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Chapter 289 - Anyone?

Medical Master
     Chapter 289 Anyone?

    There was dead silence in the crowded manor.

    All of them were staring at the ring with their jaw dropped.


    The sound of crashing to the ground was heard.

    Everyone followed the voice and turned around.

    A figure was thrown out of the ring and heavily fell on the ground, who was the grade-two Martial Superior.

    He Gaoming’s head was held high in disdain.

    People started to whisper. “He, he won?”

    “Grade-one beat grade-two?”

    “What did I just see?”

    “He Gaoming’s reputation has just broken through to grade one. How can he beat the young man?”

    “How, how could this be possible?”

    For a moment, the crowd around the ring was in such a shock.

    Though it was not as shocking as the fact that a martial arts practitioner defeated a grade-three Martial Superior, it was enough to make everyone’s eyes pop out.

    The experts from out of town were also shocked.

    They had been questioning that people in Jiangjing martial arts circle was in the hype of those battles, but they finally got to see the real strength of people who practiced martial arts in Jiangjing city.

    Even Long Boan couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

    On the ring, He Gaoming glanced at the young man who had been knocked out of the ring while hearing the crowd’s exclamation. “Why is that impossible?”

    “That’s the truth. You’ve seen what just happened. And you don’t even have the guts to admit it?”

    When that came out, everyone was in shock.

    But he was right, though. Although it was hard to believe, it was also the truth. Why didn’t they just admit it?

    As martial arts practitioners, didn’t they have the courage to admit others’ strengths?

    “We’re not saying that we’ll deny it, but we don’t understand how it works. How did a grade-one Martial Superior beat a grade-two? It doesn’t make sense.” Someone shouted.

    “Who says it doesn’t make sense?”

    He Gaoming said, “If I am correct, the five men, including me, who fought with my master before, had expanded meridians after breaking through to become Martial Superior. At this rate, our meridians are at least double times bigger than the normal meridians of grade-one Martial Superior!”

    The moment he spoke, the crowd went wild.

    Hearing that, all the powerful martial arts practitioners couldn’t bear to sit there any longer.

    They all jumped to their feet.

    They knew what the meridians meant to a martial arts practitioner, especially to one who had reached the realm of Martial Superior. The meridians were so vital that it could even measure a practitioner’s real strength.

    The bigger the meridians were, the greater the storage of the internal Qi. Moreover, the power of internal Qi equals one’s battle fighting capacity.

    The mysterious man could not only help others break through their level but also expand their meridians.

    How was that even possible?


    … A grade-two Martial Superior stood up and said, “The human body’s meridians are expanding with the growth of strength. As you said, a grade-one Martial Superior’s meridians are twice as strong as a martial arts practitioner. Did it mean that your meridians can be expanded to three or even four times?”

    “You’ve got no guts.”

    He Gaoming rolled his eyes at the man. “I’ve proved that with my battle just now.”

    The grade-two Martial Superior was shocked.

    “It has been proved that the method given by my master is the best way to break through and advance to the next level. We can also make a breakthrough through Heaven Treasure or Earth Treasure to reach the peak of our internal strength. However, none of these methods will have a significant effect on the expansion of our meridians. The meridians couldn’t be expanded widely enough, which wouldn’t strengthen our power enormously.”

    Standing in the ring, He Gaoming spoke with confidence.

    All the onlookers were starting to discuss what he said.

    When they were still in a heated discussion, “I can prove it!” A cold voice came out of nowhere.

    Everyone followed the voice and looked up, only to find that the person who said this was Wan Shuquan.

    “Who is this man?”

    “Grade-one Martial Superior?”

    “How can he prove it?”

    “It seems that this mysterious man is quite popular with the locals. He even has someone stand up for him.”

    Citizens from other cities teased one after another.

    They sounded so disdainful between the lines as if they didn’t believe the mysterious man had such a capacity.

    As a result, the surprising voice of the Jiangjing natives was heard immediately in the crowd.

    “It’s Wan Shuquan, I can’t believe he’s here!”

    “If it were him, there was no doubt that He Gaoming was telling the truth.”

    “Yeah, who’s more persuasive than him?”

    These words immediately aroused the curiosity of other practitioners.

    “Who is this man?”

    “Why could he get so many people to approve of him?”

    “How can he convince so many people with only one word?”

    All the practitioners from other towns were confused.

    “His name is Wan Shuquan, and he is a local martial arts practitioner in Jiangjing. But he was also known for another thing. When the mysterious man first appeared, he personally taught him how to make a breakthrough.”


    “Yes, the mysterious man demonstrated for him at that time and stated that it depended on himself whether he could comprehend or not. As a result, Wan Shuquan broke through his level on the spot.”

    Soon, many practitioners from other towns knew about Wan Shuquan’s capacity.

