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Chapter 268 - What the Hell is This?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 268 What the Hell is This?!


    Backstage, Song Yaqi and Sister Li were stunned to see the audience following Fang Qiu’s movements.

    “This, this…”

    Sister Li asked, “What is he doing? Why is the audience following his actions?”

    It was a pointless question.

    Even Song Yaqi had no answer.

    Was everyone in the audience admitting that they had problems with their cervical vertebra?


    Song Yaqi said, “I think everyone is putting on a show?”


    “No matter what the reason is, I’ve to say that Fang Qiu is quite the charismatic fellow. How else could he get so many people to follow him?”

    Sister Li soon lowered her voice. “However, this doesn’t really suit the atmosphere of a concert. Should we stop it?”

    “No need for that.”

    Song Yaqi said cheerfully as she shook her head. “There’s only a few minutes left and no one is complaining. It’s all good.”


    Beneath the stage.


    Sun Hao was shocked out of his senses to observe the spectacle of everyone standing up.

    “Even Song Yaqi, the main singer of this concert, would have found it hard to accomplish something like that. Now everyone’s following the youngest after he simply told them to do so?”


    Zhou Xiaotian was also shocked. “What sort of magic did the kid use? This is really great.”

    Zhu Benzheng was also dumbfounded.


    Sun Hao laughed loudly. “The youngest, you’re not acting wildly on someone’s home ground but spreading joy!”


    On the stage, Fang Qiu channeled his internal Qi with every word he spoke.

    He used it to affect everyone’s emotions. After all, he was just an ordinary person and had to do so to prevent Song Yaqi from being disgraced. Wouldn’t it be shameful if no one was willing to follow him even after he kept shouting?


    At this time, everyone followed Fang Qiu.

    Eventually, they could hear popping noises from their own cervical vertebra. His method was really working.

    Quite a number of them began to feel overjoyed.

    “We’ll target the thoracic and lumbar verterbrae next.”

    Fang Qiu continued speaking. “Maintain your feet shoulder-width apart and use your backbone as the axis. Channel a force from both your arms along your backbone and move them in a large circular motion.”


    As he spoke, Fang Qiu lifted both of his arms above his shoulders.

    “While facing left, tilt your body right at a certain angle, so that it gets used to the motion.”


    As he said that, Fang Qiu tilted his body right gently before turning it leftward.

    “Next, make large circular motions toward your left along your backbone, and then make use of the momentum to do the same on your right.”

    He demonstrated as he explained.

    Everyone beneath the stage followed Fang Qiu’s movements.


    At the other end, the crew were all dumbfounded.

    They had never seen a large scale exercise being carried out during a concert. What was going on? Everyone was doing exercises now.


    The most crucial aspect of all was that the audience seemed to be off their medication or out of their minds. Every one of them was taking part in vigorously.

    The scene was really incredulous!


    Of course, not everyone was that simple-minded.

    At first, a large amount of them were unwilling to follow Fang Qiu but stood up to give him face. After all, he was standing in for Song Yaqi, and they did not want to disgrace him.



    However, after the first set of cervial verterbra exercises, quite a number of them realized that the exercise was really useful. They felt much more relaxed after doing it.


    As such, everyone continued with it.

    As they did so, they found Fang Qiu’s voice more captivating and began to move more vigorously without even realizing it.

    Also, they had been sitting in the stadium for a long while now, and it felt really good to be moving.


    Very soon, everyone had concluded a set of exercises under Fang Qiu’s guidance.


    The moment they finished, everyone’s eyes brightened.

    “Eh, my waist has really stopped hurting.”

    “The exercises are really useful. My neck is not aching anymore.”

    “Chinese Medicine is really great. Fang Qiu’s amazing!”

    “Yeah, I feel really good.”



    As everyone began discussing, the Chief Director’s voice prompt suddenly came from Fang Qiu’s earphones.

    “30 seconds more!”

    He could hear the director’s voice clearly.

    Fang Qiu grinned as he spoke to the audience. “You can stretch your tendons if you find your waists to be hurting.”

    “It’s said that you’ll stand to live a decade longer for every inch your tendons grow.”

    “You’ve to ensure that they retain their elasticity.”


    As he finished speaking, Fang Qiu gradually moved his feet apart.

    He pressed them down bit by bit before ending up in a complete split under everyone’s watchful gaze.


    The sight stunned everyone.


    “He’s really amazing.”

    “This is the first time I’ve seen a male do a complete split.”

    “What great elasticity. He’s unbelievably great.”

    “A singer who can’t do a split can’t be a great Chinese Medicine physician.”

    Everyone sighed.



    At this moment, Fang Qiu, who had just done a complete split, made a movement that stunned everyone.


    They saw he did not use his hands as support, but got up simply by pressing his weight down on his legs, as if they were scissor blades.

    Then, he got up slowly.

    The crowd was shaken!

    “What the hell?”

    “He didn’t use his arms?”

    “My God, what have I just seen?”

    “Anyone who dances can do a split. But this, this is simply fucking great!”

    “It’s as though he were part of a circus troupe!”

