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Chapter 266 - The Tickets Were Finally All Given Out!

Medical Master
     Chapter 266 The Tickets Were Finally All Given Out!

    “Mr. Xu, I have some tickets to a concert tomorrow night. Do you want to go with me?”

    Asked Fang Qiu after he got through.

    “No. It’s what you young people like. What am I supposed to do there?”

    Xu Miaolin refused simply, and then reminded, “Don’t forget what I told you before. You don’t have much time left. Every minute is very precious to you. You have to make good use of the time, and strive to pass the craftsman doctor examination before the year ends.”

    “Don’t worry, I will.”

    Fang Qiu nodded in response.


    Xu Miaolin replied and hung up the phone.

    After the phone was hung up, Fang Qiu was absorbed in thought again.

    “There are three tickets left. Who should I give them to?”

    “It would be disrespectful to give away these three tickets at random. But everyone who is worth it has received the tickets, who else should I give them to?”

    After short thinking, Fang Qiu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

    “Yes, I can give them to her!”

    He immediately dialed a phone number while speaking.

    “Fang Qiu, do you want to ask for leave again?”

    When the phone was connected, the voice of Liu Feifei came from the other end of the line, “You’re not permitted this time. You just came back, and if you leave again, are you still a student?”

    “I’m not asking for leave.”

    Fang Qiu revealed a smile and added, “Senior Sister, I just have some things to give out, but I don’t know who needs them. So, I’m calling to ask if you want them.”

    “What are they?”

    Liu Feifei spontaneously asked, and immediately added, “Fang Qiu, what are you thinking about. You want to give me some things that nobody wants? Do you regard me as a trash can?”

    “Of course no.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head quickly and explained with a smile, “I have three tickets to Song Yaqi’s concert, all for the first row. Do you want them?”


    Liu Feifei didn’t seem to understand, and immediately responded. But as soon as her voice faded away, Fang Qiu clearly heard a sudden suffocating cry from the other end of the line,


    “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t hang up. I warn you not to hang up!”

    After several consecutive shouts and confirming that Fang Qiu didn’t hang up, Liu Feifei took a deep breath and asked carefully, “The things you just mentioned that nobody wants are tickets to Song Yaqi’s concert? For the first infield row, and there are three of them?”


    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “Give them all to me!” …

    Without hesitation, Liu Feifei immediately said, “Where are you now? I’ll come to you at once.”

    “I’m outside the dormitory building.”

    Replied Fang Qiu.

    “Okay. Wait. Don’t go! Never go! If You go away, I’ll never spare you!” … …

    While shouting, Liu Feifei strode towards the boys’dormitory.

    From the teachers’ dormitory to the students’ dormitory, it only took a short minute for Liu Feifei to appear in front of Fang Qiu.

    “Where are the tickets? Where are them?” …

    Liu Feifei shouted from afar.

    “Here you are.”

    Fang Qiu stuffed the tickets to her hands when she arrived before him.

    Getting the tickets, Liu Feifei was thrilled.


    Looking at Fang Qiu, Liu Feifei said with a smile, “I’m not working as a head teacher in vain. I finally see the reward. You’re no wonder a good student of mine. If you have such good things next time, just regard me as a trash can heartily. You can throw trash to me as many as you want!” …

    Fang Qiu became speechless. …

    It was the first time he had ever seen Liu Feifei so excited.

    “Just three concert tickets. Is it coming to that?”

    However, before Fang Qiu could react, Liu Feifei patted his shoulder and then turned away rapidly in a good mood.


    Shaking his head with a gentle sigh, Fang Qiu returned to his dormitory with a wry smile.

    In the morning of the next day, Fang Qiu went to the Yaowang Mountain to continue to study.

    Until the afternoon, after lunch, he just left school and went to the Jiangjing Gymnasium where the concert was going to be held.

    Because of the tight security, Fang Qiu could only call Song Yaqi at the door of the gym and let Sister Li out to take him in personally.

    At this time, Song Yaqi was rehearsing on the stage.

    “What a big gym!”

    Fang Qiu looked around, while walking to the stage.

    It was a round gymnasium, very large.

    The stage was in the middle, square and made of LED screens.

    At a glance, the stage was almost thirty meters long, which showed how big it was.

    Above the stage, in addition to some props needed for the concert, there were four very large screens, from which everything on the stage could be clearly seen.

    “No backstage?”

    Fang Qiu asked curiously.

    “The backstage is under the stage.”

    Sister Li explained with a smile, “In order to accommodate as many people as possible, we designed the backstage under the stage. Did you notice that our stage is a little higher than the normal ones?” …

    “Though it’s a little higher, it doesn’t affect the audience’s view.”

    Fang Qiu nodded his understanding.

    The two walked to the stage while chatting.

    “So early?”

    After the rehears of a song, Song Yaqi came over with a smile. Sister Li went on planning with the stage director.

    “I’m nervous.”

    Fang Qiu laughed.

    “I don’t see it.”

    Song Yaqi replied with a smile.

    “Well, I come in ahead of time to see what I need to do.”

