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Chapter 287 - Breakthrough of the Mental Power

Medical Master
     Chapter 287 Breakthrough of the Mental Power

    Twenty one-yuan coins were about four centimeters thick.

    The weight was also much heavier than the copper coins.

    According to the measurement method, a copper coin was about only 3 grams.

    Even if it was a fake one, the weight wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    However, the one-yuan coin had a steel core and nickel with a diameter of 25 mm and a thickness of 1.85 millimeters, weighing at 6.1 grams.

    It meant that the weight of a one-yuan coin was equivalent to two copper coins.

    Twenty one-yuan coins were equivalent to forty copper coins.

    However, Fang Qiu didn’t care about these detailed data but did feel it was much heavier when he held the coins.

    After tying the coins, Fang Qiu began to use his mental power to try to manipulate the coin.

    Unexpectedly, the coins didn’t move at all.

    It was like the mental power didn’t exist.

    However, it was much harder for Fang Qiu to control the coins, for the weight and size were four times stronger than copper coins.

    When he practiced mental power before, he only doubled the number of coppers, but now he had tripled it.

    In any way, this weight was far beyond the scope of Fang Qiu’s training.

    “To the left. To the left…”

    With his eyes fixing on the coins, Fang Qiu kept shouting in a low voice.

    He could feel that his psychokinesis had wrapped around the coin, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move it.

    It was like a person who could only hit 10 kilograms with one punch was hitting a tree which was three meters in diameter. It was out of his league.

    “I don’t believe it.” Fang Qiu gritted his teeth.

    He suddenly felt irritated, so he got a little stubborn.

    “I’m a master of the Guru Realm.”

    “How could I be stumped by 20 coins?”

    Of course, he wasn’t stupid. He knew that twenty coins were too heavy, but he wanted to try it anyway. As he had learned in the ring before, more pressure could make him realize his potential and have a breakthrough.

    “Left, left!”

    Constantly shouting at the coins didn’t help either.

    Looking at the coins staying at the same place, Fang Qiu was frustrated.

    “Maybe I shouldn’t apply this method to mind training.”

    Fang Qiu was exhausted.

    Although the mental power seemed that it didn’t need any strength, he was so tense every time he tried to use it. Too much mental exertion would cause headaches and even loss of energy.

    He threw himself on the desk and took a deep breath. He tried to relax and clear his head to recover quickly and continue his training.

    After a while, when he felt much better, he looked up at the coin hanging in front of him.

    Then, when the used the mental power, “Buzz.” The coin just moved!

    Fang Qiu was shocked while seeing this.

    “What’s going on?”

    “I didn’t even use any strength. I was just trying, and I moved it?”

    He was confused for a moment and started thinking very carefully.

    “What was I doing just now? Oh! Clear my head!”

    Fang Qiu suddenly became excited as if he discovered a secret.

    Without a moment’s hesitation, he immediately put aside all his thoughts and emptied his mind to try again.

    At last, the coin moved again!

    “I see!” Fang Qiu couldn’t help laughing because he finally understood.

    “I need to empty my mind if I want to use mental power. Constantly thinking about it wouldn’t help at all.”

    “No thought means no care or worries in mind.”

    “Only by throwing everything away can all the mental power be put together and become a single thought.”

    Fang Qiu was overjoyed.

    He finally understood what mental power meant and found out how to train it.

    What he needed to do right now was to strengthen the psychokinesis.

    Psychokinesis was his realm of mind.

    Fang Qiu immediately began to train with great excitement.

    After finding the right way, he slowed down his training, but he didn’t feel tired at all. This method was much better than he did before.

    Fang Qiu had been indulging in the psychokinesis training because he didn’t feel tired.

    By the time he finally got his psychokinesis under control and could easily move the twenty coins, it was already 6:40 in the afternoon.


    Looking at the time, Fang Qiu was immediately taken aback.

    It was Thursday.

    There was a consultation meeting tonight.

    In addition, he had promised Elder Yi that he would attend the meeting this week.

    It was about time.

    Fang Qiu didn’t eat dinner, immediately put on the clothes of the mysterious man and rushed out of the dormitory. He raced to Elder Yi’s manor.

    At this moment, countless people were standing in line at the measurer in front of the manor, waiting to be admitted to the meeting.

    There were too many people who wanted to attend the meeting this time. People from all over the country came, most of them were martial arts practitioners. There were also several Martial Superiors.

    Due to the limited capacity of the manor, some of them might not able to get in. Instead of chatting like before, they would rush to the measurer when they got the chance, afraid that if they were late, they would not be able to enter the manor.

