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Chapter 284 - There Was Dead Silence

Medical Master
     Chapter 284 There Was Dead Silence

    “Ugh!” Just as everyone was shocked that the mysterious man with his eyes closed could so easily dodge Elder Zhou’s attack, Fang Qiu suddenly opened his eyes.

    In the meantime.


    The sound of wind breaking rang out.

    Elder Zhou was furious. He kept striking Fang Qiu with strong momentum every time he moved. He then suddenly gave a powerful blow to Fang Qiu.

    His blow carried a gust of wind. The internal Qi formed into a flow, which was extremely cold.

    All the people watching the battle were dumbfounded.

    Elder Zhou’s blow was like a sharp knife, carrying incredible momentum, which might make his opponent find it too hard to fight with it.

    But under this circumstance, Fang Qiu didn’t seem nervous while watching Elder Zhou’s blow. Instead, he raised his fists and was ready to fight back.

    “Boom!” There was a crash.

    Both of them moved extremely fast.

    All the onlookers thought that the strike had unleashed all the power of Elder Zhou. His flow of internal Qi had spread to the edge of the ring, forcing most of the onlookers to take a step back.

    Could the mysterious man withstand such a powerful attack?

    No one thought he was able to take that blow.

    It was a miracle that a man reached the pinnacle of the martial arts practitioner level could fight this long with a Grade-three Martial Superior.

    All the people present thought the mysterious man would fail after this blow.

    However, what happened next completely blew their minds.

    Under the impact of that blow, Fang Qiu didn’t even take a step back, but still stood straight. His fist had blocked Elder Zhou’s blow with no internal Qi at all.


    Even Elder Zhou was shocked.

    He clearly felt that the internal force of Fang Qiu incredibly became stronger.

    What was more, it became so strong that it could even compete with his internal Qi, which might be able to overwhelm him.

    “Just as I expected!” Fang Qiu grinned while he blocked Elder Zhou’s blow.

    “My internal force could be stronger if I want to,” he whispered to himself.

    Fang Qiu then moved quickly.

    He had fully realized that there was no need to prolong the battle any longer.

    Before he attended the competition, he had claimed that he would only use the strength of the martial arts practitioner level, so he still held back his true strength.

    Even if he only reached the pinnacle of the martial arts practitioner level, he could still compete with Elder Zhou.

    “Bam…” There was a loud crash on the ring.

    The crowd was shocked.

    Fang Qiu, who had been suppressed by Elder Zhou, suddenly raised his strength and overwhelmed him.

    It was a shock to everyone, including Elder Yi.

    “How… how is that possible?”

    Looking at the battle on the ring, Elder Yi was completely dumbfounded. Obviously, Elder Zhou had used all his strength and the mysterious man was still in the pinnacle of the martial arts practitioner level. But he had completely suppressed Elder Zhou.

    How did that happen?

    How could something that wasn’t even possible suddenly appear in front of them?

    “Oh my God, the mysterious man reached a different level!”

    “No, he’s still using the strength at the top of the same level.”

    “How could he suppress Elder Zhou?”

    “Is that even real? A Grade-three Martial Superior being beaten by a martial arts practitioner?”

    “It’s terrifying!”

    “It’s against all common sense!”

    Under the ring, the crowd was all dumbfounded.

    On the ring, Fang Qiu was having a great time.

    With the breakthrough of his internal force, his strength improved a lot. He could not only block Elder Zhou’s internal Qi with his own internal force but also suppressed him.

    “Cool, this is the real internal force, and this is the real fighter with the power of his own!”

    The more he fought, the better he felt.

    But he didn’t notice that Elder Zhou’s expression changed dramatically. He was shocked in the first place. Now he was even more surprised.

    Under Fang Qiu’s crazy attacks, Elder Zhou’s face showed a trace of horror.

    He found himself so suppressed that he had no chance to fight back.

    He was lost in his thought.

    Just at this very moment.

    “Bang!” A loud sound was heard.

    Just when he was lost in his thought, Fang Qiu suddenly struck a blow to his chest, which caused him to stagger back to the edge of the ring and almost fell down.

    Fang Qiu won without any question.

    There was dead silence.

    Everyone’s jaw dropped. They all looked at this scene in the ring.

    This was unbelievable and impossible.

    In their eyes, such a thing was impossible.

    There were fighters on the spot.

    Every one of them knew that there was a huge difference between the fighters who were at different levels.

    It was impossible for a person to defeat a man who leveled higher than him.

    No one could believe it, including Elder Zhou.

    As a Grade-three Martial Superior, he lost to a martial arts practitioner.

    It was a blow to him. He could never get over with it.

    Compared to the shock of all the people on the spot, Fang Qiu was a little excited.


