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Chapter 276 - How Dare He! Tell Him to Stop!

Medical Master
     Chapter 276 How Dare He! Tell Him to Stop!

    “The examination shall continue,” a staff member said when the time was up.

    Then, he led the patient into the room.

    This was the fourteenth patient.

    Fang Qiu immediately started performing the four diagnostic methods on the patient the moment the patient sat down just as before, then started to fill the prescription.

    In the meeting room on the third floor, several elderly men stared intently at the screen.

    Through the screen, they could see that Fang Qiu was already seeing patients while Yu Ziyuan was still washing his face and hands and making the patient wait for him to get ready in the room.

    The elderly men couldn’t help but nod and smile when they saw this scene.

    “This is how a disciple of a famous doctor should behave.”

    “The emergence of every famous doctor is closely related to the tiniest details.”

    “Yes, I guess ‘being responsible’ ranks very high on Yu Ziyuan’s list of priorities.”

    “He didn’t immediately start seeing the patient after his afternoon nap but instead chose to relax and use water to make sure that he was of a sound mind. He only saw the patient when he was at his calmest and most alert state. It shows how seriously he takes himself, the patient, and Chinese Medicine.”

    It was obvious that these elderly men were very impressed by Yu Ziyuan’s performance.

    They felt that this was how the successor of Chinese medicine should behave.

    As for Fang Qiu, when their attention shifted to him, they saw that Fang Qiu had already finished his diagnosis and immediately went to the medicine cabinet after he had written his prescription.

    “This kid is clearly trying to save time!” an elderly man said with a scowl.

    He was obviously displeased with Fang Qiu’s method.

    He felt that Fang Qiu was not meticulous enough!

    The other elderly men felt the same way.

    They continued to watch the screen, and suddenly, their eyes widened and their faces turned red with rage when they saw what Fang Qiu did next.

    “He, he… how dare he!”

    An elderly man with a round face sputtered angrily as he pointed at Fang Qiu. He was so angry that he wasn’t even able to speak.

    They took a closer look and saw that Fang Qiu was already pulling out the ingredients from the counter of the medicine cabinet after he wrote his prescription, but he did not even weigh each ingredient. He had laid out these supplies on more than ten pieces of coarse paper ahead of time earlier, and he was now grabbing at them with his bare hands.

    He would only head to the medicinal drawers to dig out more ingredients when there weren’t the items he was looking for displayed on the counter.

    Similarly, he did not weigh them at all!

    He placed everything he had gathered on a piece of coarse paper, then walked toward a clay pot used for brewing medicine and prepared to brew his medicine.

    “That rascal!”

    An elderly man was so angry that he jumped to his feet in the meeting room.

    “What does he even think he is doing?”

    “This must only be a childish game to him!”

    “If he takes a little more than what he’s supposed to, his medicine could become a form of poison that could be fatal. How could he even think of doing this?”

    “He is truly a bastard!”

    “Quick, get out there and stop him!”

    The elderly man was incredibly angry, and his finger trembled as he pointed at Fang Qiu on the screen.

    The other elderly men looked equally upset.

    The staff standing outside didn’t dare to hesitate when they heard the elderly man’s angry roar and immediately rushed toward Fang Qiu’s room.

    In the examination room, Fang Qiu had just bent down to start brewing the medicine in the clay pot when the door suddenly burst open.


    A staff member rushed into the room.

    “Stop right there!”

    The staff member rushed right up to Fang Qiu and snatched the medicine from Fang Qiu’s hands.


    Fang Qiu looked at the staff member in confusion and asked, “What is the matter with you?”

    At the same time.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “How could you even ask such a question?”

    Voices rang out from the other side.

    Several staff members rushed into the room.

    “Hey kid, let me tell you, this isn’t the time to show off your clever tricks.”