    “He’s simply too fucking amazing!”



    Amidst the endless gasps, the audience responded with a thunderous round of applause.


    At the same time, Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian looked at each other in shock as they saw Fang Qiu’s performance, an indescribable look appearing on their faces.

    This was because of their usual proximity to Fang Qiu.

    They had been shocked by Fang Qiu’s amazing feats so frequently that they had got used to it. This, however, brought an unimaginable amount of shock to them.

    Such a feat should not have been possible.

    How could Fang Qiu have done this?


    Aside from this, all three of them had never expected that Fang Qiu would have the guts to teach the audience about bonesetting during Song Yaqi’s concert. It was simply unbelievable!

    Fang Qiu straightened himself up again. “Thanks, everyone.”


    Fang Qiu bowed in each direction and thanked everyone before gradually descending from the stage amidst the enthusiastic clapping and cheers of the audience, melding into the darkness.


    At the same time, Song Yaqi, who had got her rest, reappeared onstage.


    Song Yaqi asked loudly once she got onstage, “Was Fang Qiu’s singing good?”


    Everyone immediately replied. “It was great.”

    She asked again, “Did everyone benefit just now?”



    Everyone shouted. “We did!”

    “Alright, let’s thank Fang Qiu with the loudest round of applause we can give him!”


    As her voice rang out, an earth-shattering round of applause rang out again.


    After that, the concert continued.



    Fang Qiu felt secretly relieved as he took a lift down to the backstage. He was still pretty pleased with his performance today.


    After taking off his props and the microphone, Fang Qiu walked out of the backstage area and returned quietly back to the stadium to look for Zhu Benzheng and the others.



    However, the moment he reached them, Zhu Benzheng, Jiang Miaoyu, and Liu Feifei and the others gave Fang Qiu the thumbs up.

    “I couldn’t tell that you’re so daring.”

    Liu Feifei exclaimed. “Who would’ve dared to promote Chinese Medicine during a concert? I believe only you in the entire Huaxia would have dared to do so. I’m really impressed!”

    Zhou Xiaotian chimed in. “Yeah, yeah! Your performance was really amazing, the youngest.”


    Sun Hao replied. “That wasn’t all. I believe no one, since the beginning of time, would have dared to do as you did.”


    The others all nodded with agreement.


    As he heard everyone’s praises, Fang Qiu chuckled and did not say anything else.

    His ambition to become a tower of support had never changed.


    He knew that he was outstanding in the eyes’ of the others, but it was also because of this that he had to work even harder to become more outstanding!


    It was an age of self-media.

    Many major media outlets had begun cooperating with celebrities to create live streamings of their concerts. Some independently operated media outlets, due to a lack of capital to negotiate a deal, could only secretly stream the shows for their viewers.

    Wasn’t this the case?

    Song Yaqi’s entire concert was streamed by some.

    Of course, such pirated streaming was only limited to a few viewers. It was secretive, and most ordinary viewers couldn’t have access to watch it.

    After all, it was illegal.

    However, clips that came from such streams were a different matter.


    Very quickly, Fang Qiu’s teachings were directly recorded and uploaded online in real time by those who had viewed the secret streams.

    Since there were already several discussions about Fang Qiu on Weibo, and that he had cooperated with Song Yaqi, many people were concerned about news of him.

    The words “Fang Qiu” and “Song Yaqi’s concert” attracted the attention of countless people once they were published online.


    Eventually, everyone was drawn to watch the videos.

    They were immediately pleased.

    “Hey, this Fang Qiu really has a few tricks up his sleeve.”

    “Our idol invited you onstage to help with her concert. Would it hurt to simply focus on singing? Why did you try to spread your teachings?”

    Even though they spoke in this manner.

    Everyone who watched the videos began following Fang Qiu’s movements and ultimately found them to be useful.

    “Why is this video so unclear?”

    “Right, I can’t see Fang Qiu’s face clearly!”

    “That’s strange, why is the entire stage covered in screens? Why is there no clear shot of Fang Qiu’s face at all?”

    “I beg some great talented individuals who are on the scene to take a clear shot of Fang Qiu’s face.”

    “Me too!”



    Without a doubt, the people who made those requests were Fang Qiu’s fangirls and people who were attracted by his mysteriousness.


    Aside from this, many people were captivated by Fang Qiu’s singing. A substantial number of them even went on to memorize the lyrics of the song after hearing him sing it.


    For a moment, the entire Internet was ablaze with discussions.

    A few talents, who were hidden among the netizens, could not help but feel moved.

    Fang Qiu had managed to make a large number of people interested in traditional culture and Chinese Medicine by himself. It was not something an ordinary person could have achieved. The feat he had achieved was not only great, but he had also brought great glory to his own people!



    At 20 minutes past nine pm, amidst a chorus of “encores”, Song Yaqi returned back onstage for another song before the entire concert ended.


    After returning backstage, Song Yaqi thanked Fang Qiu especially and gave everyone who had come with him an autographed CD before leaving under the escort of her security team.

    Fang Qiu and the others left the stadium in satisfaction and returned to school.