut and become the hottest star in Huaxia. At present, her popularity had reached the rank of first-line stars, and was still rising.

    According to industry analysts, Song Yaqi was bound to become more and more popular in the next few years, and even after ten years, her influence would probably still exist, which was enough to prove how hot she was.


    Just as most of the people in the auditorium were too excited to speak, struggling to rush towards Song Yaqi, a sudden sound of footsteps came.

    Dozens of people from the school security team rushed in under the leadership of Sister Li, pulling a line to isolate the stage from the audience.

    “Hello, everyone. I’m Song Yaqi.”

    On the stage, Song Yaqi smiled and greeted everyone in the audience, while Sister Li shook her head with a bitter smile beside the stage.

    Considering Sister Li’s character, she would never make a sudden run to the stage. However, Song Yaqi would. Unable to stop Song Yaqi, Sister Li could call the school security team immediately when Song Yaqi rushed to the stage.

    Fortunately, the security team arrived in time, otherwise nobody knew what would happen.

    “It seems that you still remember me.”

    After greeting everyone, Song Yaqi turned to Fang Qiu and said.

    “Hello, I’m Fang Qiu.”

    Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.


    Song Yaqi also smiled and nodded.

    “Excuse me, but why you asked me to wait?”

    Fang Qiu asked.

    “Here’s the thing.”

    Song Yaqi replied, “I have a concert tomorrow night in Jiangjing, and I’d like to invite you to my concert as a guest singer.”

    Those words shocked everyone under the stage.

    Xin Zheng on the stage also raised his head fiercely to stare at Fang Qiu.

    At this moment, he had no hatred for Fang Qiu, but only jealousy!

    As a member of the entertainment circle, as a singer, Xin Zheng was very clear about the current popularity of Song Yaqi. It was difficult for even the first-line stars to cooperate with her, let alone ordinary people.

    Because she was too popular to be available.

    As long as she wanted, there were countless people in the entertainment circle who were waiting for her summon at any time.

    Even being with her for a single minute would attract tremendous attention.

    What could Fang Qiu do? Why he?

    Xin Zheng was badly jealous!

    But at this time.

    “Thank you, but I’d better not take it. I’m a rude man. If I take it, I’ll humiliate you.”

    Fang Qiu said with a smile.

    Upon hearing that, Xin Zheng even wanted to die at the moment.

    He longed for such an opportunity so much now, but he couldn’t get it. Even if he took the initiative to demand it, Song Yaqi would not agree to him.

    However, Fang Qiu… rejected it unexpectedly?

    Damn it!


    All the audience under the stage was also stunned.

    Not because Song Yaqi invited Fang Qiu, nor because Fang Qiu refused the invitation of Song Yaqi, but because they were afraid that Song Yaqi would be embarrassed after she was refused by Fang Qiu!

    “Do you think whether Fang Qiu will humiliate me if he attends my concert as a guest singer?”

    Looking at the audience, Song Yaqi asked.


    “Absolutely no!”

    Everyone immediately echoed. It was a very lively scene.

    “Umm… I’m a student with a bit of too many classes recently. They’re all set.”

    Fang Qiu hesitated.

    Indeed, he had to follow the keeper of Yaowang Mountain to learn.

    “Just do me a favor.”

    Song Yaqi insisted with a smile, “You can’t let me sing from the beginning to the end. It’s so tired and I can’t do it.”


    Fang Qiu suddenly had an idea in his mind.

    There would be at least tens of thousands of people at Song Yaqi’s concert. And the picture of the concert would be uploaded on the Internet under normal circumstances. With her influence, the concert video would certainly get millions or even tens of millions of attention.

    Such a good platform could be used to introduce and promote Huaxia Medicine!

    Such a good opportunity should not be missed!


    Thinking of that, Fang Qiu nodded in agreement.

    “Thank you.”

    Song Yaqi made a sweet smile, saying, “I’ll wait for you tomorrow night.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    Then, the two exchanged phone numbers with each other.

    Song Yaqi stepped down from the stage, about to leave.

    However, she was still surrounded by the students, even under the protection of twenty security guards.

    The news of Song Yaqi’s appearance in the school spread very quickly, so there were a lot of people who came to the auditorium. There was a sea of people outside it.

    This scene shocked Fang Qiu a lot.

    “See, I told you not to go to the stage, but you didn’t listen to me.”

    Sister Li walked to Song Yaqi and said.

    “I know you can handle it, right, Sister Li?”

    Song Yaqi took Sister Li’s arm smilingly.

    “I can’t solve it, but…”

    Sister Li curled her lip, turned around to look at Fang Qiu and said, “He can.”

    Fang Qiu got stunned at once.

    He immediately opened his mouth and uttered, “Don’t be crowded, everyone. The concert will be held tomorrow, and you can go to the concert tomorrow. If you continue to squeeze, it will be uncertain if the concert can be held tomorrow.”

    Hearing that, the turbulent students gradually quieted down.