    After taking a deep breath, Fang Qiu felt incredibly comfortable. He had a good fight.

    After all, what he used was internal force instead of internal Qi. Although he defeated Elder Zhou, he was also drained out of his energy and exhausted.

    “Anyone else wants to fight?”

    Standing in the ring, Fang Qiu looked at the crowd and asked.

    The crowd was as silent as before.

    No one answered.

    Today, the mysterious man had brought them a lot of surprises.

    Elder Zhou lowered his head and looked rather awkward.

    “Since no one wants to fight, I’ll leave first.”

    Fang Qiu’s tiptoe touched the arena. A flow of great force burst out.

    It was a kind of force that was more powerful than that of a Grade-three Martial Superior.

    Elder Zhou shivered when he felt that force.

    Obviously, Fang Qiu was trying to make him feel better.

    At the very least, he could say that he was defeated by a master who was much more stronger than him, not a martial arts practitioner.

    Fang Qiu stood up in the air and was about to leap out of the manor.

    “Master!” Elder Yi hurriedly opened his mouth and asked loudly, “Senior John Doe, will you come next week?”

    “Yes!” Unlike last time, Fang Qiu replied in the air, “when the time comes, I hope I will not be disappointed. I hope I can see more talents.”

    Elder Yi was excited when he heard that.

    Things would be easier if the mysterious man determined to come here. He could certainly get more talents here.

    On second thought, Elder Yi’s face changed. He hurriedly looked at the direction which Fang Qiu leaped. Fang Qiu had already gone.

    “Oh, look at me, I forgot to pay him again!”

    As Fang Qiu left, the fighters on the scene soon dispersed.

    Just a few minutes later, an eye-catching post soon appeared in Wulin online forum.

    “Shocking! The mysterious man showed up again and defeated a Grade-three Martial Superior!”

    When this post came out, it immediately attracted the attention of the entire Jiangjing martial arts circle.

    The post had specifically described how the mysterious man came to the ring and accepted the challenge of the crowd and then left the manor.

    The martial arts practitioner knew that every Thursday was the day of the consultation meeting, so everyone would check the forum of that night to see if there was anything new.

    As a result, everyone in the martial arts circle in Jiangjing was shocked.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

    “This can’t be true!”

    “The post writer is insane. How can a fighter beat a Grade-three Martial Superior? It’s nonsense!”

    “Isn’t that a terrible way to get attention?”

    “Yes, it is!”

    “Is this mysterious man really that good?”

    “But the man only reached the peak of martial arts practitioner level.”

    “Don’t you see that? The post writer said that the mysterious man had deliberately kept his strength at the peak of the martial arts practitioner level. And he had defeated a Grade-three Martial Superior with that strength. He is so powerful.”

    “The mysterious man is awesome.”

    “Yeah, I admire him.”

    “No, there must be something wrong. Who the hell says that a martial arts practitioner can beat a Grade-three Martial Superior? Come out and let me see. Let me see a video. It must be a rumor.”

    “I don’t believe it either. This is impossible. It’s like you’re asking a three-year-old kid to beat an eighteen-year-old teen. Can a three-year-old win?”

    For a moment, all the Jiangjing people in the Wulin online forum started to discuss fiercely and made the post become a hit.

    Maybe it was because the post had drawn too much attention, it was moved to the homepage of the Wulin online forum.

    The whole forum caused quite a stir in an instant!

    More people had seen this post, and warriors from all over the country had joined in the discussion.

    “How fu*king fake is that?”

    “Those people in Jiangjing have nothing better to do than post trash like this.”

    “When I saw this post, I couldn’t help laughing. Even a three-year-old kid knows that it is impossible for the internal force to defeat internal Qi. A martial arts practitioner cannot defeat a Martial Superior at all. Moreover, the other man was a Grade-three Martial Superior. They’re not from the same level!”

    “Why did people in Jiangjing always do this these days?”

    “Strange things always happen in Jangjing. Haha!”

    With the influx of outsiders, the Jiangjing local martial arts practitioners immediately found that the post was transferred to the homepage of the forum and started to argue with the outsiders.

    There were people who admired the strength of the mysterious man and started to debate with the outsiders. There were people who didn’t believe in the mysterious man and warned the outsiders not to disgrace Jiangjing.

    There were so many debates and arguments.

    As more and more warriors from all over the country joined in, the post became more and more popular, and the tension of the arguments gradually escalated.

    While everyone was arguing and yelling at each other, a compelling comment popped up on the post.

    “The ranking list has been updated. The mysterious man is on the list. Come and check it out!”

    When people saw the comment, they all felt disdainful, but they still moved to the homepage and clicked on the list which was called “Ranking List Of The Most Powerful Martial Arts Practitioners/ Martial Superiors In China” on the right side.