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Chapter 329 - Poisoned by King of Glory?

Medical Master
     Chapter 329 Poisoned by King of Glory?

    Soon, a crowd surrounded them.


    Though it was just after the New Year and spring had not arrived yet, right now, dawn broke.

    Surrounding them, the group of people stared at Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu with amazed faces. They looked like they had taken the two for animals in a zoo.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hold any grudges against that at all. After all, no matter when he worked in the hospital or appeared anonymously in the medical skills battle, he had been the center of attention and thus got used to others watching him.

    However, it was different for Jiang Miaoyu.

    Indeed, she was a girl and boys would sometimes steal a glance at her, but there were just a few of them. Now, it was the first time that she had been stared at by so many people.

    Because of the short distance, it felt totally different from singing on a stage.

    Therefore, her actions which had been very correct turned unnatural and stiffened.



    Having seemed to notice Jiang Miaoyu’s change, Fang Qiu turned to face her and gently smiled.

    Hearing that, for some unknown reason, Jiang Miaoyu suddenly relaxed very much.


    It felt like she had found herself a shoulder to rely on. It was also like when she was about to fall off a cliff, suddenly a strong hand got hold of her and made her reassured.

    The stiffness that made her nervous gradually dissipated.

    Looking at Fang Qiu, Jiang Miaoyu plucked up the courage to face the feeling of being watched and gradually accept it.

    At the same time.

    “Master Fang.”

    In the crowd, a student shouted, asking, “Is Qigong real?”

    “Yes, it is.”

    Fang Qiu nodded positively. Maybe he was justing teasing or something because he directly said, “If I tell you I can put out a candle eight meters away, will you believe me?”


    The student scratched his head and giggled, asking, “Since you’ve said that, I think I’d believe it. But since there’s really the thing called Qigong, can you teach me some of that? I’ve put so much trust in you, at least you should show me some hope, won’t you?”

    “That’s right. Will you teach us too if there’s really a thing called Qigong?”

    “Master Fang Qiu, I want to learn it too.”

    “Teach me, please.”

    They all echoed.


    Fang Qiu didn’t expect that they would be so enthusiastic.


    In the beginning, Fang Qiu thought, since many people didn’t know Qigong had been a branch of TCM treatment, plus the rumor that Qigong was fake had been circulating, many would take Qigong for superstition practice and be reluctant to learn it.

    Though aiming to spread the TCM culture and find a way to teach everybody Qigong, he had always been looking for the right method to break down people’s distrust of Qigong.

    He didn’t expect that a moment ago when he was still worried that he wouldn’t be able to carry out his plan to promote Qigong or teach people any of the treatment, now, a chance came knocking on his door.



    “Of course. As long as you want to learn, I’ll teach.”

    Glancing at the crowd, Fang Qiu said, “But, it’s hard to learn Qigong. Don’t say I didn’t remind you. If you can’t bite the bullet, you’d better retreat. I don’t want you to waste your time by leaving the course halfway through.”


    Hearing that, their eyes all lit up and they all said they could take the heat consecutively.


    “Right.” Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Since you all want to learn, then listen to my arrangments. Now, everybody, circle around me. I’ll first teach you the correct posture for practicing.”

    Everyone immediately followed.

    Jiang Miaoyu also retracted her arms, relaxed, and followed Fang Qiu to start all over again.


    As a result, other students who had been running on the track, all gathered here and joined in the circle with curious minds.

    While more and more people joined in, the circle became bigger and bigger.

    In the end, all the early bird students stopped running and joined Fang Qiu in learning Qigong.


    After Fang Qiu had adjusted everyone’s gesture to match the standard, the circle had extended to some extent.

    Then, Fang Qiu stood in the center, facing Jiang Miaoyu. Just like anyone else, while standing still, he silently relaxed and let his mind drift between being asleep and awake.

    Then, he pumped out the energy!


    In fact, Fang Qiu had been intentional when arranging everyone in a circle.

    Because the circle would form an energy field without them noticing it.

    As Fang Qiu was pumping out, the energy would merge with the field, which could allow Fang Qiu to influence everyone through the field.


    Soon, many people spontaneously started to dance; some of them even flapped their hands to hit themselves as if they couldn’t help it.


    At that moment, everyone flustered.


    “What’s going on?”

    “Why, why do I feel like I’m locked and can’t control myself?”

    “What’s this all about? Stop it, now.”

    Some started to cry out in panic.

    “Don’t panic!”

    Hearing the cries, Fang Qiu shouted and said, “This is the flow of spontaneous energy, which is natural because the Qi you’re practicing with is moving your body.”


    While saying that, Fang Qiu resumed pumping out energy and said, “Spontaneous energy will naturally appear when you’re relaxed. It’s like when you’re tired, you yawn. These movements will make you exhale some oxygen and stimulate your brain stem, which is good for you. The most you need right now is to feel your Qi. Only by grabbing and controlling your Qi can you use your it.”


    Hearing that, everyone tried to relax and started to feel the quintessence of Qi.

    It was 30 minutes later.


    Fang Qiu’s shout suddenly rang.

