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Chapter 278 - Fang Qiu, from the Battle of the Pulse of Pregnancy?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 278 Fang Qiu, from the Battle of the Pulse of Pregnancy?!

    Next, he wrote his prescription.

    His prescription: 9.375 grams each of inula flower and hematite. (This is to treat the heat that is causing her acid reflex. At the same time, it is recommended that the patient avoid eating sweet food and drinking coffee.)

    6.25 grams each of magnoliae cortex and trifoliate orange, 9.375 grams of rhubarb, 6.25 grams of mirabilite that should be divided into three bags. There isn’t a need to brew this medicinal tonic but instead, this should be mixed with hot water and taken when it was warm. (This is to treat her Yangming fu-viscera excess.)

    9.375 grams each of Chinese skullcap and Chinese goldthread, 15.625 grams of white peony root, 9.375 grams of donkey-hide gelatin to be divided into three bags. (This is to treat her heart blood insufficiency that is causing her insomnia.)

    150 grams of gypsum, 15.625 grams of anemarrhena, 9.375 grams of radix aconiti lateralis preparata. (This is to treat her internal stasis of heat and cold.)

    9.375 grams of psoralea corylifolia and tree peony bark each. (This is to nourish her waist and her kidney. At the same time, it will improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis because the length of her ailment indicates that there will be blood stasis.)

    Usage: each dosage should be brewed with nine bowls of water and further divided into three bowls of consumption. One bowl should be taken before both breakfast and dinner and one egg yolk should be added into the warm bowl of medicinal tonic before consumption. There are ingredients with both extreme heat and cold properties, so the patient must take her medication with heat properties while it is cold.

    He meticulously wrote his prescription and even included his annotations.

    Fang Qiu then rose to his feet and started collecting the ingredients.

    He collected five bags of medicinal ingredients.

    Then, he placed the medicinal ingredients and his prescription on the desk.

    The middle-aged man stepped forward, collected the medicine and prescription from the desk as well as the notes that Fang Qiu had taken while performing the four diagnostic methods. Then, he led Fang Qiu out of the room.


    The door opened.

    Yu Ziyuan immediately looked over.

    He frowned when he saw the middle-aged man leading Fang Qiu out of the room.

    He was shocked to see how quickly Fang Qiu had finished.

    He had finished his diagnosis in a matter of six minutes.

    “Is this kid treating this examination like a game?” Yu Ziyuan thought as he looked at Fang Qiu. “He’s so young, but he finished so quickly. I’m sure he must have rushed to take this examination before he had honed his skills. It has only been two weeks since he obtained his Physician’s Qualification Certificate, so how could he even think of attempting the craftsman doctor’s examination? Isn’t he just asking to be humiliated?”

    “I’m sure he must have fudged his diagnosis because his skills were not up to par.”

    Yu Ziyuan couldn’t help but underestimate Fang Qiu’s skills.

    “You may enter,” the middle-aged man pointed at Yu Ziyuan and said. Then, he called another staff member over, and this staff member led Yu Ziyuan into the room to meet his patient.

    In the meantime, the middle-aged man rushed up to the third floor with Fang Qiu’s medicine and written prescription and handed these items over to the elderly men.

    After Fang Qiu finished seeing his final patient, he immediately rushed back to the room on the first floor and dismissed the person who had been brewing the medicinal tonic.

    On the second floor, Yu Ziyuan spent 15 minutes meticulously determining the patient’s ailments and left the room after he wrote his prescription.

    He had taken nine more minutes as compared to Fang Qiu, but he was very sure of his abilities.

    He felt that he was definitely better than Fang Qiu because he had been very thorough when diagnosing the patient.

    He had taken note of every minute detail of the patient’s symptoms and tailored his prescription to treat every symptom. Moreover, the medicinal ingredients he had prescribed did not conflict.

    He felt that his diagnosis had been perfect!

