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Chapter 328 - Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu Were Practicing Qigong!

Medical Master
     Chapter 328 Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu Were Practicing Qigong!

    Leaving the playground, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu were on their way to the teaching building.

    “Teach me.” Wrapping Fang Qiu’s arms, Jiang Miaoyu acted cutesily.

    “What?” Fang Qiu didn’t understand.

    “Qigong,” Jiang Miaoyu said with a smile, “I never thought it would have such a great therapeutic effect when combined Qigong with acupuncture.”

    “You’re going to have a tough time,” Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows and said, “have you ever seen a girl practicing Qigong? Many boys can not survive it. Are you sure you can endure hardship?”

    “Of course.” Jiang Miaoyu nodded seriously and beamed. “Besides, you’ll be there for me. You’re going to keep me company even if I’m suffering.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile. “Oh, well, all right.”

    After pondering for a while, Fang Qiu agreed. “I’ll wait for you here at five o’clock tomorrow morning.”

    Speaking of which, Fang Qiu came up with a plan.

    Since he had to teach anyway, it was better to teach everyone than just one person.

    He could teach whoever wanted to learn it.

    When it came to revitalize traditional Chinese medicine, talents were the most needed.

    The more people learned Qigong, the more hope there would be for the revival of traditional Chinese medicine.

    Most importantly, Fang Qiu was familiar with Qigong, which was so easy for him.

    The internal Qi that he practiced was simply an upgraded and improved version of Qigong. Both methods needed people to relax and be natural.

    Therefore, teaching Qigong was as easy as teaching a person how to talk.

    Soon, the Qigong plus acupuncture therapy proposed by Fang Qiu quickly spread throughout the school. A great number of people were discussing it.

    “Qigong? Isn’t that bullshit?”

    “Hasn’t Qigong been proved to be fake?”

    “I think that’s nonsense.”

    “How do you combine acupuncture and Qigong together?”

    Apparently, many people believed the Qigong plus acupuncture therapy that Fang Qiu mentioned was complete nonsense. As for why Fang Qiu’s therapy had such a good effect, Fang Qiu certainly didn’t want to tell them, so he found such an excuse as Qigong.

    These students didn’t even know that Qigong was one of the traditional Chinese medical methods.

    In the afternoon, after walking Jiang Miaoyu to the teaching building, Fang Qiu asked for leave to go to the Acupuncture Department of the hospital directly and continued to practice acupuncture.

    The freshman class was a bit useless for Fang Qiu, so he just asked for leave.

    He didn’t think it was a pity if he just skipped the classes.

    It was 2:30 in the afternoon when he arrived at the consultation room.

    Fang Qiu had just put on his white coat and sat down at the consulting table.

    The guy with Parkinson he treated yesterday came to the room.

    Fang Qiu continued to give him acupuncture.

    After that, he also treated some other patients who were introduced by the patients he treated yesterday.

    Fang Qiu didn’t have time to take a rest in the whole afternoon.

    It was on Monday. There were still a certain number of patients.

    The weekly updated list of “Smiling Doctors” had been updated today.

    At the end of the day, when the doctors checked on the list, they were speechless.

    Once again, the name of Fang Qiu appeared on the list. This time, it made straight into the top 10. Although only ten votes could make him rank among the top 10, it was still amazing.

    The people who ranked lower than Fang Qiu were experts in their 40s or 50s, who were highly respected.

    When they saw the list, their faces changed.

    As doctors who had worked in a hospital for decades, they couldn’t even compete with a young man, which was so humiliating.

    Therefore, they didn’t want to see the list anymore as if it didn’t exist.

    On the way back to school, Fang Qiu thought, “As expected, Qigong is still much worse than internal Qi.”

    As he was walking, Fang Qiu was thinking about the situation of his treatments this afternoon.

    He didn’t use his internal Qi for a day, he used his Qigong instead.

    He wanted to take this opportunity to test how much difference there was between Qigong and internal Qi, and whether the effect of Qigong plus acupuncture was as strong as that of internal Qi plus acupuncture.

    Certainly, Fang Qiu knew how to use Qigong.

    The Qi of the human body was actually the energy carried by the human body, which was exactly what Qigong used. Qigong was more about teaching practitioners how to mobilize their own energy.

    This energy came from the human body.

    It couldn’t link with heaven and earth but could only be used as a simple tool.

    After the observation and use in the afternoon, Fang Qiu found that the efficacy of Qigong was much worse than that of internal Qi.

    However, combined with Qigong, acupuncture could provide better treatment.

    The reason why Fang Qiu thought of this was that he could spread such experience to other traditional Chinese doctors as long as he summarized all the experience so that they could have better ways to treat patients and revitalize Chinese medicine.

    After a while, Fang Qiu made a decision.

    From now on, when he was seeing patients, he would only use Qigong on some patients and stopped using it on the others so as to see what the difference was.

    There was no doubt that this comparison experiment was going to take a long time.

    But what Fang Qiu needed most was time.

    He didn’t only need to improve his martial arts, but also needed to find more Heaven and Earth Treasures to ensure that he could re-open the meridians and continue to break through until the state of three flowers in his Dantian.

