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Chapter 320 - That Was Awkward

Medical Master
     Chapter 320 That Was Awkward

    “All Right.” Taking the silver needles that Xu Miaolin gave him, Fang Qiu nodded and started to use acupuncture without saying anything else.

    Taking out the silver needles, he immediately thought of the therapy.

    The therapy of curing stiff neck: Luozhen point, Dazhui point, Houxi point.

    According to the therapy came up in his mind, Fang Qiu began to use the silver needles to prick the Luozhen point between the index finger and the middle finger on the back of Xu Miaolin’s hand, the Dazhui point under the back of his neck, and the Houxi point on the extension of his little finger. Meanwhile, he treated him with the mild reinforcing-reducing method.

    The mild reinforcing-reducing method was also known as a single-style method. Fang Qiu needed to evenly lift and twist the needles after sending Qi into the point and then took out of the needles.

    After pricking the points, Fang Qiu sent a flow of internal Qi while he was lifting and twisting.

    Seeing how Fang Qiu chose the points and used the needles, Xu Miaolin found that Fang Qiu didn’t look like a novice at all. He could accurately locate the points and use the needles while sending internal Qi into them, which proved that Fang Qiu had already had some practical experience in acupuncture.

    As he was confused, Xu Miaolin could not help but secretly nod.

    The performance of Fang Qiu made him surprised and satisfied.

    Fang Qiu, who concentrated on the needles, didn’t notice the expressions of Xu Miaolin. He was treating him carefully.

    Although this was not a serious disease, as a Chinese Medicine doctor, Fang Qiu had to be responsible for each patient, not to mention the patient was Mr. Xu.

    This acupuncture therapy for stiff neck needed to last for 20 minutes, but with the help of internal Qi, it didn’t need that long at all.

    Ten minutes later, Fang Qiu stopped and took away the needles.

    “Umm?” Xu Miaolin was taken aback.

    He also knew the acupuncture method of treating a stiff neck, which was the most basic one in acupuncture, so he was a little surprised when Fang Qiu took away the needles.

    He was ready to enjoy the 20 minutes of acupuncture but didn’t expect that Fang Qiu ended it so quickly.

    He then tried to turn his head. Xu Miaolin was about to ask Fang Qiu why he took away the needles so quickly, but he suddenly felt so fresh and comfortable. The pain of the neck completely disappeared as if he never got a stiff neck before.

    “What?” Xu Miaolin was amazed.

    Technically, the effect wouldn’t be so great if Fang Qiu just performed the acupuncture with half of the time.

    How could Fang Qiu make it so effective?

    Even Xu Miaolin found it incredulous.

    “What’s happening?” When Fang Qiu had finished collecting the needles, Xu Miaolin looked at him questioningly and asked, “This basic acupuncture therapy of stiff neck will take at least 20 minutes to be effective. You have only treated me for 10 minutes. And I actually recovered. This is amazing. How did you do that?”

    “Oh.” With a mysterious smile, Fang Qiu threw the disposable silver needles into the garbage can and then said, “Qigong!”

    “You even learn Qigong?” Xu Miaolin was startled.

    He knew that Qigong was also one of the therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese Medicine. And he also learned Qigong himself and knew how to use it. However, he hadn’t practiced post-standing training for many years. He didn’t use Qigong very much in daily life, so he stopped practicing.

    “Qigong is also a branch of Kung Fu,” said Fang Qiu.

    Hearing that, Xu Miaolin then remembered that Fang Qiu excelled at Kung Fu.

    With such strong Kung Fu, it was no big deal if he knew Qigong as well.

    “It seems that Qigong can make acupuncture more effective and shorten the treatment time. This is an important discovery,” Xu Miaolin touched his chin and nodded as he spoke.

    “I have to pick up Qigong again.” He thought to himself.

    “I’ll tell you what,” after thinking for a while, Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu and said, “since you have learned acupuncture before, I can teach you the methods of acupuncture first.”

    “Uh… okay.” Fang Qiu hesitated and then nodded.

    “We can start right now,” Xu Miaolin deliberately acted mysteriously, standing up with hands behind his back. “Go to the canteen to buy two steamed buns and come back.”

    Fang Qiu went to the canteen immediately.

    After a while, he came back with steamed buns.

    Taking the steamed buns, Xu Miaolin immediately marked a dot with a pen on one steamed bun, and then put the steamed bun on the desk. He stood half a meter away from the bun.

    “Watch this.” Xu Miaolin took out a silver needle from the box on the table, narrowing his eyes and staring at the steamed bun.

    With a shake of his hand, the needle immediately slipped out of his hand and pierced the mark on the steamed bun with precision.

    If anyone saw it, they would definitely exclaim.

    Xu Miaolin knew that would happen. While waiting to meet Fang Qiu’s eyes filled with shock and respect, he said inscrutably, “This, is the flying acupuncture.”

    As a result, Fang Qiu looked so calm with no emotion on his face. “Okay,” he said.

    Xu Miaolin was confused.

    Why wasn’t he shocked? He was not shocked by this powerful acupuncture technique?

    Maybe he was dumbfounded.

    “What do you think?” Looking at Fang Qiu who was so calm, Xu Miaolin asked eagerly. “Isn’t it powerful?”

    “Not bad,” Fang Qiu replied with a chuckle.

    Actually, the flying acupuncture was also recorded in the catalog of the treasure book on acupuncture, which Fang Qiu had already learned long before, so he didn’t find anything surprising.

    Besides, he was a guru.

    This method of flying a needle only meant sending a secret weapon in martial arts.

    With the strength of Fang Qiu, let alone half a meter, he wouldn’t miss a shot even he stood dozens of meters away.