    In the end, Fang Qiu led the way out of the auditorium with Song Yaqi. She then got on the car ordered by Sister Li and left quickly.


    In the evening, the result of the contest between Fang Qiu and Xin Zheng soon spread throughout the school.

    After watching the match between the two, everyone was truly amazed that Fang Qiu was indeed excellent.

    Of course, what surprised everyone more was that Song Yaqi, such a big star, not only appeared on the scene, but also personally invited Fang Qiu to her concert as a guest singer.

    This matter had aroused a lot of discussion among all the students of the school.

    “Oh my God, Fang Qiu is simply a singer held up by Huaxia Medicine!”

    “And he’s a genius singer!”

    “In my opinion, he should give in learning Huaxia Medicine, and go to learn to sing. He must be popular.”

    Without a doubt, after the end of the battle, as a singer, Xin Zheng lost to Fang Qiu unexpectedly, which let Xin Zheng feel particularly ashamed. He didn’t want to stay here anymore, and left in a hurry after the game.

    In the evening, Fang Qiu returned to the dormitory from the Yaowang Mountain together with his three roommates.

    The joy of Fang Qiu’s victory in the afternoon had already been exhausted by hours of work.

    Zhu Benzheng, Zhouxiaotian, and Sun Hao fell asleep in bed without even taking a bath.

    As for Fang Qiu, he should be happy, but couldn’t be happy at all.

    After taking a bath, he stayed in bed.

    He didn’t continue to watch the copper coin to practice his mental power, but was absorbed in thought with a frown.

    “Now that I have agreed, what shall I say tomorrow on the stage?”

    Fang Qiu thought to himself.

    “Such a great opportunity can’t be squandered. It must be fully used.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and began to think about what he could do immediately.

    “The four methods of diagnosis?

    “Basic knowledge of Huaxia Medicine?

    “Prescription, medicine?”

    These were all not easy to say clearly!

    Fang Qiu shook his head repeatedly.

    If he gave a lecture in the concert, he would be thrown mineral water bottles by the audience to death.

    But the opportunity was so good.

    It would be a pity if he didn’t mention Huaxia Medicine.

    Health preservation?

    Fang Qiu thought in his heart.

    However, he immediately shook his head after a few seconds.

    Most of the people who watched Song Yaqi’s concert must be young people. How could they be willing to listen to health preservation? It was useful to talk to sick people. But how could people in good health be willing to listen to it?

    “Neither this nor that is appropriate…”

    After thinking for a while, Fang Qiu found all that he could do was excluded by him one by one, and only the bonesetting was left with.


    “Yes, that’s it!”

    Fang Qiu suddenly had an idea.


    At the same time, in a presidential suite of a luxury hotel.

    Song Yaqi, who just returned here, directly logged on her Weibo, propagate the performing tour tomorrow in Jiangjing. At the same time, at the request of Sister Li, she announced directly that Fang Qiu was the mysterious guest singer.

    Obviously, Sister Li’s purpose was to make big publicity before the concert began.

    Fang Qiu was recently popular on Weibo.

    Instead of leaving the identity of the mysterious guest singer to be announced at the concert, it would be better to publish it directly and let everyone be curious first.

    In Sister Li’s opinion, only those mysterious guests who were not surprised at all should be hidden and deliberately use the word mystery to attract the audience, while the truly powerful guests didn’t need to be concealed. The effect would be even better to disclose in advance than to announce during the concert.

    There was no doubt that Fang Qiu was of the kind of powerful guests.

    Because Fang Qiu was not a singer.

    Because Fang Qiu sang well.

    Because most people on the Internet didn’t know what Fang Qiu looked like.

    Sure enough, as soon as the news spread around, it immediately ignited the Weibo.

    Song Yaqi’s publicity Weibo also ushered in dense comments in a very short time.

    “On my! Fang Qiu?”

    “This is definitely a combination of powers!”

    “From the videos on Weibo, Fang Qiu’s singing is pretty good. But if compared with our dear Qi, I’m afraid he will be outdone.”

    “Isn’t Fang Qiu a Huaxia Medicine doctor?”

    “In my opinion, if Fang Qiu really dares to step on stage, he will surely be outshone by our dear Qi!”

    “How did Fang Qiu get involved with dear Qi?”

    “Oh no, this Huaxia Medicine doctor aims at entering the entertainment circle. Instead of sticking to Huaxia Medicine, he tries to be an online celebrity. And he has been successful, which is so rare.”

    Seeing these comments, Song Yaqi couldn’t stop laughing.

    On the other side, Fang Qiu’s first Weibo also received millions of comments from fans.

    “What did you do to get involved with our dear Qi? You’re really powerful!”

    “Haha, the stage of dear Qi and Fang Qiu will be amazing.”

    “As a guest singer this time, you must perform well. Don’t lose face.”

    “Haha, I just love watching you get abused and fight back.”

    “I’m waiting for you to make a fool of yourself.”

    For a time, all kinds of bizarre comments soon completely occupied the first Weibo of Fang Qiu!