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Chapter 291 - Dragon’s Claw Against Dragon’s Claw

Medical Master
     Chapter 291 Dragon’s Claw Against Dragon’s Claw

    There was an equally big gap between grade-three and grade-four martial artists.

    Although the mysterious man could indeed defeat grade-three Martial Superiors at a cultivation of peak martial artist, would he be able to unleash the same strength against grade-four Martial Superiors?

    Even if he managed to do so, would he be able to defeat them?

    This was the question on everyone’s minds.

    Everyone was worried about the mysterious man.

    After all, he had guided many grade-one and grade-two Martial Superiors at the Jiangjing Wulin, and his battle results uploaded on the Wulin web-page had made him the role model for all martial artists in Jiangjing Wulin!

    As members of the Jiangjing Wulin, everyone hoped that the mysterious man would win. However, Long Boan was not someone to be trifled with.

    He opened up six meridians and he was so strong that everyone couldn’t help but shudder in fear.

    Would the mysterious man still be able to win under such circumstances?

    Everyone from the Jiangjing Wulin, including Elder Yi, tensed up and said a secret prayer for the mysterious man.

    On the arena.


    The two figures who stood opposite each other moved at the same time.

    One person moved as fast as lightning while the other moved as faster as thunder. They collided with each other before there was even time for the others to cover their ears.

    A claw against a punch!

    Long Boan’s dragon claw looked very frightening when it was covered by internal Qi and it was so powerful that it could tear mountains and rocks apart.

    They could even clearly see that there were slight air currents that ripped across the sky with a piercing sound as his dragon claw traveled across the void.

    They looked over to the other end of the arena.

    Fang Qiu did not seem afraid at all in the fact of Long Boan’s terrifying attack. He faced Long Boan’s attack boldly and clenched his right fist. Then, a tremendous force burst from within him and quickly entered his fist. As this force made its way into his face, his arm suddenly expanded.

    His veins popped and his muscles were hard and tense!

    It looked as though his entire arm was about to disintegrate.

    Unlike Long Boan, Fang Qiu did not use any internal Qi at all even though his arm had expanded. Moreover, there were no air currents as his fists traveled across the void, but they could vaguely make out the ripples and shakes across the void.

    Both their attacks were equally shocking.

    Strong winds rose from all directions on the field.

    The atmosphere was tense!

    Everyone watched as there was a loud bang.


    They collided fiercely with each other.

    A fist and a claw.

    These two moves were like two iron hammers and the moment they collided, there was a huge ear-piercing explosion. The arena even trembled because of the impact of this collision.

    Everyone looked closely at the stage.

    They noticed that the arena that countless cracks had spread all over the arena that was made out of sturdy cordierite and two large footprints were imprinted on the arena.

    At the moment, the claw and the fist continued to tangle fiercely with each other.

    A powerful wave of internal Qi burst from Long Boan’s arm and hurtled toward Fang Qiu.

    On the other hand, Fang Qiu’s eyes merely narrowed.

    He showed no sign of retreating.

    He continued to face Long Boan’s claw head-on even though he lacked the support from his internal Qi.

    “Hmm?” Long Boan was shocked.

    Earlier when Fang Qiu had been pitting himself against many challengers, he noticed that Fang Qiu’s internal force was extraordinarily powerful.

    However, he hadn’t been expecting him to be this powerful.

    That being said, his initial move was just an exploratory move, so he did not use his full force.

    However, Fang Qiu’s powerful internal force was enough for him to treat Fang Qiu as a serious competitor.


    He retreated.

    “Your internal force is very powerful,” Long Boan said with a nod.

    “However, you’re still not my match.”

    “You’re pretty strong yourself,” Fang Qiu said calmly.

    By this, he was clearly delivering a warning to Long Boan.

    Since you didn’t use your full strength, did you think I would have as well?

    “Interesting,” Long Boan laughed when he caught the underlying meaning behind Fang Qiu’s words.

    Then, both his hands moved and he turned his fists into claws.

    Even at a quick glance, it was obvious that his entire aura had changed.

    Every muscle on his stomach tensed along with this move.

    It was as though a weak and flabby person had suddenly turned into a ripped and muscular person.

    This didn’t only affect his aura, but also his Qi power and his personal aura had completely changed.

    “Are we finally pulling out the big shots?” Fang Qiu said as he exhaled.

    He moved his fingers and suddenly clenched them into fists.

    As a super expert who was at Guru Realm, he understood that there were no long drawn battles between experts.

    Many times, most experts would fight with all their might and there was a small minority of experts who would realize that they were of no match for their opponent, and they would choose to flee immediately.

    This was also the case even when these challengers faced each other as equals.

    The most important thing in a battle other than physical strength was the intellect of the challenger. One mistake in judgment could lead to defeat!

    Currently, Fang Qiu only had the strength of a peak martial arts practitioner but he was still confident that he could use his internal force to defend himself against his opponent’s attacks.

    He might even be able to use this chance to counterattack. Nonetheless, he did not dare to let down his guard.

    He would need to be very sharp when fighting against such a formidable opponent.

    “Fight!” Long Boan said.

    He moved and the moment he leaned forward, both his hands were already stretched out behind him. He moved extremely quickly and was almost in front of Fang Qiu in an instant.

    “Fight!” Fang Qiu yelled.

    He punched out with both fists.

    “Boom, boom, boom…”

    A fierce battle broke out instantly.

    The audience below watched on in wide-eyed surprise. They didn’t even dare to blink for fear of missing out on the action.

    This was especially so for Elder Yi, and the grade-two and grade-three Martial Superiors from the foreign lands.

