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Chapter 312 - Go and Get My Broom!

Medical Master
     Chapter 312 Go and Get My Broom!

    In fact, that giant hyena got great strength. It was even more powerful than Long Boan. Fang Qiu reckoned that it could reach the power of grade-five Martial Superior.

    Unfortunately, it encountered Fang Qiu.

    If Fang Qiu didn’t use all his real strength and just fought with the power of the redeveloping meridians, the hyena might stand a chance of making it difficult for Fang Qi to fight back.

    However, when Fang Qiu used his real power as a guru, the grade-five Martial Superior would never be able to compete with him.

    As for a guru who was able to break through to two flowers, he could take down a grade-five Martial Superior effortlessly.

    There was no doubt that the giant hyena was dead.

    Even to the moment of death, it was still looking at the plum blossom.

    “You just dig your own grave!”

    Looking at the hyena’s carcass, Fang Qiu shook his head.

    If it didn’t make a fuss and attack people on the road but quietly guarded here, the plum blossom would only belong to it. Moreover, its strength would certainly be stronger after taking the blossom.

    Unfortunately, with the temptation of the plum blossom, it chose to hurt people. Therefore, it couldn’t blame Fang Qiu to kill it.

    “If anyone took photos of this huge hyena, it would definitely cause a stir and even attract a lot of practitioners,” Fang Qiu pondered to himself.

    Fang Qiu just kicked the hyena’s body off the cliff.

    Under the cliff, there was a dense forest that was far from the road outside. Even the special forces or firemen came here, it wouldn’t be easy for them to find it.

    Moreover, as long as the hyena disappeared, the accident would stop. At that time, the police would give up if they couldn’t find it out.

    Even if they found it, the hyena would be rotten on the ground, which might not cause a scene.

    After disposing of the giant hyena’s carcass, Fang Qiu then turned to look at the plum blossom growing on a dry stump on the cliff a meter below.

    The moment he looked at the blossom, the last petal of it was fully unfurled.

    Suddenly, something magic happened.

    When the fifth petal fully unfurled, the blood-red color of the plum blossom suddenly faded like waves.

    The blood-red color was gone.

    It was replaced by an incomparably transparent color.

    In the blink of an eye, the blood-colored flower suddenly turned into something like a snow sculpture.

    At the same time, the energy surrounding the plum blossom quietly dispersed. All the pure Qi of the sky and earth blocked by the cover suddenly flowed into the flower when it bloomed. The flower had completely absorbed the energy.

    “Is this, like, a stroke of luck?”

    Staring at this plum blossom, Fang Qiu immediately took it down and couldn’t help laughing aloud.

    For so many days, he had been practicing every day, getting up at 3 a.m, and jumping out the window to train himself.

    However, he didn’t make any breakthrough after training for so many days.

    Unexpectedly, after encountering the giant hyena, he could feel that the internal Qi from the Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin had formed and was about to make a breakthrough.

    Fang Qiu believed that if he could improve his internal Qi to a higher level, maybe he would manage to make a breakthrough.

    It would be a blessing for Fang Qiu to improve his strength.

    What Fang Qiu didn’t expect was that he could find the plum blossom here.

    Although it ranked No.36 in the list, it was still a Heaven Treasure. Plenty of people couldn’t get a chance to find it once in a lifetime, while some of them didn’t even know when they were close to the treasure.

    With the plum blossom, Fang Qiu was completely at ease.

    His current breakthrough was nothing less than retraining.

    Although he just reached the level of the grade-one Martial Superior, he would insist on using this method step by step.

    Step one, he walked through.

    Step two, it was getting more dangerous!

    Every step he took would double the risk.

    There was no doubt that this Heaven Treasure was more powerful than Earth Treasure, which had reminded Fang Qiu that it wouldn’t be so painful for him to finish the second step.

    Fang Qiu was ecstatic about it.

    As excited as he was, he knew that this was not the time to rush to make a breakthrough.

    Therefore, he immediately put away the plum blossom and returned to the road.

    On the way back to the main road. “Mom and Dad?”

    Seeing that his parents hadn’t left yet, Fang Qiu hastened to walk to them.

    He could see the worry on his parents’ faces.

    “He’s back! He’s back!”

    When she saw Fang Qiu come back, Fang Qiu’s mother immediately rushed forward and grasped his shoulders, carefully looking Fang Qiu up and down. “I’m worried sick here. Do you hurt?”

    “Don’t worry, mom.”

    Fang Qiu beamed. “I’m fine, and things have been solved. You should go home first. I need to go over the spot to see those injured people and give them some treatment.”

    He then immediately ran towards the blocked section of the road ahead.

    Fang Qiu’s parents took a look at each other and then they both looked at the ground, only to find that he didn’t leave a trace when he treaded on the snow.

