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Chapter 290 - Unbelievable

Medical Master
     Chapter 290 Unbelievable

    “Ah…” There was a loud scream.

    At the edge of the ring, the first person who was hit by the blow didn’t even have time to react but was bumped by the second person who came from the battle.

    Without any surprise, both of them fell from the ring.

    In the meantime, Fang Qiu showed no mercy at all.

    He moved swiftly among those people and struck then as soon as he got the chance.

    People were astounded by his power and speed.

    Many people were thrown away by Fang Qiu, but none of them could even touch him.


    “He’s so powerful.”

    “Why is his internal force so strong?”

    Standing on the ring, the people who chose to battle with Fang Qiu suddenly changed their faces while seeing this situation.

    They could barely touch the mysterious man’s shirt.

    But they could clearly sense the power and speed of him, which was extremely terrifying.

    All the people on the ring had reached the peak of martial arts practitioners, so they were fully aware of the strength of people in their level. Anyone who was the same level as theirs wouldn’t be so hard to battle or have this kind of strength.

    They thought the difference between the strength of the practitioners wouldn’t be so huge.

    However, they were completely shocked by what they saw.

    The mysterious man indeed reached the peak of the martial arts. He didn’t lie to them about his strength in the battle. However, although they were on the same level, he was much more powerful than them.

    They were so surprised.

    While some of them were lost in thought, Fang Qiu didn’t slow down but moved faster.

    In a blink of an eye, a few more people had been eliminated.

    There were only five people left in the ring.

    “No way!”

    “We are all the best martial arts practitioners and have got the greatest internal force. But how can this mysterious man’s strength be much stronger than ours?”

    “Why is his internal force so powerful?”

    “It’s terrifying!”

    “I can feel that his punch which burst out his internal force can even punch a hole in our chests if he wants to.”

    “How could he have such a powerful internal force and still be able to control it as if he were using the internal Qi?”

    The five men gathered in the ring, whispering shockingly with a look of disbelief on their faces.

    At this moment, they finally figured it out.

    The mysterious man did reach the peak of martial arts practitioners, but he also reached heights that they weren’t able to reach.

    “Swoosh!” Even if the five people gathered around, Fang Qiu would never stop the battle.

    He moved.

    Rushing to those five people, he channeled his power with his hands and feet.

    In an instant, all of them were thrown out of the ring.

    The first battle was over.

    More than a dozen martial arts practitioners who reached the peak were all defeated by the mysterious man with the same move.

    However, none of them was even able to touch him.

    Under the ring, practitioners of Jiangjing martial arts kept bragging about John Doe to the people outside the town.

    All the people who were dumbfounded.

    They all saw the post on the Wulin forum and then rushed here to find out the truth, because they didn’t believe that there was such an impossible thing.

    But now, they finally believed it.

    It was right there in front of them. They had to believe it.

    Although this time the mysterious man didn’t fight more than twenty-five men, there were nearly 20 of them. And he seemed invincible. They wouldn’t get a chance to win even if they added ten or twenty people.

    “I’m so impressed!”

    “I didn’t expect that he was really that good.”

    “I still can’t believe it. How did he do it? One versus several dozen people. This is too many. Is this real martial art?”

    “It was horrible.”

    “No wonder everyone keeps calling him ‘Senior’, he did have the capacity to bear that title.”

    Fighters from all over the country couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

    The mysterious man was worthy of their recognition.

    Standing On the ring, Fang Qiu turned his head and looked around.

    He knew that fight was just a start.

    When he arrived at the manor, he clearly felt the strengths of many masters. The number of Martial Superior was almost the same as the martial art practitioner. There were also quite a few grade-two Martial Superiors, seven or eight grade-three Martial Superiors and one grade-four Martial Superior.

    They didn’t look familiar.

    Apparently, none of them were from Jiangjing.

    Fang Qiu thought it was Elder Yi who invited all these masters because he knew nothing about the forum, so he started to admire Elder Yi.

    “I didn’t expect that Elder Yi would be able to invite so many powerful martial arts practitioners. He might have some reputation among the martial arts circle around the country and know a lot about the secrets of Wulin.” Fang Qiu pondered to himself.

    The reason why he came to the consultation meeting was to get familiar with Wulin and make himself a part of it.

    Since there was such a person as Elder Yi, Fang Qiu wouldn’t need to spend much time inquiring about the secrets of Wulin. He could just ask Elder Yi.

    Meanwhile, Elder Yi was also excited. The battle of the mysterious man brought a great honor for the Jiangjing martial arts circle. And the battle was held in his own manor with so many people from other towns there, which would also help gain his popularity.

