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Chapter 282 - What Do You Mean?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 282 What Do You Mean?!


    While being attacked by 24 opponents, this mysterious man was asking them to move faster?

    How could he even think that their attacks were too slow? He was dealing with 24 challengers!

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    No one had expected Fang Qiu to be this strong.

    However, the most critical point was that he was at peak martial arts practitioner level, just like these 24 challengers!

    He was dealing with 24 opponents of the same skill level, yet he felt they were not challenging him enough?

    This caused all spectators around the ring to feel incredibly shocked!

    In the ring.

    Everyone was stunned upon hearing Fang Qiu’s shout.

    Immediately afterward, they began attacking him with insane intensity.

    In the blink of an eye, the power of their attacks was amplified!

    Fang Qiu, who was still surrounded by his opponents, snapped out of the incredible state and regained his senses. However, he still found the speed of his opponents’ attacks to be incredibly slow.

    He understood that he could force them to go no faster than this.

    Since they were unable to increase the speed of their attacks, they would be unable to exert greater pressure on Fang Qiu. Naturally, Fang Qiu himself would be unable to force himself to break through to the next level.

    “Is this it?”

    Fang Qiu sighed silently.

    He then moved.

    His speed was incredibly fast.

    The 24 challengers that had surrounded him could not even react before realizing that Fang Qiu was gone.

    It was strange!

    Incredibly strange!

    Fang Qiu’s movement and speed were evidently at peak martial arts practitioner level, and he could only be as powerful as any of them. However, they could neither catch up with him or match him in a fight.

    It seemed as though the power Fang Qiu possessed while in peak martial arts practitioner state was twice or even thrice that of theirs.

    This kind of feeling made them feel as though they were made up of a completely different structure than him. They felt as though they were constructed from cotton, while Fang Qiu was made up of solid steel!

    They looked the same from the exterior, but their mass was completely different!

    “Let’s end this.”

    Fang Qiu exhaled lightly as he observed the speed of these opponents, which could no longer be increased. He then moved.


    Sound after sound of clashes rang out.

    Everyone could see that many figures were flying away from the center of the ring in all directions.

    In an instant, most of the people who were surrounding Fang Qiu were gone.

    Everyone beneath the arena was watching wide-eyed at the scene unfolding above them.

    Fang Qiu, who was standing at the center of the ring, looked like a ghost.

    His footwork was nimble and seemed to be an ethereal being whose body his opponents could not harm. At the same time, he possessed incredibly great strength that could not be withstood!

    Continuous sounds of objects falling rang out.

    In less than a minute, all 24 opponents who had surrounded Fang Qiu earlier were left immobile on the ground. Together with the other one who Fang Qiu had knocked down earlier, all 25 challengers were beaten!


    Another crash followed.

    Only one person was left standing in the ring.

    Fang Qiu!

    The surrounding area went utterly silent.

    Everyone looked completely shocked.

    Had the mysterious stranger won?

    How could he have won?

    No one expected that he would have won so quickly. Before the spectators could even react, the battle was already over.

    All 25 challengers in the ring were also dumbfounded.

    They could sense that Fang Qiu’s abilities were on par with theirs, but when they fought, they realized that there was no way they could evade the mysterious man’s attacks, and there was no way they could break through his defenses. Also, they could not find any weak spot of his at all.

    Under such circumstances, they could watch in vain as the mysterious stranger knocked all of them down. They were utterly helpless against him.

    They were defeated.

    They had utterly no idea how they lost, or when the fight was over.

    While facing all these shocked people, Fang Qiu, who was looking somewhat exhausted, suddenly sat down cross-legged in the middle of the ring.

    The fight had lasted just a few minutes.

    However, within that short span of time, Fang Qiu was continually forcing and pressurizing himself to break through his limits, eventually managing to do so.

    It was for this reason that he felt a little exhausted.

    He was not tired of fighting against his opponents. Instead, it was because of pushing himself!

    He sat down in a cross-legged fashion.

    As he rested, Fang Qiu tried to understand the fight in greater detail.

    A short while later.

    Just as the 25 challengers had got up and were preparing the leave the ring.

    Fang Qiu suddenly opened his eyes and got up.

    “Get 10 more!”

    His shout rang out.

    A commotion rang out among the crowd!

    10 more?

    How could this even be happening?

    Was this mysterious stranger for real?

    Fighting 10 opponents of the same skill level was already the limit, and it was a miracle that this mysterious man had surpassed his limits and defeated 25 opponents with the same amount of power as himself.

    Now, he was asking for 10 more opponents?

    One against 35?

    Wasn’t this far too arrogant?

    Just as the crowd was in an uproar, and everyone began discussing the incident, something strange occurred.


    A cold grunt could be heard coming from among the crowd.

    Everyone looked toward the person who had grunted.

    Only to see an older man dressed in blue attire of a martial artist stride away from Elder Yi with a stern expression on his face. “What’s the point of getting more martial artists to join in the fight? No need for that,” he said, staring at Fang Qiu.

    “Let me fight you instead!”


    As he spoke, the older man’s feet moved, and he dashed up the ring.

    “Who’s that?”

    “Looks like he’s pretty good.”

    “I believe he must be someone special since he was standing beside Elder Yi.”

    “Why haven’t I seen him before?”

    In an instant, the sounds of discussion rang out.

    On the ring.

    Fang Qiu’s expression changed as he looked at the older man.

    “Grade-Three Martial Superior?”