    The leader of those who had rushed in was the middle-aged man who had been giving a report to the elderly men this morning. He immediately pointed at Fang Qiu’s head angrily and said, “Chinese Medicine has a heavy emphasis on being meticulous. You have to be responsible for your patients. This is a real-life situation where you have to attend to your patient, not a made-up practical examination. The patient is right in front of you, so how could you not even weigh the ingredients when you’re making your prescription?”

    “Surely you must be aware that the weight of each ingredient is crucial?”

    “You’re taking this too lightly!”

    The middle-aged man pointed at the camera after he admonished Fang Qiu and said, “Do you really think that your antics have escaped our notice? The closed-circuit camera has captured everything on camera so we can see your every action. You’re so negligent even when it comes to selecting the ingredients for your medicine, so how could you even think of taking the examination for the craftsman doctor? Are you even qualified to take this examination?”

    “You’re eliminated!” he said harshly.

    Then, he yelled, “Get out of here!”

    Fang Qiu stared at this middle-aged man in stunned silence. He finally understood why the staff members had prevented him from brewing his medicine and had even taken away the ingredients that he had collected.

    Now that he thought about it, what he did would indeed raise the ire of these examiners.

    However, he wouldn’t have done this if he wasn’t absolutely sure of himself.

    It mustn’t be forgotten that he possessed the ability of Absolute Touch!

    “I see,” he said with a nod. “Then again, how would you know whether or not my ingredients were weighed accurately? Why are you so sure that I did not weigh the ingredients?”

    The staff members were even more enraged by his words.

    “Your every action was recorded by the closed-circuit camera, and we clearly saw that you didn’t weigh the ingredients,” the middle-aged man said angrily.

    “Why must I use the electronic scale to weigh my ingredients?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “How else could you weigh the ingredients if you didn’t use the electronic scale?” the middle-aged man retorted.

    “I used my hand!” Fang Qiu said calmly.

    ‘You… What a load of rubbish!” the middle-aged man said angrily. “How could you use your hand to weigh the ingredients? Are you going to tell me that you can use your foot to weigh the ingredients too?”

    “My foot? I must admit that I haven’t got this ability,” Fang Qiu said with a smirk. “However, I can indeed use my hand to weigh the ingredients. You can’t tell me that it is rubbish just because you haven’t got this ability yourself. On the other hand, as a staff member of the Association of Chinese Medicine, how could you dismiss my qualification to take this examination and throw blind accusations at me without even making sure that you have gotten the fact right? Is this how the leader of the Association of Chinese Medicine should behave?”

    The moment he spoke, the middle-aged man’s breath caught in his throat.

    He hadn’t expected Fang Qiu to snap back at him in front of so many people. Moreover, there was nothing wrong with Fang Qiu’s statement, so the only way he could salvage his dignity was to confirm that Fang Qiu had made an error!

    The only way to prove that he had been right was to show that Fang Qiu had made an error.

    “Very well!” the middle-aged man said as he glared at Fang Qiu. “Do you dare to hand over your prescription?”

    “Why wouldn’t I?” Fang Qiu said calmly and handed his prescription over.

    The middle-aged man took the prescription from Fang Qiu and said after he glanced at it, “Hmph, your prescription looks rather robust.”

    Then, he added, “Nonetheless, this doesn’t diminish the fact that you collected the ingredients carelessly!”

    “I did not collect the ingredients carelessly,” Fang Qiu said as he pursed his lips.

    This middle-aged man was getting on his nerves.

    These people were wasting his time.

    The staff members glared angrily at him when they saw that he still had the nerve to retort.

    “We have all witnessed what you’ve done earlier, so why are you still trying to argue your way out of it?”

    “Your ingredients are with me, so do you really think that we’ll let you off if you refuse to admit your mistake?”

    “You’re truly a stubborn fool!”

    The staff members continued to denounce his actions.

    “What did you witness earlier?” Fang Qiu said as he rolled his eyes.

    “Didn’t you see me use my hands to collect the ingredients? What’s wrong with that? I’d still be able to collect the ingredients accurately even if I had only used my hands to do so.”