    In the line-up, people were discussing.

    “The mystery man, is it real?”

    “I don’t know. I’m from the next city.”

    “It better be true. I flew 1,500 fu*king miles to get here. Wouldn’t it be a big loss if that guy didn’t exist?”

    “You can rest assured. It’s totally worth the flight. The mysterious man does exist, and he will be here today.”

    “What makes you so sure?”

    “Because I live locally here, I was at the meeting last week.”

    “Is it true that he defeated a grade-three Martial Superior with the highest strength as a martial arts practitioner?”


    “It’s true?”

    “I can’t believe it.”

    “I’m curious to see whether it’s a publicity stunt or a real thing.”

    “Well, you can ask someone to pretend to be a mysterious man. Even if he is real, we can’t be sure that he really gets that strength.”

    The warriors from other cites started to discuss with the Jiangjing local warriors.

    A lot of them were just curious.

    And some of them came with questions.

    Many people who reached the peak of the martial arts practitioner level also came.

    In addition, there were grade one, grade two and grade three Martial Superiors among the warriors from other cities.

    Obviously, these three-grade Martial Superiors were here to challenge the mysterious man so that they could bring honor to people at this level.

    However, people didn’t actually pay much attention to these Martial Superiors.

    Instead, they were focusing on a middle-aged man who about to walk on the measurer. He was wearing sportswear and looked energetic. He was in good shape, making people feel like he was a sports teacher.

    “Long Boan?”

    “Who is Long Boan? He seems to be powerful.”

    “You didn’t know about Long Boan?”

    “Long Boan, ranks No. 2,800 in the List of Martial Superiors, is a master who has already reached the level of grade four Martial Superior.”

    “What! Grade-four Martial Superior?”

    “Yes, I have heard that he was from the mysterious Long family. This family is not an ordinary family. It is a very powerful family. It’s said that everyone in the Long family is an amazing and talented person. Everyone is quite powerful in their own realm. Unfortunately, Long Boan is only a cousin of the Long family. If he was born in this family, I think he would be more powerful.”

    “Oh, it’s all just a legend. Technology is the most powerful thing in this world. A mysterious family? How can any family not be exposed in this era?”

    “It’s a legend, but there’s some truth to it.”

    “But Long Boan is indeed a powerful figure. I heard he has developed six meridians!”

    “Six meridians?”

    “Oh my God!”

    “Yes, he has developed six meridians all on the right hand, so he is mighty. Those who are at the same level as Long Boan don’t dare to mess up with him.”

    “Is he that good?”

    “I didn’t expect such a master would come here.”

    “What kind of martial arts does he practice?”

    “Dragon’s claw.”

    “He learned it from a monk in Shaolin. Dragon’s claw is a very powerful skill, and he chose to develop six meridians on his right arm in order to get the best out of this skill.”

    “What a horrifying man!”

    “Yes, he’s more powerful than the mysterious man, isn’t he?”

    While everyone was whispering, “Bang!” there was a loud noise.

    All of them immediately looked up.

    Long Boan was standing on the measurer, looking at the figures on it.

    One Punch, 5,000 kilos.

    What level was that?

    All the onlookers were shocked.

    That was 5,000 kilos, which equaled five tons of force!

    Even the mysterious man only hit 3,000 kg.

    No one expected that Long Boan would be so powerful.

    It was absolutely terrifying.

    After he saw the figures, Long Boan stepped into the manor with no emotion.

    At this point, the local martial arts practitioners who were still in the queue began to worry about the mysterious man.

    “That’s 2,000 kg more than Senior John Doe, and that’s too impressive. Senior John Doe is going to lose tonight, isn’t he?”

    “Awesome. I’m afraid that John Doe’s record is coming to an end tonight.”

    Inside the manor, someone had reported what happened outside.

    In the center of the garden, Elder Yi was waiting for the mysterious man to appear on a table beside the ring.

    However, when he heard that there was a grade four Martial Superior who hit 5000KG on the measurer, Elder Yi was also startled.

    He even thought maybe he was the mysterious man.

    But judging from the body shape, he wasn’t John Doe.

    As a native of Jiangjing, Elder Yi still admired the mysterious man after seeing Long Boan. Because under the guidance, he had already successfully made a breakthrough and became a grade-two Martial Superior, getting closer to the grade three.

    Maybe that was what made John Doe more mysterious.

    Soon, all the people who met the requirements got into the manor.

    The Manor was full of warriors from all over the country. Everyone was talking, waiting for the mysterious man’s arrival.