    He had awakened everyone, who had been drifting between being asleep and awake, feeling the Qi.


    Fang Qiu opened his eyes and looked around.

    Immediately, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


    He saw Jiang Miaoyu still standing in the front in her original spot.

    However, everyone else posed differently.

    Of course, most of them still stood where they had been, but with various postures, they looked kind of weird.

    The funniest part was that some even rolled onto the lawn when they were neither asleep nor awake. Fang Qiu didn’t know how they did it, but they didn’t even wake up after falling onto the ground.


    When glancing at them, Fang Qiu found some of those on the ground lying on their back, stomach, on all fours, and some even lay on their side like Sleeping Beauty, which made everyone burst into laughter.


    Nonetheless, they didn’t care about that.

    They stood up from the lawn, all looking refreshed and relaxed.

    “Stand straight.”

    Fang Qiu shouted and said, “Follow me to close the practice!”


    Hearing that, everyone returned to their original position to form a circle again.

    “Hands on both sides and in the meanwhile, slowly stand straight.”

    While demonstrating, Fang Qiu said, “Circle your arms outward with your palms outward too. Slowly raise your arms on your sides to shoulder-high.”

    Everybody was listening and watching, learning vigorously. No one made a sound.

    “Fold your elbows.”

    Fang Qiu continued explaining the way to close the practice, saying, “Circle your arms above and in front of your head and breathe in.”

    “Then, palms downward, circle past your head and slowly put them down. Breathe out to lead your Qi to condense in Dantian.”

    “Do it three times!”


    After that and finishing the first set to close the practice, Fang Qiu did it again.


    Soon, led by Fang Qiu, after closing the practice, everyone started to discuss enthusiastically.

    “Did you feel the Qi?”

    “Of course I did.”

    “It’s so amazing. I didn’t expect Qigong really existed.”

    “You’re right. Now I’m seriously doubting that the guy said Qigong was fake because he couldn’t do it so he didn’t want anyone else to do it, right?”

    “I used to think Qigong was fake too, but now I don’t think so, and I’ll never think like that again.”

    “You don’t really know if you don’t get to experience this.”

    “Me too. I didn’t buy it at all before, but now when I’ve experienced it personally, I believe it!”


    During the heated discussion, everyone all felt pleasantly surprised.

    Someone suddenly asked, “Master Fang, will you lead us to practice tomorrow?”


    Fang Qiu glanced at everyone and asked, “Do you still want to practice?”



    Without a doubt, everyone nodded unanimously. “Yes, we do!”


    “Sure.” Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Five o’clock tomorrow, let’s gather here again. I’ll lead you to practice.”


    “Sure.” Hearing that, everyone answered excitedly. Then, they said goodbye to Fang Qiu and left in groups of two and three, discussing.

    On the lawn, only Jiang Miaoyu and Fang Qiu stayed.

    “It’s so amazing.”

    Jiang Miaoyu waited when everyone had left and then immediately walked in front of Fang Qiu, and said with an excited look. “I really moved spontaneously. It’s really an amazing feeling.”


    Fang Qiu smiled. “It’s natural when you practice Qigong.”

    Jiang Miaoyu stared at Fang Qiu. After a while, she smiled and said, “I realize you seem to have lots of secrets and you know a lot of stuff.”

    Fang Qiu responded, smiling. “I really know stuff.”


    Jiang Miaoyu immediately pursued. “Quick. Tell me what else you can do.”


    Fang Qiu said, “Actually, before the New Year, I fought a toad the size of a car.”



    Jiang Miaoyu rolled her eyes at Fang Qiu, turned around to leave, and put on a look that said she didn’t want to talk to Fang Qiu anymore. “You’re bullshitting, aren’t you?”


    While chasing after her, Fang Qiu shouted. “It’s true.”

    Finally, he caught up with Jiang Miaoyu, only to find her still ignoring him. Fang Qiu smiled wryly and thought. “Why do women change their minds like they change their clothes.”


    Having no other way, Fang Qiu said, “I’m taking a leave.”


    “Hmm?” Jiang Miaoyu was shocked. She asked, “But why?”

    “It makes no difference to me if I continue to study the freshman curriculum or not.”

    Fang Qiu said, “If I continue the classes, it seems to be a waste of time, and also I need time to do something I must do.”


    “Oh.” Jiang Miaoyu nodded understandingly and said, “I agree with you.”


    Fang Qiu smiled and asked, “Don’t you think you’re aiding an evildoer in doing the evil?”

    “Your Majesty, you can let Daji do anything for you.”

    Jiang Miaoyu curtsied as if before an ancient emperor, chuckled lightly, and said seriously, “Your enemy is Daji’s enemy.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head helplessly. “I guess you’ve been poisoned by the King of Glory potion?”



    Jiang Miaoyu smiled and reached out to grab Fang Qiu’s arm. “Come play with Daji.”


    At the sight of this, Fang Qiu looked awkward.

    He didn’t play video games.

    For him, his life was a game.

    Though one could foresee that the end of the game was death, before the end came, who knew what could happen on the way?

    Perhaps, the so-called end wouldn’t necessarily come, would it?