    In addition to these, he still needed to improve his medical skills.

    He had to improve his skills to the level of Doctors of Brightness, which was going to take a lot of time.

    Plus, he had to go to classes and practice at the hospital.

    Doing the math, he didn’t have much time.

    “If things keep going on like this, I’m going to run out of time.”

    After pondering for a while, he came up with a thought.

    The next day, it was 3 o’clock in the morning.

    As usual, Fang Qiu got up and practiced Kung Fu until five o’clock, then went to the girls’ dormitory to meet Jiang Miaoyu.

    They had agreed to meet at this time before, so Jiang Miaoyu went downstairs on time.

    Getting out of the dormitory building, Jiang Miaoyu immediately ran up and wrapped Fang Qiu’s arm, asking, “Do you get up so early every day?”

    “Yeah.” Fang Qiu smiled and nodded.

    “This is too early, right? I think the students of the Department of Physical Education are not up yet.”

    Jiang Miaoyu felt so cold that she was shivering.

    Although the Spring Festival had passed, it was still a bit cold outside. Especially at five in the morning, it was even colder.

    “They were already up,” Fang Qiu answered with a smile.

    “So, where are we going to learn Qigong?” Jiang Miaoyu asked in delight. Thinking that she was able to learn Qigong, she was looking forward to it and became a little excited.

    “Let’s go to the lake.” Pointing to the central lake in the distance, Fang Qiu said, “There’s fresh air, and no one will disturb us.”

    “All Right.” Jiang Miao nodded and smiled. She didn’t feel sleepy now.

    Soon, they went to the meadow by the lake.

    “What can I do? Shall we do a little warm-up?” Jiang asked.

    “I’m gonna take you for a run. We need to warm up.”

    They then started to run around the central lake at low speed.

    After a lap, Fang Qiu opened his mouth. “Let’s do this. Come here and stand still.”

    Jiang Miaoyu immediately came over and stood up straight.

    “Relax, shift your legs shoulder-width apart,” said Fang Qiu.

    Jiang Miaoyu immediately did as he said.

    “Turn your toes inside a little bit, about 10 degrees.”

    Pointing to Jiang’s feet, Fang Qiu helped her adjust her posture.

    “Good, naturally put your arms down with your palms inward.”

    Speaking of which, Fang Qiu also did the posture so that Jiang Miaoyu could have something to imitate.

    “Keep your body straight and eyes stare at the front.”

    It only took a few minutes for Fang Qiu to correct her movements, and Jiang Miaoyu seemed a bit tired of standing.

    “This is the basic action, and then the starting position.”

    Standing postures were almost correct. Fang Qiu continued to demonstrate, saying, “Palm to palm. Stretch your arms forward as widely as your shoulders. Then palms up, curve your elbows. Stretch your hands through your waist and keep going forward.”

    “Then, turn your palms down, pull your arms a little bit back and place them in front of your body. Bend your knees, pointing the toes and clenching the buttocks at the same time.”

    Fang Qiu also made every movement to set the standard.

    Jiang Miaoyu was learning carefully.

    She learned almost every move that Fang Qiu made.

    “Okay, hold on. Don’t move.”

    Fang Qiu stood up and said, “This is Stance Kung, which is relatively simple. You can also do it while reading or watching TV.

    “However, although it is simple, it also has some key points.

    “Standing posture must be standard. At the same time, all your toes must grasp the ground, but not too hard.

    “Pull back your stomach and lift the hip. Pull back the chest and keep your back straight. Loosen your waist. Hold your tongue to the palate. Eyes in front. Breath in and breath out naturally.”

    Every time Fang Qiu said something, Jiang Miaoyu would try to adjust her movement.

    “When practicing Stance Kung, we must achieve three ‘do not’ and one ‘do’.

    “Don’t be quiet, don’t focus on one thing, don’t add the concept of other Kung Fu to this Kung Fu.

    “One ‘do’, which I have just told you, do make sure that your posture is correct.

    “In addition, we must achieve three stability: stable starting, stable standing, stable posture.

    “Each standing time should not be less than 30 minutes. You can change your posture according to the intensity of your training.”

    Jiang Miaoyu understood and nodded her head.

    After standing for a while, she was fully aware that the lower she kept, the more explosive force she could get.

    This was Qigong.

    At the same time, many of the students who were doing early morning exercises were confused when they saw that Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu were making some strange movements.

    What the hell were they doing?

    It looked as if they were doing the healing section in those martial arts novels.

    Were they training like the characters in the martial arts novel?

    Just when everyone was confused, one of the students who was running suddenly rushed toward them and ran in place, asking, “What are you guys doing?”

    “We’re practicing Qigong,” Jiang said with great interest.

    Although she was a little tired, standing for a few minutes, she already felt bloated. And her arms became heavy, which made her feel the Qi.

    “Qigong?” The student froze.

    Then he came into his senses and immediately shouted at the students who were running, “Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu are practicing Qigong. Come over and have a look!”

    His shouting immediately attracted people’s attention.

    They were curious about how they were going to practice something so mysterious like Qigong.

    As they were confused, a crowd of people suddenly ran over.