    With Wan Shuquan’s proof, all the people present immediately stopped questioning and fell silent.

    They thought what He Gaoming told them was such a shock that they found it hard to process.

    They couldn’t help but think that John Doe was actually as powerful as what they said on the forum.

    Just as everyone was in complete shock, “Swish!” a blast of wind came out of nowhere.

    Flying from the distant sky, a dark figure fell directly into the ring.

    Taking a closer look, they found that the man was no one else but John Doe.

    “So many people here.” Stepping into the ring, Fang Qiu who finally came to the meeting looked around and found that there were so many people here, so he smiled apologetically. “Sorry, I’m late.”

    With all eyes on him, what Fang Qiu was going to say next immediately made people speechless.

    “Well, well, it’s getting late. Let’s get started.”

    As he spoke, Fang Qiu went straight to the center of the ring.

    “Master!” He Gaoming hurriedly took the opportunity to shout loudly.

    Fang Qiu looked around and found that there was no one else but He Gaoming in the ring, so he asked, “Do you call me?”

    “Yes, master.”

    He Gaoming nodded immediately.

    “Don’t call me that. We don’t know each other.”

    “Let’s get started,” said Fang Qiu.

    He Gaoming was anxious. It was like a slap on the face because he just called Fang Qiu “Master” in front of so many people. That was embarrassing.

    “No way, I need to make him become my master today.”

    Then He Gaoming hurried to open his mouth, ready to say something more.

    As a result, he was not given a chance to speak.

    Fang Qiu just punched him in the chest.


    He Gaoming shouted and tried to block, but it was too late. He was hit by the blow and directly thrown out of the ring.

    The crowd burst into laughter.

    Being thrown out of the ring, He Gaoming didn’t seem unhappy at all. He actually froze for a while and was lost in thought. Suddenly, his eyes brightened.

    “That was an interesting punch!”

    “My master, he was trying to instruct me!”

    Thinking of this, He Gaoming couldn’t help being excited at once.

    Witnessing that He Gaoming was thrown out by a punch, all the other practitioners from other towns were amazed.

    He Gaoming had just shown his strength before, for he defeated a grade-two Martial Superior.

    However, the mysterious man just threw him away by a punch. How powerful he was!

    No one could do that without a certain level of strength.

    When they were shocked, they suddenly reminded themselves that the mysterious man would suppress his strength to the same level as a martial arts practitioner.

    There was nothing to be afraid of if he was only a martial arts practitioner.

    As for that punch, they were sure that he must have used the Internal Qi. Otherwise, he couldn’t take He Gaoming down by only a punch.

    At this moment, a young man from another town, whose strength was at the peak of his martial arts, immediately rose to his feet and greeted Fang Qiu on the ring. “I heard that you were able to fight a Martial Superior with the strength of a martial arts practitioner, and you won in the end. I don’t know if this is true. Despite this, I would like to consult you. Could I battle with you?”


    Fang Qiu requested the man to come up to the stage.

    After the man got into the ring, Fang Qiu didn’t start the fight immediately. Instead, he looked around and asked. “Anyone else?”

    In an instant, several dozen people stood up.

    “All right.”

    Looking at the dozen people, Fang Qiu smiled and said. “Come to the ring, all of you. I’ll still fight with the strength of a martial arts practitioner.”

    Hearing that, their faces changed dramatically.

    They thought that John Doe simply treated them with disdain.

    Therefore, they all rushed to the ring right away.

    However, the martial arts practitioners in Jiangjing couldn’t help sneering.

    “These guys are really ignorant.”

    “John Doe could beat 25 people who had discussed the tactics of the battle before. It was easy for him to take down several dozen people.”

    “They came all the way here just to question the strength of John Doe. Since they can’t believe, maybe they should just taste it in person. Let’s just wait to see how they embarrass themselves.”

    “Yeah, we don’t have to do anything, just watch them make a fool of themselves. Ha-ha!”

    “Come on.”

    Fang Qiu didn’t say anything until those men rushed into the ring and found their positions.

    They took a look at each other. Everyone was filled with rage, so they channeled their greatest strength and stroke towards Fang Qiu ferociously.

    “Swish!” Fang Qiu made a move as those men got closer to him. He directly rushed into the crowd and moved swiftly, striking them mercilessly.

    “Bang!” There was a huge sound.

    Before the crowd was able to capture Fang Qiu’s position, a figure flew straight out of the ring, landing hard on the edge of the ring and nearly falling off.

    The crowd was astounded.

    The man who was thrown away got up immediately and was ready to rush back.

    But then, “Bang!” Another huge sound was heard.

    As soon as the onlookers looked up, another figure was blasted out.

    This man flew in exactly the same direction as the previous man.

    On the edge of the ring, the first person who was hit just stood up and saw a figure flying toward him. Then it heavily hit on his body.