    Yu Ziyuan left the room after he issued his prescription and collected the ingredients for the medicine.

    The staff member brought his notes taken during the four diagnostic methods, his medicine, and his prescription up to the third floor and handed them over to the elderly men.

    In the meeting room, Fang Qiu’s and Yu Ziyuan’s prescriptions and notes had been handed to the elderly men.

    The first elderly man looked through them.

    He didn’t make any comment after he read through these documents and immediately handed them over to the next person.

    Soon, they had all finished looking through the documents.

    If someone else had been present and taken a closer look at their faces, he would have noticed that everyone’s shock was reflected in their eyes.

    “There’s no mistake in their train of thought, and they had selected almost the same forms of medicine, but…”

    The elderly man who had been the last in the group to look through the documents suddenly sighed.


    The other elderly men sighed in unison as well.

    “Fang Qiu… is incredible!” the round-faced elderly man said with a wry smile as he shook his head.

    “Yes, this kid is amazing.”

    “The rumors about him are accurate. He is indeed a genius!”

    “It has been way too long since such a talent had emerged in the field of Chinese Medicine. It’s about time for someone to show up.”

    “I have a feeling that the future of Chinese Medicine lies on this kid’s shoulders!”

    The elderly men couldn’t stop nodding approvingly as they spoke.

    They had already acknowledged Fang Qiu’s talent.

    Fang Qiu was in no way inferior to Yu Ziyuan, whether it be in the aspect of recording the symptoms, the prescription, dosage, and even the annotations found in the prescription. In fact, Fang Qiu was even more skillful, thorough, and accurate as compared to Yu Ziyuan.

    What was even more shocking was that Fang Qiu’s speed was 1.5 times faster than Yu Ziyuan’s.

    Fang Qiu’s talent had far surpassed their expectations; he had managed to be so meticulous even though he had finished his diagnosis so quickly.

    They were completely astonished!

    “It is time to conclude the examination,” an elderly man said as he looked at the others. “Should we reveal the result to them or should we keep this within ourselves?”


    Another elderly man said, “I think it would be better for us not to reveal the results. After all, we were the ones who designed this round of examination, and the two candidates did not know that they were competing against each other. Furthermore, Fang Qiu has finished seeing all his patients so he would not be affected by the outcome, while Yu Ziyuan would probably be incredibly affected when he finds out that he had lost in a baffling manner and to someone younger than him.”

    “Exactly,” another elderly man agreed and said, “I’m sure that Yu Ziyuan is also prideful since he is the disciple of a famous doctor. If he finds out that he has lost, it might be a huge blow to his confidence.”

    “I’m not too sure of that,” another elderly man said as he shook his head.

    “As Chinese physicians, we are constantly pursuing accuracy, and there is an emphasis on being responsible, humble, and having a sense of self-awareness. I think that they have the right to know, regardless of the outcome. Even if there was a mistake, they have the right to know where did they go wrong.”

    The moment he spoke, the others nodded in agreement.

    “I think that they have the right to know as well,” the round-faced elderly man said.

    “Tell the staff members to bring them back to this room. A Chinese physician should also have mental fortitude. If someone were to be so affected by one competition that he completely loses his confidence, would there still be a future for him?”

    Soon, his orders were cascaded down.

    The staff members immediately left and led Fang Qiu and Yu Ziyuan into the meeting room.

    When they arrived, the round-faced elderly man looked at them, nodded, and said with a smile, “Both of you are talented young men with great potential to succeed. We would have invited you back to this room because we’d like to reveal the results of your earlier diagnosis.”

    “Based on what we have read, both of you have produced an excellent diagnosis.”


    The round-faced elderly man pointed at Fang Qiu and said, “He is a more outstanding candidate.”

    Fang Qiu was completely unruffled by the elderly man’s statement.

    He had already figured out that it was a competition. Moreover, he didn’t feel particularly emotional when it was announced that he had won.

    On the other hand, Yu Ziyuan’s expression had changed immediately.