    “Not bad?” Hearing Fang Qiu’s response, Xu Miaolin rolled his eyes at Fang Qiu and said, “This is one of the most difficult acupuncture techniques. What do you mean by saying ‘not bad’? Maybe you should have a try?”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    Then he went forward and followed what Xu did just now. Making a point on the steamed bun and standing at the same position as Xu did, he pierced the point accurately without even looking at it carefully.

    Xu Miaolin was silent. Looking at Fang Qiu, He didn’t say anything, feeling rather embarrassed.

    He didn’t have much confidence in Chinese herbs, but he was indeed proud of his acupuncture methods.

    Unfortunately, he met with Fang Qiu.

    In his eyes, there weren’t many people who could fly a needle, and he happened to be one of them.

    Even if a prominent doctor saw someone flying a needle, he or she would be shocked.

    He wanted to use this method to warn Fang Qiu that he shouldn’t have been so arrogant and considered himself a genius. He should know there were so many people out there who were much more powerful than him.

    As a result, he didn’t do it successfully.

    Instead, he was challenged by Fang Qiu, which was really embarrassing.

    If he had known that Fang Qiu could fly a needle, he wouldn’t have shown off like that.

    Looking at Xu Miaolin who didn’t say anything but stared at him, Fang Qiu was a little nervous. He thought Xu wasn’t satisfied with his performance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t put on such a face.

    Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Mr. Xu, if you are not satisfied, I can stand farther.”

    With Xu Miaolin watching, Fang Qiu held the silver needle and stood a meter away. He shook his hand and accurately pierced the black spot on the steamed bun again.

    Xu Miaolin shivered while seeing that.

    He could only hit the target half a meter away, but Fang Qiu was even better than him. He could fly a needle from a meter away.

    As a teacher, it was quite awkward for him to be challenged by his student like that.

    Seeing Xu Miaolin remain silent, Fang Qiu hurriedly opened his mouth again. “In fact, I can still go further.”

    He pulled out the needle and was about to go further.

    “All right, all right.” Xu Miaolin quickly shook his head and hands to stop Fang Qiu. “It’s too easy. I’ll teach you something else.”

    Although he acted normally, Xu Miaolin felt so awkward.

    He had already been challenged twice by Fang Qiu. And he didn’t know whether he could bear it if he let Fang Qiu go on.

    Therefore, he had to stop Fang Qiu and continued to pretend to be sophisticated.

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu put down his silver needle and looked at Xu Miaolin expectantly.

    Although he had learned most of the acupuncture techniques through the treasure book, Xu Miaolin was not an ordinary doctor. Maybe he knew more magical and unique acupuncture techniques.

    “First of all, tell me everything you know about acupuncture.”

    Xu Miaolin sat down in front of his desk. “I can teach you according to your present situation when I’m aware of your skills.”

    This time, Xu Miaolin was cautious. He decided to move forward after thinking cautiously.

    He couldn’t afford any more humiliation!

    How could a teacher be challenged by a student all the time? Fortunately, Fang Qiu didn’t know his real strength. Otherwise, it would be so embarrassing.

    “I’ve learned the finger acupuncture therapy, facial acupuncture therapy, philtrum acupuncture therapy, back acupuncture therapy, Shouxiang acupuncture therapy, pottery acupuncture therapy, giant needling therapy, needle acupuncture therapy, scar therapy, indirect therapy, thunder fire acupuncture therapy, box moxibustion therapy, Liujiang moxibustion therapy, skin acupuncture therapy, fire acupuncture therapy, awn acupuncture therapy, eye acupuncture therapy, mouth acupuncture therapy, foot acupuncture therapy, needle-pushing therapy, four-suture therapy, horse-riding moxibustion therapy, Taiyi acupuncture therapy, medicine application therapy, Liuzhu moxibustion therapy, intradermal acupuncture therapy, water acupuncture therapy, ear acupuncture therapy…”

    Fang Qiu listed out a series of therapies.

    Xu Miaolin could remain calm and nodded when he heard the first few therapies.

    But his face changed when he heard the tenth therapy.

    There was a look of surprise on his face when he heard about the twentieth therapy.

    Hearing the 30th therapy, Xu Miaolin was dumbfounded.

    As far as he was concerned, only a doctor who specialized in acupuncture could learn all thirty kinds of acupuncture.

    But Fang Qiu didn’t stop yet.

    Forty therapies.

    Fifty therapies.

    Xu Miaolin’s face changed dramatically. He was no longer surprised or felt inconceivable, but was shocked.

    “There are more than 100 kinds of them. I think I may stop here,” Fang Qiu suddenly said when Xu Miaolin was extremely shocked.

    Xu Miaolin’s jaw dropped.

    “More than a hundred? Is this a game?” He thought to himself.

    “In addition to these therapies,” Fang Qiu continued, “I also learned to use the eight methods of using needles, including Two Dragons Playing with a Pearl, Magpies Ascending Plum Tree, Old Donkey Grinding the Mill, Golden Hook Fishing, White Snake Sticking out Its Tongue, Strange Python Turning Over, Golden Rooster Eating Rice, and Mouse Claw.”

    Fang Qiu didn’t elaborate on them.

    He was aware that Xu Miaolin must know that the eight needle methods, so the further explanation was unnecessary.

    Most importantly, Xu Miaolin wasn’t testing him now, so he didn’t need to explain these methods. He just needed to tell Xu what he was capable of.

    Hearing that, Xu Miaolin thought he couldn’t be more amazed.

    “This kid, how did he learn all these all of a sudden?” He pondered to himself.