    He could tell the older man’s skill level at a glance, and he immediately felt suspicious.

    In Jiangjing City.

    No one had ever heard of an expert beyond Grade-Two Martial Superior skill.

    If there were, Elder Yi, who was a Grade-One Martial Superior, could not have become this famous.

    If this man was really a Grade-Three Martial Superior, he was definitely not from Jiangjing City!


    “Everyone.” Elder Yi’s voice rang out suddenly.


    He strode up the ring as everyone’s attention was drawn toward him.

    “Senior John Doe.”

    Elder Yi addressed Fang Qiu and cupped his fists in greeting. “Sir, this is my good friend. He arrived here two months ago to have a chance of testing himself against you. It was a pity that he missed you, and we didn’t expect to be able to meet you just as he was about to leave. It was for this reason that we hurried over here.”

    Upon hearing that, everyone else understood.

    A large number of them could remember that Elder Yi had spoken of a good friend of his that had come to try himself against the mysterious man after he had left the previous time.

    They did not expect that he would really turn up.

    In the ring.

    “I’m sure you must be someone special, to be a Grade-Three Martial Superior. May I know how should I address you, Sir?”

    Fang Qiu looked at the older man.

    “Zhou Jin, Ghostly Shadow Mantis!” The older man replied, flicking his sleeves as he did so.


    The moment he spoke, the audience went wild.

    Ghostly Shadow Mantis?

    It was a name that carried considerable weight in the entire nation. He was a real expert in the martial arts community.

    “It really is Zhou Jin!”

    “I heard that his power is extremely great, and he’s straightforward. He injured countless opponents, and he’s not afraid of causing lethal harm.”

    “I’ve also heard that his Ghostly Steps and Mantis Fists are world-renowned. His martial arts techniques are extremely vicious, and he injures anyone he fights against. It’s the reason for his reputation as the Ghostly Shadow Mantis.”

    “In reality, he can’t be blamed. I’ve seen on martial arts discussion forums on the Internet that it’s due to his intense nature and purely offensive kung fu.”

    “I heard that his Mantis Fists are amazing and that he’s achieved Grade-Three Martial Superior level. I wonder whether if he’s more powerful than Senior John Doe?”

    In the ring.

    “So, it’s Elder Zhou.”

    Fang Qiu cupped his fists as a greeting to Zhou Jin before continuing, “Since you wish to see which of us is the better, I’ll have to accept your challenge.”


    Elder Zhou grunted coldly and disdainfully. “Show me what you’re capable of!”

    “No need for that.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head. “It’s not that I’m looking down on you, but I can sense that today’s not a day for me to launch a full-blown attack. I’ll face you in my current state, Elder Zhou.”


    As Fang Qiu spoke, the spectators, Elder Zhou, and Elder Yi, were all stunned!

    Was the mysterious stranger insane?

    Wasn’t he just at peak martial arts practitioner level currently?

    Zhou Jin, on the other hand, was a true blue Grade-Three Martial Superior.

    A fight between two opponents with a difference of three levels of skill level between them would be a total farce!

    There was no need for the fight to carry on; the results could be determined beforehand.

    “What do you mean?”

    Elder Zhou was enraged.

    He could sense that the mysterious man’s power was higher than that of the peak martial arts practitioner level. Furthermore, even Elder Yi had lost to him. Yi was a Grade-One Martial Superior, and this proved that the stranger had to be at Grade-Two Martial Superior level or higher. He might even have attained Grade-Three power.

    The mysterious man was obviously of about the same or even greater skill level than Elder Yi.

    However, he chose to face the elder at peak martial arts practitioner form. He was not merely demeaning Elder Zhou. Instead, he was utterly humiliating the older man.

    How could Elder Zhou not get angry after receiving such treatment?

    “I don’t have other meanings.” Fang Qiu hurriedly explained himself again before continuing, “I hope you’ll display all of your power, Elder Zhou.”

    “You asked for it!”

    Elder Zhou was really furious now.

    Not only had his opponent chose to face him at peak martial arts practitioner level, but he also had even requested for Elder Zhou to come at him at full might.

    The way this sounded was nothing less than complete disdain for Elder Zhou.

    “Er…Senior John Doe?”

    Elder Yi looked awkward.

    “Isn’t this a meet supposed to be a Test of Skills?”

    Fang Qiu looked at Elder Yi and asked, “Aren’t we in a ring?”


    Elder Zhou was furious. “Come on!” he growled.

    Elder Yi wanted to talk sense into both of them.

    However, Elder Zhou glared at him furiously, and he immediately gave up the idea.

    Furthermore, he was also curious about how powerful this mysterious man indeed was. Even though he was unwilling to display his full strength, he had never heard of anyone going against a Grade-Three Martial Superior at peak martial arts practitioner strength level.

    Was the mysterious man really that confident about himself, did he have other motives, or was he just purely insane?

    Was he only going to use peak martial arts practitioner powers to take on Elder Zhou?

    “Would he lose?” Elder Yi thought.

    He moved and directly exited the ring.

    Beneath the arena.

    Everyone was in a state of frenzied discussion, and they stared at the two competitors, unable to take their eyes away.

    This kind of competition had never been seen before.

    Was the mysterious man mighty and self-confident, or was he merely being over-confident and arrogant?

    Would the fight end in the ring?

    Was John Doe, who had brazenly accepted the challenge, going to lose?


    Was the reputable martial arts expert or the mysterious and impudent anonymous expert going to prevail?