    Speaking of that, Fang Qiu pursed his lips and added, “For example, when is it my turn to appear on the stage? How much time to stay, what to do and so on. Therefore, I can get myself ready. I can’t always react on the spot.”

    “Sister Li has already planned these for you.”

    Song Yaqi nodded and said, “The concert will start at 7:20 and end at 9:20, lasting for two hours. During the first hour, you just need to sit in the audience and watch. And you’re supposed to be on the stage after the first hour. As for how long you’re supposed to be on the stage, it depends on how many songs you’re going to sing and what song you’re going to sing.” …

    “I see.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and added, “Then, give me ten minutes. I’ll sing only one song. And let me have the rest of the time at my disposal, will you?” …

    “Ten minutes?”

    Song Yaqi thought about it and then replied, “Okay, I can have a rest then.” …

    “Do I need to rehearse?”

    Asked Fang Qiu.


    Song Yaqi answered with a nod, “Without rehearsals, many details can’t be worked out, including lighting, stage effects, sound quality, and so on.”

    “Okay, I’ll wait until you finish rehearsing.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    Then, he stepped off the stage and sat down to wait.

    At three o’clock in the afternoon, Song Yaqi finished rehearsing, and it was time for Fang Qiu to rehearse on the stage.

    In coordination with the tuner, Fang Qiu soon achieved his desired effect.

    His rehearsal was over soon.

    He sang only one song during the rehearsal.

    The song was about four minutes long.

    With six minutes to spare, Fang Qiu didn’t sing or dance. When questioned by the stage director, he only said it was a secret.

    Over there, Sister Li, who had been watching Fang Qiu’s rehearsal with Song Yaqi in the audience, became worried.

    “You trust him so much, Yaqi?”

    Asked Sister Li.


    Song Yaqi was puzzled.

    “It’s normal to give a guest singer 10 minutes to sing. But he’s going to sing only one song which lasts four minutes. There are still six minutes left at his disposal. Don’t you fear that the concert will be screwed up by him?”

    Asked Sister Li with a few worries.

    “No, I believe him.”

    Song Yaqi answered with a smile.


    At four or five o’clock in the afternoon, the gym was surrounded by a sea of people.

    Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, Zhou Xiaotian, Jiang Miaoyu, and the others all had dinner in advance and came to the gym.

    At this time, Fang Qiu and Song Yaqi were staying backstage.

    Neither of them had a meal. They only ate some chocolate prepared in advance for fear of affecting the singing effect.

    At six o’clock, the gym had been packed with people.

    Although the backstage was under the stage, because the stage was built with LED screens, the two could clearly see the grand occasion outside from the gaps of the stage.

    “Are you nervous now?”

    Looking at Fang Qiu, Song Yaqi asked with a smile.

    She remembered that Fang Qiu said he was nervous when he just came. There was no audience in the gym at that time. But now, so many people were here. Was Fang Qiu even more nervous?

    “Do you think I’m nervous?”

    Looking at Song Yaqi, Fang Qiu said with a smile, “When there’s no one, I’ll think there’s someone. When there are a lot of people, I’ll think there’s no one.” …

    That was the realm Fang Qiu had already broken through on the martial arts.

    Therefore, let alone the people in the gym, Fang Qiu would never be nervous even if there were tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands more people.

    “I knew it.”

    Song Yaqi smiled, and gave Fang Qiu a thumbs-up.

    Time passed quickly in waiting.

    It was twenty minutes past seven in the evening after a twinkling of an eye.

    “Song Yaqi! Song Yaqi!” …

    A crazy cry from everyone overwhelmed the entire gym.

    The well-prepared Song Yaqi rode the elevator and slowly appeared on the stage in the cry of tens of thousands of people and under the shining lights.

    As she just showed up, a terribly loud shout and cheer sounded.

    The sound was so deafening that it even felt like an earthquake!

    Standing on the shiny stage, Song Yaqi looked around at the sea of blue fluorescent sticks that her fans laid for her.

    “Thank you.”

    Song Yaqi smiled happily.

    Suddenly, as the prelude of the first song sounded, all the lights went down.

    The whole stage was completely turned into a blue sea. The water of the sea could be seen surging on the stage. A wave after wave. Song Yaqi also began to sing with the rhythm.

    Under the stage, the blue lamp sea gathered by light sticks was also swaying from side to side like sprays, making people intoxicated.

    In this shocking atmosphere, Song Yaqi sang one song after another.

    She was very hard.

    And the audience was also extremely excited. The atmosphere of the whole concert was extremely hot.

    In a twinkling of an eye, the concert moved into the second half, without people’s even feeling the time was passing.

    Finishing the last song of the first half with sweat, Song Yaqi gasped.

    Standing on the stage and resting for a minute, she then said to the whole audience, “I believe all of you have known that today I have a guest singer for you. He is very popular recently. Do you know who he is?”

    “Fang Qiu!”

    As her voice just faded away, everyone immediately shouted Fang Qiu’s name.

    The matter had been announced already; there was no need to guess.

    “Let’s welcome Fang Qiu!”

    Song Yaqi also shouted directly without hesitation.