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Chapter 298 - Caught in the Ac

Medical Master
     Chapter 298 Caught in the Act

    Watching the old lady walking away, Jiang Miaoyu looked at the hydrogen balloons and turned around to look at Fang Qiu, who was also gazing at her with a smile on his face.

    She immediately rolled her eyes and pretended to be angry. “Are you going to just stand there and not help me?”

    Fang Qiu beamed and rushed forward to take the balloons over and threw them on his shoulder.

    “I didn’t know you were so kind,” said Fang Qiu with a smile.

    “I’ve always been so kind.” Jiang Miaoyu proudly raised her head, but after she said that, she suddenly became a little upset and whispered, “I miss my parents.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu directly grasped Jiang Miaoyu’s hand.

    He knew that Jiang Miaoyu was touched by the words of the old lady who sold the balloons. All the parents in the world were caring about their children.

    However, as their children, most of them who were far away from home would only think of their parents on holidays and festivals. Therefore, Fang Qiu knew what Jiang was feeling right now.

    He was trying to make her feel the warmth through holding her tightly.

    “Aren’t you going home tomorrow?” Fang Qiu beamed.

    Jiang Miaoyu was glad to hear that, so she finally smiled.

    “Where are we going now, back to school?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Let’s get rid of these balloons first.” Jiang Miaoyu looked at the hydrogen balloons floating in the air, which were not afraid of coldness. She pondered for a while and said, “We can’t take the balloons back to the dorm. Why don’t we give them to the kids in the square?”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    Then they divided the balloons into two parts.

    Both of them grabbed a bunch and ran around the square, giving one to each of the children.

    Jiang Miaoyu had sent all her balloons and found that Fang Qiu was standing behind her when she turned around.

    “Are you done?” Jiang Miaoyu asked, smiling at Fang Qiu, who put his hands behind his back.

    “No.” Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “I have one more left.”

    “Where?” Jiang Miaoyu looked for a while, but she didn’t find any balloon.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu reached out his right hand, which had been putting behind his back.

    He had several rings of string tied around his hand, and the last balloon was tied to the string. That was a heart-shaped balloon.

    “Here.” Without further ado, the balloon rose up as soon as Fang Qiu turned his hand. “This one is for you.”

    Jiang Miaoyu took over the balloon happily.

    She was holding the balloon with her left hand and held Fang Qiu with the other hand.

    “Thank you.” She beamed happily.

    The two walked towards the school happily with their hands holding each other.

    Although they walked slowly, they finally arrived at school.

    Downstairs in the girls’ dorm, “Go, otherwise you might catch a cold,” said Fang Qiu.

    “All right, goodnight.” Jiang Miaoyu nodded.

    “Goodnight.” Fang Qiu smiled.


    It seemed that Jiang Miaoyu wanted to say something more, but she didn’t know what to say as she opened her mouth.

    “All right, go upstairs.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and patted the snow on Jiang Miaoyu’s body. “If you have anything to say, call me anytime,” he said.

    “Well, all right.” Jiang Miaoyu was so happy and then turned around to go upstairs.

    After Jiang Miaoyu went upstairs, Fang Qiu then went back to his dormitory.

    Today, both of them were filled with happiness and sweetness.

    When he got into the dorm, he was immediately surrounded by Zhu Benzheng and the other two roommates before he could say anything.

    “You’re back at last.” Sun Hao elongated his words and looked at Fang Qiu with a sly smile. “The youngest, how is it going? Did you make it?”

    “We’ve gone out of our way to give you such a good chance. You mustn’t say you haven’t made any progress,” Zhou Xiaotian chimed in.

    “Yeah, we checked the weather forecast yesterday, and it said that there was a snow shower. That’s why we decided to have a meal in the morning and go to the karaoke bar at noon. Otherwise, it would be weird to go to a restaurant in the morning,” Zhu Benzheng said.

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu found that although they acted naturally when asking him to treat them, they actually prepared so many things for him. He was touched by their warmth.

    “Have a guess,” said Fang Qiu with a smile.

    “In my experience, from the way the youngest is looking, he must have made it.” Sun Hao smiled slyly.

    “Our youngest brother finally has a girlfriend. As the men behind the curtain, we’ve offered a lot of help.” Zhou Xiaotian grinned.

    “Yeah.” Fang Qiu looked at the three roommates. “However, heroes, you’re all single!”

    When that came out, the faces of the three men changed instantly.

    They couldn’t believe that they were just being teased by Fang Qiu.

    The three of them took a look at each other and struck Fang Qiu at the same time.

    They didn’t stop until they had had enough for a while.

    Sun Hao then said, “Fang Qiu, since you made Jiang Miaoyu your girlfriend, you’ve already entered the girls’ circle. You’ve got to help your brothers out when we need to chase the other girls.”

    “No, I’m a kind man. A kind man doesn’t put his friends in trouble.” Fang Qiu claimed.

    “No way.” The other three immediately jumped up and said, “This is not to push us into trouble, but to lead us to heaven where the beautiful flowers bloom and the holy love is.”

