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Chapter 321 - His Return to the Hospital

Medical Master
     He looked at Fang Qiu.

    Xu Miaolin tried his best to conceal the shock he felt because he didn’t want Fang Qiu to notice how shocked he felt.

    It would be far too embarrassing for a teacher to be so astonished at how skilled his student was.

    “Have you learned acupuncture before?” Xu Miaolin asked.

    “No, I haven’t,” Fang Qiu replied as he shook his head. “I only started to pick this up myself after I returned from Feng Xuexin’s place.”

    “Hmm?” Xu Miaolin’s eyes bulged in surprise.

    How long has it been?

    How did he manage to learn so much from studying acupuncture himself that he could even perform a flying acupuncture technique?

    Xu Miaolin was gobsmacked but he did not express his astonishment.

    While he had acknowledged Fang Qiu was extraordinarily talented in the field of Chinese Medicine, he didn’t imagine how talented Fang Qiu could be in this field. Fang Qiu had managed to learn more than a hundred types of acupuncture styles in a short time and even mastered the flying acupuncture technique that very few Chinese physicians could perform. He had even combined his Qigong with his acupuncture style.

    If this was made public, wouldn’t the revered veterans in the Chinese Medicine community look at him like some kind of freak?

    Xu Miaolin resolved that he would never reveal Fang Qiu’s extraordinary talent to anyone else. Otherwise, everyone would jostle to take him under their wing.

    Fang Qiu would be doomed if his head were to be turned by all these.

    A talent like Fang Qiu had to be carefully groomed!

    He deliberated for a moment.

    Xu Miaolin didn’t intend to accept Fang Qiu as his disciple, so he thought that it would be better for Fang Qiu to be his student.

    “You’ve learned so many acupuncture techniques but how many times have you actually put them into practice?” He asked.

    “Twice… I think.” Fang Qiu replied. He thought for another moment before he added, “Once when I treated a child with myasthenia gravis over the lunar new year, and once when I treated your stiff neck.”

    “You’ve only put your knowledge to practice twice despite having mastered it for some time now?” Xu Miaolin asked in disbelief.

    “Wait, that’s not it,” Fang Qiu said as a thought occurred to him. “There was a third occurrence. I ran into a fellow student with gastric issues in the afternoon on the way back to campus and treated him as well.”

    “I wouldn’t have known that you knew acupuncture if it wasn’t for the fact that you had treated the student earlier,” Xu Miaolin said with a wry smile.

    “Haha,” Fang Qiu said with a laugh.

    “I didn’t think that I would be in awe of your progress one day,” Xu Miaolin said with a shake of his head. Then, he added, “I must admit that it is impressive how you managed to treat a myasthenia gravis patient with acupuncture.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “You might have learned a lot,” Xu Miaolin thought for a moment before he added. “However, it is important to put what you’ve learned into practice. You’ve learned the ancient acupuncture styles, so let me teach you the modern acupuncture styles tonight.”

    “Sure,” Fang Qiu immediately nodded.

    “Do you know how to do thread-embedding?” Xu Miaolin asked.

    He didn’t want a repeat of the same situation when he was corrected by Fang Qiu.

    “No,” Fang Qiu immediately said as he shook his head.

    “Haha,” Xu Miaolin chuckled and he quickly forgot about his embarrassment at being corrected by Fang Qiu.

    He felt proud of himself and thought, “Kid, you’re still a kid after all. I guess you’ll still have to learn for me no matter how talented you are.”

    “Nonetheless, there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to teaching such an outstanding student!”

    He felt very pleased as he dug out his phone and dialed a number.

    “Hello, junior brother?” A familiar voice could be heard on the other end of the line.

    He was talking to none other than Qi Kaiwen.

    “Senior brother,” he said with a smile as he glanced at Fang Qiu. “Your junior nephew needs to practice acupuncture, so could you find a way to get him employed at a hospital?”

    “Hmm?” Qi Kaiwen stiffened in confusion and asked, “Since when did I have a junior nephew?”