    “This boy…”

    Fang Qiu’s mother looked at his son’s back and couldn’t help being confused as if she wondered whether he was really her son. “Are we old?” she asked.

    Fang Qiu’s father curled his lips and sighed. He put his arm around his mother’s shoulder and said, “It looks like our son is hiding a lot of secrets.”

    “He’s still my son even if he has secrets,” Fang’s mother replied.

    Fang Qiu rushed to the roadblocks and was about to walk inside but was stopped by the traffic police.

    “I’m a doctor. Let me pass and see the patients first,” said Fang Qiu.

    Hearing that, the traffic police let him in.

    As he made his way around a curve, he saw a number of people lying on the ground on both sides of the road ahead.

    A couple of traffic police were taking care of the injured, while more traffic police were keeping a watchful eye on the situation around.

    “Why don’t you take the patient out?” Fang Qiu came forward to the spot and asked.

    “Who are you? Why do you come here?” One of the police became alert when he saw Fang Qiu.

    “I’m a doctor. These people are seriously injured. Why haven’t the ambulances arrived yet? Why don’t you take the people out first?” asked Fang Qiu.

    He saw that among the people who were lying on the ground, some of them had broken bones, and several had serious wounds on their arms and chest and he could even see their flesh.

    Fang Qiu was quite upset when he looked at this scene.

    This was where the accident happened. Why didn’t the police take the patients away?

    Even though he knew there was no threat anymore, Fang Qiu was furious.

    “We got only one squad; seven men are on guard, three of us are taking care of the wounded, and the rest have to block the road to avoid more casualties, so how can I have extra men to move the wounded before the armed police and firemen arrive?” asked the traffic policeman.

    “There must be something you can do if you want to.” Fang Qiu gave a cold snort and immediately came forward to treat the patients.

    “Stop!” The traffic policeman stopped him at once and said, “You say you are a doctor, right? Please show your identification. Otherwise, please leave here and don’t go near the patients.”

    “I don’t bring any papers.” Fang Qiu frowned.

    “Then please leave!” said the traffic policeman.

    Fang Qiu was angry. Although he knew that the police were just trying to avoid more accidents, he would never leave these patients here and walked away.

    At this point, someone said, “Doctor Fang, Doctor Fang.” A middle-aged man lying on the ground with a broken arm suddenly opened his eyes while Fang Qiu was arguing with the traffic policeman. When he saw Fang Qiu, he immediately shouted with great excitement, “Dr. Fang, please help me! I’m afraid I’ll lose my arm this time.”

    Hearing the man shouting, the other men who were injured also looked at Fang Qiu and started to call him.

    Other people also heard of the name of Doctor. Fang, so they also cried out for help.

    Hearing people calling, the policeman who stopped Fang Qiu froze.

    “You’re Fang Qiu?” asked the traffic policeman.

    “Yes.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    “Why didn’t you say that earlier?” The traffic policeman scolded and immediately got out of his way. “Hurry up.”

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and went forward at once. He helped people knit their bones and stop the bleeding of the badly wounded.

    In a few minutes, armed police and firemen arrived and asked Fang Qiu about the situation.

    He pointed them in a direction to the side and continued to treat his patients.

    The firemen began to move the wounded, and the armed police went into the forest to search for the monster.

    Fang Qiu then also followed the firemen to move back to the roadblocks.

    In the meantime, the ambulances arrived and picked up the wounded quickly.

    The armed force who had searched in the forest also told people that the beast was dead and they didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

    Hearing the news, everyone signed in relief.

    Fang Qiu headed back, ready to go home.

    It turned out that his parents were still in the place where they stopped the car.

    “How’s it going? How many people are injured? How’s the treatment going?” Fang Qiu’s father asked.

    “It’s okay,” Fang Qiu said, “I’ve given them some treatment, which was able to save those who were seriously injured. They would be fine when they go to the hospital and get proper treatment.”

    “Well done.” Fang Qiu’s father nodded contentedly.

    “Son.” His mother approached him and asked, “When you were treating them, did they know that you were the famous Doctor. Fang?”

    Fang Qiu was speechless.

    Eventually, the three of them decided to go home. Although there was no danger and the road was not blocked anymore, they had lost lots of time. Since they couldn’t visit their relatives today, they could only choose to visit them tomorrow.

    Arriving home, Fang Qiu ran to the bedroom as fast as he could.

    However, he was instantly caught by his mother.

    “You, don’t you have anything to tell me?” his mother asked, glancing at Fang Qiu.

    “What?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “You must tell me what’s wrong with that huge beast and why it grows so big. Why is there no footprints in the snow when you tread?” she asked.

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “I just happen to learn some moves of martial arts. It’s that simple. You don’t have to be so dramatic about it.” …

    “So you don’t want to tell me the truth, right?”

    “Go and get my broom,” she said to his father who was standing beside them.