    “Yeah.” Zhou Xiaotian immediately agreed. “Zhu Benzheng has already hooked up with Wang Yu. Yuan Bei and Huang Manman were still single. Although people always say that you don’t dip your pen in the company ink, sometimes we have to.”

    “Fang Qiu, that’s not very nice of you,” said Zhu Benzheng, with a serious expression on his face.

    “I’m not talking about you.” Fang Qiu paused. “The friends I’m talking about are girls.”

    Hearing that, three of them were embarrassed.

    The next day, at 8:00 a.m., Fang Qiu sent his roommates, Jiang Miaoyu and the other girls to the high-speed railway station.

    Sitting in the waiting hall for more than ten minutes, it was time to get on the train.

    Everybody lined up, waiting to enter.

    Jiang Miaoyu and Fang Qiu walked behind their friends.

    “I’m going back home.” While the others went in first, Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu and asked seriously, “Will you miss me?”

    “Yes!” Fang Qiu nodded his head certainly.

    “I don’t believe it.” Jiang Miaoyu said with a smile, her eyes rolling. “You seem to have lied to me before.”

    Fang Qiu was embarrassed, thinking that it was so early to bring things up right now because he just became her boyfriend for a day.

    “I won’t lie to you.” Fang Qiu immediately promised, saying, “I promise, I’ll never lie to you.”

    “Really?” Jiang Miaoyu asked with a smile.

    “Absolutely! I truly mean it,” said Fang Qiu, nodding his head at once.

    “All right, I’ll take your word for it,” Jiang Miaoyu said with a nod, then lowered her voice. “So, what happened that night when you and Jiang Mengjie were at the hotel?”

    Fang Qiu was stunned. Why did she ask this all of a sudden?

    “Don’t lie to me.” Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu. “You said you would never lie to me.”

    “So you’ve planned to ask me about this for a long time,” Fang Qiu thought.

    Fang Qiu shook his head and smiled. He held out his hand and pinched Jiang Miaoyu’s delicate nose, saying, “We slept in our clothes.”

    “Really?” Jiang Miaoyu couldn’t believe that. “She’s such a beautiful girl with great body shape.”

    “Look at my eyes.” Fang Qiu interrupted.

    Jiang Miaoyu went soft immediately.

    She couldn’t bear to look into his eyes. Every time she looked him in the eye, her heart would beat faster and she couldn’t resist it.

    “Well, I believe you for now.” She added. “When I come back from this vacation, you have to tell me how you two met and knew each other. And how did you guys fall in love? I want to hear all the details.”

    “I’m not in a relationship with her,” Fang Qiu murmured.

    “I don’t care,” Jiang Miaoyu immediately replied, “I want to hear it anyway.”

    Fang Qiu could only put on a wry smile.

    “Ok, I got to go.” Jiang Miaoyu beamed.

    Fang Qiu nodded, pulling her into his arms and gave her a passionate hug.

    Only then did Jiang Miaoyu turn to leave.

    When she turned around, she found that Zhu Benzheng and the other guys were staring at them with a sly smile on their faces. Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian also imitated their actions, teasing Fang Qiu and her.

    Seeing that, Jiang Miaoyu blushed in an instant.

    They were caught in that scene.

    The six people were even happier than them. They were shouting and teasing them with those affectionate words.

    Jiang Miaoyu silently wished that the earth would open up and swallow her whole.

    “All right, get out of here. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get on the train.” While Jiang Miaoyu was entering, Fang Qiu waved to them and shouted.

    Jiang Miaoyu got on the train, so did the rest of their friends.

    Between the glass and security check, Fang Qiu said goodbye to them. “See you after vacation!”

    Fang Qiu then returned to his dormitory alone.

    Since there was no one in the room, Fang Qiu could take this opportunity to train his mental power.

    The 20 coins had been removed by his roommates. He couldn’t always keep using those coins, because it wasn’t nice to destroy those coins.

    Therefore, after searching the dorm for hours, Fang Qiu finally found a glass.

    It was a transparent plastic water glass that was not too heavy to lift and just right for mental power training.

    Hanging up the glass, Fang Qiu began to practice according to the method of the treasure book for acupuncture.

    This method was not tiring.

    Having trained for a day, Fang Qiu didn’t feel too tired. Instead, he felt much better.

    After a day of exercise, Fang Qiu was able to use his mental power to shake the glass.

    But it had already taken him one step closer to make progress. It wouldn’t take long for him to make a breakthrough.

    “According to the book, there are different levels of mental power. Just like in martial arts, the stronger the power of the mind, the more you can do and the stronger you will be,” Fang Qiu muttered to himself.

    Fang Qiu was looking forward to what might happen if he kept practicing.

    He had a vague sense that once he made progress in mental power, he might be able to use it as a needle.

    If that was the case, no matter how hard it was, it was definitely worth it.

    Compared to the mental power, Fang Qiu also felt that his internal force was about to reach the bottleneck.

    After several battles, he had improved his internal force to an extent. If he made an improvement, he could reach the limit. Once he reached the limit, he could break it and develop his meridians.

    Fang Qiu was getting excited.

    After all, he was probably the only person in the world who would dare to do such a thing.

    At the end of the day, Fang Qiu had improved his mental power and internal force.

    It was definitely a double bonus for him.