    “Fang Qiu,” Xu Miaolin said as he rolled his eyes.

    “Oh…” Qi Kaiwen said as he smacked his head. “Oh right, I almost forgot all about him. Isn’t Fang Qiu only a first-year college student? Although his grades are great, this doesn’t mean that he has to start learning about acupuncture now, right? Even if he wants to learn acupuncture, does he really need to do so in a practical environment?”

    “Why not?” Xu Miaolin pouted and added, “Do you have a problem with my student being incredibly outstanding?”

    “Fine, fine, fine,” Qi Kaiwen chuckled as he agreed to look into Xu Miaolin’s request.

    “Oh yes,” Xu Miaolin thought for a moment before he said, “I thought I should let you know a piece of great news. Your junior nephew has already obtained his craftsman doctor license.”

    “What?” Qi Kaiwen was astonished.

    The craftsman doctor license was no laughing matter.

    It was far more difficult to obtain a craftsman doctor license than it was to obtain a Physician’s Qualification Certificate.

    How did Fang Qiu manage to obtain his so quickly?

    Furthermore, he was only a college student who had only been at college for six months. How could he be so incredible?

    “Haha,” Xu Miaolin chuckle proudly when he heard how surprised Qi Kaiwen was.

    On the other hand, Qi Kaiwen finally pulled himself out of his shocked reverie and couldn’t help but chuckle as he shook his head.

    He didn’t know whether he should marvel at Fang Qiu’s good fortune in having found a good teacher or marvel at his junior brother’s luck in obtaining such a talented disciple.

    “Since that’s the case, I’ll reach out to several hospitals now,” Qi Kaiwen said.

    “Great, I’ll be waiting for your news,” Xu Miaolin said before he hung up.


    At the School of Chinese Medicine.

    In the Director’s office located at the management building.


    Qi Kaiwen’s shock was still written all over his face after he hung up.

    He couldn’t believe how clever Fang Qiu was.

    He stood to gain a lot from this.

    Fang Qiu’s relationship as his junior nephew aside, he was also a student at the School of Chinese Medicine, so Qi Kaiwen was extremely excited at the thought of such a talented student in his school.

    He didn’t hesitate and immediately placed a call to the Director of the First Affiliated Hospital, Su Mudong.

    His phone rang several times before Su Mudong picked up the call.


    Su Mudong said after he picked up the call.

    “Director Su, I’m Qi Kaiwen,” Qi Kaiwen said.

    “Director Qi?” Su Mudong paused for a moment before he asked with a smile, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking for me?”

    “I’d like to send a student of mine over to the hospital for an internship,” Qi Kaiwen started and said, “I hope that you’ll be able to accommodate his internship at your hospital.”

    “Oh?” Su Mudong asked in surprise. “Is he a fourth-year or a fifth-year student? Or is he a graduate student? How are his grades? How many practical classes has he done?”

    “He has quite a lot of practical experience under his belt but he hasn’t attended a practical class,” Qi Kaiwen said with a smile. “He’s only a first-year student, so of course he hasn’t done any practical classes yet.”

    “A first-year student?” Su Mudong frowned and continued, “Director Qi, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to accommodate this request.”

    “What’s wrong?” Qi Kaiwen shook his head as he asked. “Wasn’t he interning at your orthopedics department earlier? Wouldn’t it be easy to just transfer him to the acupuncture department?”

    “Orthopedics department? And now you’re asking me to transfer him to another department?” Su Mudong repeated in surprise before realization dawned and he exclaimed in surprise, “Are you referring to Fang Qiu?”

    “Yes,” Qi Kaiwen said as he nodded.

    “Hey, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Su Mudong said with a loud chuckle. “No problem. However, he has yet to obtain his Physician’s Qualification Certificate.”

    “Don’t worry, he has even obtained his craftsman doctor license,” Qi Kaiwen said.

    “Really?” Su Mudong exclaimed in astonishment.

