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Chapter 326 - The Battle for the Campus Belle

Medical Master
     Chapter 326 The Battle for the Campus Belle

    “You want to battle?”

    In front of so many people, the sophomore directly challenged him to acupuncture, which was Fang Qiu’s expertise.

    On the playground, there was an uproar from the students.

    They all knew that Tan Ming excelled in acupuncture.

    The point was that Fang Qiu was just a freshman, but in terms of fame, Fang Qiu was much famous than him.

    Under this circumstance, everyone was looking forward to the battle.

    Tan Ming challenged Fang Qiu, which was going to be an exciting battle.

    Being blocked by Tan Ming, Fang Qiu confusedly turned his head to see Jiang Miaoyu. When he met her gaze in the air, he was immediately aware that the sophomore was Jiang Miaoyu’s admirer.

    Yesterday, when Fang Qiu walked Jiang Miaoyu back to her dormitory, he knew this would come, so he had already prepared for it.

    “You like my girlfriend?” Fang Qiu calmly asked, looking at Tan Ming.

    Hearing that, Tan Ming was stunned.

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu would be so blunt.

    All the onlookers were surprised.


    Tan Ming was embarrassed and mused for a while, then he gritted his teeth. “Yes.”

    When that came out, the crowd immediately began to cheer.

    “Well, that’s what a senior should do. He got balls.”

    “You’re exactly what they need in campus belle Jiang’s fan club.”

    “So this is a love battle.”

    “We support you. Tan Ming! Take Fang Qiu down!”

    Many of Jiang Miaoyu’s admirers all stood out and supported Tan Ming.

    Hearing the noise around, Fang Qiu looked at Jiang Miaoyu affectionately and spoke at the same time, “You’re indeed a Helen of troy.”

    Jiang Miaoyu’s face turned red.

    She snorted softly and ruthlessly twisted Fang Qiu’s arm.

    This scene was incredible, which was undoubtedly PDA.

    “Oh, my God! Show some mercy to single people!”

    “Oh, my goddess! My heart broke.”

    “You know, those who do PDA will break up easily. You guys would better watch out.”

    “That’s a bit too much to do PDA in front of so many people.”

    Many people were complaining, covering their chests as if they were really hurt.

    In front of Fang Qiu, Tan Ming’s face became extremely awful.

    The person he liked was standing right in front of him, but he couldn’t even get closer to her. And now he had to watch her do PDA with another man.

    It was killing him!

    “I’ll accept your challenge.”

    Looking at Tan Ming who was so gloomy, Fang Qiu asked, “How would you like to battle?”

    Normally, Fang Qiu would never bother to respond to this kind of challenge.

    But now it was different.

    At least this time, he couldn’t back down.

    Although Fang Qiu would like to claim that he didn’t learn Chinese Medicine so as to provoke or battle with others, he couldn’t avoid this kind of thing to happen.

    Once he evaded this matter, then there would be more people to challenge and block him.

    They wouldn’t stop pestering him until he broke up with Jiang Miaoyu!

    The only way to solve this was to face it.

    Fang Qiu would never be afraid of a battle.

    He would show those who wanted to challenge him his real strength and crushed them. Only by doing this could he protect his love, which was excluded by so many people.

    “You got some nerve.”

    Tan Ming sneered and continued, “I have a patient who has become better after using my acupuncture three times. He’s expected to recover after using acupuncture six times.”

    While saying this, Tan Ming proudly kept his head up high, seeming to show off his great acupuncture skills.

    “So?” asked Fang Qiu.

    “This patient introduced another patient who also has the same symptoms. If you can cure him by acupuncturing six times or less, you’ll win,” Tan Ming said.

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu laughed.

    He was sure to have faith in himself about this.

    Even Tan Ming only had to use acupuncture treatment six times to cure the patient. Fang Qiu had learned the treasure book on acupuncture before and had the support of internal Qi, so he could definitely compete with him.

    “All right.” He nodded his head in agreement.

    Hearing that, Tan Ming smirked and immediately took his mobile phone out to call the patient to come over.

    “The competition will start this afternoon.”

    After making the phone call, Tan said to Fang Qiu, “It’ll be held right here.”

    “All Right.”

    “Excuse me, everyone. You’re in the way.”

    Fang Qiu nodded his head and then held Jiang Miaoyu’s hand. “Let’s go to grab something to eat first.”

    “Okay.” Jiang Miaoyu nodded.

    With so many peoples staring at them depressingly and angrily, the two held their hands and walked toward the cafeteria.

    Tan Ming was even more furious.

    “Humph!” Staring at the back of Fang Qiu, Tan Ming clenched his fists. “Soon you’ll see.”

    After Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu left, the onlookers there also went to have lunch.

    Half an hour later, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu walked to the playground after lunch.

    “Can you do it?” On the way to the playground, Jiang Miaoyu asked, “Tan Ming is really good at acupuncture. I’m sure the patient he found was not easy to cure. If this can’t work out, I can compete with him.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and didn’t say anything.

    He rejected the kindness of Jiang Miaoyu with a calm look.

    That would be a joke. In such a case, if Jiang Miaoyu went to battle with Tan, Fang Qiu would be so ashamed.

