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Chapter 295 - Full Marks for All Subjects!

Medical Master
     Chapter 295 Full Marks for All Subjects!

    “I did it!” Fang Qiu’s eyes shone brightly after he came to.

    This was exactly like how he mastered the Theory of Bonesetting.

    He looked through the contents of the yellowed paper carefully and committed the secret techniques he had gleaned from the yellowed paper to memory. He would be able to retrieve this memory with a single thought.

    In other words, he had become an expert in acupuncture even before he learned acupuncture!

    He had finally learned another form of Chinese Medicine technique.

    Fang Qiu was thrilled.

    “Since there are treasure books for acupuncture and boneset, I wonder if such manuals exist for the rest of the Chinese Medicine techniques,” he couldn’t help but wonder in excitement. “If such manuals exist, then the possibility of curing the old master’s illness would increase with each manual I find!”

    He was even more certain of his decision to continue his Chinese Medicine studies at that thought.

    He would only be able to constantly improve and progress if he continued to learn about Chinese Medicine. This would also give him the opportunity to encounter even more skilled experts and enable him to become a better doctor. This would also allow him to collect more information on the secrets of Chinese Medicine and obtain more Chinese Medicine secret techniques!

    However, it wouldn’t be easy to obtain the secret techniques of Chinese Medicine.

    Fang Qiu felt as though the two treasure books he had discovered were a stroke of serendipity.

    However, his luck would not be able to constantly hold true.

    Thus, Fang Qiu could only force himself to calm down even though he had a strong urge to search for the other books because he didn’t know where to begin looking and how to start. He looked force to the next time when he’d be able to glean more information on the secret techniques of Chinese Medicine.

    He kept the book away and looked around.

    He noticed that Zhu Benzheng and the others were diligently studying.

    He didn’t disturb the others and instead went to wash up.

    Then, he went to bed before the lights were out.

    It was time for his final exam the next day.

    In the afternoon, Fang Qiu and his friends returned to their dormitory after they completed their exams.

    “Phew…” Sun Hao immediately threw himself on the bed the moment he returned to their room. He gasped for her and said, “It’s finally over. I’ve been so exhausted over the past few days.”

    “Yes, I hope I’d be able to do well,” Zhu Benzheng said with a smile.

    “We’ve studied so hard, so I doubt we’d fail,” Sun Hao said.

    “Who knows?” Zhou Xiaotian said with a soft sigh.

    Then, he smiled and said, “Our examinations are all over, which means it is time for winter break. When do you intend to return home?”

    “I’m booked for the flight the day after,” Sun Hao said.

    “I’m flying the day after tomorrow as well,” Zhu Benzheng said.

    “What a coincidence, I’m flying the day after tomorrow too.”

    Zhou Xiaotian froze in surprise before he said, “Should we call this a brotherly connection?”

    “What kind of nonsense are you spouting?” Sun Hao said as he rolled his eyes at Zhou Xiaotian.

    “More than half of our schoolmates have bought tickets for the day after tomorrow. Do you share a connection with them too?”

    Zhou Xiaotian smiled awkwardly before he turned to Fang Qiu and said, “The youngest, what about you?”

    “I plan on staying here for several more days,” Fang Qiu said.

    He had already promised Elder Yi to head out with him to collect the Bingdi Lotus in three days’ time.

    “What do you plan on doing in school?” Sun Hao asked as he logged into the school’s homepage.

    “I heard that Jiang Miaoyu will be leaving the day after tomorrow as well, so you won’t be able to see her even if you remain on campus.”

    “Now that you mention it, I have a question,” Zhu Benzheng said. “The youngest, what’s your relationship with Jiang Miaoyu? You seem like you’re dating but you both refuse to admit it. Yet, even if you claim not to be close to her, you often seem to act all lovey-dovey with her. On the other hand, we don’t see you hang out with her on a day to day basis either, so your relationship status is confusing us!”

    “Me too,” Zhou Xiaotian said as he raised his hand.

    “I can’t figure it out either. What are you guys trying to do?”

    “Uh…” Fang Qiu smiled wryly and didn’t know how to respond.

    “Have you guys made your relationship official?” Zhu Benzheng asked.

    “No,” Fang Qiu said as he shook his head. “I don’t think we have any relationship at all.”

    “You must be kidding!” Sun Hao said with an exaggerated expression of shock. “Do you think we’re all blind? We can totally tell that you like each other. Why don’t you want to take this relationship further?”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Let nature take its course.”

    In fact, after several incidents, he could tell that he could take his relationship with Jiang Miaoyu to the next level at any time, but none of them chose to make the first move.

    Perhaps, none of them wanted to say anything until the time was ripe.

    At the same time, Sun Hao suddenly exclaimed loudly.


    “Our results are out. The results for all other examinations with the exception of the one we did today have been posted online.”

    The moment he uttered those words, Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian immediately ran over and jostled to see the computer screen.

    Sun Hao quickly entered his matriculation number and his results immediately flashed on screen.

    “Haha,” Sun Hao chuckled loudly when he saw his results. “I didn’t fail any of them. I knew that my hard work over the past few days would pay off.”

    “Make way, let me have a look at my results,” Zhou Xiaotian said.

    Sun Hao turned the laptop over to Zhou Xiaotian’s direction.

    Zhou Xiaotian quickly logged Sun Hao’s number out and entered his matriculation number.

    He took a look and saw that he passed everything as well.

    Zhu Benzheng was the next.