    He looked very unhappy, but he did not make any further comment.

    The round-faced elderly man looked at Fang Qiu and smiled warmly as he said, “You did very well, and you were extremely accurate when performing the four diagnostic methods, issuing your prescription, and the dosage. We were even more impressed by how quickly you managed to do it.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and smiled politely.

    “We must admit that you are a very skilled Chinese physician, but I hope that you will refrain from being haughty or impatient. Please do not become too full of yourself or assume that you are very clever because once you think that you are an expert or a master, it would be very hard for you to make any further breakthroughs. This concept applies regardless of which field you are in. I hope that you will continue to show an earnest attitude and continue working hard to set an example for the new generation of Chinese physicians!”

    The round-faced elderly man gave Fang Qiu words of advice as he showered him with praise.

    “I understand,” Fang Qiu said with a nod.

    “As for you…” the round-faced elderly man said as he turned to Yu Ziyuan, “You did well earlier, too, and showed that you were much better than an average craftsman doctor. However, your prescription was not as well-rounded despite your years of experience. However, we have also taken note of your earnest and meticulous attitude, as well as the responsibility you have shown to your patients. We also hope that you would continue to work hard to become the future of Chinese Medicine.”

    Yu Ziyuan did not look happy at all, but instead, there was a small frown on his face as he said, “Dear all.”

    He looked at the elderly men and clenched his jaw before he said, “Are you trying to say that I’m not as good as he is?”

    “Did you base your conclusion on how fast we managed to finish seeing the patient?”

    Yu Ziyuan suddenly grew more indignant as he spoke, “How could you decide who is more superior based on speed?”

    “No, we did not base it on speed,” the round-faced elderly man said. “Please take a look at his prescription.”

    Then, he handed Fang Qiu’s prescription to Yu Ziyuan.

    Yu Ziyuan carefully combed through the prescription.

    “It looks similar,” Yu Ziyuan said after he finished looking through the prescription, “There are even more ingredients found in his prescription, such as the psoralea corylifolia and the tree peony bark, which are completely useless.”

    The elderly men shook their heads.

    The round-faced elderly man sighed and said, “Why don’t you try to give this matter some thought?”

    Yu Ziyuan frowned.

    He couldn’t figure it out.

    “Why don’t you tell him?” the round-faced elderly man said as he looked at Fang Qiu. It seemed as though he wanted to test Fang Qiu’s knowledge.

    Fang Qiu did not hesitate and immediately answered, “The psoralea corylifolia and tree peony bark have to be included to nourish her waist and her kidney. At the same time, it will improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis because the length of her ailment indicates that there will be blood stasis. Although the patient did not show these symptoms, it is still important to include these two ingredients.”

    Yu Ziyuan froze in shock at Fang Qiu’s words.

    “Does it make sense to you now?” the round-faced elderly man asked.

    Yu Ziyuan looked at Fang Qiu in astonishment as realization dawned.

    He was shocked at how this man who seemed younger than him was faster and more accurate at diagnosing patients. He was even more astonished by Fang Qiu’s knowledge of the effects of medicinal ingredients.

    It was far too astonishing.

    “I’ll take my leave now if there are no further issues. I’m still brewing my medicinal tonic downstairs,” Fang Qiu said.

    The elderly men nodded.

    After Fang Qiu left, the only people who remained in the room were Yu Ziyuan, who was still in a state of shock, and the rest of the elderly men.

    Yu Ziyuan suddenly sighed after some time.

    “Keep your head up and continue working hard,” the round-faced elderly man said encouragingly.

    “I…” Yu Ziyuan clenched his jaw and finally asked, “I’d like to know his name.”

    “Fang Qiu!” the round-faced elderly man said.

    “Fang Qiu?” Yu Ziyuan froze in surprise before his eyes suddenly widened and he asked hoarsely, “Fang Qiu from the battle of the pulse of pregnancy?”