    They had a better understanding of the battle on stage than most other martial arts practitioners.

    Everyone watched as the two fighters on stage did not back down from the challenge.

    The fight raged on fiercely.

    The dragon’s claw was a pure attacking move, so Long Boan did not show any intention of defending himself. He felt that it was always better to be on the offensive.

    Although he was using his fists, Fang Qiu did not show any sign of fear and continued to fight intensely with Long Boan.

    He knew that the only way to subdue the dragon’s claw was to use his strength to overcome his opponent.

    He would have to be stronger than his opponent in order to defeat him!

    Strong winds raged on the arena.

    The cracks on the arena continued to spread and rock shards could be seen flying everywhere as Fang Qiu and Long Boan clashed fiercely.

    On the arena.

    “What kind of internal force is that?” Long Boan wondered.

    His expression changed when he realized that Fang Qiu had managed to use his fists to block his continuous string of fierce attacks.

    He sensed that Fang Qiu’s internal force was even more powerful than before!

    In other words, this meant that Fang Qiu did not use his full strength earlier.

    Even after Long Boan used his full strength, Fang Qiu was still able to block his attacks by relying on his internal force alone!

    How was that even possible?

    Long Boan was incredibly stunned!

    He was a grade-four Martial Superior who had opened up six meridians on his right arm. A casual attack from his right arm could strike with a force of 1,000 kilograms and now that he had fortified his attack with his internal Qi, he supposed that his claw could strike with a force of at least 7,000 to 8,000 kilograms and 10,000 kilograms at most.

    How could Fang Qiu block his attacks without even tapping on his internal Qi?

    And this was when he had lowered his cultivation!

    He was shocked that Fang Qiu’s internal force was so powerful that he could come up against a grade-four Martial Superior!

    This was the most astonishing fact in the world.

    “I can’t lose. I can’t afford to be defeated even in such a situation,” Long Boan thought as he tensed up.

    He acknowledged the strength of this mysterious man but he couldn’t afford to lose because he was a grade-four Martial Superior.

    This might be a gritty and messy fight, but he couldn’t lose.

    He had an idea and immediately changed his strategy.

    He instantly moved away from his offensive attacks and switched to his finishing blow!

    His finishing blow was the only move that could fully capture his strength. If he continued to attack offensively, he would only be giving the mysterious man an opportunity to counter.

    On the other hand, Fang Qiu also moved when he sensed Long Boan’s change in strategy.

    In fact, he had constantly been learning.

    He had secretly been learning Long Boan’s dragon claw move as he was defending himself against Long Boan’s attacks earlier.

    He had almost finished learning this move!

    Fang Qiu immediately extracted himself from the fight after an intense collision.

    Long Boan followed, hot on his trail.

    To everyone’s surprise, Fang Qiu’s hands shook and he suddenly displayed the starting move of the dragon’s claw.

    Long Boan was astonished!

    However, he didn’t think too much into this and continued to attack Fang Qiu.

    He knew that no one would be able to learn the dragon claw so quickly. Moreover, in order to use the dragon claw, one would have draw on his full strength and reinforce this move with his internal Qi.

    Currently, Fang Qiu could only use his internal force, so even he wasn’t Long Boan’s match even if he used his dragon claw move against him!

    At the same time, the audience were equally astonished!

    No one had expected Fang Qiu to use Long Boan’s dragon claw against him toward the end of the battle.

    The martial arts practitioners of Jiangjing watched on, their eyes sparkling brightly.

    This was a familiar scene to them because there were many among them who had been defeated after Fang Qiu secretly picked up their moves and skills, then used it against them!

    Would he be employing the same tactic in this battle?

    In the arena, they attacked simultaneously.

    Two dragon claws collided against each other.

    “Boom, boom, boom…”

    They both attacked with all their might as they aimed to end the battle with their finishing blow.

    It was a fiercely fought match.

    Long Boan’s claw left several bloodied scratches on Fang Qiu’s claw. His clothes were even torn at his shoulder and chest area. Long Boan’s attacks inflicted more and more injuries on his body and the metallic scent of blood gradually wafted through the arena.

    Long Boan wasn’t faring much better either.

    Fang Qiu might only be using his internal force but his internal force was extraordinarily powerful, so it left a deep and bloodied wound on Long Boan’s body.


    Finally, after exchanging several blows, Long Boan’s shirt was ripped into shreds by Fang Qiu.

    At one glance, he looked like a ghastly sight since his body was riddled with injuries.

    At the same time, Long Boan’s claw was stretching toward Fang Qiu’s stomach.

    Just as his claw was about to descend.

    “Ha!” Fang Qiu suddenly yelled loudly.

    He tore Long Boan’s shirt at his right arm and suddenly grabbed Long Boan’s shoulder. Then, he unleashed all power stored in his internal force just as Long Boan’s attack was about to reach him to send him flying.

    This scene seemed extremely dangerous.

    The audience felt their breath catch in their throats and their hearts race.

    However, the battle was not over.

    They watched as Fang Qiu quickly followed after Long Boan after he sent him flying.

    Then, he twisted his body to the side, strode forward and suddenly stretched his right arm forward.

    He grabbed hold of Long Boan’s throat even before Long Boan could react!

    Everyone froze in shock as they watched this scene.

    All martial arts practitioners from foreign lands were completely astonished.

    Long Boan was equally stunned by Fang Qiu’s sudden attack.

    This was the dragon claw: cloud-seeking move!

    As the descendant of the dragon claw who had also fortified this move with his internal Qi, he was shocked to find that he had just been defeated by someone who had only used his internal force and had just learned the dragon claw technique.

    He was shocked and astonished!

    The entire place fell silent.