    He was pleased when he saw that he didn’t only pass all his examinations, but he also fared better than Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian.

    “The youngest, search yours up too!” Sun Hao said.

    “I think it would be better not for me to check my results. I’m afraid that you guys might faint in shock when you see my results,” Fang Qiu said with a laugh.

    “We’re already so used to you faring much better, so this wouldn’t be any different,” Sun Hao said.

    “Yes, I’m sure the difference between yourself and us is merely a matter of a few marks. Why are you acting as shy as a girl?” Zhou Xiaotian said teasingly.

    “Why don’t you show us how well you fared since the results are out? Let us see how well you’ve done,” Zhu Benzheng persuaded.

    They knew that Fang Qiu could not be bothered with how well he did because he would never fail anything. Fang Qiu was absolutely confident in his abilities, so there wasn’t any need to check his results and he wouldn’t be affected by his results anyway.

    “Fine, fine, I’ll do it,” Fang Qiu stepped up to the computer as his friends egged him on.

    He entered his matriculation number and password, then checked his results.

    The moment his results appeared on screen, his friends were completely dumbfounded.

    “Full marks!”

    Sun Hao exclaimed in shock.

    “How did you manage to score full marks in every subject?” Zhou Xiaotian was incredibly stunned.

    “My God, you even managed to score full marks in physical education and basketball?” Zhu Benzheng felt as though he had never been this shocked in his life.

    “I already warned you guys. Don’t blame me for delivering such a huge blow to your confidence,” Fang Qiu said with a shrug.

    “Damn, you’re really the king of all the other model students,” Sun Hao said and stuck his thumb up at Fang Qiu.

    “You’re still as much of a freak as ever. The distance between us is only getting wider,” Zhou Xiaotian said and pretended to wail pitifully.

    “The youngest, your results are out of this world. How do you expect us to find our way in this world if you keep scoring full marks for every subject?” Zhu Benzheng said with a wry smile as he shook his head.

    “This is nothing,” Fang Qiu said with a smile. “This isn’t because of me; the questions were simply too easy.”

    All three of his friends stuck their middle fingers up at him the moment he uttered those words!

    “I’m sure you must rank first in the entire campus. I don’t believe anyone would be able to surpass you,” Sun Hao said as he grabbed hold of Fang Qiu’s shoulders.

    “I don’t care what you say but since you did so well, you must treat us all!”

    “I agree!” Zhou Xiaotian said as he raised his hands. “Your results nearly gave me a heart attack, so you must bear responsibility for the damage done to my mental health. You have to treat us!”

    “Since you’re treating, why don’t you bring me along?” Zhu Benzheng said with a hearty laugh.

    “Sure, why not?” Fang Qiu nodded graciously.

    They would break for winter soon, so it would be some time before they saw each other again. It seemed like the perfect time to treat his friends to a meal.

    “Wow, I can’t believe you agreed so quickly,” Sun Hao exclaimed in surprise.

    “Were you hoping that I’d treat or were you hoping that I’d refuse to treat you guys?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Of course not,” Sun Hao immediately shook his head and said. “Treat it as though I didn’t say anything.”

    Everyone laughed.

    “Oh, right,” Sun Hao said as a sudden thought occurred to him. “Why don’t we invite Jiang Miaoyu and the girls from her dormitory? It’ll be good for more people to join this gathering and this would strengthen our friendship. Moreover, we’d soon be breaking for winter, so this would be our last gathering before we leave campus. This might even be a chance for you and Jiang Miaoyu to take things further, right?”

    Then, Sun Hao, Zhu Benzheng, and Zhou Xiaotian exchanged a glance.

    They cackled loudly in unison.

    “That’s settled then,” Zhu Benzheng said before Fang Qiu could respond. “I’m sure they are free now that the examinations are all over. Leave the task of inviting them to me.”

    Then, he dug out his phone and dialed Wang Yu’s number.

    Fang Qiu could only look on; he didn’t even have a chance to voice his objection.

    Soon, Zhu Benzheng said that Wang Yu and the others had agreed to come.

    Both dormitories would gather together to gather the next afternoon to leech off Fang Qiu. Everyone from both dormitories would gather to have a meal before heading to sing karaoke together.

    The next afternoon, a group of people gathered outside the school gates at Zhu Benzheng’s instructions.

    It was winter, so the temperatures in Jiangjing were still very low even though it wasn’t snowing. They could see their breaths when they exhaled.

    When Fang Qiu and his three friends arrived, they saw that Jiang Miaoyu and her friends had arrived.

    From afar, they could tell that the girls had dressed up.

    They were dressed warmly but their clothes still showed off their figures. With the exception of Jiang Miaoyu, the other three girls had also put on make-up.

    Nonetheless, Jiang Miaoyu was still the most attractive girl even though she had no make-up on.

    Naturally, Zhu Benzheng and the others had also dressed up for the occasion.

    They had all styled their hair in a very handsome and stylish manner and also dug out clothes that they wouldn’t usually wear. At first glance, they looked like handsome, mature city boys who exuded a high-class aura.

    However, Fang Qiu was dressed much more simply.

    He was still wearing his training attire because he didn’t have any other clothes except for his training attire. Zhu Benzheng and the others had tried convincing him to buy a suit but he rejected them.

    Society at large could be pretentious and illusory, so he felt that it would better to lead a simple life.

    The groups met up.

    They chatted and laughed as they walked toward a relatively upscale Chinese restaurant located nearby.