    “Moreover, I still have other matters to attend to after I’ve seen my patients, so please stop harassing me!”

    The staff members were livid when they heard what he had said.

    They were shocked by his brazenness and how he was still denying his action even when the fact had been laid out. He had even dared to snap back at them.

    His actions were completely out of hand.

    “Very well!” the middle-aged man pointed angrily at Fang Qiu and said, “If you’re so insistent that you’re right, let me show everyone whether you have accurately collected your ingredients! This is your prescription, and these are the ingredients that you’ve collected earlier!”

    Then, he stalked up to the counter and took the electronic scale.

    “Collect the ingredients,” the middle-aged man yelled as he looked at Fang Qiu.

    Then, he called out the name of the ingredient in accordance with the prescription in his hand.

    Each time he called out the name of the ingredient, the staff member would take out the ingredient from the ingredients that Fang Qiu had gathered earlier.

    The first ingredient was Chinese licorice.

    It was placed on the electronic scale.

    10 grams!

    It was exactly 10 grams.

    Then, he looked at the prescription and was shocked to see that it said, “Chinese licorice, 10 grams!”

    The middle-aged man who held the prescription was completely stunned.

    “Are you sure you had taken all the Chinese licorice there was from Fang Qiu’s ingredients?” the middle-aged man asked as he looked at the staff member who had given him the ingredient.

    “Yes,” the staff member said.

    “Are you sure that there’s none left?” the middle-aged man asked again.

    “There isn’t any left,” the staff member replied.

    The middle-aged man’s expression changed.

    He had been prepared to deliver a severe warning to Fang Qiu, so he was shocked to find out that the ingredient had indeed matched the amount stated on the prescription.

    How, how could this be possible?

    The others were equally baffled when they saw the prescription.

    How could it be exactly the same?


    “How is it even possible to use your hand to weigh the ingredients?”

    “He must have gotten lucky. It must have been luck!”

    Several staff members thought to themselves.

    “Next,” the middle-aged man couldn’t believe it either and immediately called out the name of the next ingredient.

    The staff member in charge of handing him the ingredient quickly took out the ingredient from the ingredients Fang Qiu had gathered earlier.

    It was placed on the scale.

    Then, he looked at the prescription.

    And, it was still an exact match!

    All of the staff members were in complete shock. They looked at each other in dismay and were unable to utter a single word.

    “He must have gotten lucky. I’m sure that’s it,” the middle-aged man thought to himself.

    He quickly called out the name of the third ingredient.

    The next moment, he saw that the third ingredient was also an exact match.

    He called out the name of the fourth ingredient.

    Similarly, it was incredibly precise.

    He ran through the entire prescription and realized that every ingredient was an exact match to the weight listed on the prescription, and there wasn’t a single deviation. Although Fang Qiu had used his hand to collect the ingredients, the weight of his ingredients was as accurate as when they were weighed by the scale!

    The results were out.

    Everyone was completely stunned, especially the middle-aged man who was their leader.

    “How, how could this be possible?”

    He looked at Fang Qiu incredulously and asked, “How did you manage to pull it off?”

    “I just managed to do so,” Fang Qiu said.

    “But, how? How exactly did you do it?” the middle-aged man asked.

    “Wouldn’t it be obvious after you have spent such a long time collecting ingredients?” Fang Qiu said with a resigned tone and pursed his lips.

    The staff members pretended to nod calmly at his words.

    “Uh, you… please continue with what you were doing,” the middle-aged man said. Then, he scratched his head as he led his men out of the room.

    They were all pretending to be calm but these staff members felt incredibly embarrassed since they had come to berate him harshly earlier.

    However, instead of berating Fang Qiu, they had been the ones who were berated by Fang Qiu, and when they tried to prove his mistake, they had ended up getting humiliated.

    That had been incredibly embarrassing!

    The only way to salvage their dignity was to pretend to be calm.