    “Could you do it?” Jiang Miaoyu was worried.

    She knew that Fang Qiu just learned acupuncture for a short time. Although he went to practice in the hospital and it worked well, how could he compete with Tan Ming as a starter?

    However, Jiang Miaoyu was born into an acupuncture family.

    She knew how hard acupuncture was.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Fang Qiu stroked her head, saying, “I have to do it like a man!”

    Soon, they came to the playground.

    The cafeteria was the place where the news of school spread at the fastest speed. While people were having lunch, every student knew the news that Tan Ming took the initiative to challenge Fang Qiu.

    Many people even called it the battle for the campus belle.

    Of course, most people didn’t approve of this name.

    Everyone knew that Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu were a couple already. What was the point of the battle? She was with Fang Qiu anyway.

    Some people believed that it was true that it was the first battle that Fang Qiu fought against his rival in love.

    This battle was still worth watching.

    What was more, Fang Qiu was going to show his acupuncture skills.

    Although Fang Qiu had already shown his strength in the hospital’s Acupuncture Department and people from the hospital also recognized his skills, there were still many students who cast doubt on Fang Qiu’s acupuncture skills.

    After all, no one had ever seen Fang Qiu use acupuncture before. Now suddenly, people started to spread that he knew acupuncture, so they thought he must pick it up recently. Even if he was a genius, he was not able to reach a certain level.

    Therefore, people were curious to see how Fang Qiu would perform when it came to acupuncture. And they also wondered what would happen if he lost.

    Since the day Fang Qiu entered the Jiangjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he never lost.

    Maybe because of this or Fang Qiu became Jiang Miaoyu’s boyfriend, many people were quite angry about that, so most of them hoped Fang Qiu could lose this time.

    In this way, they could make Jiang Miaoyu split with Fang Qiu and broke Fang Qiu’s undefeated record in the university.

    Soon, the playground was crowded again.

    Hearing the news, Zhu Benzheng, Zhou Xiaotian, and Sun Hao also gathered on the playground.

    “Damn, it’s the first day of school, and the youngest bro already started a fight with others.”

    As they walked to the playground, Zhu Benzheng said, “I don’t know if the youngest will win this time. The opponent is a sophomore, and he is very famous throughout his grade.”

    “Don’t forget, Fang Qiu is a fighter.”

    Sun Hao said, “We should have faith in him. He never loses.”

    “If you don’t mind my saying,” Zhou Xiaotian continued smoothly, “I really hope the youngest can lose for at least once, and then continue to be invincible. Otherwise, we will be so embarrassed as someone older than him because he’s freaking outstanding.”

    Hearing what he said, Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao looked at Zhou Xiaotian with uncanny eyes.

    Then, the three of them unexpectedly burst out laughing together crazily and nodded at the same time.

    It was 12:40 at noon.

    The playground was full of people.

    In the middle of the playground, Fang Qiu was holding Jiang Miaoyu’s hand, confronting Tan Ming.

    There was a lot of noise.

    At this point, Tan’s cell phone suddenly rang.

    “Please move away. Patients are here.”

    Hanging up the phone, Tan Ming immediately went to meet the two patients.

    Hearing him shouting, everyone retreated to make way for him.

    After a while, Tan Ming came back with two patients.

    Both the patients were middle-aged men in their 50s.

    Tan Ming brought the patients to Fang Qiu.

    He introduced, “Thy are Uncle Zhang and Uncle Li. Uncle Zhang is my patient. They both suffer from cataracts. Under my treatment, Uncle Zhang is getting better. He’ll be fine after taking acupuncture several times.”

    Then Tan Ming started to boast himself gloatingly.

    People had no interest in hearing Tan Ming boast himself, but when they heard that they were cataract patients, they couldn’t help burst into an uproar.

    “Cataracts. That’s not easy to treat.”

    “Yeah, it’s a very complicated disease, and there are a lot of causes. You can’t just use the usual treatment.”

    “I can’t believe it’s cataracts. Fang Qiu is doomed to lose this time, right?”

    “I heard that Fang Qiu just learned acupuncture recently. How on earth does he dare to treat cataracts since he just learns it for a short time? That’s crazy.”

    Many people started to laugh in the discussion.

    They looked down on Fang Qiu this time.

    Especially those who had hoped that Fang Qiu would lose the game in the first place laughed when they heard that the two patients had cataracts.

    As far as they were concerned, Fang Qiu would definitely lose this time.

    After the introduction, Uncle Zhang, Tan Ming’s patient, stepped forward and said, “It’s true. Dr. Tan is really good at medicine. He only gave me acupuncture three times, and I almost recovered. I believe that I will be cured if I can finish one course of treatment with acupuncture three more times.”

    Tan Ming felt very pleased as he heard Uncle Zhang.

    The onlookers were also surprised that Tan Ming could really cure cataracts.

    “Fang Qiu is going to give Uncle Li acupuncture treatment today.”

    Tan Ming continued and then extended his hand. “Please begin your treatment.”

    “All Right.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and stepped out.

    At the same time, Jiang Miaoyu tightly grasped the hand of Fang Qi and said confidently, “You can do it.”