    On the ring, “Anyone else?” Fang Qiu asked after looking around. However, he didn’t sound arrogant at all.

    There was silence in the manor.

    No one stood up.

    Since Fang Qiu could defeat nearly 20 martial arts practitioners who reached their peak at the same time, other practitioners didn’t have to embarrass themselves by coming to the ring.

    Except for the practitioners, neither the grade-one Martial Superior nor the grade two dared to battle with him.

    They remembered clearly that when Fang Qiu arrived, He Gaoming was knocked off the stage with only one blow, which obviously revealed that he was more powerful than grade-two Martial Superiors.

    If they came to the stage, they would probably end up being thrown away by him.

    Being aware of this point, they wouldn’t embarrass themselves by going on the ring.

    As for those grade-three Martial Superiors, they were frowning and thought carefully about whether they should come up to stage.

    Actually, they were fearless before they saw the mysterious man. They came here with a strong faith that they were going to fight and reveal the truth about John Doe’s strength. But now they’re hesitating.

    They didn’t dare to underestimate the mysterious man after watching his battle.

    Judging from the previous combat, this mysterious man really had the ability to defeat a grade-three Martial Superior.

    They didn’t have the confidence to make sure that they could win the battle. If they lost, they would ruin their reputation which they had fought for in so many years and also helped John Doe become prominent.

    “No one?” Fang Qiu was stunned.

    Why didn’t anybody come to the stage? How could he battle without any opponents?

    At this moment, a low voice was heard. “You do have the capacity to battle with me.”

    When he heard that, Fang Qiu turned around at once.

    It was a middle-aged man in a blue tracksuit. He looked very young with his crew cut and dark skin.

    This man was none other than a grade-four Martial Superior, Long Boan!

    As soon as everyone saw it, they immediately began to murmur.

    “Long Boan wants to fight?”

    “I can’t believe the mysterious man got the nod from Long Boan.”

    “With Long Boan’s approval, those people from other towns must have nothing to say.”

    “Well, so what. I admit Long Boan is powerful, but the same as John Doe. Besides, who needs him to prove it for the mysterious man? This time I’m ready to record the whole thing. I’ll put it on the Wulin forum and show it to those trolls.”

    “But, Long Boan is a grade-four Martial Superior and he had developed six meridians. What if Senior John Doe loses?” People were in a heated discussion.

    Those grade-three Martial Superiors who were still thinking finally relieved.

    They didn’t have to go on stage with Long Boan there.

    They thought Long Boan would win for sure.

    When the time came, they bet that the mysterious man wouldn’t dare to fight anymore.

    If Long Boan lost, they would lose too, but at least they wouldn’t be the stepping stone for John Doe.

    In the ring, “Please!” Looking at Long Boan, Fang Qiu said aloud.

    “What I’m saying is that you’re qualified, not that you’re capable.”

    Long Boan shook his head and said, “You can’t just use the strength as you had before. To fight me, you have to show me all you’ve got!”

    “I think that’s enough,” said Fang Qiu with a smile.

    “Confidence is good, but overconfidence is ego.”

    Long Boan shook his head. “If you insist on doing it in your own way, you’ll only lose eventually.”

    “How do you know if you don’t try? Fang Qiu chuckled.

    “Ha-ha.” Long Boan laughed and moved, coming straight into the ring.

    Suddenly, the crowd was nervous.

    This was a real fight!

    The invincible John Doe battled with the first grade-four Martial Superior in Jiangjing who was also a master who developed six meridians.

    What would be the outcome of this battle?

    Would the mysterious man win? Or would Long Boan break John Doe’s invincible record?

    In the ring, two people were staring at each other.

    “You are the first person I have ever met to fight Martial Superior with the strength of a practitioner.” Long Boan looked at Fang Qiu with admiration.

    “Let’s do it.” Fang Qiu smiled and nodded.

    Just as he finished it. “Whir…”. A blast of air ripped from Long Boan’s body like a tornado had formed out of thin air and covered him.

    People could see that there was a mist of internal Qi surrounding Long Boan’s body with the naked eye.

    With a burst of Internal Qi, Long Boan moved his right hand and formed his fist into a claw.

    The Internal Qi surrounding his body suddenly gathered around his whole arm. It turned to be a dragon’s claw, which looked very mysterious.

    “Dragon’s claw.”

    Taking a closer look at his arm, Fang Qiu could see that his arm had been expanded with his internal Qi.

    A strong momentum rushed to his face.

    Everyone stared at Long Boan, feeling the incredible strength coming from him. They were all intimidated and couldn’t help but step back, afraid of being attacked.

    A lot of people were worried about the mysterious man.