    He had been wondering how he could recruit Fang Qiu back to work at the First Affiliated Hospital. Although the university management did not voice their objections, it was true that Fang Qiu didn’t possess as Physician’s Qualification Certificate.

    He was the Director of the hospital, so it would be easy for him to use his connections to obtain a Physician’s Qualification Certificate for Fang Qiu but he knew that Fang Qiu would not appreciate this gesture.

    This was the reason why Su Mudong had not invited Fang Qiu back to work at the hospital.

    Thus, he was surprised to hear Qi Kaiwen bringing this matter up on his own accord and that the matter of Fang Qiu’s Physician’s Qualification Certificate had also been resolved.

    Wasn’t this great news?

    “Why would I lie to you? Give me a straight answer: would you agree to let him do an internship at your hospital or not?” Qi Kaiwen asked.

    “Of course, why not?” Su Mudong said with a laugh. “Tell Fang Qiu that he’ll be able to come back whenever he wants to. I’ve been keeping his consultation room empty in anticipation of his return. The orthopedics department will be more than happy to welcome him back.”

    “What do you mean by the orthopedics department?” Qi Kaiwen pursed his lips and added. “Fang Qiu shouldn’t be posted to the orthopedics department this time but to the acupuncture department!”

    “What?” Su Mudong froze in shock and he was completely dumbfounded.

    “Did I get that right?”

    “Fang Qiu would be heading to the acupuncture department?” Su Mudong repeated.

    “Yes,” Qi Kaiwen said affirmatively and added. “Why would I be calling you if he were to be returning to the orthopedics department? Shen Chun would have contacted you if that was the case, right?”

    “Uh…” Su Mudong didn’t know how to respond. “Director Qi, the orthopedics department is the most practical place for Fang Qiu to display his talents. Wouldn’t you be burying his talents if you send him to the acupuncture department?”

    “He’s currently learning acupuncture, so he would need to accumulate practical experience. Naturally, this means that he would need to be posted to the acupuncture department,” Qi Kaiwen said.

    “Wait a minute, isn’t he picking things up a little too quickly?” Su Mudong said with a frown. “Director Qi, you shouldn’t hasten his growth just because he is incredibly talented in Chinese Medicine. We’re still counting on him to do our school proud at the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition.”

    “Don’t worry,” Qi Kaiwen said. “This is what Fang Qiu wanted. No one is forcing him to do things against his will, and naturally, no one is trying to accelerate his learning.”

    “I see,” Su Mudong thought for a moment and said. “Alright, tell him to come over tomorrow.”

    “Sure,” Qi Kaiwen nodded and hung up.

    Then, he informed Xu Miaolin.


    At the reading room of the library.

    “It’s settled then,” Xu Miaolin said to Fang Qiu after he got off the phone with Qi Kaiwen. “We’ve already spoken to the hospital. Director Su said that you could start work tomorrow.”

    “Sure,” Fang Qiu nodded immediately.

    Fang Qiu had been wanting to accumulate some practical experience for some time now because he had committed all these numerous acupuncture techniques to memory.

    Although he could remember every single step and detail of each acupuncture technique, performing these techniques in real life would be different compared to theoretical learning. There were many unpredictable variables to consider and even if there weren’t any unpredictable variables, he could use practical training to hone his skills.

    Additionally, Fang Qiu knew that Xu Miaolin was right.

    He had only learned the ancient acupuncture techniques and had not actually studied the modern acupuncture techniques. Thus, he could make use of this opportunity to pick up modern acupuncture techniques.

    In the evening, Zhu Benzheng, Zhou Xiaotian, and Sun Hao returned to campus.

    They were supposed to share a meal together but to their surprise, Fang Qiu suddenly received a call from Jiang Miaoyu after they arrived at the train station and Jiang Miaoyu informed him that she was returning to Jiangjing by train.

    Fang Qiu was left with no choice but to cancel their dinner appointment to rush to the train station to pick Jiang Miaoyu up.

    His three friends immediately called him out on his actions and scolded him for prioritizing his girlfriend over their friendship.